White Wind Wavespell ~ star resonance



White Wind Wavespell


Day 7

Yellow Resonant Star

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We are at the top of the pyramid today 

Day 7 is the day of feeling what is resonating in us

What is resonating truth

What is resonating untruth 

Learning new truths perhaps to create right relationship of well being for each one of us

Today as I initiate this post the Moon is in waning Capricorn

25 Degrees 

From Inside Degrees website

A woman wearing a mask made out of butterfly wings.
Wrapped about in customary trappings. Made to look and act the part superbly. Programmed to do everything on cue. Taking yourself in hand, and subordinating all other factors to ambition, power, and worldly position. In a premeditated, systematic, superorderly fashion, fitting the role. So good at this you fool yourself. The perfect wraparound set-up of simply turning yourself into what everybody needs to see. But because there is so much manipulation and control in it, this can become highly corrupted. It all depends on the motivation. At best, you will become a viable role model for a given set of characteristics of an advanced kind to be embodied perfectly. But at worst, you will deceive and beguile and maneuver so smoothly that nobody will know what you serve, who your master is, and where all this comes from after all.

Lamat is the Mayan name for today’s energy

Lamat Code is number 8 ~ integrate

When we integrate

We live our learning

We strengthen our core

and we can stop the fragmentation process

the degenerative process that leads to the initiation of the death star

Western Society promotes the Culture of Death

by letting the masculine ego lead

the culture of Youth

that hasn’t got experiential wisdom

indeed ignores it to escape

the feelings that it does not want to feel

and the crux of the matter is those feelings will not be ignored

are simply aching to be explored


Holistically there are lots of things to bring together 

in being the star that we really are

rather than society’s star show

performing a role

being compliant 

so that we know our place in 

wearing ourselves out

and sacrificing our self for….

What ?

So that we do not see the truth of our slavery system

Our consumer pattern 

that is exhausting 

and debilitating 

and becomes very evident at middle age

If we are prepared to be honest about it

prepared to be honest about our life

our choices

One of the key issues of Capricorn is

To feel

and own the feel factor

rather than avoid the pain

rather than create a stiff upper lip 

be defined through work

be the goat climbing the rocky mountain to get to the top

not realising….

that we take yourselves with us wherever we go

the view may change

but our eyes and filters

our perceptions remain

until we are ready to know 

that this is the key to everything

Knowing ourself

Seeing how we create our day to day reality

by what we believe and do

which generally comes about by….

how these things make us feel

not whether they are logical

or create any well being

Capricorn is the Astrological sign of the UK

In the last seven days I have moved from

the place of my roots in the North

where I did my workshop 

Creating the Dream with heart alchemy

noticing what I love about being in the North and the people there

and the different style of relationship

what is familiar and comfortable

and my comfort blanket

Noticing how I resonate in this place of my birth

with my kins folk 

who have many similar shared birth tribe experiences

triggering lots of memories, nostalgia

times in the past

and mostly these are fond feelings

I notice the contrast to the South 

especially the light in Somerset

the quality of which always amazes me

It is so bright

This time in summer it was balmy in Manchester and humid in Hebden Bridge 🙂

now that is pretty rare 🙂

Loved my time there in the beauty and friendliness of Lancashire and Yorkshire

I noticed I felt very different this time 

a time of Mercury Retrograde in Cancer

and that I didn’t feel to go out and socialise 

I didn’t have the energy ~ just to be in close proximity to my family

because that was where I needed to be

and I am learning to go with that and not fight it 🙂

It is difficult to fight the ego in Glasto bubble though because the ley lines are so strong

