Blue Eagle Wavespell ~ Overview of our pathway



Blue Eagle Wavespell

Men is the Mayan name for Blue Eagle

Day 6

Yellow Rhythmic Sun

The Bird totem of The Eagle






Please click on the links to expand the information by visiting websites ~ hover your mouse over the text

Seek and ye shall find šŸ™‚

The Mayan Wavespell is an infinity code and as such can seem overwhelming to the mind.

If this is your first visit to this blog my offering to you around this is:

If you can simply be aware of it šŸ™‚

Trust your inner voice

take what you feel drawn to

let the rest wash over you until you are ready to receive it šŸ™‚

We are treading on new territory now as we are heading into the Age of Aquarius

We are creating with new mythsĀ 

Ā with new codes

through clearing codes that are corrupted within us

their true teachings have been distorted

as they were meant to for us to learn what that process means and what it creates when we do that šŸ˜‰

Everything is as it is meant to be šŸ™‚Ā 


We are the pioneers

With new ways of being comes new learning for us

so if we can be open and flexible to this

We are sailing into unchartered waters for our human selves only

This is challenging to our ego mind who likes to stay in safe harbours šŸ™‚

We have chosen to be here at this time

It is simply our conditioning speaking when we feel fear

We have our angelic selves on board to steer usĀ 

all that we need do is ask for support and it is thereĀ 


We have to be prepared to trust that process and…

ask šŸ™‚

If this is your Mayan Sign you can connect to it’s essence



If this is your Wavespell it is your life purpose

If it is one of your 13 year life cycles ~ your Mayan Castles ~

this will be revealing key repeating cycles for you






For everyone it is the Blue Transformation Spiral

of our bigger picture spiritualĀ journey

and what we are here for

each one in their own unique way in relationship

to the cosmic evolutionary code

that is The Great Work and The Grand Design


When we feel stuck in a narrow canyon a great way of rising above this is to

connect to our feelings

feel themĀ 

let them reveal what is seeking releaseĀ 

then be able to fly high like the EagleĀ 

to see how it is a necessary part of our path šŸ™‚

It is my Son’s Wavespell and I am now able to see so much more meaning

as to who is in our family circle

and our life so far

that has shaped our life learning so farā€¦.

this is the gift that this information about our bigger picture brings

Each day gives us a Universal Life Coaching Tool to raise our consciousness

Some of the days have links to people I know that have been in his lifeĀ 

shaping his learningĀ 

this is another way to do Family Constellation work šŸ™‚

Ā Each day has :

A divinity code

A process

To work with consciously now

If we choose

Powerfully nowĀ 

If we choose ?

If we are ready to step up and see our true selves

know our true selves

Walk our talk

If you wish to know your Mayan Sign simply use this decoder ~

put in your birth date:


At the time of Summer Solstice and New Moon in Cancer

in the Northern Hemisphere

this time is for going out and connecting to the worldĀ 

Co creation time

Procreation time

The peak of fertility for planting seeds that will ripen in our harvest time


Who we are meeting now is key

for our bigger picture

In the bigger picture of the Mayan CalendarĀ 

We are in the last few days of it before it begins a newĀ 

A process that started last HalloweenĀ 

the essence of which is what has been gestating like a human child in the same patternĀ 

of a 260 day period

Can you see your own personal thread ?

The message from your ancestors who are guiding you

as to your own personal karma wheel and how to end those patterns now ?Ā 

What is no longer needed and can be released for world peace ?


