White Wind Wavespell ~ divinity thru body wisdom

baby magic

White Wind Wavespell

Day 10 ~ manifestation ~ code day

Blue Planetary Monkey


Are human beings ready to live consciously

Walk the talk

Let go of doing the blame game?

Today we have Sun in Pisces and as I am writing this in the UK

Virgo waxing Moon coming up to

Full Moon in Virgo this evening 

at 14 degrees and Virgo Decan 2

Another take on Virgo ~ by a Virgo 

A long steel screw.
Set in place, the die is cast–the past determines the future. Held within patterns and syndromes of the habitual and the pragmatic–literalistically identified within strictly severe frameworks. You are at the mercy of conditionings and programmings, and chronically mentally obstructive, up against the grind of the outer mind droning onward. Radically non-creative, noninnovative, you follow the party line. Waiting until the loss of real direction has played itself out endlessly, and hoping that a different phase altogether will knock you over the head and pull you onward from this dead end.

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Positive Wellness

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At this heart time 0f 11 to 1

We are at Virgo at 11 degrees

A four-year-old girl dressed as a nurse.
Innocence has its ways to persist. You can grow up, yet retain the stance of the novice, the beginner, the wonder-worker. You foster a knack of renewing your original, basic values and way of being at every critical juncture–a quality unique and unmistakable. At any age and within all situations, coming at things as though we all just got here and we are simply trying things on for size. The best of this quality is a sticking to prenatal resolves of a lofty integrity that refuses steadfastly to fall under the weight of the critical mind. The worst of this quality is that in its zeal, its dedication, and its self- insistency, it invariably puts others to shame and generates in others the self-consciousness and self-judgement you are yourself bypassing. Therefore, what is good for yourself proves to be bad for others, and results in a quandary, a confusing and puzzling situation, eventually impelling you to add one borrowed ingredient: the ability to take yourself lightly.

a perfectly synchronised time to write and share from the heart


having more planets in Virgo

than any other

this is coming from my heart to you

and I have been experiencing 

a lot of heart ache

in this Persephone Underworld time

there are no short cuts or ways around suffering on the heart path because that is what is involved

here and now

on planet earth and the sooner we face this and not try and positive spin it the sooner we can create something anew




Blue Monkey’s pure code

is the 11th step in the Mayan Wavespell

It’s 13 day process aka Wavespell

is the central spinal column that runs right down the centre of the Matrix

in the Blue Castle

and it is the core of the process

and the heart of the matter

of our human transformation that is essential to creating new balanced ways of being

in each person and that in turn creates the world change

in that order




The Mayan Matrix of 260 codes takes us through a process of human evolution

and initiates with the Astrology of that first day 

The 11th step of Blue Monkey is about letting go

Letting go to be free


this is something that the human being often believes

they can do

purely by thinking alone

doing positive affirmations

sending healing to a situation

off with the fairies

to avoid the mundane and pain


which is running the old code paradigm 

of being intellectually head led and running the old programmes that go with that 

that are ego based

as in 

created by the ego as a way to feel safe and solid in a flowing chaotic world

and when the individual actually ponders these frameworks

there can be revealed

the process that they are…

a mask of fear based behaviour 

This is perfectly understandable

given the painful way of living that most people are living on earth right now 

because these relationship systems are created from pain in childhood 

and although many things have evolved over this period in the material

the inner child healing process has not 

Avoidance of the pain can never heal it

and the pain gets louder 

It does take a while to bust through this first layer of protection

created by our ego that loves what it knows as it is so familiar to the psyche

so coded into society

and this is the illusionary world that the majority of human beings inhabit 


Thing is…

that’s the thing we are moving away from now 😉

As the known

is pure cosmic code

that is accessed when our mind frees up from distortions

and balances

to allow our spirit to speak through us 

from a place where the mind has been transformed from within

so does not need to monkey mind chatter 

to get our attention


The Pro active individual

has decided to give that part of the individual the attention it is seeking

and this is a magical turning point


It takes more than intellectual lip service

and this is so important to learn and access now

and we are all entering into the dance at the perfect time

the body ~ the philosopher’s stone 

reveals where we are blocking our connection to source with our mind 

and in the Mayan Framework this is the Mayan Sign of

Yellow Human

Code 12

Try this on for size if you choose 🙂

You may intellectually know and believe you are “awake” 

On a logical level you know what is happening having watched lots of films

read lots of books etc

and yet…

part of you is feeling a push me pull me energy

part of you is still feeling down about life because …

You didn’t match up to expectations by parents, family, society

and that is ok

because that is where there is old programming waiting to be transformed and healed

That part cannot be affirmed, hushed up, bullied out of it or placated …

because if that were true that would have happened already and that part wouldn’t exist 

would it ?

Notice a child having a hissy fit and how people try and placate instead of honestly attempting to relate



and meet the genuine need of the child and see this process in action 

because how our society is designed does not and cannot meet the human being’s emotional needs

Does a child want to be going around the shops?

In a Supermarket?

Doing the majority of things an adult believes it “should” ?

Did you love watching the” news” as a child ?


After all

the transitory coping mechanisms

that the human being does

and has done to others is this not self~evident yet

that quick fixes last for a short time and then fade and a bigger fix is required?

Clearly not because most people are still heavily invested in doing them ~ often to fit in 

These events and ways of relating

Create beliefs about

the individual not fitting this ego paradigm 


The American Dream

 This is all  part of the process

of people who are here to transform the paradigm….


feeling different to the status quo from the word go

This is an essential part of the bringing things to consciousness


in the individual’s personal world

whatever happened personally to the individual around that code and process so far


If the individual is not aware ~ not ready to take responsibility for it

Is still believing someone else can change code unconsciously for them

without the individual’s conscious participation

and free of  content that is uncomfortable


How can that be conscious process?

That is what the consciousness process is 

Being consciously aware of everything that creates the human being 

including the shadow 


How can the individual radiate conscious code in their day to day life

and share themselves in that way…

If only their therapist is aware of  what has caused pain for them that has created their reality and experience now?

If only the therapist /workshop provider/coach ~ has all the answers and fixes?

If the participant is tranced out ?

It all “happened cosmically” in a meditation/on a guided journey/through an activation ?????

Is that the way for the individual to be self~empowered and aware of their own journey?

All of these things and ways can help a person on their journey

to conscious awareness of themselves of course

and every one is where they are 

as the saying goes…

It is all perfect 

Heart tree

If you choose to live the life

as a conscious co creator then there is another way

time to be pro active 


to be 

DIY Expert 

on oneself 

and how the pro active process works

that is a whole different perspective 

and involves

The Great Work and The Inner Work

which is key to the Astrology right now

Accessing limitless consciousness is easy in Glastonbury

because there are 52 ley lines here

It is 

The Heart Chakra of the planet  and it can be mind blowing literally 

Space Cadetism to those who allow full access as a channel


What goes with that place of core connection

is the light and the dark

and it is a mecca for ego darkness and people who are energy vampires

preying on the vulnerable and needy

Like any world pilgrim place it attracts ill people looking for a miracle 

It always has 

nothing new under the sun only how it is portrayed 

So many myths here woven by people wanting to attract money 

going right back to medieval times

sep12 019

What is a tourist spin doctor story?

