Red Spectral Serpent


Red Spectral Serpent 

Is the letting go energy 

Day 11 of : 

Blue Eagle Wavespell

This is the last 13 clear Sign

in the 260 day Wavespell cycle 

It is in the Green Castle of the heart 

The 5th Castle where we see where we are

on our release of anything that is out of alignment with natural cycles 

Remembering that this 260 day process

on a deeper level

Is all about becoming a Clear Sign 

Embodying the Archetype coming in

Doing the process 

Clearing out old corrupted codes and ways of being 

To be free 



Complex and paradoxical

All at the same time 


free of time 😉 

All becomes clear as the human being becomes clear 

Coming into balance with natural ways 

Aligned with the starry skies and their patterns 

kundalini flowing 

Here is a blog I wrote about it in 2015 :

The Key to the mystery 


Red Serpent is code 5

Its planets are the Asteroid belt 

Between Mars and Jupiter 

New consciousness coming in 

New archetypes 

Red Serpent Wavespell is in the Blue Castle it has 10 portal days of human evolution 

On Red Spectral Serpent Day it will be highlighted as to what is seeking release in you 

Blocked energy in your chakras 

self imposed limitations around connection and creativity 

All about personal relationships 

in particular self love and self acceptance 

Being able to see your bigger picture cycle is key 

so you can release old ways of relating that hurt 

Are no longer serving you 

or our planet 


pic by Vladimir Kush 


Blue Eagle Wavespell ~ the key to the mystery


Blue Eagle Wavespell

Day 11

Red Spectral Serpent


Day of letting go of what is no longer serving us in our bigger picture now around relationships

so we can let that kundalini rise

Letting go of old structures 

Key to the New Moon Structure in Pisces

Coming tomorrow and I have done so many links on my ebook 

please go and find them on my Persephone 6 ebook

on my Resources page 

Key to the energy of Spring Equinox 


link for image


The structure of all our society’s mad systems

are currently being created from ego fear

Trying to micro manage people

because of our human fear of other humans behaviour

based on the collective experience of the past

The bigger pattern is still trying to create systems

to deal with the human being flaws

which does not work

because that is fear based…

and simply managing the condition
instead of coming from within

not understanding that everything comes from within

everything has causality

and  therefore

everything that is happening will continue to happen

until more people understand this simple structure of creation

and work with it


If we have any issues with our childhood 

then we have to let the cat out of the bag

let the feminine repression out 


Every day

Let ourselves be who we are to ourselves

Work with who we actually are

and stop being afraid of who we are

because until we do that process

We are literally afraid of our own shadow

and project it out onto the world

We are still living with our childhood relationships



Time to allow that
stop trying to control how we feel about that


and feel it every day

work with it

and everything changes

Not feeling safe in our own home with our own parents
not feeling safe at school
not feeling safe with our childhood relations
childhood friends


in competition since birth



then all the events that created fear for us since we were born
and all the history of that for our ancestor’s

is what we are feeling
vibrating with every day

Sounds huge to begin with


also very simple

no need of any elaborate structure at all to work with it

It comes up every day with our mind

It comes up every day with triggers to remind us

that this or that has not been processed from our past

here it is again

Most people do not yet understand the wonder of this process

and the gifts it brings

It is what births new ways
the new age
from each individual

It is as simple as sitting down

with oneself

Me time

at some  time each day 

and listening to oneself and one’s day

feeling the feelings

and putting the focus on what did not feel good instead of

drowning it out

running it off

filling it with food

or whatever coping mechanism we have created to quieten it down

Seeing one’s individual process

with the universe each day

recognising that one’s individual process
is what comes from all these past threads
the interface


also realising

that the individual now has the power
the tools
the process

to change the individual’s interface

and this simple process

using the intention to let go on all levels

is the key

to the human mystery

I recommend using EFT ~ tapping ~

to be with oneself everyday

listen to the ego and allow it to be heard 

This is how we are truly planetary servers taking responsibility actively for our own personal evolution



Knowing our patterns
Knowing our triggers

Knowing our “emotional stuff “

then healing it ourself

Rocket Science it ain’t

It is the most important thing that the individual can do for the individual

An hour every day will create an amazing shift in a month 

This changes the world

This is the key to being a planetary server


an Alchemist of the heart

Are you ready to serve ?


Start today working with yourself

and how you feel

right here 

right now 

about you 

All of it 

Take off the parental control people pleasing system

and let it all hang out with yourself 

until each individual is honest with themselves in this way

our world is stuck in dishonesty on some level

It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks about you 


what everyone else thinks about you is simply a reflection

of what you learned to believe 

was true

because that is what has been true for you so far

Truth is

this is all a construct of the ego

and once the individual starts to work with this 

taking small steps 

this starts to change

Information and Intellect is important

It won’t change how you feel about yourself

only you can do that 

I have just completed a 6 month journey with a brave group of women doing exactly this process

It has been amazing 


and powerful

Today I am gifting to all

the ebooks

with the information we have used as a framework

of the starry skies 

They are on my

Resources Persephone Path Page 

to help us navigate with the source codes of consciousness

in tantra with our personal codes

The Astrology

The Mayan Calendar Framework 

this gives a bigger picture view of what we have been working with 

over 6 months as Persephone is in the underworld

The Archetype of the youthful feminine part of ourselves 


As well as the ebook 

the most important part of the journey is doing the tapping 

this is included in each workshop via Skype at the perfectly aligned time

for the individuals

the emotional healing 

of what is coming up for each individual

and of course this is for me too

I offer you that the people who are consciously working with themselves

in this way

Are the pioneers

Creating new worlds

by being them 


Becoming very aware of what has created any shadow experiences

Any shadow beliefs

Any shadow emotions 


being with them



with an intention to heal

That process

creates conscious awareness


empowerment for the individual

and that is the key


the New Age 


of Co Creation

and understanding from one’s own personal experiential journey

how to create harmony 

Be heaven on earth 

 Connect to source

from a clearer space 



It is time for


New Directions



Heart Path


This is key to 13

The 13th day of this Cosmic Code

is Blue Cosmic Hand

shaping our destiny

Key to the Mayan 13 Moons

and today we are

Solar Moon Day 13

We are the number 13

and the 13 step of soul journey

and transformation 

At 9am in the UK 

Dark Moon

Pisces at 13 degrees

A woman imprisoned in a high tower.
Sentenced to limbo, you are suspended from active participation in evolving worlds. Hung high and dry and massively resigned, following out an ancient fate to the end. Having operated insensitively, now being unable to do anything to anybody. You live infinitely alone, dreaming and drugged. Deep down inside, remembering everything dimly and darkly. Self-circumscribed and very deprived. You live on memories and the ripples of mute desire to move on, someday. Destined to transform this dread fate when the cycle is complete, you are until that time, vacuum-pressed and emotionally grief stricken, nostalgic and raging, while not getting across and being muffled all-pervasively.




Lots of exciting workshops coming up




the Heart Chakra of Glastonbury 

and in Greece

so please look out for further info

and contact me 

Blue Eagle Wavespell ~ mastery gateways


Blue Eagle Wavespell

Day 4

White Self Existing Mirror


Today is a mastery code

within a mastery code

in the Green Heart Castle of the Mayan

All number 4 days are structure days

It is the day of structure

of our holographic self 

what our personality construct believes about the world

and so the world experience we live in

reflects it 

There are shared society holographs too 


As I started this blog 

It was Moon In Sagi at 5 degrees

This is key to the time we are in of structure

Saturn in Sagittarius 

It is also key to healing

Chiron Code 

and the power of being in alignment directly with source 

to access source creativity code 

and as we are in a very powerful position


Red Moon Moon


Red Moon Sun 

in the Mayan 260 day Matrix 

This is a key time 

hkuyutrjpg copy

Three women materializing out of a fog.
Being mesmerized by your own triple reflection. Casting a huge chunk of your own soul back into the dim past, casting another chunk of your soul into the remote future, and enshrouding the present time chunk of your soul in layer after layer of obscurity and evasiveness. Living simultaneously in past, present, and future, but with all three time frequencies held away. Therefore, to a fantastic extent, you live inside the subconscious mind with virtually no conscious outlet. Down inside there something extraordinary is happening. Free from the glare of any form of overt reflection you are gestating, healing, and making yourself ready for the infinite unknown to pop or hatch. Intensive seething forces of dreaming into the void, the great abyss. And while knocked out of outer commission, liberated to conceive the inconceivable and to renew your tangled and damaged roots in the old wise woman way that never ages and always works.


pic by Susan Seddon Boulet

I have been to Astrology group tonight

and Sagi Moon at 10 degrees

which revealed the most amazing synchronicity

as we were looking at

the Uranus Pluto Square


June 30 1966

which started the Uranus Square Wave

of change on planet earth

and the Moon was also in Sagi at 10 degrees

A star turning many different colors.
Bedazzled by the lights, intoxicated with the display, amazed and stunned by the spectacle. You are your own audience, your own accompanist, your own shadow-catcher. Prone to excess in all things, in a release of spirits unending. Becoming roles, worlds, ways of presenting self. Taking karmic episodes of the past and replaying them in another variation. Given over to the senses, body-charged, chaotic, and commanding. Taking life through all its shifts and nuances with easy and spectacular capacity, you feel somewhat at the mercy of the shadow that comes back to haunt. Effortless grace and subtle burnout. For there is more than this, and it will not come unless this does consume itself, and makes way for the unknown as the only place to go when the excitement wears off.


will share more about this on another blog 

This is what is happening more and more now as people get clear and tune in

pure magic 

In the Mayan Framework

Cosmic Moon day 4

Blue Cosmic Night 

Day 13 

The day of shift 

Year of Yellow Crystal Seed 

The 13th code of Blue Monkey Wave


The Wavespell in the spine of the Matrix

and the heart of the matter 

I am adding this in at 10pm to what I have been writing all day at different times


Today I am going to attempt to explain in plain language

the process

of personal alchemy

from what I understand

as to where I am on my path of course

which is all anyone can do in reality

without trotting off some doctrine

of some spiritual guru


most spiritual gurus that I have ever encountered

have a lot of flaws in the flesh

and are not walking their talk

as this is the nature of being a human being

and I include myself in this of course

most spiritual gurus would never admit that they are human 😉


this is what gives the spiritual path

a shaky flaky identity

because there are so many people cashing in on vulnerability

as is the nature of now


Time to let go of following


blaze our own individual star trail

Today I am sharing

how the individual can use divinity code frameworks

to do the spiritual path


being the key word


as I am simply

Jo Kenworthy


as I am not rich 


yet levitating


living nirvana 

in a lotus

many may disbelieve what I share

requiring proof of my alchemical journey 


that is also key to the lack of belief most of the population have in themselves 😉

and seeking proof

Do you see that ?