that the evocation takes over


and all is revealed 🙂

A common them that is becoming louder now is the Red Moon arriving 

The Red Solar Moon on July 26

It is bringing with it all our heart aches around lack of love

lack of mothering

lack of nurturing

lack of support

in the tail end of the patriarchal pattern

cold reality

stark bare bones 

grit your teeth and bear it

give up your goddess for the greater good

give us your sons for sacrifice

give us your daughters for more sons

the  harsh reality of the holocaust that is still burning us 

caustic entrails

that inflame our bodies and minds

Many people are feeling battered and bruised


a tad 



tossed against the cliffs was one participant’s comment

lost and adrift at sea

abandoned and bereft

by a sick society

that will have it’s pound of flesh 

and show no mercy

There is no cold comfort here 

The children of the great mother are learning that the false family

the society that we have arrived at today

does not care for it’s people

and puts possessions and property above humanity

as a priority

We are told there is no money

cuts required

and we do not challenge this 


there is money for stadiums

for new hospitals

for supertrains

for mountains of drugs

for a military machine

for new houses

there is money for those things

but not for people who do not want to give their all 

and be told what to do 

be dependent on

a sick structure 

that is making each one of us sick as a result


How do we start to create a different model ?

We find what resonates for each one of us

and what creates well being for each individual from a place of honesty 

a place of openness to new learning

learning about how our body can thrive 

What it really requires free of any “product”

free of needing to be a “consumer” 

Learning about the lies we have been told to promote :

For example

The drug industry ~ who get richer the sicker we become 

The Dairy Industry ~  in the Uk ,who have led us to believe that we can be healthy by ingesting an animal’s milk meant for it’s babies

The Breakfast Industry ~ who tell us breakfast in the early morning is the most important meal of the day and that we should eat lots of sugar and wheat product ~ absolutely against any truth of how the body cycles work

The food industry,  some of whom, lie about anything and everything simply to sell their product 

Look at the historical evidence and pattern:

Cigarettes are good for you say Doctors in the 1950’s

Cigarettes are found not to be good for certain people and the lawsuits start

Now we have a different market for getting off cigarettes

With your busy lifestyle 

( at the factory farm for 8 hours a day, doing something you don’t like, with people, you cannot stand but hey pays that mortgage  )

Convenience foods are good for you

oops fat although it tastes good ~

because convenience food actually is processed and doesn’t taste good without lots of additives like fat ~ too much creates obesity

so…we’ll swap it for sugar and other chemical combos and …

creates food addicts in the human and pet population

without informing said population

population sick ~ special diets , foods ,drugs

I am just reading 

There is a cure for Diabetes 

By Gabriel Couzens MD 

website here :

It makes a lot of sense to me and I am really focusing on this next layer for me and my pets

I am sharing it with my nearest and dearest and getting a lot of resistance

and I know that is simply how it is

and how it has been on my road to recovery of my real self


This is a huge wave coming in our society because people are simply not aware

of what the causality is around 

the culture of death road

and it isn’t pretty for the individual or the collective

It is time for us to take total responsibility for getting ourselves 

in balance with our sacred feminine



In the UK it is very clear what systems are becoming stronger to shape and control our society

which means wearing the mask and performing

The bank systems are systematically spreading in all areas 

I know this through my own personal experience

an underclass is being created as a Scapegoat Group


each one of us is going to feel this getting stronger

this is the soul journey

and a very strong reason to strengthen ourselves

and come together for support

to get us through these shadow times of transition

When we are ready to reveal our vulnerabilities and our soft side

to people we feel we resonate and feel safe with

ideally a group where we be with that emotional energy

and then move that emotional energy on by letting it be felt, heard , honoured and let go

That is what an EFT Circle does and why I love to create them

It is the perfect structure of

coming together with

Mind Body Spirit

Head and Heart

Science and Wisdom

I watched The Dallas Buyers Club last night and this theme echoes there

There are a small group of elitist arrogant people who are very good liars and would have the majority believe that all the controls are there for 

our own interests

This is the true meaning of conspiracy theory

The truth is often misdirected 

turned around

These people conspire to control the market

by eliminating all competition 

and relaying on people complying and being “nice”

the truth comes out when you rattle this cage of venomous snakes

This is what is behind all the drug wars

the poppy fields

the suffering

Thousands of years of misery of the majority

 created by the dictators

the clue is in the word 🙂

The dictators can only dictate if the dictated to 

allow it 

Ever had an adult bully, manipulate and abuse you as a child?