What is spiritual truth?

That is the journey we all have to take 

and find out for ourselves

The Fool’s Journey


My offering is this

Glastonbury reveals where we are not grounded

where we do not feel loved ~ an event/person shows up to reveal

rather than doing the drama

there is another way

everything is here to help us heal 


that can be an avoidance ego reframe at times so be aware 😉

The Sacred is everywhere and so everything can be seen in plain sight

Today if you choose have a look at where you are and what is illuminated for you 


Yesterday I had a powerful session with a friend

and love my circle of influence right now

as this synergy is so powerful and reveals so much to us all when a circuit is created in this way because everyone benefits from this relationship  process

 whenever I am working with other people

they represent an aspect of me and I them


the fabulous thing using EFT

for energy coaching is

It works on whatever level each person is at in the perfect way for them

It is a tantric relationship

Yoga for the heart 


Try it for yourself and see

At one time I couldn’t go back into mundane straight away after working energetically

because I had a lot to process and re~align after my sessions 

sometimes I still do and need time to be quiet and do nothing

but yesterday I was ok

so I went shopping in a local supermarket

What struck me was the amount of time and energy

and earth resources

go into dishonest relationship

Feel that manipulation and Hansel and Gretel entrapment

grooming code

Next time you go check out all the stuff directing you here and there 

and selling this and that 

and all simply a created artifice that has no truth

When instead it could be a genuine family store

fair prices

low profits

people shop there because there is fairness and honesty

and get what they actually came for free of the brain wash 

people caring about fellow members of community

because they live in the community

Now the framework is

trying to get customer loyalty with ridiculously complicated tie in bonuses 

little plastic cards 


points win prizes


always trying to get the individual to pay more

swapping prices to confuse


Often I feel sick just going into one 

This whole way of doing “business” is sick in my view

and there is no need for it

on a spiritual level of balance 


On an energetic level though there is 😉

because it is here clearly

 and so of course it is

and this is exactly what is a match for our current crossroads

and the expansion of our childhood relationships

How often do we go around the houses

be a hypocrite

avoid saying what we really feel 

so of course it is going to be present…

So we can what it feels like to be creating this

people on that proactive end of the supermarket employees at management and ownership

the board

the share holders

and those on the receiving end ~ the day to day employees and the consumers 

Are supermarket employees happy ?

Not in my vicinity in one particular store

It’s simply a theatre playing out cosmic codes and where people are at 

often feeling the victim 

The only way this changes is when each individual changes

and decides to become empowered from a heart space not an ego space and the more people that do this the more the world changes.

It is a key Gateway point now to allow our dream to be manifest 

are you ready to do what it takes to be free of the ego “reality”

and access something infinity wiser ?

Time to commit to The Heart Path and that means being with the events and emotions that feel uncomfortable and painful to see what created them on all levels


I am creating  E books for those ready to take the next step 

Here is the link:

I have designed workshops to assist with this:

Next One 

Persephone Path 6

which is in Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire ~ or by ebook and Skype wherever you are 


Seeing our bigger picture with divinity codes

in Glastonbury ~ or by ebook and Skype wherever you are

I have Retreats to explore the process and allow a stay away from the usual code to allow new code to come in :

Retreat in Kephalonia 2015


I hope you will join me 🙂 

More coming soon….


White Wind Wavespell ~ truth be told


White Wind Wavespell

All the pictures in my blog are by the artist Catrin Welz Stein
whom I have no connection to
I have just found her on Facebook through my friend Maria and I love her work
She is not in any way representative of my views or the content of my blog ~ just to be clear 😉
If you wish to check out her work here is the link :


Red Bubble 


This is the refining


Uranus ruled

13 day process


Today is a portal day so a human evolution building block 

We are in the Green Castle 

What is real ?

What is superimposed ~ literally?

What is a projection ?

What is truth?


What is the reality buried underneath all the mind creations?

What is the gift inside all that flashy wrapping?

Under the bandages ?

Who is the real person?


The light that is there coming from the transformation of the dark matter?

The things that matter…

To the heart

To the child within

To the compassionate caring human being


In the past 13 days of Red Moon

we have all gone through a process

some are aware and some not

so the way that happens is different 


Those that are aware can now start to refine their process and go deeper

with the silence that comes from inner work


As the child inside finds their voice

Is allowed to speak

Is heard at last

Is received

Is given the attention

The attention seeking outside starts to cease

and the grace comes to the individual effortlessly


The polarity is reversed and the Taurus 

The Torus 

starts to power up in a different way 

Inside out 


Everything starts to align





The Red Moon seeds start to change

ready to take flight 

part of the Blue Night process


not yet….

not yet ….

wait for the Spring ray


Today we have waxing Moon in Taurus 

A salamander glowing red-orange.
Burning up with the inner flame of creative activity in the soul realms. The inner life raging with power–an insistent force. A level of attunement to the central flame of your being that will not quit. The impassioned desire to manifest perfectly what lives inside. The alchemical intention to burn away the dross and return to pristine selfhood at long last. An extremely sharply motivated path of development. Difficult to harness, yet the mastery called for is just what you seek to embody, and anything more reasonáble seems easy and lazy. One-pointed drive to strip away all but self and be true to self in a fashion which will burn a hole in the world.

Today is a good day to set an intention

to allow the higher self to speak


let us become aware of that is past

past life

past it’s sell by

past value

pass the pain parcel material

This is the challenge and new learning the human being is here to evolve

White Wind being Mayan Sign number 2 in the matrix


The more we work with our Moon energy

The feminine

the shadow

the veil

The more the sun can shine through in our dna 

In our body 

through our code

the more we can embody the sacred feminine

by being the sacred feminine being the clear conduit connected to our source energy 



Everything that we are is expressed by the divine through us 

We are the creativity

White Wind Wavespell ~ star resonance



White Wind Wavespell


Day 7

Yellow Resonant Star

Please hover your mouse and click on the links to take you to other websites

We are at the top of the pyramid today 

Day 7 is the day of feeling what is resonating in us

What is resonating truth

What is resonating untruth 

Learning new truths perhaps to create right relationship of well being for each one of us

Today as I initiate this post the Moon is in waning Capricorn

25 Degrees 

From Inside Degrees website

A woman wearing a mask made out of butterfly wings.
Wrapped about in customary trappings. Made to look and act the part superbly. Programmed to do everything on cue. Taking yourself in hand, and subordinating all other factors to ambition, power, and worldly position. In a premeditated, systematic, superorderly fashion, fitting the role. So good at this you fool yourself. The perfect wraparound set-up of simply turning yourself into what everybody needs to see. But because there is so much manipulation and control in it, this can become highly corrupted. It all depends on the motivation. At best, you will become a viable role model for a given set of characteristics of an advanced kind to be embodied perfectly. But at worst, you will deceive and beguile and maneuver so smoothly that nobody will know what you serve, who your master is, and where all this comes from after all.

