Spiral 4 ~ 26/10/18

Scorpio Spiral


This is an intense spiral that initiates in

Scorpio Sun energy 

Taurus Moon 

Article about this power struggle axis here by Clare Martin 

Venus Retrograde in Scorpio and Libra

We are going over

our old

Venusian patterns and intimacy issues

This is what the 260 day Wavespell is all about 

What we value

What we love 

Venus is Copper

This can be key for anaemia ~ article anaemia here

Mars is Iron 

Key for power circuitry in Alchemy 

The Venusian cycle ended on 26 October with an interior retrograde conjunction


3 06 degrees Scorpio

Inside Degrees

Pigs being fed.
Feast or famine. Generating a world with an on or off switch. By pressing the off switch habitually, none of your deeper needs or desires are being met, and you resent this with an internal grumble that eats away at your substance. The on switch, pressed in emergencies when you have nothing left, pulls in a very full response to what you crave. Suddenly everybody and everything are there filling you up with goodies. Yet as soon as you have had your fill you starve yourself down to spiritual emaciation. Denying yourself everything is a karmic pattern that you are chronically hooked on. Granting yourself brief reprieves from this ancient sentence is the only way to blow off steam and survive for another round. However, you do acquire a taste for the plus state to come, realizing that if you can release the past, everyone else is willing. And all signs are forward as soon as you let up stinging yourself for past misdeeds and come afresh to life, hungry and willing.

Amazing article here by Julijya Simas 

Red Dragon Wavespell

26 October 2018 to 07 November

Red Self Existing Moon Day 9 ~ White Worldbridger structure ~ ending of worlds

Initiates and includes Halloween

The Red Castle begins

with our awakening

to where we are on our

Skywalker Path as a

Conscious Dreamer 

White Wizard Wavespell

How aligned are we to the Cosmic Plan


letting the magic flow through us?

What happens in this 13 day process

is key

for the 13 year cycle starting next year 

08 November to 20 November 2018

Red Self Existing Moon Day 22 ~ Mary Magdalene Master Builder Code ~

White Worldbridger structure ~ ending of worlds

Blue Hand Wavespell

Time to transform and shape our destiny

21 November to 03 December 

Red Overtone Moon Day 7 ~ This is a human evolution portal day 

Includes Thanksgiving 

Yellow Sun Wavespell

04 December to 16 December

Red Overtone Moon Day 20 ~ This is a human evolution portal day 

How clear are we ? 

How much light are we holding ?

The first Clear Sign Wavespell initiates 



The next scroll begins

ready to allow

The Skywalker to 

Create Heaven on Earth

Are you ready to create ?


Red Skywalker Wavespell

17 December to 29 December

Red Rhythmic Moon Day 5 ~ This is a human evolution portal day 

White Worldbridger Wavespell 

30 December to 11 January 2019

Red Rhythmic Moon Day 18 ~ This is a human evolution portal day 

Blue Storm Wavespell 

12 January to 24 January 2019

Red Resonant Moon Day 3 ~ The Conscious Dreamer Moon ~ what is resonating ?

Yellow Human Wavespell

25 January 2019

Resonant Moon Day 16 to 06 February 2019


The next scroll begins taking us into the centre of the Tzol Kin 


out the other side

This is a huge portal learning experience

The awakening 13 day process has 10 portals of human evolution:

Red Serpent Wavespell

07 February 2019