Blue Eagle Wavespell ~ Master of the Universe


Blue Eagle Wavespell


The Blue Code process of transformation

in the Green Castle of the Heart

The planet is Jupiter



This is one of the seven mastery codes of 14 to 20 

The most recent time this occurred previously was last June 

so if you wish to tune in to that time

and see what you are revisiting

by reflecting

allowing intuition

asking for guidance 

this is a great way to achieve mastery 


which is the key 

to Jupiter Ascending within the individual 


Here is a blog I wrote about that then

The key reason for me writing blogs is for me 

first and foremost 

for my journey 

for my learning process

as a planetary server

This is the key to mastery process


Most people are still using a framework that is the reverse of this 

We are all planetary servers

green heart

When each individual focuses on their inner world first

The whole dynamic changes 

If this process does not take place

The individual is coming from unconscious ego code

There is no thing “wrong” with that position

It is all part of the web


It is what it is 



creates what it creates

This on a base level 

is all about code and karma is code

Our emotional experience distorts code

corrupts it 

and this creates ways of being

for the human being

that are out of alignment with truth

This manifests as resistance to what is


it was created by resistance to what is


life is often hurtful


and scary 

because of that

Our ego has evolved into a master of denial to cope with the unknown

and that has expanded way beyond healthy boundaries

Pisces time is a wonderful time for being limitless 

and being in Glastonbury at this time

is absolutely cosmic 😉


I spent a wonderful Saturday in town

The sun was shining 

I reconnected with my first time in Glastonbury feeling

sat in the places I sat then

and at the start of this Mayan Year

Red Solar Moon

hkuyutrjpg copy

I sat with some fellow journeyers and we looked around 

with intention

to see what was coming up in our circle

to challenge us this year

On Saturday we began the 9th Moon in the 13 Moon calendar

It is a powerful time with these double energies of Red Solar Moon

Lots of things completing

Today lots of powerful planet energetics too

Jupiter trines Uranus today 

perfect timing for this Wavespell

and so many amazing synchros and connections happening

It feels other worldly

and so do I 

Hope you are really feeling the wonder of this paradigm shift 


Pic by Susan Seddon Boulet

When I began this blog this morning it was waning Moon in Libra

I looked at my Thoth Tarot of the day 


and this led me on a cookie trail to find this…


“Geomantic figures” by Tascil – Own work. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons –

Which is explained in detail here:

Geomantic Figures

New learning for me 😉

The Cosmic Cookie Trail is truly limitless

and totally personal and subjective

which in itself is a mastery understanding and realisation

Many trails are interpreted by human beings who are not actually doing integration work

so give meaning and interpret from that head space

lip service

surface place

Once an individual initiates the journey within

and starts the process of inner transformation of the shadow 

to complete cycles

it becomes very clear 

that the majority of code created by human beings

at the moment 

is coming from raw ego

Eventually the individual understand that they are capable of creating their own interpretation which as yet is unwritten and undergoes a massive reboot and reframe 

realising that paradoxically everything that once was labelled “wrong” 

is so “right” for the pioneers of the path unfolding 

off plan

off road 

beyond the known boundaries 


Everyone is a channel

Everyone channels cosmic code with their own personal decoder

and that reflects the individual subjective view of the individual


the clearer the individual becomes on the inside

the clearer their code

and the clearer cosmic code becomes

and the more consciousness the individual can see


Just like the code crackers of espionage

that is what the individual who wishes to evolve consciously 

is here to do 

and that is only achievable inside out 🙂

It is simply how the process works

because this amazing consciousness evolving universe we live in

creates this complex process in a totally unique way

tailor made for each individual

so we can all come together and play the game of life

Once the individual really grasps this concept inwardly 

through doing the process

it becomes very clear why everyone has to be in different places of understanding and awareness

to allow this Rubik Cube dance

to unfold 


The picture above shows the new release Jupiter Ascending

I haven’t seen it yet but have read the synopsis

Are the people who make such films conscious ?


Maybe not 

All human beings are channels for cosmic code at whatever level

and once the individual really starts to connect with this

it becomes very clear that there is no need to worry about  creating frameworks

as our universal self has it covered

so we can focus on ourself

and what is triggering fear and resistance to life in us

which is something we can actually change if we choose so we have unlimited broadband

stream cosmic consciousness and know 

effortlessly go with the flow 

Here is a video I reconnected with perfectly today and Tobias explains the concept really well I believe 