If you do you are as rare

as hen’s teeth 



The evidence is there if you can see me 

and know me 

as to how I am now 

compared to how I was  before

for example

before I came to Glastonbury 


If the individual simply wants to amass information about systems and codes

magical frameworks since written history

beef up the brain

this is not the intention of this post

My intention in my blogs

is sharing the way of the initiate

who is earnestly seeking

personal answers

personal journeying



heart opening

which involves



personal content

personal understanding of oneself

as a priority

forsaking all others

the ability to access

all areas of one’s personality

as a priority

in order to see what is encoded within

To know oneself

This does involve the mind and thinking as well

Knowing one’s beam in code

to planet earth

is essential to consciousness

because that is the individual’s energetic code

 The Mind Map of personal Voyage:

Know one’s code

Let go of trying to interpret it too much …

because this is the ego wanting to control and manipulate 🙂

Know that too

Get to know one’s ego and it’s coping mechanisms

and owning them

taking full responsibility for them

is a pre~requisite

Then the individual is aware of how their personal ego

will use all it’s cunning and wiles to:

keep everything the same

avoid any emotional and evolutionary process for the individual

the ego is the individual’s best friend and worst enemy

To know one’s ego is mastery

In all divinity code frameworks

these processes are revealed

and this can really assist in the ego transformation

Once the initiate starts to see the secrets of the universe

beyond the veil

the individual can no longer doubt the magic

because there are so many synchros

all the odds and rational of the sceptic

are blown sky high

and the more the initiate progresses

the more this becomes self evident

Stage 1 involves the struggle in the desert with the individual’s demons

as to what is


Here is the Devil Card in Tarot

click on this link to also reveal the leading card in the blog 


and many other essential cards that reveal the process

of personal alchemy

and the human evolution alchemy 

the process does not involve denial of the vices of the human being as this creates more shadow

it involves knowing them and evolving them in stages until there are no more stages

if that is possible 

not there yet so I do not know 😉



Blue Monkey


Code 11 n the Mayan 20 codes

Mastery Tip 1


The individual cannot do personal alchemy


in comfort

focusing on the positive as the way

everything is reversed when stepping through the looking glass

Everything that was ever a “positive” and a crutch

a coping mechanism

a way to not feel

avoid feeling shadow

is up for dissolution

In order to go through

this paradoxical black hole

the individual’s structure will be re calibrated

knocked off centre


rebooted several times

in the macro lots of individuals

creating the macro on planet earth

This often means going wildly off centre

to the polar opposite of where the individual is now

A big fall from Conditioned belief systems

of Grace



This man made Grace is so far from truth

The Lovers Card in tarot is number 6


The lovers code in so called civilisation

is to be co dependent



Someone in distress

Someone being the hero part

Someone being the saint

someone being the sinner

Two halves making a whole

often not even halves

very fractured fractions

with the most fractured appearing to be the strongest and most desired

the ones with fame and fortune

who are


and have done pathological things to get there

If the individual is still believing one can currently walk the heart path

with a full bank balance and fluffy slippers

to protect those

little hooves

on the rocky mountain

without a hair out of place


unbroken and with nare a bruise on perfect wrinkle free skin


this is denial

simply more of the same old…

well tripe really 


Mastery Tip 2

Know them by the fruit of their labours

Code creates

War creates war

Business creates business

Business framework is a creation of the ego

to allow things to happen differently to family framework for example

and  often make things happen by buying the stairway to heaven


and there is a heavy price for that 

because it ain’t natural 

Religion is a man made interpretation of a higher consciousness rules for man

All these power struggles happening now on planet earth

come from codes of unconsciousness

people who do not know what is causing pain or fear for them

or do not know how to deal with it

do not want to feel it

are still of the belief that it is someone else’s job to do that for them

or it is their job to fix it for others

or somewhere on that spectrum

In the framework of the individual

who is seeking personal alchemy….


Master Tip 3

The individual knows that is their job to take responsibility for where they are

and where they want to be


and how to navigate the gap and journey

with assistance from source

The paradox when the focus goes within

to their individual self


stops focusing

on the answers being outside

Simply put  ~

if the individual’s focus is always outside of themself

then that is where their energy is going and energetic structure is focused

To be powerful and sourced from within

is the key

and the process is:

To discover what created wounding

How it created wounding

How this is an ancestral pattern

How it is the personal life mission

that the individual chose

before coming to earth

to become an expert on oneself

and how to heal


and how to transform inside

by using information from outside

the reflections


who and what is showing up

and most importantly

Master Tip 4

The heart of the matter

This is the key to now

The balance of the heart

with the mind

Feel to heal

If we do not do this 

we do not feel

and we cannot receive love in the way we yearn for

because of that position

For all those believing:

that bodywork alone will heal all

that figuring the story out and understanding people’s motives will heal all

that doing energy movements will heal all

that an alkaline diet will heal all

that one system will heal all

that sound will heal all

that finding a soul mate will heal all

that focusing on positive and denying shadow will heal all

and so on…

life experience

is valuable

is essential

not only to the individual

it is essential to the whole matrix

and the process is complex

and has to involve the emotional self 

Mastery Tip 5

Resistance is the key to happiness

Everything that seems like pain and a block to our happiness

is where happiness can be found

by transmuting the belief that it is not as it “should be”

Shoulds are ego control mind coping mechanisms

If the individual believes that something “should” not be happening

there lies resistance

the truth is

it is happening

the truth is

it is a match for the beliefs and behaviours of the individual

and the collective

The world stage is a manifestation of the collectives internal world

This is key to White Mirror Mastery

The more the collective is in denial of their shadow experiences

The more this is manifest on the world stage

Fear of the shadow self


The shadow self is created by distorted human behaviour

that of course in turn

creates a distorted human experience

how can it not ?

The secret to this outer change that so many are seeking

is not in creating more structures

that come from distorted inner structures

That simply creates more of the same with a different colour palette 

a same circus different tent approach 

something pretending to be something it is not in a mis guided attempt to create something that feels safe

but is not 


a sheep is a sheep

no matter how it’s wool is dyed 

it is not a lion and it is fine being a sheep


When each individual focuses on themself

having a phd in their own journey

knowing what is seeking transformation personally for them

and doing it

by feeling personal pain

going through it

letting it go

and then getting a natural reframe

then and only then

is this coming from source

by letting source start to fully flow through

the individual

and clear co dependent code

so that everything starts to become clear 

instead of

coming from a place of

distorted personality


Everything that is showing up for the individual now

holds the seeds of love

holds the key to life

even though it may not feel like it



every single person has limitless access

to source

the ability to ask for assistance from source

and it will be given

it can only be received by the receiver

in the way and ability of the receiver

so the receiver

the initiate 

has to learn how to optimise their space 

and be open to new learning now

open to receive by healing their feminine and events around receiving


The initiate simply lets go of old ways

and allows this process to begin

to let the sun shine in


does what it takes

let’s go of the trapeze


opens to the void

allows not knowing the next steps

trusts that their universal self is holding them


on a human being level is willing to do what it takes

this is very challenging

especially when the human being is very identifies with

“their story”

and no matter how terrible

is heavily invested in it 

is defined by it 

There are no material rewards on this path at




no bribes

no quick fixes

no huge leaps

little steps creating complex stability

re forming

re formatting

streaming in alignment with universal code

bringing balance within each one

remember that the universe always brings balance


so whatever is happening to the individual is that process

bringing balance to truth

revealing mind masks

Whatever our inner circle childhood learning and experience

around coping mechanisms

is key


knowing them

recognising them

letting them go

so the individual can be free

this is where our salvation lies

not in the salvation army

not in the salve

Focusing for a moment



end in mind

What would heavenly living on earth be ?


True balance ~ within

so no need

for angry people to reveal our repressed anger

True harmony ~ so no need to try


manage people and situations with lots of pc rules and laws

to tame the wild human being masculine

who seeks raw ego freedom of savagery and does not want to be harmonious

I get lots of my insights from drama especially period dramas

Rationalist approach ~ how could the individual of today possibly know the truth of that period?