We are in the Green Castle of the Heart

All the threads that have been revealing themselves to us since then are at their peak

This is the heart time


The heart of the matter coming to light to bring us back to ourselves

our true selves

All the ego mask denials are rising to the surface of the cauldron


We have been ~ and continue to be in until July 01 ~ Mercury Retrograde in Cancer

Although it is New Moon in the UK today we are still in dark moon energyĀ 


Here is a great blog about this:


The New Moon came in at 5 degrees in Cancer:

This is from Inside Degrees by Elias Lonsdale:

The Book ~ you can find an interpretation of your Starcode in it’s individual essence using these šŸ™‚ I look every day at the Moon’s degrees when I blogĀ 

A trap door under a rug.
Getting lost and getting found. Shadowed by self all the way. Sent upon a cycle of radical externalization and almost being able to pull it off. Yet you are shadowed, haunted, bugged, and sabotaged by the strangest things. Fate speaks loud and clear and says, “You are doing all this for a purpose, and your expression is pushing so far outward for good reason. But you must remember, get sobered and humbled, be tripped up by what you don’t see and won’t let yourself feel.” Superstitious and peripherally aware of just about everything. Concentrated upon self-intent with ferocious striving insistency. Needing to accomplish concrete external goals and needing to find them to be no longer enough. Pursuing yourself beyond the immediate drama so that soul can restore wholeness, just where persona gets swept away by how easy and natural it is to fill your world with your own ideas and sensibility


So we are going backwards to revisit all our Mothering and Nurturing issues over our life time

that are seeking to be healed

coming up in different guises

creating unhappiness that cannot be denied

no matter how we try and push them down into Pandora’s Box

when we strip down to our essence ~ the bare bonesĀ 

when we commit to our soul journey by working with our ego self

then our star light shines inside out

We are working with this energy until the full moon in Capricorn at 20 degrees arrives on July 12 in Europe

Inside Degrees excerpt again:

Many different perfumes carried by a breeze.
We bear within us many past lives, each one complete, autonomous, and emitting its own subtle, special fragrance. There are points along the journey when we must stand together with the whole line-up of our previous selves and follow out the journey they were all leading to. This is a formidable task. There is a lot to live up to. It grants you authority and conviction and it makes it very hard to get started. In order to get anywhere you must at times deny the awareness that everybody is there, and do whatever you can do, apparently on your own. But truly the depth of experience, the substantive inward development and the power of your inner drive give it away–you are destiny-charged in a larger-than-life fashion. Being self-possessed is your watchword. There is so much to accomplish. And at the center of the journey lies self-knowledge and the overriding determination to clear the karmic slate, to free up what has been trapped and bound and to come to yourself afresh. This destiny-will is guided, cosmically supported, centrally relevant to your whole world, and you will do it. Turn the darkest of hours into the brightest breakthroughs by refusing to stop anywhere or to back down from your resolve to wake up this time and get on with the greater path, at long last.


Wow eh?Ā 

Remember we areĀ 

Cosmically supportedĀ 

our conditioning can be cleared here and now

Isn’t that breathtaking ?


another great blog from Darkstar:

Full Moon in Capricorn

Ready to open your own Pandora’s Box yet ?

It is where all the true family jewels are šŸ™‚

All of this is going to be happening in Yellow Star Wavespell

being the star that we really areĀ 

and the actual day of the full moon is Blue Galactic Eagle

so Ā we can see how what is happening for us in this Blue Eagle Wavespell

we are going to be integrating then


This is the busiest time I have had for working with clients using the frameworks of Energy Coaching

and the Mayan Wavespell and Astrology


no blogsĀ 

This is the first opportunity I have had to do this over an amazing couple of weeks

If you are still waiting for me to come back to you with your Mayan Sign and Starcodes

My apologiesĀ 

I will be in touch in the next few days

That saidĀ 

What this amazing way of relating to the universe brings

is the revealing experientially

that it is always the perfect time for connection

This is the essence of today’s blog and the Blue Eagle 13 day signature codeĀ 

Our life is all about our personal process

Our personal process is what creates the planetary processĀ 

both creating a synergy

This is the Co Creation Code

This is a sizeable blog because of this šŸ™‚

My blogs usually areĀ 

The codes are complexĀ 

as our universal matrix is incredible with all the golden threads that weave our consciousness