Lamat is the Mayan name for today’s energy

Lamat Code is number 8 ~ integrate

When we integrate

We live our learning

We strengthen our core

and we can stop the fragmentation process

the degenerative process that leads to the initiation of the death star

Western Society promotes the Culture of Death

by letting the masculine ego lead

the culture of Youth

that hasn’t got experiential wisdom

indeed ignores it to escape

the feelings that it does not want to feel

and the crux of the matter is those feelings will not be ignored

are simply aching to be explored


Holistically there are lots of things to bring together 

in being the star that we really are

rather than society’s star show

performing a role

being compliant 

so that we know our place in 

wearing ourselves out

and sacrificing our self for….

What ?

So that we do not see the truth of our slavery system

Our consumer pattern 

that is exhausting 

and debilitating 

and becomes very evident at middle age

If we are prepared to be honest about it

prepared to be honest about our life

our choices

One of the key issues of Capricorn is

To feel

and own the feel factor

rather than avoid the pain

rather than create a stiff upper lip 

be defined through work

be the goat climbing the rocky mountain to get to the top

not realising….

that we take yourselves with us wherever we go

the view may change

but our eyes and filters

our perceptions remain

until we are ready to know 

that this is the key to everything

Knowing ourself

Seeing how we create our day to day reality

by what we believe and do

which generally comes about by….

how these things make us feel

not whether they are logical

or create any well being

Capricorn is the Astrological sign of the UK

In the last seven days I have moved from

the place of my roots in the North

where I did my workshop 

Creating the Dream with heart alchemy

noticing what I love about being in the North and the people there

and the different style of relationship

what is familiar and comfortable

and my comfort blanket

Noticing how I resonate in this place of my birth

with my kins folk 

who have many similar shared birth tribe experiences

triggering lots of memories, nostalgia

times in the past

and mostly these are fond feelings

I notice the contrast to the South 

especially the light in Somerset

the quality of which always amazes me

It is so bright

This time in summer it was balmy in Manchester and humid in Hebden Bridge 🙂

now that is pretty rare 🙂

Loved my time there in the beauty and friendliness of Lancashire and Yorkshire

I noticed I felt very different this time 

a time of Mercury Retrograde in Cancer

and that I didn’t feel to go out and socialise 

I didn’t have the energy ~ just to be in close proximity to my family

because that was where I needed to be

and I am learning to go with that and not fight it 🙂

It is difficult to fight the ego in Glasto bubble though because the ley lines are so strong

that the evocation takes over


and all is revealed 🙂

A common them that is becoming louder now is the Red Moon arriving 

The Red Solar Moon on July 26

It is bringing with it all our heart aches around lack of love

lack of mothering

lack of nurturing

lack of support

in the tail end of the patriarchal pattern

cold reality

stark bare bones 

grit your teeth and bear it

give up your goddess for the greater good

give us your sons for sacrifice

give us your daughters for more sons

the  harsh reality of the holocaust that is still burning us 

caustic entrails

that inflame our bodies and minds

Many people are feeling battered and bruised


a tad 



tossed against the cliffs was one participant’s comment

lost and adrift at sea

abandoned and bereft

by a sick society

that will have it’s pound of flesh 

and show no mercy

There is no cold comfort here 

The children of the great mother are learning that the false family

the society that we have arrived at today

does not care for it’s people

and puts possessions and property above humanity

as a priority

We are told there is no money

cuts required

and we do not challenge this 


there is money for stadiums

for new hospitals

for supertrains

for mountains of drugs

for a military machine

for new houses

there is money for those things

but not for people who do not want to give their all 

and be told what to do 

be dependent on

a sick structure 

that is making each one of us sick as a result


How do we start to create a different model ?

We find what resonates for each one of us

and what creates well being for each individual from a place of honesty 

a place of openness to new learning

learning about how our body can thrive 

What it really requires free of any “product”

free of needing to be a “consumer” 

Learning about the lies we have been told to promote :

For example

The drug industry ~ who get richer the sicker we become 

The Dairy Industry ~  in the Uk ,who have led us to believe that we can be healthy by ingesting an animal’s milk meant for it’s babies

The Breakfast Industry ~ who tell us breakfast in the early morning is the most important meal of the day and that we should eat lots of sugar and wheat product ~ absolutely against any truth of how the body cycles work

The food industry,  some of whom, lie about anything and everything simply to sell their product 

Look at the historical evidence and pattern:

Cigarettes are good for you say Doctors in the 1950’s

Cigarettes are found not to be good for certain people and the lawsuits start

Now we have a different market for getting off cigarettes

With your busy lifestyle 

( at the factory farm for 8 hours a day, doing something you don’t like, with people, you cannot stand but hey pays that mortgage  )

Convenience foods are good for you

oops fat although it tastes good ~

because convenience food actually is processed and doesn’t taste good without lots of additives like fat ~ too much creates obesity

so…we’ll swap it for sugar and other chemical combos and …

creates food addicts in the human and pet population

without informing said population

population sick ~ special diets , foods ,drugs

I am just reading 

There is a cure for Diabetes 

By Gabriel Couzens MD 

website here :

It makes a lot of sense to me and I am really focusing on this next layer for me and my pets

I am sharing it with my nearest and dearest and getting a lot of resistance

and I know that is simply how it is

and how it has been on my road to recovery of my real self


This is a huge wave coming in our society because people are simply not aware

of what the causality is around 

the culture of death road

and it isn’t pretty for the individual or the collective

It is time for us to take total responsibility for getting ourselves 

in balance with our sacred feminine



In the UK it is very clear what systems are becoming stronger to shape and control our society

which means wearing the mask and performing

The bank systems are systematically spreading in all areas 

I know this through my own personal experience

an underclass is being created as a Scapegoat Group


each one of us is going to feel this getting stronger

this is the soul journey

and a very strong reason to strengthen ourselves

and come together for support

to get us through these shadow times of transition

When we are ready to reveal our vulnerabilities and our soft side

to people we feel we resonate and feel safe with

ideally a group where we be with that emotional energy

and then move that emotional energy on by letting it be felt, heard , honoured and let go

That is what an EFT Circle does and why I love to create them

It is the perfect structure of

coming together with

Mind Body Spirit

Head and Heart

Science and Wisdom

I watched The Dallas Buyers Club last night and this theme echoes there

There are a small group of elitist arrogant people who are very good liars and would have the majority believe that all the controls are there for 

our own interests

This is the true meaning of conspiracy theory

The truth is often misdirected 

turned around

These people conspire to control the market

by eliminating all competition 

and relaying on people complying and being “nice”

the truth comes out when you rattle this cage of venomous snakes

This is what is behind all the drug wars

the poppy fields

the suffering

Thousands of years of misery of the majority

 created by the dictators

the clue is in the word 🙂

The dictators can only dictate if the dictated to 

allow it 

Ever had an adult bully, manipulate and abuse you as a child?