True it is assumption

There are grains of truth that the initiate and adept can see


linking in to their life experience currently

and for the believer

past lives

I have watched many programmes around the West being transported to the East


The cross pollination of culture

often extremely barbaric

taking something that the other does not wish to give

under the pretext of strength and supremacy

that is a lie

also creating a belief system that the other is inferior

One programme was about laws that were unfair and unjust on BBC just now


and allowed the shadow people…

convicts transported to Australia

to be deemed as less than because they were convicts I guess

and the law interpreted to suit the true conditions of brutality

not truth or justice in pure form but a manipulation of that to suit the situation

and once the individual has actually experienced law in person

this becomes clear as to what it really is

and how it is interpreted to preserve the status quo of those that enforce it

and there are many reasons and causality

on all sides as to why things arrive at a place

In the drama

all the convicts know that the blacksmith is a bully who steals food

the governing powers know it too

but will not enforce the law of the blacksmith being hanged for it

even though he is guilty

because the powers need what the blacksmith makes

and he is the only blacksmith….


they lie

use the framework of the law

to say that there are no witnesses to prove this

as the witness lies from fear

 and that therefore

in the eyes of the law framework

this  blacksmith is innocent of charges

even though the whole camp knows it is not true

This is the framework all of humanity

is lost in now

It isn’t fair or just

or honest

because life is not 

In the film Interstellar it is the same

The son of the astronaut is told that he is not good enough to go to college

which is not true

the truth is the powers that govern want farmers

but they do not tell that truth

which is also another reason Religion was created

to keep people under control

who could not and would not

control raw ego


behave in a respectful way to others

be made to or die

and then risk internal damnation

The masculine has raped and plundered

taken by force


especially in situations where there is a lack of resources

a lack of consensual women


to meet

the masculine need

now there is pornography

sex toys

sex dolls

virtual sex

Now there is so much fear created

by the powers that be

to keep those that will not control their own ego


It does make sense


it is so far away from loving respectful relationship

because most human beings are

and that is the truth


It is all there in the history books

On the world drama stage

in our own world

in our own circle

in our own code

Ready to be transformed

Master Tip 6

Letting go of avoidance of shadow moods and



being willing to move off the lovers card position

that feels so


The path of the yellow brick road

is the solar plexus power trip

Here is where the veil


Here is where the ego does what it knows

to survive

When our shadow starts to show

our ego makes a move to push it back in

If you choose you can become aware

of what you do

when this happens

There are many mood alterers

Lots of codes to add to our alchemical cup

Food ~ creates mood

Especially processed food

The eating of it and the sharing of it

Sugar is so mood altering and hidden in so many things

especially carbs

Notice when we want a fix and what time

what prompts that


Alcohol of course

lots of sugar again

and if you want to enquire further go on a cookie trail to see

what things are made up of

bio chemistry


Nicotine ~ found in many different plants and foods in different ways

to start to break this fix the individual can source some thing in a different way


focus on what the inner source is seeking


so the need can be released

What do these outer codes create with the individual inner code

Why is the individual craving it ?

If done to excess what body organs will be harmed?

These hold key learnings of the philosopher’s stone

that is the human body 

and the 

energetic position of the individual


Being a business busy bee with a profession

this can often be a huge ego trip

very few business frameworks are honest

or have any integrity in the larger scheme of things

especially big turnover companies and everyone knows that yet….

still keeps the wheel turning ???


People and sex

So key to the entry and exit points of our own personal ourabouros


When the individual abstains from sex for several months

there is something revealed

Look what is allowed to happen

when this kundalini starts to flow free from a human counterpart

look at what it reveals as to passion

as to physical needs

as to emotional needs

For women especially

how that changes with the moon cycle


personal moon cycle


This is tantra revealed

Master Tip 7

This is what this time is all about in the Mayan

how the individual interfaces with the universe

be cause of  star code ~ origin

be cause of conditioned code ~ experiential learning and environment

nature and nurture

be cause of the universal code ~ moving the human evolution along

The heart brings healing


bringing us the people and places



to move the individual to tears


to empty the cup of emotion overflowing

If the individual is avoiding heart hurts

using avoidance techniques

the love code cannot enter

the cup is literally full on all levels

at a place of ego that believes it knows more that god and goddess consciousness

and in truth is hiding from itself

all the pain so far

so the outside has to amp up

to crack the cup

that man made mind vessel 

bring pressure

to shake off that ego artifice


Just reading a wonderful book

on this very subject

Jeanette Winterson

The Stone Gods 

Perfectly aligned

amazing insights and so funny

from a very conscious writer as always 


Master Tip 8

The ego does not learn by itself 

Look at history it is self evident 

Integration creates learning 

The heart is involved

healing is involved

feeling is involved

emotional release 

energy release

reformat happens as a side effect 

because the internal structure changes

gradually over time at the perfect time in synch with the universe

not an individual believing they can overwrite the god and goddess code 

simply by thinking it 

visualising it

casting a spell

deleting something

that is easily recognisable as an ego mechanism doing a power trip


If the initiate is not willing to go there 

to the darkest places with in 

then no integration can happen

It is impossible 

Know this 

It really is all about the individual

for the individual 

The individual sees everything directly through the interface the ego has created 


It cannot see anything else 

Through a glass darkly 

It is what it is 

A survival mechanism

The key to changing the world is personal integration

otherwise the world is frozen


in the old interface 

and very limited 

and the limitless self knows this and will do what it takes to 

bust the individual wide open



It is a great idea

to get in the groove

with the cosmos

as that is pure wisdom in action

feel the fear 

and really feel it and release it and do it anyway

otherwise what is left 

home alone in the stuck zone feeling the fear without the adventure bit ?


In reality

it is what the ego fears the most 

The Universal code

be cause

universal code 

cannot be overridden and is wise


no matter how the ego thinks it can outwit fear of this…

designing so may things to be in denial of consciousness 

to hide in an artifice 

go with it or live in fear of it and create a personal hell

because the cosmos is creating

and will do so whether the ego likes it or not

generally speaking the fear of this process is not about this process

but about the individual’s human experience

of the human being which has created issues of trust and relationship

and is all in perfect order to be processed to create new ways for human beings to live 


Mastery Tip 9


Complete the circle 

by completing personal circuitry

and coming into balance with the masculine and feminine within

through healing where out of balance relationship has occurred

in the individual’s personal life so far

Feel to heal

get off the karma wheel


let go of the labyrinth of the mind leading

It is what our heart is always bringing us 

if only we can take the plunge 

baby magic

Go for the gold within

and enlighten within

empty our cup


Go through the gate of death 

ego self 

to greet the goddess 


Open to all



Are you ready to get in the driving seat ?



Once the initiate engages with this 

miracles happen 

My Heart Centre Facebook page

has suddenly come to life without any of my awareness 

haven’t got a clue why this is happening or how 

and loving it

I had put it on hold for a while and now 

clearly it is simply meant to be happening 

and at some point I may learn this 

or maybe not 🙂 

Now is the season to go for green

sap is rising

and co creation code is on full volume

very soon  

Initiate or be initiated that is the question ?

Love to your loving




Blue Eagle Wavespell ~ Master of the Universe


Blue Eagle Wavespell


The Blue Code process of transformation

in the Green Castle of the Heart

The planet is Jupiter



This is one of the seven mastery codes of 14 to 20 

The most recent time this occurred previously was last June 

so if you wish to tune in to that time

and see what you are revisiting

by reflecting

allowing intuition

asking for guidance 

this is a great way to achieve mastery 


which is the key 

to Jupiter Ascending within the individual 


Here is a blog I wrote about that then

The key reason for me writing blogs is for me 

first and foremost 

for my journey 

for my learning process

as a planetary server

This is the key to mastery process


Most people are still using a framework that is the reverse of this 

We are all planetary servers

green heart

When each individual focuses on their inner world first

The whole dynamic changes 

If this process does not take place

The individual is coming from unconscious ego code

There is no thing “wrong” with that position

It is all part of the web


It is what it is 



creates what it creates

This on a base level 

is all about code and karma is code

Our emotional experience distorts code

corrupts it 

and this creates ways of being

for the human being

that are out of alignment with truth

This manifests as resistance to what is


it was created by resistance to what is


life is often hurtful


and scary 

because of that

Our ego has evolved into a master of denial to cope with the unknown

and that has expanded way beyond healthy boundaries

Pisces time is a wonderful time for being limitless 

and being in Glastonbury at this time

is absolutely cosmic 😉


I spent a wonderful Saturday in town

The sun was shining 

I reconnected with my first time in Glastonbury feeling

sat in the places I sat then

and at the start of this Mayan Year

Red Solar Moon

hkuyutrjpg copy

I sat with some fellow journeyers and we looked around 

with intention

to see what was coming up in our circle

to challenge us this year

On Saturday we began the 9th Moon in the 13 Moon calendar

It is a powerful time with these double energies of Red Solar Moon

Lots of things completing

Today lots of powerful planet energetics too

Jupiter trines Uranus today 

perfect timing for this Wavespell

and so many amazing synchros and connections happening

It feels other worldly

and so do I 

Hope you are really feeling the wonder of this paradigm shift 


Pic by Susan Seddon Boulet

When I began this blog this morning it was waning Moon in Libra

I looked at my Thoth Tarot of the day 


and this led me on a cookie trail to find this…


“Geomantic figures” by Tascil – Own work. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons –

Which is explained in detail here:

Geomantic Figures

New learning for me 😉

The Cosmic Cookie Trail is truly limitless

and totally personal and subjective

which in itself is a mastery understanding and realisation

Many trails are interpreted by human beings who are not actually doing integration work

so give meaning and interpret from that head space

lip service

surface place

Once an individual initiates the journey within

and starts the process of inner transformation of the shadow 

to complete cycles

it becomes very clear 

that the majority of code created by human beings

at the moment 

is coming from raw ego

Eventually the individual understand that they are capable of creating their own interpretation which as yet is unwritten and undergoes a massive reboot and reframe 

realising that paradoxically everything that once was labelled “wrong” 

is so “right” for the pioneers of the path unfolding 

off plan

off road 

beyond the known boundaries 


Everyone is a channel

Everyone channels cosmic code with their own personal decoder

and that reflects the individual subjective view of the individual


the clearer the individual becomes on the inside

the clearer their code

and the clearer cosmic code becomes

and the more consciousness the individual can see


Just like the code crackers of espionage

that is what the individual who wishes to evolve consciously 

is here to do 

and that is only achievable inside out 🙂

It is simply how the process works

because this amazing consciousness evolving universe we live in

creates this complex process in a totally unique way

tailor made for each individual

so we can all come together and play the game of life

Once the individual really grasps this concept inwardly 

through doing the process

it becomes very clear why everyone has to be in different places of understanding and awareness

to allow this Rubik Cube dance

to unfold 


The picture above shows the new release Jupiter Ascending

I haven’t seen it yet but have read the synopsis

Are the people who make such films conscious ?