Humiliate you?

Shame you ?

Treat you with different rules?

This is where it all stems from

Creates systems of  co dependency and substance abuse

See the pattern ?

This is what we are here to change and 

feel to heal

If you haven’t seen the whole film I highly recommend it as it reveals the whole cycle

Pass the pain parcel cycle

instead we can stop

unwrap it

and see the gift it brings us

personally and planetary

All of our “stuff” comes from our childhood and then expands

that is the key

that is the creativity

that is the code that is creating our life here and now

and we have the power to change it in every moment

I watched a video the other day about a process of overcoming our fears by using an arrow breaking exercise

I shed a tear


One woman holds the arrow in a tension

whilst another decides to break it with her throat 

using a positive intention to step forward through her fears

The most poignant moment for me is when the woman breaks the arrow and falls into the embrace of the other woman

She is held

She is loved

She is safe

She dared to have courage and was caught and supported as a result

Like a child taking it’s first step into it’s mothers’s arms

Trusting that safe space

Having the faith in the feminine

This has been very much eroded in our society

Our family structures have changed

Women and Men’s roles have changed

Often that has meant that the sanctuary of home

the safety net of community

has been destroyed

Fast moving changes have swept individuals into chaos

the unknown

From this dark cauldron we have the perfect learning to know

what allows us to create anew

from the ashes





So to transform this space that is exactly what we do

Expand what is honest and fair for all of humanity

and let go of that which isn’t

and we can all agree on those basic principles

when we are free of ego

Most of our planet is not in that space yet 

Those of us who are ready to do what is the code of true living

Do it nonetheless

and expand our joy and love 

by transforming our shadow any way

For the love of it

For the love of us

For the love of all that is inherently “good” in our human heaven on earth place

If you are feeling you would like to know more about how you can do this process for yourself I have the following workshops coming up:

Moon Gardening

Weekly as you please in person

Monthly Online


First one tomorrow 





WordPress Site ~ not yet created the blog but watch this space 🙂


Facebook page 

Moon Gardening Glasto



If you live in Glastonbury or nearby you can join us on Monday’s 2 ~ 4 as and when

If you don’t but would like to connect on some level and get into the Goddess Gardening Groove with lovely Luna 

you may like to via my monthly Ebook

This will be at a bare minimum of £1 donation ~  meaning , it isn’t about the money for money’s sake ~ simply to cover costs 🙂

We do it because we love it and have to pay money to live at the mo 

This is a new project and a passion of mine to assist people in a practical way with the return of the feminine

Simply doing this process gets us in tune with The Moon Cycles and reveals the Creation Code

I love the thought of what this co creating will seed too 

Lots of lovely gardening communities cross pollinating and creating new ways of being


Red Solar Moon Retreat ~ Circle of Completion



I create a retreat every year in the Taurus part of the Glastonbury Zodiac and we explore and work on sacred sites 

To take part I will need your birth info in advance so I can do your charts ~ Astrological and Mayan

This will give you very detailed info as to where you are on your life path and what you will be working with in this coming year

It is a big one 

We are completing the last nine years and in that process there is the potentiality to birth something new as a result

This gateway ~ which always happens with number 9 


can create powerfully a whole different level of awakening for the next four years 

In the bigger picture this is all about the message of today’s blog.

Be the beacon of light


Trust our intuition

Know that there is so much more accessible to us than we are currently resonating with

that opens up

as we go within

and clear our code

Empty our cache so that all that predictive pattern

are free from us

so we are free 

to be the gift 

The Star Seed 

We are born to be 


Love to our Spiritual Truth emerging 

when we have the courage to speak up


and burn bright



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