Humiliate you?

Shame you ?

Treat you with different rules?

This is where it all stems from

Creates systems of  co dependency and substance abuse

See the pattern ?

This is what we are here to change and 

feel to heal

If you haven’t seen the whole film I highly recommend it as it reveals the whole cycle

Pass the pain parcel cycle

instead we can stop

unwrap it

and see the gift it brings us

personally and planetary

All of our “stuff” comes from our childhood and then expands

that is the key

that is the creativity

that is the code that is creating our life here and now

and we have the power to change it in every moment

I watched a video the other day about a process of overcoming our fears by using an arrow breaking exercise

I shed a tear


One woman holds the arrow in a tension

whilst another decides to break it with her throat 

using a positive intention to step forward through her fears

The most poignant moment for me is when the woman breaks the arrow and falls into the embrace of the other woman

She is held

She is loved

She is safe

She dared to have courage and was caught and supported as a result

Like a child taking it’s first step into it’s mothers’s arms

Trusting that safe space

Having the faith in the feminine

This has been very much eroded in our society

Our family structures have changed

Women and Men’s roles have changed

Often that has meant that the sanctuary of home

the safety net of community

has been destroyed

Fast moving changes have swept individuals into chaos

the unknown

From this dark cauldron we have the perfect learning to know

what allows us to create anew

from the ashes





So to transform this space that is exactly what we do

Expand what is honest and fair for all of humanity

and let go of that which isn’t

and we can all agree on those basic principles

when we are free of ego

Most of our planet is not in that space yet 

Those of us who are ready to do what is the code of true living

Do it nonetheless

and expand our joy and love 

by transforming our shadow any way

For the love of it

For the love of us

For the love of all that is inherently “good” in our human heaven on earth place

If you are feeling you would like to know more about how you can do this process for yourself I have the following workshops coming up:

Moon Gardening

Weekly as you please in person

Monthly Online


First one tomorrow 





WordPress Site ~ not yet created the blog but watch this space 🙂


Facebook page 

Moon Gardening Glasto



If you live in Glastonbury or nearby you can join us on Monday’s 2 ~ 4 as and when

If you don’t but would like to connect on some level and get into the Goddess Gardening Groove with lovely Luna 

you may like to via my monthly Ebook

This will be at a bare minimum of £1 donation ~  meaning , it isn’t about the money for money’s sake ~ simply to cover costs 🙂

We do it because we love it and have to pay money to live at the mo 

This is a new project and a passion of mine to assist people in a practical way with the return of the feminine

Simply doing this process gets us in tune with The Moon Cycles and reveals the Creation Code

I love the thought of what this co creating will seed too 

Lots of lovely gardening communities cross pollinating and creating new ways of being


Red Solar Moon Retreat ~ Circle of Completion



I create a retreat every year in the Taurus part of the Glastonbury Zodiac and we explore and work on sacred sites 

To take part I will need your birth info in advance so I can do your charts ~ Astrological and Mayan

This will give you very detailed info as to where you are on your life path and what you will be working with in this coming year

It is a big one 

We are completing the last nine years and in that process there is the potentiality to birth something new as a result

This gateway ~ which always happens with number 9 


can create powerfully a whole different level of awakening for the next four years 

In the bigger picture this is all about the message of today’s blog.

Be the beacon of light


Trust our intuition

Know that there is so much more accessible to us than we are currently resonating with

that opens up

as we go within

and clear our code

Empty our cache so that all that predictive pattern

are free from us

so we are free 

to be the gift 

The Star Seed 

We are born to be 


Love to our Spiritual Truth emerging 

when we have the courage to speak up


and burn bright



White Wind Wavespell ~ The messenger of our god self



White Wind Wavespell

The initiation of 13 days of code of  Spirit

Connection to our God Self

The challenge and growth area of the whole Mayan Wavespell

Ik is the Mayan Name

Please hover your mouse to reveal the links to click on and expand the info with other websites

Todays Moon in Waxing Libra moving into Scorpio later today

on the heels of a full moon in Sagittarius coming on Friday

Hermes messenger of the Gods archetype

who is also connected to

The Pleiades

Thoth and

Hermes Trimagestus 

Sun in Gemini

Mercury in Retrograde in Cancer until July 17

A fast moving energetic

As I am writing this blog we have the moon in the astrological degree of Libra 28

A single white swan swimming through gray mist.
Different and the same. Distinguished by vertical composure, yet intended to stay down under. A special destiny-task, a mission, an assignment. Taught to blend in and become each world passed through, yet remaining incorrigibly other. Excellent at taking up required roles and ways of life and finding the best in them. You have a remarkable social gift for making the world a better place. Endowed with higher characteristics and heavenly nature, you are sublime, yet shrugging self off–“no big deal.” The wonders of anonymity. So many changes to move through, rippling waves of time. Standing far above, dispassionately: “I shall do what is rightful.” The singular voice of the highest ethic, pure and essentialized.

This is from a wonderful resource called

Inside Degrees

If you know your astrological chart you can look at your planets in a different way and check out the degrees

Synchronistically as I started to read this I remember my Mars is in Libra 

I still haven’t integrated all the learning about my chart by any stretch of the imagination 🙂

This is the degree of my Mars in Libra ~ love it when that happens.

White Wind is also one of my Mayan Castles

one of my 13 year cycles

My White Castle of refinement

The key colour codes of the Mayan Wavespell calendar 

take us through an energetic cycle

like a galactic washing machine spin cycle

twin tub 😉 

My Nana used to have one of these

She was a Libra

and my Grandad had a Libra Moon


where our conditioned behaviour from society is cleansed

and we are spun out 

so we can be reborn 

by remembering 

who we really are

and getting back in full contact with our Gemini twin 

our soul sista and brother

who is our Angelic A Team ready and waiting to guide us

when we get our ego out of the way 


by feeling our emotions…

instead of thinking up avoidances

pretty much like inventing chore avoidance machines because we don’t like the chores…


if we simply feel the feelings generated around not wanting to do the chores

and let them go

be honest with ourselves and others

and also get real about life

there are some very boring mundane things that our ego doesn’t want to do

and someone has to do them

or life gets very uncomfortable…

and often that someone is the one that isn’t valued


 in society

and the dark matter that holds the universe together

who is not accounted for in the accounts

who works seemingly tirelessly

to hold” it” all together

and yet is ignored or berated

the ones who are the mother role

the priceless ones

that have no “business rating”

no pastiche

do not provide aspiration

inspiration for the majority of young people

who puts on their wish list that they want to grow up to be a wonderful mother figure ?