Maybe not 

All human beings are channels for cosmic code at whatever level

and once the individual really starts to connect with this

it becomes very clear that there is no need to worry about  creating frameworks

as our universal self has it covered

so we can focus on ourself

and what is triggering fear and resistance to life in us

which is something we can actually change if we choose so we have unlimited broadband

stream cosmic consciousness and know 

effortlessly go with the flow 

Here is a video I reconnected with perfectly today and Tobias explains the concept really well I believe 

People talk about dark deeds

and people in authority being aware of magic

using it in a dark way

and that may be true

but if so this is coming from an un enlightened place

i.e dark 

this is not a power place of integration and as such is weak

I offer that it is all part of our game 

to learn and evolve

I do not say it flippantly

or lacking emotion 

I do not like this and it brings up fear for me

I know that it is happening for a reason…

and I am learning to face it and deal with my fear…

even though it is not reasonable and all rules are off

My offering is ~

it shows us the depths of ego capability and to be aware

of what creates this despair and lack of compassion

so we evolve beyond it and take action 

So back to Code 

my personal Tarot card today

Failure is the card

It is Thoth

so a lot of info as to code

Saturn in Taurus

The structure of Isis 


This will mean different things to different people

and lots of people are endlessly seeking “positive” cards

do not want reverse cards or anything dark

This is denial in action

If the individual chooses to walk the talk

and do the heart path


This is the road less travelled 

Failure in ego world means a very different thing

to path of the heart spiritual alchemists

To even start the path means “failure”

It means end of business life and money world process in the old way

When an individual gives up the old world

It is akin to joining a monastery in many ways

To un become 

to un learn

to let go

to de~structure

to go off grid 

means exactly that

to go in the opposite way of the majority

and this is so much harder than being in an abstract or removed from reality

This is playstation on hard setting 😉 

This process requires being stripped to bare bones

so the individual can see their structure and beliefs  

their cosmic code laid bare

and understand how they arrived at this destination

and so a choice point to allow this to continue into the void

and being clear

and going through the black hole trusting  

as the soul born into the human world

that the answers will come from this new space

and as part of and because of building inner resources

a natural fruition of that resourceful process

In terms of Pisces it means to cut the umbilical cord

cut the ties to the old life

which is essential to building a new one

Most are still trying to build new foundations with old code

believing this can work without having actually unplugged  from the old matrix

in order to be rewired in the universal one 


Going within reveals old code is obsolete

New times

New Code

or maybe new to this time 🙂

I went to a wonderful exhibition in Glastonbury on Saturday 

666 Fractal Geometry and the number of the beast

I love Glastonbury for this amazing melting pot of creatives

People can come together and share stories and wisdom ~ magical

I looked at lots of different items in the room

numbers,sculptures,musical instruments, speakers and Circulus the band have been playing music over several days.

There was also a vibration machine ~ apologies for my lack of techie names here ~ a device that makes vibes in water that reveal sacred geometry so it can be seen as to what harmonics create patterns 

and so much more…

I was drawn to a family bible 

which was open at Revelations Chapter 13

Here is a link to an interpretation of this chapter

Although the Bible ~ like many wisdom books

has been decoded into many languages by many scribes

and interpreted with a filter 

often a manipulative agenda too

there is still code to be seen

So many parallels to the Mayan Matrix ~ Red Dragon


and ties in to this Libra Moon code

at the time I was surfing the galactic signatures

Inside Degrees

A black leopard beneath a full moon.
Pursuing what is desired and nothing else. Probing, waiting, stalking, strategically watching for openings. One-pointedly intent upon grabbing and holding what you lost somewhere and must find again. Going for reminders, facsimiles, totems. Hungry for proof that it is there, that it is possible. Alone forever. You are deeply seeking the other side of yourself, the inner partner, the true motivating spark. You have gotten lost in the dark, identified with the one who needs and lacks, the one who is broken fragments of experience. But you are hot on the track of any signs that your love essence can be found in another, in a situation, or within yourself. You search everywhere and come up empty. The one inside will be there, when the outer versions cannot sate your hunger, and as a last resort you feel into your own solitary spaces, willing to meet whoever is there and love them with all your heart.

A single white swan swimming through gray mist.
Different and the same. Distinguished by vertical composure, yet intended to stay down under. A special destiny-task, a mission, an assignment. Taught to blend in and become each world passed through, yet remaining incorrigibly other. Excellent at taking up required roles and ways of life and finding the best in them. You have a remarkable social gift for making the world a better place. Endowed with higher characteristics and heavenly nature, you are sublime, yet shrugging self off–“no big deal.” The wonders of anonymity. So many changes to move through, rippling waves of time. Standing far above, dispassionately: “I shall do what is rightful.” The singular voice of the highest ethic, pure and essentialized.

My Mars is in Libra at 28 degrees 🙂 


The point I am making in this blog today is this

We are going into a new paradigm

This 13 year cycle we are currently

in is

Red Moon

Red Moon is the feminine

the veil lifted

the shadow transformed

to create authentic honesty


this does not mean doing more masculine 

more mind

more linear

more thought

It means

more feminine

more intuition

more heart…


which means more feelings

more in touch with the body



channeling clear code

by being a clear channel 

by changing within

Blue Mayan energy

is about

inner transformation


So now is the time to

become the Eagle


rise above the mundane

and see our life’s work of human evolution

on a personal level and our pattern and code




To Fly high

first go deep

Look within for the treasure you seek


Love to you and your amazing discoveries in the next 13 days 

It is a truly cosmic revolutionary time 

Blue Eagle Wavespell ~ Overview of our pathway



Blue Eagle Wavespell

Men is the Mayan name for Blue Eagle

Day 6

Yellow Rhythmic Sun

The Bird totem of The Eagle






Please click on the links to expand the information by visiting websites ~ hover your mouse over the text

Seek and ye shall find 🙂

The Mayan Wavespell is an infinity code and as such can seem overwhelming to the mind.

If this is your first visit to this blog my offering to you around this is:

If you can simply be aware of it 🙂

Trust your inner voice

take what you feel drawn to

let the rest wash over you until you are ready to receive it 🙂

We are treading on new territory now as we are heading into the Age of Aquarius

We are creating with new myths 

 with new codes

through clearing codes that are corrupted within us

their true teachings have been distorted

as they were meant to for us to learn what that process means and what it creates when we do that 😉

Everything is as it is meant to be 🙂 


We are the pioneers

With new ways of being comes new learning for us

so if we can be open and flexible to this

We are sailing into unchartered waters for our human selves only

This is challenging to our ego mind who likes to stay in safe harbours 🙂

We have chosen to be here at this time

It is simply our conditioning speaking when we feel fear

We have our angelic selves on board to steer us 

all that we need do is ask for support and it is there 


We have to be prepared to trust that process and…

ask 🙂

If this is your Mayan Sign you can connect to it’s essence



If this is your Wavespell it is your life purpose

If it is one of your 13 year life cycles ~ your Mayan Castles ~

this will be revealing key repeating cycles for you






For everyone it is the Blue Transformation Spiral

of our bigger picture spiritual journey

and what we are here for

each one in their own unique way in relationship

to the cosmic evolutionary code

that is The Great Work and The Grand Design


When we feel stuck in a narrow canyon a great way of rising above this is to

connect to our feelings

feel them 

let them reveal what is seeking release 

then be able to fly high like the Eagle 

to see how it is a necessary part of our path 🙂

It is my Son’s Wavespell and I am now able to see so much more meaning

as to who is in our family circle

and our life so far

that has shaped our life learning so far….

this is the gift that this information about our bigger picture brings

Each day gives us a Universal Life Coaching Tool to raise our consciousness

Some of the days have links to people I know that have been in his life 

shaping his learning 

this is another way to do Family Constellation work 🙂

 Each day has :

A divinity code

A process

To work with consciously now

If we choose

Powerfully now 

If we choose ?

If we are ready to step up and see our true selves

know our true selves

Walk our talk

If you wish to know your Mayan Sign simply use this decoder ~

put in your birth date:


At the time of Summer Solstice and New Moon in Cancer

in the Northern Hemisphere

this time is for going out and connecting to the world 

Co creation time

Procreation time

The peak of fertility for planting seeds that will ripen in our harvest time


Who we are meeting now is key

for our bigger picture

In the bigger picture of the Mayan Calendar 

We are in the last few days of it before it begins a new 

A process that started last Halloween 

the essence of which is what has been gestating like a human child in the same pattern 

of a 260 day period

Can you see your own personal thread ?

The message from your ancestors who are guiding you

as to your own personal karma wheel and how to end those patterns now ? 