We are the silk worms in that beautiful tapestry šŸ™‚


So I started the blog today with a beautiful painting

of the Archangel Gabriel

by Guido Reni 1575

Day 6 today is the balancing code

Yellow Sun is the essence of the language of light

Ahau is it’s Mayan Name



The Sun Thoth Card has been appearing for many of my clients šŸ™‚

and when we start to get into the cosmic groove consciously

with this awareness

we see how we can align with our universal process

and evolve with it on all levels


With our Mind Ā ~

knowing how the Matrix Works by knowing all about our personal code

knowing about the universal code using the Mayan Matrix Synchronising Natural time calendar

knowing about the universal planetary codes interacting with our personal stardust codes ~ our natal astrology chart

With our body ~

knowing how to read our body’s messages to see where to work on clearing ~ our body does not lie whereas our ego mind is a manipulative liar until transformed ~ it is a survivor šŸ˜‰Ā 

knowing what our body requires for optimum performance ~ often the polar opposite to what society conditioning says

knowing that our heart wisdom requires being able to have empathy for ourselves and to be balanced with all our emotions and shadow transformation

feel to heal ~ the missing link for the majority so farĀ 

With our Spirit ~

Becoming a clear channel free of conditioning and mind chatter so we can be guided

Becoming open to new learning and building trust in ourselves again

Remembering who we really are by removing all learning so far that wasn’t coming from a light space ~ the enlightenment process where we go down into our shadow to transcend itĀ 

Religion has used the Codes for it’s own purposes andā€¦.

I know many people are colossolly teed off about this

Ā primarily because of the way that they have been personally Ā abused by people

people I say again šŸ™‚

Human Beings who have taken a truth and made it their own

Ā to fit their purpose

which is what the human being ego mind is designed to do

The more we understand about this and the more we see how this relationship model works

how we work

and we all share this crafty fox personality

and then when we accept it…

we have the ability to work with it

as it is

and accept that fact…

doesn’t mean we have to like the behaviourĀ 

but we accept it is what it is whether we like it or notĀ 

Ā this lesson is a major part of working with transforming our ego

who resists everything it cannot control and makes up mega fibs to make things fit

and get it’s needs met by unholy design šŸ˜‰

wolves in sheep's clothing

rather than resisting it in any way on an emotional and energetic levelĀ 

we go into it within

peace comes from peaceĀ 

many people are still trying to resolve resistance with resistance

unaware and not going there with their own anger issues

their own shadow

Whilst we have people on planet earth in this process

in this way of denial of their own shadow issues

and projecting these issues onto others

then no matter how “righteous” they think they areĀ 

they are still doing the same thing if

they haven’t first looked at what is within them that is having an emotional response

which is being brought to lightā€¦.

as without doing that they are coming from a place that isn’t yet conscious

and therefore able to relate to the other person triggering them


not dealing with their own personal emotional evolutionary process

which happens on the inside of them

by them making peace with everything that has happened

and getting clear of it on all levels

When we are able to be triggeredĀ 

Go within

See what this is connected to from our past

let it go

then we can create something different

otherwise we keep passing the pain parcel on and repeating our past patterns

Our past patterns that we have learned from our ancestors in our dna


in our childhood home

in our culture

in our circle of influence

all of which is revealed in our Mayan Castles

ready and waiting for us to transform

when we are readyĀ 

Being able to be in the full balanced wheel of masculine and feminine within

and therefore able to create new learning

Whenever we do not do this we cannot create something new

because that is not how the process works

and I know because I have done all of that way of relating big time

and of course am still a work in progress šŸ™‚

What I share in my blog is practical ways to do the path

by getting real with ourselves

and using some ancient wisdom tools that are all there for each of us to useĀ 


The Holy Trinity is a metaphor for our own process

These Religious Icons hold the key for us to see the Scriptures in a new light

See the code in each painting from the Renaissance time

Hidden in plain sight

We are now at a time to see the pure message free from distortion and manipulation

The more we clear our personal distortions and the more is revealed

The more we can slough off those cocoon layers

down in our roots

and the more our wings start to grow šŸ™‚

The key characters in all the World Divinity Stories, Myths and Fairytales, Religious Works