Yet where would we be without the mothers ?

Without the people who work for minimum wage and less ?

How would it be possible for the ego icons to achieve their stratospheric positions

without minions ?

This skewed view of ignorance is at last

on the swing back into balance


The Mayan calendar itself has five bandwiths

It has the same castles as individuals:

Red for awakening ~ East

White for refinement of that awakening ~ North

Blue for transforming that first and second position ….West

Yellow is the result ~ the flower that opens as a result of that cross pollination 🙂 ~ South

The seed that has been co created 


is carried on the winds to all direction

perfectly places to germinate a new idea

a new life

a new myth

which is the current seed spin cycle 

Here is a lovely blog about this I found on my cookie trail today


I found the blog as a result of the leading picture and trying to find the artist ~ to no avail.

So whichever colour you are that is your essence ~

your cosmic code



Wherever you are in the world ~ maybe you are travelling like me 

You can be aware of the change of direction and what it is revealing for you 🙂

Today I am up in the North

the place of my roots 

I am visiting my parents who are both Gemini’s

My North Node is in Gemini

and also my Jupiter

So I was perfectly placed in my family

to learn the code of my Gemini planets

This is how knowing our astrological chart can empower us reveal 

our personal energetic code

and can start a process 

an ancient path

of the Hermetic





that so many have travelled before

this is one of the ways


Know Thyself

It gives the amazing access to following the cosmic cookie trail in a powerful way

by allowing a clear connection to our core

and strengthening our connection to our higher self

which is what the New Age in Aquarius is all about

Whatever has been happening for you

in the last thirteen days is the initiating energy of Red Moon

check out my Red Moon Wavespell blogs for this 🙂

which is going to be what we are working with in the new Mayan year starting on July 26

Red Solar Moon

All our cosmic chickens coming home to roost from 2006 🙂

The start of this 13 year Red Moon Cycle

that we will be in year 9 of

So to go back a little ~

The Mayan Wavespell has five Castles

It has in addition to the four mentioned above

a fifth element

The Green Castle

which reveals the culmination of the other four~

the energy we started with back on Halloween last year


We are in the second 13 day spiral of that Castle

The White Castle of refinement 

So we are working with what has awakened in us

What is seeking light

How we can bring ourselves into balance with our Swan energy

Swan totem


How can we share the spiritual truth that we know

when the majority of people are not aware ?

That is the challenge 🙂

I have spent a lovely Red Moon Wavespell in the main 🙂

I have been around many people who are open and seeking

Some people who are in institutional places

authority places

places that require reform

and bringing into balance

to let go of unsupportive 



manipulative frameworks

by their very nature of being in that vibe 

can be very intolerant

and resistant

to any speaking of truths around that

and much of that space of being is perfectly placed

to help us all create rightful relationship

which is what we are all working with in the evolution process right now 🙂

Of course all of this interaction for me is triggering past events in my life around authority

allowing me to work with my shadow

bring up emotions for my soul healing and integration

and to learn how I can communicate more clearly free from my ego

This is of course the code that is revealed in many works of art 

the process of soul evolution

and is clear in

The Birth of Venus

showing the wind being blown by the angel on the left ~ Zephyros


So to unlock the code of this wave

simply connect to the energy each day ~

check out the resources on my pages


Day 1 ~ initiate and set an intention

Look at the White Wind Wavespell

Day 2 ~ the challenge and growth area Blue Lunar Night ~

reveal the true dream by transforming all nightmare experiences of

the past 

Day 3 ~ the blend of days 1 and 2 ~ Yellow Electric Seed ~

take the ego mask off because the true seed is only revealed when

we are free of our mask 

and so on ~

all the codes are there

and these three are the magical essence of

the whole thirteen day process


Wishing you an amazing spiral of Sagittarius Fire

Being the way shower by healing our wounds 


Shaping from Spirit



Blue Rhythmic Hand

White Wind Wavespell


Had a busy day in many ways 🙂

How is your spirit wavespell shaping up ?

Today shows us the energy of being in balance and in rhythm with our spirit ~ are we in balance with

Masculine and Feminine

Giving and Receiving

Practical earth tasks and Etherical Spiritual ones


Have we got the blend merged well like a magical Martini ?

Shaken and not stirred in the words of Mr Bond 🙂


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I started the day at my dentist and spent an hour in the chair revisiting lots of other times there in different spaces and places

As I was lying there I was consciously revisiting all my “trauma” around having someone in my face

in my space

hurting me ~ although not intending that many times …….and at others very much so

all about relating 🙂

and how I communicate my experience of my receiving of their care in honesty

Which can be very difficult as ideally a person who is giving us medical intervention will not be feeling emotionally charged

either by our behaviour and commentary and/or their day and centre space in general

all of which we cannot control 🙂


Each time I go I have a new insight, often several.

Today I focused on letting go of what my care worker “should” have done to me  in the past and instead on accepting it, learning from it and letting it go so I could heal that past event……

and then……

in a clear space…..

What do I want to create now ?

I have certainly learned a lot from my time in the chair in various receiving positions and what I would like to communicate is this

Some people don’t require any information about what a “medical professional” does to them….

and some people do 🙂

I would love to see more co creative frameworks coming in so people are aware of what is happening ~ so they can make an informed choice.

We don’t know what we don’t know 🙂

Of course back when my treatment started 30 years ago that was unheard of in most aspects of health care services but I remember my Grandfather stating plainly to his heart surgeon back then, that as it was his body, he wanted to be fully knowing about what was being done to it and in consent of that.

I noticed today, how in that chair , my feet didn’t touch the ground. I felt like a child and I couldn’t ground myself because of that so although I could do visualisation , I went to the loo half way through so I could bring myself back in to earth and body as I felt part of me pulling away from the here and now .

In the past I have focused on feeling peaceful and relaxed. Today I focused on feeling whatever I was feeling, it was ok to feel anxious and at any time I could stop the process if I chose. I was still very relaxed most of the time 🙂 A different perspective today.

Something that my dentist really does well is putting me in the picture of what they are doing and what is coming up next and that I can stop the process too if it becomes too much ~ which is great co creative relating.

I have had lots of incoming information this week and some of it has been a big trigger for fear  ~

Great for seeing what my ego can let go of  if ready …..

and for being very aware of what may or may not be happening in the world agenda.

In Glastonbury there is a great awareness of  what is often labelled “conspiracy” and I love that about the place. It can tip people over into a big fear space though if too much focus is placed on allowing this info into our inner space.

It is helpful to be very aware of this and create balance if possible ~ sometimes that isn’t happening for good reasons ~ to show us where we can shape our lives more and be true to our heart wisdom and hear our spirit.

