White Wind Wavespell ~ truth be told


White Wind Wavespell

All the pictures in my blog are by the artist Catrin Welz Stein
whom I have no connection to
I have just found her on Facebook through my friend Maria and I love her work
She is not in any way representative of my views or the content of my blog ~ just to be clear ūüėČ
If you wish to check out her work here is the link :


Red Bubble 


This is the refining


Uranus ruled

13 day process


Today is a portal day so a human evolution building block 

We are in the Green Castle 

What is real ?

What is superimposed ~ literally?

What is a projection ?

What is truth?


What is the reality buried underneath all the mind creations?

What is the gift inside all that flashy wrapping?

Under the bandages ?

Who is the real person?


The light that is there coming from the transformation of the dark matter?

The things that matter…

To the heart

To the child within

To the compassionate caring human being


In the past 13 days of Red Moon

we have all gone through a process

some are aware and some not

so the way that happens is different 


Those that are aware can now start to refine their process and go deeper

with the silence that comes from inner work


As the child inside finds their voice

Is allowed to speak

Is heard at last

Is received

Is given the attention

The attention seeking outside starts to cease

and the grace comes to the individual effortlessly


The polarity is reversed and the Taurus 

The Torus 

starts to power up in a different way 

Inside out 


Everything starts to align





The Red Moon seeds start to change

ready to take flight 

part of the Blue Night process


not yet….

not yet ….

wait for the Spring ray


Today we have waxing Moon in Taurus 

A salamander glowing red-orange.
Burning up with the inner flame of creative activity in the soul realms. The inner life raging with power–an insistent force. A level of attunement to the central flame of your being that will not quit. The impassioned desire to manifest perfectly what lives inside. The alchemical intention to burn away the dross and return to pristine selfhood at long last. An extremely sharply motivated path of development. Difficult to harness, yet the mastery called for is just what you seek to embody, and anything more reason√°ble seems easy and lazy. One-pointed drive to strip away all but self and be true to self in a fashion which will burn a hole in the world.

Today is a good day to set an intention

to allow the higher self to speak


let us become aware of that is past

past life

past it’s sell by

past value

pass the pain parcel material

This is the challenge and new learning the human being is here to evolve

White Wind being Mayan Sign number 2 in the matrix


The more we work with our Moon energy

The feminine

the shadow

the veil

The more the sun can shine through in our dna 

In our body 

through our code

the more we can embody the sacred feminine

by being the sacred feminine being the clear conduit connected to our source energy 



Everything that we are is expressed by the divine through us 

We are the creativity

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