White Dog Wavespell

White Dog Wavespell White Dog is the second process in the Yellow Castle of flowering  The Awakening to our Soul Journey Scroll in the Mayan Wavespell of human evolution Red Earth ~ Uranus ~ finding our earthly patterns revealed White Dog ~ Mercury ~ leaving our birth tribe wounding and following our Sirius Star to […]

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Red Earth ~ integration day

Integration Red Galactic Earth Day Today we are in the 8th day of the White Dog Wavespell The Mayan Moon is also in synch as it is Electric Moon day 8 This is the 14th Wavespell and has a  Mayan Clear Sign especially for the alchemist  travelling consciously  walking the walk as well as talking […]

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Balsamic Moon

  White Overtone Wizard Day in the White Dog Wavespell We are in the Balsamic Moon of Cancer just before Leo New Moon tomorrow. Please click on the links for more sites with great resources. This is a very powerful time in the smaller picture and it is the energy of the bigger transition time […]

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