Being out of balance is the creation space 🙂

Remembering that everything on our soul journey is guiding us into new learning and evolving us and therefore evolving planet earth ~ in this order 🙂

So first of all I am going to share some awareness links with you and if you aren’t aware of this information it may assist you in several ways should you choose to view it 🙂

There are lots of levels to do this on:

You can be aware that the simple message is some people on our planet are only interested in profit and don’t care about how they get it ~ and this is expanding…..


and I see this as a necessary step in our learning of :

Taking personal responsibility for knowing where all our “services” come from and how they are created….

where they come from

and how we let go of co dependency patterns to empower ourselves so we can mature and open our eyes to what is happening in our world and make informed choices

and most importantly how these very new technologies affect our human body  🙂

When our personal spaceship gets damaged we always get learning because of that and to key in our optimum well being destination can be a great factory setting to intend 🙂




In terms of the Mayan Wavespell we have four  energies that surround the Mayan signature ~ the shape of the cross 🙂 

Today we are in Blue Rhythmic Hand so this is the leading centre energetic 

Manik is the name for Blue Hand

This is then seen in different ways through the number of the day and each Sign goes through the spectrum of thirteen days.

Today is the number six

Todays higher self energy is Blue Rhythmic Hand ~ it at the top of the cross ~ the North and the place of refinement and truth

Today’s challenge is Red Rhythmic Earth ~ are we in our centre space or are we all over the place feeling pushed, pulled, triggered and ……………….

letting ourself see this is key instead of pretending it isn’t happening and using avoidance/suppressing techniques 🙂

This is in the West position of death and transformation.

The more we become aware of our own patterns and cycles and how this “thing” happens to us at the same time of the month/year and the more we feel ok with the cycle and start to go deeper with it and our consciousness raises at the same time. What we “know” experientially as well as intellectually, helps our mind, body and spirit to align and synchronise with the universe and energetic framework we live in.

Today’s compliment is Yellow Rhythmic Human

The more we know ourselves, have awareness of what is life enhancing for us and live in a world of our own organic loving design of authenticity

the more acute our bullpoo radar signals. This is in the East position on the cross ~ the awakening to our own nature

The South is White Rhythmic Wizard which is what is expanding for us ~ self empowerment comes from within and letting the magic flow through us. This sign is all about integrity and when we integrate our heart by healing our personal past, then the river runs freely through our clear channel.


This is the true cross energetic of our soul journey




Today is Friday and the day of Venus.

I have been connecting to this energy today and revisiting the last couple of days cosmic cookie trail.

We cannot be an expert on everything….

and we can share the resources of some amazing people as we learn . 

The new way of learning comes in spirals I believe ~ as and when we are ready to beam up another essential step it appears and sometimes that means being very selective and specific about this rather than getting a Master’s in it 🙂

If you can let your higher self guide you to people who share pertinent information for you and astrology is essential 🙂

It gives a bigger picture view of what is happening in our heavenly places that is vibrating our stardust for our evolution

So here are some resources about the constellations and alignments that are revealing our

love patterns at the moment:

We are heading into the dark moon time when we are really psychic ~ that moon face energy is not getting in the way of our seer abilities so if we choose we can connect to the life long patterns seeking healing and transition:

We have Venus in Scorpio heading our way

and this brings an ability to let go of old ways of love

It goes above and beyond male and female “romantic” love ~ these old stereotypes can help us see beliefs we have energetically taken on ~ even if our intellect believes we have “risen above them”

We can simply use the love pattern for ourself as a first point of call and how it reflects out to affect everything ~ this is “the secret” to all our manifesting in life 🙂

One of my favourite Leo Astrologers is Tom Lescher Here is his video about this:






Here is a talk about adjusting to the new reality with Jim Self and Barbara Hand Clow

Here is more information about the esoteric world of Venus in Scorpio

This is what is coming up with New Moon in Libra so if you choose you can get ahead by looking at where you are out of balance:


More info about Venus happenings here

More info about Venus in Scorpio personal relationships ~ my partner has his Venus and moon in Scorpio 🙂

In my journey I have gone out of my ego stratosphere several times and I am used to going beyond my mind’s reasoning .

Sometimes our new levels of awareness that are coming in really shake our foundations because they are frowned upon in general society…..

and let us see how that conditioning is within us 🙂

I have got used to being the “mad woman” and I no longer fear ridicule when I talk about some topics that often trigger nervous twitches and “time to go” tales 🙂

I had to go there inside first though and experientially for years I have revealed my “mad” moments in public such as speaking about my panic attacks and  seemingly breakdown gateways that allowed me to breakthrough. I thank my parents for this as my mum always talked about her life saving treatment of hypnosis when she was a child. When I talked about my experiences other people opened up about theirs ~ this is the Brucie bonus of being brave about our  seemingly “bad” moments. This creates intimate relationship.

As a therapist I have heard thousands of family “mad” stories and noticed how it is an urban myth that there is such a family that is “sane” 🙂

The more I shared my mad journey and the more it has reassured my clients and friends that we all have these experiences…..

only so far it is hidden like The Emperors New Clothes which is simply a reflection of our earthly stage of development.

There’s nowt so queer as folk ~ a Northern saying and so true

we are all wonderfully weird and our day to day is about to get even weirder as our world changes 🙂

So I will be sharing my further learning about The Pleidians as that is my latest message from my You ~ inverse coming in.

Truth is no one knows the truth 🙂 I am open to whatever new stuff is coming my way as I trust my higher self and the more inner work I do the more I trust because…..

I may not know what the future holds …..

I know I have no control over it 🙂

Just like everything happened to me in my past was for a reason ~ a Grand Design.

All truth is subjective in how it is perceived as we live in a perceiving universe 🙂 

The only choice I have is how to live with my challenge of expansion and how the inner me shapes my reality

As a blue solar hand it is my destiny to go through these gateways, complete cycles and share that with others.

Did I come on purpose for that planetary mission? Am I a StarSeed? Are you? 

Does it really matter?

What I have learned is that each bubble of awareness I have travelled through has a format ~ 

We create a wound and in so we create a belief about it.

This creates our magnetic attraction ~ our karma wheel. 

Until we have felt this again and released it we cannot go into the next bubble because the next bubble has a different code.

When we have accessed this old “file” and downloaded it again and cleared it emotionally and repatterned our belief to address this new space ~ we get access to a different part of the holograph 🙂

It is actually really simple in principle and amazingly complex in reality 

and so are we

that is the paradox 🙂



What matters to me is that I live from love, be authentic and have impeccability and no matter where the resource comes from ~ the wisdom is encoded there using whatever framework  ~ seeing the message within it is the key….

and here is a great poem about that:

The Impeccable Lover; Amorah Quan Yin from her book:

Pleidian Perspectives on Human Evolution

Oh, Gentle man, what do you see
when you look out at me with eyes
of desire and longing?
Eyes that reach out and surround me
with your heat and passion:
passion of wanting.
Eyes that say, “I must have you.”
Eyes that plead, or eyes that lust.
Eyes that say, “I’ve been lonely so long.”