Reveal our path

back home

to the stars

We can let go of carrying our cross šŸ™‚

and integrate it

see it in a new light

see everything in a new light


As we are all here to be teacher’s and student’s for each otherĀ 

in this magnificent danceĀ 

we are each at our own level of consciousness ready to play

this isn’t hierarchicalĀ 

it is different awareness though

it is working with different bandwith

That is how the process works Ā 

Archangel Gabriel is the keeper of the Gate of the WestĀ 

Watchtower Ā Code

This is also part of ritual working ~ magical code and the Wheel of Pagan Ceremony

All the same energetic code with a different emphasis given by certain groups of human beings šŸ™‚

There is nothing new under The Sun save it’s interpretation and the meaning given to itĀ 

So we see how at the essence of all the great myths

there is a secret embedded code we can uncover and work with

that reveals the process

of our own personal alchemy

Where we understand universal law

and our part in it

and then use that process from our heart

by transforming our ego

We allow ourselves to access trueness

we allow ourselves to connect direct to our source

and so we have pure consciousness within us

by healing our masculine and feminine

this is the meaning of the second coming

each one of us knowing who we really are by healing our woundsĀ 

and being the heart way showerĀ 


rather than our ego running amok šŸ˜‰

Sagi energy is coming in very soon

Saturn in Sagittarius replacing Saturn in Scorpio

Whatever is showing up for us now of this ilk ~ be it a person bringing us new learning

could be in the guise of a potential new lover

If we can see that we are letting go of this co dependent way of creatingĀ 

often we feel a new lover will bring us love

We can see this in a different light

What if this person is our alter ego that is bringing us the opportunity

to cultivate this within us ?


Again if we look deeply into our past romantic relationships we will see a patternĀ 

We are often drawn to elements outside of ourselves that are a polar opposite

to bring balance

When we are with them we feel balanced šŸ™‚

Sound familiar ?

They have an essence of us that it being revealedĀ 

The Alchemy Day of any Wavespell is Day 3





This Wavespell’s Day 3 is

Red Electric Earth

Caban is it’s Mayan Name

Synchronistically this energy is appearing in all of the influences of individual’s I am connecting with at the moment

We have been visited by a Fox ~ similar to Coyote

Fox animal totem

Red Earth is one of my 13 Year Castles and I was in it when I met the

Father of my Children

I became a Mother in this Castle


So Day 1 of the Wavespell ~ Blue Magnetic Eagle ~ rise up and see our bigger picture ~

what is seeking transformation so we can evolve

and serve our planet by serving ourself and

reconnecting to our true star seeded mission ?


Day 2 ~ Yellow Lunar Warrior ~

what is our heart wound to heal so we come truly from the heart,

free from ego,

free from shadow wound, are we truly living our dream or still

going forward with a nightmare that we are avoiding facing the

reality of ?


When we blend these two together we find ourself strengthening

our core

and calling ourselves back in soul retrieval

healing all the times we have been manipulated

lied to

controlled against our knowingness

lost our confidence due to being undermined

finding cause to doubt ourselves


taken advantage of






All of this behaviour is happening to human beings in plain sight every day throughout the world

It is happening in our home

in our school

in our supermarket

in our medical services

in our society systems

in our financial services

and so we have the perfect codes within each of us to create something new

that comes from a pure clear space free from emotional distortion

when we honour ourselves

and take the most important step

to remember the sacred within us

that we are worth more than this base level of existence šŸ™‚

Are we ready to live it ?


As I started to write this blog the Moon was in Cancer 6 degrees Ā again Inside Degrees website excerpt~ perfect for today’s number 6 :

The medusa’s head with writhing snakes for hair.
Karma is frequently anticipated and anxiously dreaded. We know we must confront whatever we have given power to haunt us. Ancestors, collective undertows, personal mistakes of the past, everything comes due. And so there must be the utmost honesty and integrity, dedication and perseverance, to cut right through the gathering storm clouds and rescue or redeem what is essential, what is vital. When karma is this palpable and heavy duty, the only skillful means is to cultivate a life-giving perspective and to inject all of the negativity with this elixir, until there is nothing further to worry about. Because you have become forward looking enough to turn any past around and to make any darkness luminous from within, and to be able to walk on.


