Red Dragon ~ Boom


Red Moon Wavespell

Day 13 

Red Cosmic Dragon

Feel the shift?

Planets all change

and the fire of Aries initiates with the masculine and feminine 

of Venus and Mars

New Beginnings ?

Taurus Moon and when I first tuned in

it was this energy 

A pink diamond.
The heart feels everything. It burns with a fever. Inside the burning something marvelous is forming. Grace permits the realization of the heart’s desires. You become a vessel to demonstrate, to share the beauty, the love, and the light. Yet all of this is implicit, is inherent, is inward. It is not seen by outer eyes. You are warming through slowly, contemplatively, those qualities of soul that are best entered upon free from reflection. The inner life is rich beyond measure with seeds which will be fertilized and are given forth in the fullness of time, with a consummate touch of having been through the fire to attain what is true and lasting.




Lovely warming words

I love this time of the lunar cycle 

my moon waxing

living where I do in Taurus Moon part of the Glastonbury Zodiac

gives me a glowing feeling

and today we have had so many different weather combinations it has been quite a trip

sunshine , rain, sleet and snow 

but it didn’t go dark until 620 ~ yea the winter is over

love this time of year when everything starts to expand 

So this wave has initiated us

in a strong feminine energy nearly two weeks ago  

and taken us through an evolution process

to bring us out at today

being the shift aligning with The Great Cosmic Mother



the more we decide to simply go for gold 

be true 

let go of the “programme” 

be ourselves

regardless of personal discomfort

or the discomfort of our surroundings

this process gathers momentum all on it’s own

The more we decide to be flexible without being consumer compliant

feel our “stuff”

get real with where we actually are

stop pretending everything is fine

let go of the false smile

and the being “nice”

being “fine” with it all


the false edifice starts to collapse

the icing starts to melt

the mask slips and slides


wow we are still standing

We said no to something or someone that we always say yes to

and they didn’t eat us alive

our panic attack came and went

it felt intense

and actually in a way it was nice to feel something

rather than….



Once we start to tell the truth there is no going back because it is so refreshing


we have lots more energy

because our fear vampire has stopped feeding off us

and all the people who we are being false with

are gone

with the wind

speaking of which….

New wavespell starting tomorrow

is all about this 

White Wind

If we are living a lie 

we cannot align with 

the great cosmic mother


once the individual understands this process

it becomes really obvious

Anything that is false




a mind web of avoidance 

fear based relationship


is by definition

the anti thesis 








take a tree

A tree comes

just like a human being 

with it’s 


all inside 


The variant that affects the inside is the outside


Does it think ~ shall I limit myself ?

Distort myself ?

Hold myself back because abc?

It has to cope with where it is and what the conditions are

It may survive

It may thrive 

It has far more limitations on this as it cannot up root and move

a human being can move

can choose

can create new ways of being constantly

all it takes is the courage 


To decide to define one’s reality 

in co creation with all creation

and design one’s life 

dare to dream

dare to see beyond what is presently unfolding

and start to seed new worlds

that come from a true open heart

This 13 day process is the key to the returning feminine 


It is the initiator code of the first moon in the 13 moon calendar 

so key to what we are attracting to fuse and ignite 

Think back to July 26

and who you were meeting then

How you felt then

What was happening in your world ?

What launched then that you are integrating now ?

This is where I was 😉 


If you are not yet fully engaged with your heart’s desire

Time to tune in and see what you believe about yourself

the world

a paradigm

that is stopping you in some way

Our World is seeking seekers that are ready to commit 

to leaving the old world behind 


not fighters

being the change

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