Oh Gentle Man, do not look to me
with these eyes.
Go to the looking glass with these eyes.
Relief awaits you there.
And when you see the conqueror,
the knight, the hungry man,
tell that one to lay down his sword,
surrender his armor and shield:
Tell him the war is done.
Then put your arm around his shoulder
and look him in the eyes.
And when his sword, his armor, his shield
are locked and put away,
and he has cried and called you, “Brother,”
then, Gentle Man, may you come to me
with your soul’s light shining through
from behind your eyes,
able to see the Light and Essence that I am.
Then I will look back when I see
the love and respect in your eyes.
But when I see desperation and lust,
or the need to conquer and own,
I promise you this:
I shall look away.

Oh, Gentle Man, how would you give your gifts to me?
Excitedly, like a child
who picks a flower for his Mother
then runs inside to receive the praise?
Would you give to me to show
how thoughtful and kind you are?
How generous you can be?
To impress me with your charm?
To win my love and reward?
Would you give what you think I want
with the hope for pardon and mercy,
that you be deemed worthy
of all my attention and love?

Oh, Gentle Man, please take your gifts
to your magical child,
who awaits, so lonely and afraid,
in your garden.
For he is in need
of your caring and presence.
Take this child to your breast.
Cradle him.
Stroke him.
Shower him.
And be sincere.
Alas, when he sleeps in your arms,
lay him down softly
and climb the stairs to my room.
and if you see the Light of my soul
and the Beauty that I Am
and wish to honor me with a flower,
a poem, a sweet word, or a kiss,
then give to me with sincerity,
without the need for flourish,
without expectation
or the hope of reward,
but with the quiet dignity
with which you sniff the aroma
of a sweet-scented flower,
or watch in peaceful awe
the setting of the Sun.

Oh, Gentle Man. please burden me not
with the weight of your esteem,
or with the power to give or destroy
your joy, your heart, your image, and worth.
For this responsibility
is far too great for me.
Go find your peace and happiness,
your self-esteem and love.
Find them with God and Goddess;
Find them in flowers, and trees,
in the wind and the setting sun.
Then bring them with you for sharing.
Do not make me your reason
for living or dying-
my approval, the source of your power;
my touch, your salvation;
my eyes, your self-knowing-
for I would grow to despise you,
and you recent and loathe me.
This power that you would give me
I truly do not want.
At best, it could only serve
to soothe the doubts I hold,
and make me feel important to you,
and needed and worthy-
filled with a false sense of purpose-
but fleetingly.
And you would imprison me
away from my own sense of Essence,
and from the truth of my soul,
and from the Goddess that I Am,
and from my true power and Light.
You would cripple me, surely-
admiring me with your eyes that hide
your loneliness and need;
your gifts that beg for approval;
your words of praise that hide
your desperation.

Oh, Gentle Man, until the child sleeps
and is peaceful in your garden,
and the knight has lain down
his sword, his armor, his shield,
then, only then, approach my stairs.
and only then will I meet you
When your soul is present and shining
brightly through eyes of love,
then you will see my eyes shining
and looking back at you.
When you give from your heart
and your words are not boasting,
when you know who you are without me,
then I will be free to receive you,
and to give to you fully my love.
For then, we will know that neither
of us can be destroyed.
The surrender that only can come
to two who have first
surrendered to self-
to their own inner Beauty,
and wisdom, and Essence Divine-
will be ours.
Then side by side, in blended Light,
our twin stars will shine
once again.

Lots of love to you today and your Blue Hand Shaping ~ it’s a time of letting go and letting ourselves really love and accept ourselves and when we do that we move into a whole new space of possibilities 🙂

Going through the birth canal ~ breathe and Tap 

White Wind Wavespell


The second of the wavespells in the green castle of enchantment and

seeing our year in harvest , manifest on our earthly table.

Please click on the links to take you to more info.

This White Wind Wavespell is the challenge of the whole wavespell and our next step on our planetary and personal evolution and this happens through the personal  evolution 🙂

Many people are still putting the cart before the horse and trying to change the world by fixing or focusing on the other.

Adding things to ourselves to improve our lot…….

This is the classic ego pattern that this year brings.

To let go of the old ways and the ego strategies that are so familiar and simply bring more of the same.

Whatever we learned in childhood to deal with challenges ~ 

this is our next step.

Often I connect to things in my household that I move around and they block my next step on a practical level ~ do you find yourself doing that ?

My ego wants to tidy it away or tick a list and my spirit has other ideas that I am not aware of yet 🙂

I am learning to see this in a different way now.

When others do this , I know that this is my next step on opening the channels to new intimacy and honest communication about how I choose to relate and whether they are willing to do this with me.

This has been my big learning this year 🙂 I now choose to know this more about myself and to find people willing to be open to this.

The paradox is the double edged sword ~ whatever really pushed our buttons as a child is what we are here to personally deal with…..

and then share with others…..

Our strengths are our achilles heel because herein also lies what is seeking evolution….

Whenever we are on a mission to save the planet it is always an ego campaign.

Everything is perfect as it is 🙂 


we can choose to create more harmonious ways of living…..

and that is already on the cosmic cards 🙂

The only responsibility we have in that arena is to heal our shadow and to the ego that ain’t a

particularly sexy task at first glimpse…..

thing is though that is the biggest gateway to the goddess….

and only reveals it’s true nature in steps and doorways to go through….

for the brave souls who are ready to go there.

If you are getting tired/ ill /old ways aren’t working…..

the shadow is working it’s magic to let you know….

that the time is ripe for your secret garden to be visited and see the dark fruits it offers up for alchemy to occur.

If we do not have the code for acceptance…..

as we haven’t accepted our worthiness yet

then any healing sent our way cannot be fully received

It is all about the code

and the season

and everything has a reason 🙂

My family have got the new Grand Theft Auto game ~ and there is a lot about that game that my ego doesn’t like for lots of past reasons…..

and it brings great information about how our material world is revealing more about the nature and structure of our spiritual journey and the energetic universe we live in 🙂

It is all a coded game

It is what it is

and we all have a different version of what “it” means

so we can play it 🙂

When we let go of pre ~ conceived ideas and allow ourselves to be The Fool in every situation, then we see the magic of everything without any bias distorting our view of this amazing playground we are in and are actively co creating

Can you hear the siren call ?

Are you allowing your intuitive goddess self to speak to you…..

or are you drowning out her messages believing them to be some sort of wrong doing on your part ?

This is the key time for transiting worlds now and moving more into balance in alignment with our planetary wisdom 🙂

To create more flow in our lives we simply…….. go with the flow.