Once we start to reveal and remember our centre we rock

with the universe šŸ™‚

We remember who we really are and we light up


We move out of Victim Mode and we seize the moment

We know it is down to us to weave with our destiny



Open to intimacy

This is an amazing film and my daughter introduced me to this ~ thank you Sagi Way showerĀ 

The Fault in our StarsĀ 

This has a key message for me ~ pain is meant to be felt

and the Shakespeare Play from whence it’s title comes:Ā 

The title is inspired from Act 1, Scene 2 of Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar, in which the nobleman Cassius says to Brutus: “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, / But in ourselves, that we are underlings.”

As human beings , when we avoid this essential part of our process

we become insane and do very hurtful things to other people

and our planet.

Many people put on a religious ego mask

a spiritual ego mask

and the stronger this persona is

the bigger the shadow that is being hidden


to deny our pain

is to become the narcissist

and this is the ultimate ego warriorĀ 

the ultimate lunaticĀ 

who is avoiding their moon messages off on a crusade

The most loving thing we can do is love our luna self

love it

accept it

heal it

and let go of being led by our head

when our heart is the wise woman beyond all of time


Events on the Horizon in the Heart Chakra in Glastonbury šŸ™‚



EFT Circle


I have a new EFT Circle staring next Friday 04 July 7pm Ā ~ this is a monthly meet drop in

I will be sharing how EFT works and the intention is a fun circle of supportĀ 

Ā£6 concessions available

green heart

Mayan Retreat 25 July ~ 27 July

My yearly retreat in the Taurus part of the Glastonbury Zodiac

Circle of Completion


If you are short of cash but want to come Ā message me ~ I Ā am not motivated by cash šŸ™‚ I do have to have some to pay my bills at the mo but I find I am always able to do that ~ we can work something out Ā šŸ™‚Ā 

Creating the dream with Isis Heart Alchemy

in Hebden Bridge Calderdale

venue tbaĀ 

Saturday 16 September

11 to 2 Ā£33 Please book early

12 places available due toĀ magical numbers

Are you ready to work powerfully with awareness of your own path and gifts?

Do you have the discipline to work alchemically with your own essence ?

Ready to be The Seer ?

To take part in this workshop I will need your birth info to create charts for you to reveal your 13 Year Cycle

Your Starcode

Your Mayan Sign

Life purposeĀ 

Star Seeded Mission

This is a powerful experiential workshop šŸ™‚





2015 USA

Next Year ~ A Workshop in Norfolk Virginia USA

is now coming into being

Woo Hoo exciting adventure to the place of The Mermaid šŸ™‚

thanks to my friend and fellow Mayan Journeyer Deb Lassiter’s invitation šŸ™‚Ā 

Thank you Deb

Please get in touch if you are feeling to come

It will be in Spring/Early Summer ~ will be posting about it as it takes form

What I love about this in terms of my blog is the pictures thatĀ foretell what is potentialityĀ 

I have written about Washington and the Da Vinci Code books of Dan Brown

and posted the labyrinth in Chartres


and here is the labyrinth at The Edgar Cayce Centre in Virginia where we may hold the workshop šŸ™‚

So I am going to leave with that theme of The Mermaid

The Siren that is calling us homeĀ 

beautiful souls that we are

we are always on our journey

we are all meaningful

we are all loved by our Universal MotherĀ 

time to remember šŸ™‚

One thought on “Blue Eagle Wavespell ~ Overview of our pathway

  1. Last night in my dream state I was looking at myself and I could see I had these metal bands around my body, I heard that they were bindings…I got them released and realized how much freedom I felt from it! I heard it was getting me back on my spiritual path to release the bindings that had bound me.


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