What is no longer needed and can be released for world peace ?


We are in the Green Castle of the Heart

All the threads that have been revealing themselves to us since then are at their peak

This is the heart time


The heart of the matter coming to light to bring us back to ourselves

our true selves

All the ego mask denials are rising to the surface of the cauldron


We have been ~ and continue to be in until July 01 ~ Mercury Retrograde in Cancer

Although it is New Moon in the UK today we are still in dark moon energy 


Here is a great blog about this:


The New Moon came in at 5 degrees in Cancer:

This is from Inside Degrees by Elias Lonsdale:

The Book ~ you can find an interpretation of your Starcode in it’s individual essence using these 🙂 I look every day at the Moon’s degrees when I blog 

A trap door under a rug.
Getting lost and getting found. Shadowed by self all the way. Sent upon a cycle of radical externalization and almost being able to pull it off. Yet you are shadowed, haunted, bugged, and sabotaged by the strangest things. Fate speaks loud and clear and says, “You are doing all this for a purpose, and your expression is pushing so far outward for good reason. But you must remember, get sobered and humbled, be tripped up by what you don’t see and won’t let yourself feel.” Superstitious and peripherally aware of just about everything. Concentrated upon self-intent with ferocious striving insistency. Needing to accomplish concrete external goals and needing to find them to be no longer enough. Pursuing yourself beyond the immediate drama so that soul can restore wholeness, just where persona gets swept away by how easy and natural it is to fill your world with your own ideas and sensibility


So we are going backwards to revisit all our Mothering and Nurturing issues over our life time

that are seeking to be healed

coming up in different guises

creating unhappiness that cannot be denied

no matter how we try and push them down into Pandora’s Box

when we strip down to our essence ~ the bare bones 

when we commit to our soul journey by working with our ego self

then our star light shines inside out

We are working with this energy until the full moon in Capricorn at 20 degrees arrives on July 12 in Europe

Inside Degrees excerpt again:

Many different perfumes carried by a breeze.
We bear within us many past lives, each one complete, autonomous, and emitting its own subtle, special fragrance. There are points along the journey when we must stand together with the whole line-up of our previous selves and follow out the journey they were all leading to. This is a formidable task. There is a lot to live up to. It grants you authority and conviction and it makes it very hard to get started. In order to get anywhere you must at times deny the awareness that everybody is there, and do whatever you can do, apparently on your own. But truly the depth of experience, the substantive inward development and the power of your inner drive give it away–you are destiny-charged in a larger-than-life fashion. Being self-possessed is your watchword. There is so much to accomplish. And at the center of the journey lies self-knowledge and the overriding determination to clear the karmic slate, to free up what has been trapped and bound and to come to yourself afresh. This destiny-will is guided, cosmically supported, centrally relevant to your whole world, and you will do it. Turn the darkest of hours into the brightest breakthroughs by refusing to stop anywhere or to back down from your resolve to wake up this time and get on with the greater path, at long last.


Wow eh? 

Remember we are 

Cosmically supported 

our conditioning can be cleared here and now

Isn’t that breathtaking ?


another great blog from Darkstar:

Full Moon in Capricorn

Ready to open your own Pandora’s Box yet ?

It is where all the true family jewels are 🙂

All of this is going to be happening in Yellow Star Wavespell

being the star that we really are 

and the actual day of the full moon is Blue Galactic Eagle

so  we can see how what is happening for us in this Blue Eagle Wavespell

we are going to be integrating then


This is the busiest time I have had for working with clients using the frameworks of Energy Coaching

and the Mayan Wavespell and Astrology


no blogs 

This is the first opportunity I have had to do this over an amazing couple of weeks

If you are still waiting for me to come back to you with your Mayan Sign and Starcodes

My apologies 

I will be in touch in the next few days

That said 

What this amazing way of relating to the universe brings

is the revealing experientially

that it is always the perfect time for connection

This is the essence of today’s blog and the Blue Eagle 13 day signature code 

Our life is all about our personal process

Our personal process is what creates the planetary process 

both creating a synergy

This is the Co Creation Code

This is a sizeable blog because of this 🙂

My blogs usually are 

The codes are complex 

as our universal matrix is incredible with all the golden threads that weave our consciousness

We are the silk worms in that beautiful tapestry 🙂


So I started the blog today with a beautiful painting

of the Archangel Gabriel

by Guido Reni 1575

Day 6 today is the balancing code

Yellow Sun is the essence of the language of light

Ahau is it’s Mayan Name



The Sun Thoth Card has been appearing for many of my clients 🙂

and when we start to get into the cosmic groove consciously

with this awareness

we see how we can align with our universal process

and evolve with it on all levels


With our Mind  ~

knowing how the Matrix Works by knowing all about our personal code

knowing about the universal code using the Mayan Matrix Synchronising Natural time calendar

knowing about the universal planetary codes interacting with our personal stardust codes ~ our natal astrology chart

With our body ~

knowing how to read our body’s messages to see where to work on clearing ~ our body does not lie whereas our ego mind is a manipulative liar until transformed ~ it is a survivor 😉 

knowing what our body requires for optimum performance ~ often the polar opposite to what society conditioning says

knowing that our heart wisdom requires being able to have empathy for ourselves and to be balanced with all our emotions and shadow transformation

feel to heal ~ the missing link for the majority so far 

With our Spirit ~

Becoming a clear channel free of conditioning and mind chatter so we can be guided

Becoming open to new learning and building trust in ourselves again

Remembering who we really are by removing all learning so far that wasn’t coming from a light space ~ the enlightenment process where we go down into our shadow to transcend it 

Religion has used the Codes for it’s own purposes and….

I know many people are colossolly teed off about this

 primarily because of the way that they have been personally  abused by people

people I say again 🙂

Human Beings who have taken a truth and made it their own

 to fit their purpose

which is what the human being ego mind is designed to do

The more we understand about this and the more we see how this relationship model works

how we work

and we all share this crafty fox personality

and then when we accept it…

we have the ability to work with it

as it is

and accept that fact…

doesn’t mean we have to like the behaviour 

but we accept it is what it is whether we like it or not 

 this lesson is a major part of working with transforming our ego

who resists everything it cannot control and makes up mega fibs to make things fit

and get it’s needs met by unholy design 😉

wolves in sheep's clothing

rather than resisting it in any way on an emotional and energetic level 

we go into it within

peace comes from peace 

many people are still trying to resolve resistance with resistance

unaware and not going there with their own anger issues

their own shadow

Whilst we have people on planet earth in this process

in this way of denial of their own shadow issues

and projecting these issues onto others

then no matter how “righteous” they think they are 

they are still doing the same thing if

they haven’t first looked at what is within them that is having an emotional response

which is being brought to light….

as without doing that they are coming from a place that isn’t yet conscious

and therefore able to relate to the other person triggering them


not dealing with their own personal emotional evolutionary process

which happens on the inside of them

by them making peace with everything that has happened

and getting clear of it on all levels

When we are able to be triggered 

Go within

See what this is connected to from our past

let it go

then we can create something different

otherwise we keep passing the pain parcel on and repeating our past patterns

Our past patterns that we have learned from our ancestors in our dna


in our childhood home

in our culture

in our circle of influence

all of which is revealed in our Mayan Castles

ready and waiting for us to transform

when we are ready 

Being able to be in the full balanced wheel of masculine and feminine within

and therefore able to create new learning

Whenever we do not do this we cannot create something new

because that is not how the process works

and I know because I have done all of that way of relating big time

and of course am still a work in progress 🙂

What I share in my blog is practical ways to do the path

by getting real with ourselves

and using some ancient wisdom tools that are all there for each of us to use 


The Holy Trinity is a metaphor for our own process

These Religious Icons hold the key for us to see the Scriptures in a new light

See the code in each painting from the Renaissance time

Hidden in plain sight

We are now at a time to see the pure message free from distortion and manipulation

The more we clear our personal distortions and the more is revealed

The more we can slough off those cocoon layers

down in our roots

and the more our wings start to grow 🙂

The key characters in all the World Divinity Stories, Myths and Fairytales, Religious Works

Reveal our path

back home

to the stars

We can let go of carrying our cross 🙂

and integrate it

see it in a new light

see everything in a new light


As we are all here to be teacher’s and student’s for each other 

in this magnificent dance 

we are each at our own level of consciousness ready to play

this isn’t hierarchical 

it is different awareness though

it is working with different bandwith

That is how the process works  

Archangel Gabriel is the keeper of the Gate of the West 

Watchtower  Code

This is also part of ritual working ~ magical code and the Wheel of Pagan Ceremony

All the same energetic code with a different emphasis given by certain groups of human beings 🙂

There is nothing new under The Sun save it’s interpretation and the meaning given to it 

So we see how at the essence of all the great myths

there is a secret embedded code we can uncover and work with

that reveals the process

of our own personal alchemy

Where we understand universal law

and our part in it

and then use that process from our heart

by transforming our ego

We allow ourselves to access trueness

we allow ourselves to connect direct to our source

and so we have pure consciousness within us

by healing our masculine and feminine

this is the meaning of the second coming

each one of us knowing who we really are by healing our wounds 

and being the heart way shower 


rather than our ego running amok 😉

Sagi energy is coming in very soon

Saturn in Sagittarius replacing Saturn in Scorpio

Whatever is showing up for us now of this ilk ~ be it a person bringing us new learning

could be in the guise of a potential new lover

If we can see that we are letting go of this co dependent way of creating 

often we feel a new lover will bring us love

We can see this in a different light

What if this person is our alter ego that is bringing us the opportunity

to cultivate this within us ?