Instead of blocking it with our ego mind’s ideas about how we “should” be

Whenever we are experiencing what we are told is an “illness” in our western society, we can let a little air into our system and circuitry by allowing ourselves to loosen our corsetry and…..


let go of the mind constraints that have arisen to be seen in Virgo energy that are drifting into Libra tomorrow

The perfection, the routine, the jumping through a hoop to meet the ego world demands…

it’s time to remove the broomstick out of that orifice where the sun don’t shine and learn to dance

to our own natural rhythms …….

Instead of focusing on peace for the other we can create peace within us and let go of the other as the other is just fine 🙂 They are doing their thing that allows this whole cosmic production to unfold effortlessly ~ it is taken care of 

Of course that isn’t an energetic match for our ego society so if you want to conform then your resistance to the free spirit pattern will feel like an encounter with a hair shirt ~

like a prickly encounter with the burdock bush  ~ the natural origin and inspiration of velcro 

Thing is……

it is what we are here on this planet to do….


there is so much magic in our native back yard if only we will dis entangle ourselves from the dull and “safe ” hutch and become a free range rabbit 🙂

Watership Down says it all 🙂

One of my core wounds as a child was being bullied so I bristle at this pattern…..

We are all bullied as children and we learn that to be asked questions is often a form of manipulation

Often we are grilled simply so we can be outwitted by “smart” adults and teachers who believe they know better

twist our words

use our words against us in some way……

If you haven’t healed this then this will really get in the way of co creation ways of relating .

Children are new to the earthly game of life in ego terms and very close to spirit so a gap starts to be created within.

Children “know” things innately and are fresh as daisies as to feelings and the vibration world of truth.

When they are in that space they read people, they read the energetic landscape and they know that what they see is something that most adults do not want to see or hear on a conscious level.

People who are very psychic and empathic retain this ability although often hide it from the mainstream, as people who deny this in themselves often ridicule it in others as a way of protecting themselves.

The people who ridicule it and become very rational and “scientific” often have a personal agenda ~ otherwise why be so defensive by being offensive ?

There is usually a specific event or series of events where they had something happen that they cannot explain rationally and so it is buried deep in their Pandora’s box .

As there is a part within them that will not allow access from fear they will also not allow it in others. This is their veil.

The planetary veil is being lifted through each personal veil being made transparent now.

Most of the adults are indoctrinated into the ego game play that is dishonest and manipulative because they have learned how to survive by playing it.

So for every child the duality begins ~ what they “know” and feel and what the adults in their world tell them is “the truth” and so the confusion begins.

As a child is a true dependent at this time, in most western countries, they will develop a coping mechanism at this point so they can also thrive or simply survive in this gladiator arena 🙂

When we reach certain stages of our life the universe brings us to initiation gateways to evolve us such as 18, 21, 33, 42 and so on……

This is our personal path.

The planet Earth itself also has a path and this current 26000 year cycle we have just embarked on is steering us into more of the feminine…..

To allow this we each have transformation of our “confusion gateways” to merge them. To reconcile heart and head and let ourselves feel to heal.

Our emotions are our feminine steering mechanism that is our heart path alignment.

If your ego is determined to know what’s best then it will be having a tug of war with your feminine wild side because they are polar opposites 🙂

Your ego will tell you that “better the devil you know” and your wild woodiness will be saying leave that grey place and dance under the stars

Your ego will be planning a Christmas list and buying something each week to put under the fake tree for an ego boost at the dark time of the year….

Your wild witchyself will be sending you big messages to disturb your routine and burst your bubble ~ dark dreams, Medusa relationships, crocodiles in your garden to initiate you into facing your fear and celebrate the dark ……..

to face your fears of what would happen if you didn’t act out Demeter at the dinner party and allow the illusion to continue ?

What if you let yourself speak the truth of the not “nice” thoughts in you……


If you choose you can fly back over your life ……. as the crow wisdom

  • Do you jump into new learning or do you wait to be pushed?
  • Do you soften yourself into new ways of being, proactively learning ways to work inwardly with your emotions….
  • or do you require a crushing pattern to open you up reactively ?
  • Do you choose willingly to face your fear and hear it’s wisdom ~ the diamond enclosed in the velvet glove ?
  • Or do you let fear dominate you and justify all the steel bars on your cage ?

It is time to notice how you have been living this year ~

more of the same ?

New learning ?

We aren’t here for this short time on earth to stagnate in our own juices. That is a choice we make.

If you are experiencing this pattern then all it takes is the intention to

breathe in some fresh air…….

Transforming our ego helps us to clear a space within

to be free of our past

and if we are night schooling this autumn

to illuminate ourselves  questions may be :

maybe learn about ourselves instead of continuing that old school pattern?

  • What will a “master’s degree ” give us if we don’t know who we are ? Will it evolve me  knowing myself ?
  • What will a phd in knitting give us if we still feel bitter about grannie and her controlling , unloving relationship learning that we were on the receiving end of ?
  • What will a qualification in woodwork give us if our garden is full of other people’s wood…..that we may need one day…….and we aren’t looking at what that is symbolic of ~ wood, fall, too much ~ is an imbalance and when we burn wood we get the wonder of heat and ash for the land ~ and we can alchemically change it into so many things……

What is the driving force here? What is the intention underneath this learning ? Is it simply a short lived ego boost?

The most important person to know is ourselves.

To bring balance into our own life and honour our feminine .

When each of us do this more…..

our world changes.

As we listen to our higher self we change our world view.

We intuitively align with our next step and to begin with our ego will feel afraid of this ~ not knowing, no timetable and when is the next class , it may ask 🙂

We have to go through this gateway and it does all become clear in the way of the spiral.

Only the ego worries 🙂

The Spirit has nothing to fear because it is outside the world of ego.

The more we allow our feminine the stronger it becomes.

Today I knew the moon had gone into Taurus ~ my moon.

I felt it and I found myself experiencing it with my actions

I awoke with thoughts of what I would do today and found myself peeling vegetables and thoughts of my potatoes dying off and the lovely treasure under the earth.

I though about how I ask questions of my children and often they don’t know how to answer and hold back on what they say ~ and my partner too ~ often for fear of what I will do with that information ~ will I try to manipulate them? Will I “belittle them in their belief” Will I try to get them to do something they really do not want to do and not want to upset me by saying that?

The only way I can truly know that is to ask from a clear space of truly intending to know and understand them without any attachment to that information 🙂 

The feminine brings the complexity of a myriad of answers, a plethora of ways to communicate ~ all of which is the antithesis of the ego.

The ego way of communicating is linear, direct and wants instant so it can get on and do it 🙂

Often that means we don’t ask for fear of the other saying no….

and this clearly is where to go…..

To have the courage to ask and be strong enough to explore ourselves and each other

and that way we truly relate, communicate and move out of co dependency

into co creativity

with our inner world 

with other systems and with our universal self.

Love to you today and your balance coming in 🙂

Go for the dark ~ it holds everything we seek to know