People talk about dark deeds

and people in authority being aware of magic

using it in a dark way

and that may be true

but if so this is coming from an un enlightened place

i.e dark 

this is not a power place of integration and as such is weak

I offer that it is all part of our game 

to learn and evolve

I do not say it flippantly

or lacking emotion 

I do not like this and it brings up fear for me

I know that it is happening for a reason…

and I am learning to face it and deal with my fear…

even though it is not reasonable and all rules are off

My offering is ~

it shows us the depths of ego capability and to be aware

of what creates this despair and lack of compassion

so we evolve beyond it and take action 

So back to Code 

my personal Tarot card today

Failure is the card

It is Thoth

so a lot of info as to code

Saturn in Taurus

The structure of Isis 


This will mean different things to different people

and lots of people are endlessly seeking “positive” cards

do not want reverse cards or anything dark

This is denial in action

If the individual chooses to walk the talk

and do the heart path


This is the road less travelled 

Failure in ego world means a very different thing

to path of the heart spiritual alchemists

To even start the path means “failure”

It means end of business life and money world process in the old way

When an individual gives up the old world

It is akin to joining a monastery in many ways

To un become 

to un learn

to let go

to de~structure

to go off grid 

means exactly that

to go in the opposite way of the majority

and this is so much harder than being in an abstract or removed from reality

This is playstation on hard setting 😉 

This process requires being stripped to bare bones

so the individual can see their structure and beliefs  

their cosmic code laid bare

and understand how they arrived at this destination

and so a choice point to allow this to continue into the void

and being clear

and going through the black hole trusting  

as the soul born into the human world

that the answers will come from this new space

and as part of and because of building inner resources

a natural fruition of that resourceful process

In terms of Pisces it means to cut the umbilical cord

cut the ties to the old life

which is essential to building a new one

Most are still trying to build new foundations with old code

believing this can work without having actually unplugged  from the old matrix

in order to be rewired in the universal one 


Going within reveals old code is obsolete

New times

New Code

or maybe new to this time 🙂

I went to a wonderful exhibition in Glastonbury on Saturday 

666 Fractal Geometry and the number of the beast

I love Glastonbury for this amazing melting pot of creatives

People can come together and share stories and wisdom ~ magical

I looked at lots of different items in the room

numbers,sculptures,musical instruments, speakers and Circulus the band have been playing music over several days.

There was also a vibration machine ~ apologies for my lack of techie names here ~ a device that makes vibes in water that reveal sacred geometry so it can be seen as to what harmonics create patterns 

and so much more…

I was drawn to a family bible 

which was open at Revelations Chapter 13

Here is a link to an interpretation of this chapter

Although the Bible ~ like many wisdom books

has been decoded into many languages by many scribes

and interpreted with a filter 

often a manipulative agenda too

there is still code to be seen

So many parallels to the Mayan Matrix ~ Red Dragon


and ties in to this Libra Moon code

at the time I was surfing the galactic signatures

Inside Degrees

A black leopard beneath a full moon.
Pursuing what is desired and nothing else. Probing, waiting, stalking, strategically watching for openings. One-pointedly intent upon grabbing and holding what you lost somewhere and must find again. Going for reminders, facsimiles, totems. Hungry for proof that it is there, that it is possible. Alone forever. You are deeply seeking the other side of yourself, the inner partner, the true motivating spark. You have gotten lost in the dark, identified with the one who needs and lacks, the one who is broken fragments of experience. But you are hot on the track of any signs that your love essence can be found in another, in a situation, or within yourself. You search everywhere and come up empty. The one inside will be there, when the outer versions cannot sate your hunger, and as a last resort you feel into your own solitary spaces, willing to meet whoever is there and love them with all your heart.

A single white swan swimming through gray mist.
Different and the same. Distinguished by vertical composure, yet intended to stay down under. A special destiny-task, a mission, an assignment. Taught to blend in and become each world passed through, yet remaining incorrigibly other. Excellent at taking up required roles and ways of life and finding the best in them. You have a remarkable social gift for making the world a better place. Endowed with higher characteristics and heavenly nature, you are sublime, yet shrugging self off–“no big deal.” The wonders of anonymity. So many changes to move through, rippling waves of time. Standing far above, dispassionately: “I shall do what is rightful.” The singular voice of the highest ethic, pure and essentialized.

My Mars is in Libra at 28 degrees 🙂 


The point I am making in this blog today is this

We are going into a new paradigm

This 13 year cycle we are currently

in is

Red Moon

Red Moon is the feminine

the veil lifted

the shadow transformed

to create authentic honesty


this does not mean doing more masculine 

more mind

more linear

more thought

It means

more feminine

more intuition

more heart…


which means more feelings

more in touch with the body



channeling clear code

by being a clear channel 

by changing within

Blue Mayan energy

is about

inner transformation


So now is the time to

become the Eagle


rise above the mundane

and see our life’s work of human evolution

on a personal level and our pattern and code




To Fly high

first go deep

Look within for the treasure you seek


Love to you and your amazing discoveries in the next 13 days 

It is a truly cosmic revolutionary time 

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