Again if we look deeply into our past romantic relationships we will see a pattern 

We are often drawn to elements outside of ourselves that are a polar opposite

to bring balance

When we are with them we feel balanced 🙂

Sound familiar ?

They have an essence of us that it being revealed 

The Alchemy Day of any Wavespell is Day 3





This Wavespell’s Day 3 is

Red Electric Earth

Caban is it’s Mayan Name

Synchronistically this energy is appearing in all of the influences of individual’s I am connecting with at the moment

We have been visited by a Fox ~ similar to Coyote

Fox animal totem

Red Earth is one of my 13 Year Castles and I was in it when I met the

Father of my Children

I became a Mother in this Castle


So Day 1 of the Wavespell ~ Blue Magnetic Eagle ~ rise up and see our bigger picture ~

what is seeking transformation so we can evolve

and serve our planet by serving ourself and

reconnecting to our true star seeded mission ?


Day 2 ~ Yellow Lunar Warrior ~

what is our heart wound to heal so we come truly from the heart,

free from ego,

free from shadow wound, are we truly living our dream or still

going forward with a nightmare that we are avoiding facing the

reality of ?


When we blend these two together we find ourself strengthening

our core

and calling ourselves back in soul retrieval

healing all the times we have been manipulated

lied to

controlled against our knowingness

lost our confidence due to being undermined

finding cause to doubt ourselves


taken advantage of






All of this behaviour is happening to human beings in plain sight every day throughout the world

It is happening in our home

in our school

in our supermarket

in our medical services

in our society systems

in our financial services

and so we have the perfect codes within each of us to create something new

that comes from a pure clear space free from emotional distortion

when we honour ourselves

and take the most important step

to remember the sacred within us

that we are worth more than this base level of existence 🙂

Are we ready to live it ?


As I started to write this blog the Moon was in Cancer 6 degrees  again Inside Degrees website excerpt~ perfect for today’s number 6 :

The medusa’s head with writhing snakes for hair.
Karma is frequently anticipated and anxiously dreaded. We know we must confront whatever we have given power to haunt us. Ancestors, collective undertows, personal mistakes of the past, everything comes due. And so there must be the utmost honesty and integrity, dedication and perseverance, to cut right through the gathering storm clouds and rescue or redeem what is essential, what is vital. When karma is this palpable and heavy duty, the only skillful means is to cultivate a life-giving perspective and to inject all of the negativity with this elixir, until there is nothing further to worry about. Because you have become forward looking enough to turn any past around and to make any darkness luminous from within, and to be able to walk on.


Once we start to reveal and remember our centre we rock

with the universe 🙂

We remember who we really are and we light up


We move out of Victim Mode and we seize the moment

We know it is down to us to weave with our destiny



Open to intimacy

This is an amazing film and my daughter introduced me to this ~ thank you Sagi Way shower 

The Fault in our Stars 

This has a key message for me ~ pain is meant to be felt

and the Shakespeare Play from whence it’s title comes: 

The title is inspired from Act 1, Scene 2 of Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar, in which the nobleman Cassius says to Brutus: “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, / But in ourselves, that we are underlings.”

As human beings , when we avoid this essential part of our process

we become insane and do very hurtful things to other people

and our planet.

Many people put on a religious ego mask

a spiritual ego mask

and the stronger this persona is

the bigger the shadow that is being hidden


to deny our pain

is to become the narcissist

and this is the ultimate ego warrior 

the ultimate lunatic 

who is avoiding their moon messages off on a crusade

The most loving thing we can do is love our luna self

love it

accept it

heal it

and let go of being led by our head

when our heart is the wise woman beyond all of time


Events on the Horizon in the Heart Chakra in Glastonbury 🙂



EFT Circle


I have a new EFT Circle staring next Friday 04 July 7pm  ~ this is a monthly meet drop in

I will be sharing how EFT works and the intention is a fun circle of support 

£6 concessions available

green heart

Mayan Retreat 25 July ~ 27 July

My yearly retreat in the Taurus part of the Glastonbury Zodiac

Circle of Completion


If you are short of cash but want to come  message me ~ I  am not motivated by cash 🙂 I do have to have some to pay my bills at the mo but I find I am always able to do that ~ we can work something out  🙂 

Creating the dream with Isis Heart Alchemy

in Hebden Bridge Calderdale

venue tba 

Saturday 16 September

11 to 2 £33 Please book early

12 places available due to magical numbers

Are you ready to work powerfully with awareness of your own path and gifts?

Do you have the discipline to work alchemically with your own essence ?

Ready to be The Seer ?

To take part in this workshop I will need your birth info to create charts for you to reveal your 13 Year Cycle

Your Starcode

Your Mayan Sign

Life purpose 

Star Seeded Mission

This is a powerful experiential workshop 🙂





2015 USA

Next Year ~ A Workshop in Norfolk Virginia USA

is now coming into being

Woo Hoo exciting adventure to the place of The Mermaid 🙂

thanks to my friend and fellow Mayan Journeyer Deb Lassiter’s invitation 🙂 

Thank you Deb

Please get in touch if you are feeling to come

It will be in Spring/Early Summer ~ will be posting about it as it takes form

What I love about this in terms of my blog is the pictures that foretell what is potentiality 

I have written about Washington and the Da Vinci Code books of Dan Brown

and posted the labyrinth in Chartres


and here is the labyrinth at The Edgar Cayce Centre in Virginia where we may hold the workshop 🙂

So I am going to leave with that theme of The Mermaid

The Siren that is calling us home 

beautiful souls that we are

we are always on our journey

we are all meaningful

we are all loved by our Universal Mother 

time to remember 🙂

The Tzolk’in




Day 8 of the Blue Eagle Wavespell ~ Integrate

White Galactic Wind

Please click on the links to follow to other sites to expand on the information here.


Having taken time to be still ~ and still creating illness to be in that space 🙂 I have had many ahas.

As a fire sign I often find this difficult ~ to be still. 

I love rapid transformation and my personality is impatient to get it on 🙂 This is one of my key mastery lessons.

More and more I am connecting to the magic that is here in Avalon ~ as I let go and transform my ego.


The Mayan Wavespell ~ the Tzolki’n


I am learning this experientially and am amazed by what it is teaching me every day. Here is my sharing for today. Purely my perspective ~ a way “-) 

I am looking to offer a workshop about this soon as I have learned enough to feel ready to share.  If you are interested and wish to take part, in person or online please get in touch. When I have enough people I will create one. This is my way of working. When I have lived it I and know it energetically I am ready to speak of it. This Wavespell is our soul evolution and is unlimited in it’s wisdom and so I am offering you a snapshot here.

To work with it and know it yourself ~ connect to it each day and let it speak to you through being with the energy signature of the day, see the synchronicities occur and in doing so see the matrix of the universe we live in.

I have made some for people  and here is a link to mine. You can use this online ~ it has links to wavespell information. You can print it out and laminate it and move your piece of  blue tac each day , which is how I started my relationship with it. There are products on the internet in many shapes and forms and lots of wonderful websites ~ if you choose follow your own cosmic cookie trail and source what feels good for you. You may feel you want to do what you have always done and get several books and learn it in chunks ~ that isn’t experiential learning or working with the wheel and the cycle. It is not the same thing at all and is mind led. To work the way I have suggested opens up your heart and your feminine side  and is the co creative way to work with your spirit and intuition which is what today’s energy is all about 🙂 Choice is as always yours lovelies 🙂 

If you struggle with working with intuition and trusting your gut, hearing your inner voice and are facing a lot of resistance showing up in your world at the moment then…..

heed this 🙂

Whatever we are feeling resistant to ~

is our next step on our evolution.

Yesterday I posted about the new cycle coming up for a brand new spin on All Hallows Eve  ~ Red Dragon ~ the initiator of this calendar’s 260 day cycle.

Forget what you need to add to yourself ~ it is what is within that allows you access to spirit ~ clearing the inner space. Go within and clear the noise, the chatter, the shadow. This is what is seeking your attention and devotion, your love and acceptance. When you place your attention here instead of outside ~ it all becomes clear 🙂

I use Tapping to do this ~ Emotional Freedom Technique. Tap it ~ unwrap it and move into a whole new space.

The Mayan Wavespell will help you with the process. 

We say that everyone has their own path and unique signature ~ there is also a pathway structure that shares common ground and everyone can use it.

The Mayan Wavespell is it. 🙂 

It seems very complex at first and most websites are huge with lots of information. My intention is to create a simple guide ~ I don’t like the term “Dummies Guide” because to me that terminology isn’t loving or respectful.

I prefer

The Cosmic Cookie Trail to Co Creativity

~ bit like The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy 🙂

The intention is to share this amazing gift of the Gods and Goddesses that we truly are , with love for all.

This Wavespell runs without pause over and over. It has 260 energetic signature days. Each day belongs to a 13 day bigger picture Spiral that has a specific intention ~ a message to share, a lesson and a learning space for each individual according to where they are on their path.

When an individual has connected consciously and experientially and most importantly emotionally and energetically with this energy every day 

with awareness for eight years

they are integrated with the universal wheel of life ~ how’s that for flow 🙂

That is the teaching 🙂

You may feel that is a huge undertaking and that you cannot spare the time or the energy and you haven’t got the know how ?

It is your choice.

This is the secret to transcendence ~ know Thyself. Transform yourself in co creative relationship with the universe.

Intend it and you will be shown how to do it ~ that is how the universe works ~ you are the universe 🙂

It offers you ( through you ) the Gateway to the Goddess ~ Heaven on Earth. 

