Red Spectral Serpent

Red Spectral Serpent  Is the letting go energy  Day 11 of :  Blue Eagle Wavespell This is the last 13 clear Sign in the 260 day Wavespell cycle  It is in the Green Castle of the heart  The 5th Castle where we see where we are on our release of anything that is out of […]

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The Tzolk’in

    Day 8 of the Blue Eagle Wavespell ~ Integrate White Galactic Wind Please click on the links to follow to other sites to expand on the information here.   Having taken time to be still ~ and still creating illness to be in that space 🙂 I have had many ahas. As a […]

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True to you

Today we are in the middle of the Blue Eagle Wavespell. White Galactic Wind is todays universal energy. This is the wavespell of seeing the bigger picture by being the eagle who flies high in the realms of the gods and sees the wide vistas instead of being limited by the crevice or tunnel at eye […]

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The divinity code

How is your learning going so far this year? It’s an amazing transition time we are in and this time is always challenging. As an Aquarius rising my personal life challenge is to share my Aquarius self and my Aquarius filter. It always has been and now I am understanding this more. It’s only taken […]

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