Red Moon Wavespell ~ light codes


Red Moon Wavespell

Day 12

Yellow Crystal Sun


Day 12 in every wavespell

holds the crystal clear structure

that can be achieved



of the human being

and the soul


This principle is the same in

whatever arena we apply it to

key to this Signs

planet of Pluto

The Uranus Pluto squares

Nuclear fusion


In this feminine awakening code


Red Moon

this code is achieved

by the human being who is open to being vulnerable

open to seeing that the nature of being a human being at this time

means having a distorted view of the world and the universe

and that is now ready

to be transformed into clarity






If you focus on these images

for several minutes

Breathe them in

Notice how they impact on you

Do you feel energised ?


Clear ?

Notice how the different images

have specific stories

that your mind will attach to the image

that is specific to your individual mind

The mind immediately starts to make sense

make meaning

add content

to anything and everything

Sleeping beauty story as a metaphor

waking up after a deep sleep

a Prince comes 

awakens the princess with a kiss


pic by Edward Burne Jones

The Prince has battled their way in

cut down all the briars that hide the rose


that protect the beauty

just like our ego mind has been protecting our inner child 

since the day we were born

If the individual chooses to continue with this story

then the pre requisite is

there must be a damsel in distress

there must be a powerful hero to rescue her

and if lived in reality….

when the prince is no longer there

the princess is diminished

and lost in dependency 

and therefore

there is an implication

that the female is diminished

such is the legacy of the patriarchal society we currently live in

In recent years women chose to model men

to become like men

and called this feminism

searching for equality on the outside

seeking recognition

for something that was there all along in reality

and yet 

society myths and memes

spellbound the majority into believing this illusion

that the feminine is weak



amazingly still do despite all evidence to the contrary 

this code is so strongly encoded

it is like a bindweed pervading and undermining honest relationship

One of the key avenues I am exploring around this is Chiron

and the link to Virgo

Lilith is in Virgo at the moment


Jupiter goes into Virgo later on in the year

New learning for me

I have 3 planets in Virgo

and they are in my 7th house along with my Vertex 

this was key to what I tuned into and experienced yesterday

and the balance and transformation open to me now

The mind is prized in our western culture

The ability to compete in sport is also top of the tree and rewarded handsomely

like the days of the Gladiators in Rome

like the orators with clever minds debating philosophy and economy

and how to acquire and rule and keep the slaves in their place


What has changed?

The ego mind is full of fear

likes to manage and keep all in it’s place





mind reads 

often instead of being honest

about it’s true state

which is often anxious

has low esteem

need to prove

seeks validation


and yet cannot admit that

because then come the feelings of shame and humiliation

proof of being less than 

the perfect prize specimen


does not exist except as a fiction

and so projects onto others


especially the human being that will not fight back

or cannot 

like in schools with teachers

like in corporate world with bosses

like in politics who resemble children in the school yard

cat calling each other

because in truth that is where the level of ego is 


House of Cards series 3 back soon 

the people often in power positions are abusers of that power and position

this is key to our Red Moon stage of awakening

and seeing this truth

and learning how clear codes

come from personal transformation

free of old codes

that have been defining our world for thousands of years


Just like the water pictures 

the Red Moon is about water

about emotion

and the human being who is elementally 

a majority 

of water 

This is really being felt at the moment in Pisces Sun 


and key to the Andromeda Myth of the chained woman 


What happened yesterday that revealed this for you ?

Yesterday was key to this code as it was aligned to our emotional release

My day started well and I went into Glastonbury like last week

same cafe

this time with a friend who has a very similar chart to me

The Sun and Moon had changed

It felt very un grounding 

and I struggled to stay in my body

I decided to go home for lunch so needed to do some food shopping

felt very light headed

it was hailing outside

I wanted to get home asap

Got in my car and it wouldn’t start

tried it several times

I texted some friends after finding the RAC wouldn’t be there for a while

see if I could get a lift home

Cars ~ vehicle 

Often cars and vehicles have been key relationship issues with me

and lots of learning about 

the people who sell them



and warranties

and very dishonest relationships

No one was free

I went back in the supermarket

ordered lunch


The RAC man phoned me saying he was close

I went outside and got in my car and thought I would give it a go

It started 😉

When he arrived he checked it over and couldn’t find a fault 

What did it allow to happen?

It allowed me to assess my dependency and how I feel about it

Out in the Country ~ limited buses ~ none on Sunday’s ~ literally how to get about

Just bought that car ~ been back to garage already

and going back for something else this week

That I cannot have my way when I want

and there could be many reasons why that had to happen

that involved several people ~ the threads rippling out

Lots of interactions that were coded and I had to change my plan to fit the plan 

When I did get back I really appreciated it and had a peaceful day

Love my home and all my family

Including my green ones 


I watched an amazing film yesterday


and finished a lovely book

The Girl who chased the Moon

both fantastical in their way

The stuff of dreams 

and lots of synchros

and triggers for me to release at this emotionally aligned time


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