If you are prepared to do the work on yourself and transform your shadow. That is what is required on your part. Whatever it takes, wherever you are required to go and shake off the shackles ~ you have to commit to the journey. You will not give yourself challenges that you are not ready to face although your ego will tell you it is so 🙂 

Your ego is your salvation ~ the loyal friend who will show you the shadow and the light.


This first step today is the transformation process woven in the matrix.



There are thirteen Steps that reoccur over and over every 20 days in different forms which create different awareness and energetic structures.

The First Step is Red Dragon ~ the initiatory energy ~ what is seeking to be formed from the void?

The Second Step is White Wind ~ what is our challenge ~ our next step in our evolution? Spirit coming in Space.

The Third Step is Blue Night ~ how do we combine steps one and two through looking with at our dreams and nightmares calling us into our past and future 

The Fourth step is Yellow Seed ~ how do we let go of the coping mechanisms we created in childhood ~ ego masks ~ to be free to be our true nature now

The Fifth Step is Red Serpent ~ the way we relate ~ sex/intimacy/kundalini rising ~ our body showing us our energy flow. Mastery through Struggle

The Sixth Step is White World Bridger ~ how do we open up to other worlds and surrender to what our path is bringing us and leave the past behind ?

The Seventh Step is Blue Hand ~ the top of the pyramid ~ the Mystic, the Gateway where we transform and realise the magic of ourselves

The Eighth Step is Yellow Star ~ integrating so we are clear of old wounding and shine our star essence free from ego , know and accept ourselves

The Ninth Step is Red Moon ~ opening to new cycles by ending old ones. Our shadow is transformed and we are truly our cosmic seed.

The Tenth Step is White Dog ~ we love and accept ourselves unconditionally and as a result have found our tribe of the heart. Our inner dog has been heard and transformed.

The Eleventh Step is Blue Monkey ~ we are truly the transparent divine child who has no inner brat and is in balance in masculine and feminine, living in the now having transformed the past experiences

The Twelfth Step is Yellow Human ~ We accept our humanity as a very valued part of this trip on earth and we learn how to give our human vehicle what it needs to thrive from a place of sacred loving selflessness through putting ourselves first , being grounded and honouring our space in all ways

The Thirteenth Step is Red Skywalker ~ we bring heaven to earth through ourselves knowing we are the creators of our own reality and how we perceive the world, how we feel about it, how we live in it ~ is all an inside job. Our beliefs , thoughts and how we relate have all been learned. The more we integrate any past events of being a victim and the more free we become. We can see that everything happens for a reason and we do not get caught up in the drama because there is no longer any energetic drama within us to match that. We are free to play our game of life and expand our conscious way of living in the manner of our choosing and…..

Be the gift we were born to be.

There are seven mastery energetic structures as to ways of being that

assist us in this process and are the next seven steps in the 20 step cycle:


The Initiate energy  Step One : White Wizard

Being empowered within. Letting the magic flow through us instead of believing we have to create it ~ ego based belief. Having integrity. Being the change we want to see ~ impeccability.

The Gateway Challenge energy Step Two : Blue Eagle

Being able to see the bigger picture by seeing our pattern and the universal pattern. Rising high to see where we are , where we have been and where we are headed. Knowing that everything has a reason and a season and the more we face our challenge and step into it, the sooner it passes.

The Co Creative Energy bringing one and two together ~ Step Three Yellow


To be a warrior of the heart we choose love . We choose to heal our wounds rather than fight with them and fight others. We know that each adversary or challenging event brings us an opportunity to face our inner demons if there is an emotional intensity. We can clear this and then face the challenge from this clear space and create a different outcome for everyone.

The Fourth Step ~ The Structure ~ Red Earth

When we are grounded and centred through knowing ourself and being strong in our core through our own personal clearing , healing journey

We are rooted, we bend with the breeze, we do not rise to the chaos. We know that all is well in our world. The more we go to this place and strengthen it and the more we let go of any drama affecting our equilibrium. We do not need alter ego’s showing up to balance us now as as they have come before, we have cleared their learning gifts. We know our path and greet it openly ~ knowing that each step brings us more magic.

The Fifth Step   ~ The Mastery through Struggle of the other four steps

White Mirror

When we are transparent we  have cleared our issues. We see others as reflections of ourselves in terms of our life experience so far. We don’t buy the “projection” angle often overused in ego frameworks~ because we own our behaviour and walk our talk ~ we realise that everything that we have ever encountered is within us and we choose how that emanates, vibrates and resonates. As we clear we become clear and step through each new frame.

The Sixth Step ~ being balanced in our giving and receiving ,

our masculine and feminine within ~ Blue Storm    


Our emotions guide us through our journey. This is our sat nav of the heart.

The more we have cleared our stuckness in past events where our true feelings have been denied and labelled “shadow”.

The more we have called our spirit back in ~ where we have fragmented and gone to another space because in the past, we couldn’t cope with our present reality at that time , maybe because we didn’t have the cognitive know how/the support/the safe space to survive or thrive if we felt all the feelings. Now we do and so we have.

The more we clear and accept about all of our emotional self and the more we simply allow all of our emotions now in a balanced, free flowing way. The intensity of volcanic proportions that builds to a black hole dimension , no longer happens as we have deconstructed it’s past reservoir piece by piece, layer by layer, tear by tear. Our emotional reactions are proportionate to the event happening now without all the past pattern matches flaming the pyre.

Through this integration process we know and trust our gut feelings ~ even when we are relating to a person who may choose dishonest relationship because they do not wish to take responsibility for their behaviour and feelings and disown their true state of being.

Through this mastery we know when we are flowing and being authentic. It is child’s play.

The Seventh Step ~ Mastery of our magical mystery self ~Yellow Sun

The language of light and recognition of I am what I am. Knowing, using and being the language of light of consciousness. We reach our higher ground from that inner space of transformation ~ lead into gold. We are the Christ Consciousness of love . We can see the game of life and understand that although there are frameworks and ways of being there is in truth no “right” of “wrong” simply different learning places in this duality framework world we are currently transiting. This is the framework that allows us to create a perceived”shadow” and transform it if we choose. Others will do this in different ways to allow us to play the transformation game. Our business is to heal our shadow. When we reach a space of light through this personal process we transit the duality framework for ourselves. This is known as transcendence, We can live in peace and expand our consciousness. As a holograph we project our reality ~ when our shadow is transformed and we love and accept ourselves we do not project our alter ego because it has been integrated. We have no need to attract our shadow archetypes or shadow events to heal . Our inner slides allow our higher self to totally co create and inhabit with our human self . 

The more people who do this and the more our world will achieve a different reality ~ this is what is known as the second coming. When more and more people understand this and do this process we will see big changes occurring  ~ until we do we won’t and people will still try and create change on the outside and through the mind. 

This is the ego doing the giving, controlling and the half of the wheel which is the masculine system ~ which is perfectly aligned for the times we have been in.

As more and more people come into this change of direction ~ at the perfect time for the Grand Design ~ everything changes. 

No need to worry 🙂 When it is time it is time.


So if you start to follow this pattern consciously ~ remember this is always happening anyway we simply connect with it in a different way. 

This is a simple first step and I didn’t know any of this when I started,

Funnily enough I moved into my present home on a lunar moon ( this is the feminine aspect of the Wavespell that I will speak about separately in another post) on Blue Resonant Hand Day in the Year of White Rhythmic Wizard ~ shaping my self empowerment through death and transformation and being in balance with giving and receiving.

Soon after I went to a talk at the Glastonbury Positive Living Event with Jon McCarthy on 02/02/2011 Red Magnetic Skywalker Day ~ the wave spell for bringing heaven to earth.  He  shared his 15 year journey with the calendar using a heart, experiential approach that really resonated with me where other approaches didn’t. I have tried to contact Jon without success , if anyone knows how to please get in touch. I bought my calendar from him and started to follow his instructions of connecting each day.

Love to you all on your journey.

Here is a link to a universal decoder so you can put in your birthdate and know your own sign ~ any date in your life or famous dates/famous people’s birthdays/your family constellation ~

Foundation of the law of time

Wishing you much love and joy on your exploration of this amazing gift from ……..

ourselves from a whole different dimension

 as and when you go deeper there is no doubt of the amazingness of our universal life experience and our star seeded existence.


I do not know the source of this amazing artwork as couldn’t find a clear reference but if you put Ixchel into Google images you can find her ~ she is the Mayan Moon Goddess Ixchel. I am planning a trip to Mexico in December for an amazing retreat ~ if you feel you would love to come please message me 🙂



True to you


Today we are in the middle of the Blue Eagle Wavespell.

White Galactic Wind is todays universal energy.

This is the wavespell of seeing the bigger picture by being the eagle who flies high in the realms of the gods and sees the wide vistas instead of being limited by the crevice or tunnel at eye level.

Many people will have experienced being blocked at this time either physically and/or mentally ……

and thinking the tool has the answer  😦

In the UK we have had lots of snow and ice .

Jack Frost nipping at our toes.

I have been connecting to lots of people this week via Skype

who are finding their path thwarted in some way at the moment.

There is a big Libra accent – finding the balance and the universe always balance us so when we are too much in our masculine we get a feminine blast

too much in our feminine we get a linear poke in the ribs.

This is all great stuff and it often seems perverse to be saying that.

It is what I have found to be true 🙂

This is Aquarius time

Which is when we connect to all god and goddess possibility within us

A few years back I had thought I had got into great flow with my holistic business and had lots of clients.

Then it snowed for three weeks 🙂


That is when I made a huge shift because during this time of physically no clients

I discovered online communities and skype

and from this different direction

I was connecting to amazing avenues that I hadn’t dreamed of…..

because we don’t know what we don’t know.

This is where focusing on our mind’s direction and guidance can be extremely limiting

and we can open up to the universal mind and family

that is always there to support and guide us to abundance and love

if only we will stop being in our masculine on a mind mission and be still

and connect

and heed the signs.

On one level there are two sides to every coin

light , expansion and love

dark and constricting and fear

heart and ego

and you can tell the difference with some simple check ins

Are we attached to an outcome?

Do we have an agenda?

Are we excited and full of joy

Are we moving towards something with openness

or banging a drum for attention

and maybe a compilation of  ego and heart……

Straining at something isn’t ease of birthing is it?

Relax don’t do it when you want to succumb to it….

relax don’t do it…

when you want to…


and there is no difference to creating blissful living in so many ways to the orgasm process

and that’s a different chapter…..

The more we move into the Aquarius Age

and the more we are feeling this shift

It’s time to limber up

free ourselves from our fears

be as flexible as we can

as new shifts bring new learning.

Lots of people are feeling challenged and some people are really wearing their heart on their sleeve now which is so lovely to see.

As we move towards the full moon in Leo tomorrow this energy is building.

Leo is all about heart opening

becoming the lion heart by facing our fears and having the courage to transcend them

by being open and vulnerable and letting go of our pride

How many of us are able to reach out to other people and feel loved ?

How many of us can allow ourselves to receive ?

Be able to trust and be honest

and let go of the outcome?

When I had my first encounter with my universal self saying no in a big way

I was in my early twenties and had chosen to be in a relationship with a controlling bully

As a result of this I lost my mind for a while….

I felt isolated from everyone and everything because I was living a lie

I was in public service at the time in the leisure industry and I put on a mask to serve.

Inside I was very frightened and desperate and I didn’t feel I could turn to anyone.

My physical symptoms reflected this and I developed psoriasis on my face

I used to wear foundation and that had to stop

I had palpitations

this increased to panic attacks because I ignored the signs and didn’t know how to find a way out

and be honest with everyone

Eventually I got cervical cancer

and tunnel vision

I started to have migraines that distorted my vision and as a result I looked for an outside fix ( because that was all I knew back then)

I had to wear glasses which helped to a degree.

I went to the doctors for advice and at that time my doctor didn’t have any awareness of how the mind and emotion create these symptoms

(most still don’t because if they did they wouldn’t be trying to solve things using drugs)

and so prescribed me valium.

I still had all the feelings, my situation hadn’t changed,

I was in a bubble where I felt numb

and I couldn’t function and I felt like a very glum goldfish in a world that was totally alien to me.

Somehow I came through it and back then I didn’t have a clue about anything holistic and only my will power got me to move forward.

I did the cold turkey and sought practical solutions which meant finding small steps to get through and keep going

I got support through structures outside of myself which is what most people are still doing 25 years later

and it’s time for a change 🙂

I was off work for a while because I literally couldn’t pick up the phone

and I didn’t get any sympathy from my boss because he couldn’t see my inner wound.

Funnily enough he had a nervous breakdown (breakthrough) shortly after mine and ironically maybe he missed out on the universe showing him through me

so he got his own turn because we shared the same vibes as is always the way with law of attraction.

Deaf to the message let’s turn up the volume

and take your fingers out of your ears and stop la la ing 🙂

I had lost the confidence to function and was in total headless chicken and overwhelm….

in a standing still sort of a way 🙂

Over time through being still and gentle with myself ….

I didn’t have a choice because my body enforced this by shutting me down

which is what happens in many cases at this time of year.

When it is cold and dark we cannot light ourselves up with the sun or commune with our green goddess

so the energy is unplugged and we are reliant on our inner generator for light and warmth….

hence Sad

This time of year the more we do our inner work and the more resources we have on all levels.

Composting our Karma and the real core recycling.

Rotted down poo is the best fuel for those spring flowers.

A year or so after this crossroads it was the right time to move on and in a couple of years I moved to London

in a new relationship with my partner of today.

Here I had a huge extended family working for Wetherspoon’s and all of my personal experience

with my mental health road trip

was invaluable for the people I met and who were often at this same crossroads

and I shared my story with them often with a cup of tea and sympathy

in the kitchen

and in the sharing they could see that I had got through it

and so, therefore could they

and that it was ok to say you were struggling with life and everything that it involved

and that was true family acceptance

It’s time for us all to share who we really are and our vulnerability

so we can evolve

we all have the same stuff going on

we all want to be loved and respected for who we are.

Ego simply attracts so much ego

I remember at crisis times since then I have always been honest and sought help more and more

I am a human being

I make mistakes and I mess up

and through this process is the greatest time of my evolution

When I had my property crisis I went to property seminars and met some lovely heart centred people who really wanted to help other people transform their crisis into a new possibility

There were very young people who were transforming and challenging local councils and courts

There were also the very masculine predators who were looking to make a killing

in their glittery splendour

as the vampire archetypes cold blooded without a beating heart it seems

because they have been wounded and often seek to redeem through building portfolios to hide in….

all are valuable and all allow love to blossom with their truth.

We are ready to move into allowing ourselves to not know and open up to the

dark matter that holds our galaxy together

and is our glue too

and we will create this

willingly or unwillingly

the universal goddess knows it is where we are heading and is birthing it through us

It’s a time of surrender to whatever we are resisting

feel those labour pains

The majority of the planet is still slumbering in sheeple land

and making noises about change and transformation

when we actually look closer we see that is the same song of slavery to the hamster wheel that has always been sung

only now it is in a different choir

How many bubble bursters are there out there terrified of having to do something new?

Wanting to pop someone else’s dream because it is too brilliant and illuminates their darker world ?

How many speak the language of the new love world and yet do the dance of the cave dweller ?

To create a new way of being

we actually…. create….. a new way of being?

A thought gives rise to a dream

A word gives the thought a voice

Action brings it into being

Repeated action brings change and creates new pathways.

We have to go into long virgin grass sometimes, tangled thickets and sometimes we get many scratches

and nettle stings

oooo and find a dock leaf to soothe the sting

sometimes we have to howl with the moon

Our mind would weave us a safe playground of knowingness and this is what kills our spirit

If we make choices that conspire with it

It is all of our choosing and always perfect.

I am constantly wowed by the intricacy of our amazing universal selves.

Today I am sharing more of my Thoth journey and my latest read

The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life by 

Drunvalo Melchizedech.

This has totally inspired me

and I am getting a compass 🙂

I will share more of this in another blog because this is huge.

It is easy to see where our spirit wants to go

where our excitement goes

and for me when I feel like a child on Christmas morning…..

it’s a heart thing

Woo Hoo

In January it is sometimes easy to lose focus and wonder at what is next….

and when we surrender to that we allow something new to appear

instead of trying to make things happen we allow our higher self to bring us amazing gifts

and it usually comes when we least expect it


it isn’t what we think it is

Look back at how many times you have taken an unexpected turn on your path

look back and see how you have learned so much in this shadow space

when we allow others to give to us these miracles occur

and so often we don’t do that because our mind is stage directing

Lots of people talking about NLP today

and I got my learning through a great school with wise teachers

The Heart path.

So many NLP courses focus on the masculine power alpha approach

teaching techniques that aren’t love based and are manipulative in many ways

The Dark Side 🙂

Like Darth Vadar in Star Wars who wanted power to become more powerful than his adversaries and defend his heart

and in the process lost his humanity by denying it

when the true way to becoming powerful is to become more vulnerable  than your opponent and in the process

let go of any need to fight

let go of any need to do the dance

by integration through the wound

by exposing our gentle underbelly to the sword

and our heart on the sleeve

When we choose to live in a world of protection and defence walls

we close off to love too.

Walls close everything out and we stay in the gilded cage of our own making.

See the iceberg floating by and jump

where will it take us

Down the rabbit hole

to new countries that speak in a different tongue

have different beliefs

different customs

and  different ways of living life

where do we start this new journey?

By looking within and broadening our internal horizon’s

slipping off our straight jackets

changing our circle

daring to dream

finding something new to do that challenges us.

When I met my new partner we went to the Caribbean. We had lots of adventures going on a submarine and flying in a mini plane.

Afterwards he admitted they terrified him.

Me too.

One day we went on a yacht cruise and we went snorkelling

It was a wonderful experience and he was keen to swim out to an island some way from the yacht. On the return to the harbour we were shown a pool of sharks. These sharks had been where we were swimming. Our faces drained of colour as we looked at each other. Our guides explained they were harmless and didn’t have teeth however I guess that wouldn’t have registered if we had met one close up in the sea 🙂

We wouldn’t have asked for a cheesy grin photo 🙂

Later my partner admitted he couldn’t swim  very well but had decided to go for it as it was shallow and we had flippers and masks 🙂

In the book I have mentioned there is a section on initiate tests in Egypt and having to swim through a pool of crocodiles

the crocodiles had been fed but the initiates didn’t know that 🙂

Life is a series of initiate tests

For each challenge we have an opportunity to go through a gate and experience the rewards

Everything in life is a reward

It is life

Let’s live and love

and let go of anything that feels less than love and joy.

It is why we have feelings…

to override the mind and navigate with the heart.

Life is an adventure we can all share in

and be the open hearted loving people we want to see

This isn’t something anyone can fake

and you cannot simply buy a tee shirt for it

because if you don’t feel it

no one else can feel you.

Love to you all and bringing that god and goddess potential to full brilliance.

This was a lovely film I watched this week that has such a great simple message of love

Here is my tapping video to open to the Cosmic Cookie Trail: