White Dog Wavespell ~ Sirius Star


White Dog Wavespell

Sirius ~ the initiating dog star

This is code 10 in the 20 Mayan Codes

It holds the key to the codes of manifestation 


If you are a White Dog

If this is your Wavespell

If this is your White Castle 

This is a key process for you in particular 

for your life 

and if you are an Alchemist then your Prima Materia is here

This code in this astrological framework is the crucible of all creation 

Love this initiating picture which is a time lapsed Sirius Morse Code Message apparently

Please click on the links to take you to other websites to expand the info 

This is aligning in the UK today

with Gemini Waxing Moon

Great for communications

of these heart opening awareness times

Soon we will be experiencing

Cancer Full Moon at 14 degrees

A dried up streambed covered with smooth rocks.
Unless tragedy strikes, a new Earth cannot be accessed. Only as all the old, familiar places dry up is there a path to walk revealed beneath, pristine and beckoning. It is no use looking back. The way lies right here, strewn with experience, memory, loss, and redemption by walking onward. It is a difficult, painstaking journey from here. You have to go so deep inside burrowing into the cave of navigational realization, that you are held, cherished, known, given all you need; yet as well required, commanded, to become entirely purposeful and to be the path and to cease all complaining and extraneous consciousness. This, in order to do what is here to do, with your entire being in ring- ing conviction and fidelity to the highest.


In the UK this happens at 0435 on the 6th of January

which is day 4 of this wavespell

Day 4’s give us the structure

of every Wavespell

As this Wavespell process is all about the codes of unconditional love 

finding our tribe 

initiating our healing process

so we can be free…

of dogma 

that is hounding us …

ouch 🙂

cheesy puns there

couldn’t resist


Day 4


Red Self~Existing Skywalker 

The Fool in tarot 

The space cadet travelling the earth

whilst looking to the stars

on their personal

Galaxy Quest 


( watched this again the other day after many years

and it is so funny and tragic

and so key to the difference between ego and truth and the journey between)








any other number of mythical hero’s doing their journey


key to old mythical framework of patriarchy

that we are transiting out of 

the bloke thing

The realisation that has been niggling at me for a long time about 

the Mayan Matrix that I am in my fourth year of experiential learning of 

When I started this relationship

with the matrix

it was 02/11/11

Red Skywalker Wavespell




Self Existing Moon day 16 

Love how this works 😉 

The Mind and logical information is there for the balance

This is the Age we are entering into

where the Masculine will be in balance with the Feminine

once more

and we can align all our systems of knowledge 

with respect and understanding that they are all valid

all different

and all have their own ways of being 

so that we have healed what gave rise to the nature 

of something having to be “right” or “wrong” 

because it doesn’t fit a certain structure tick box

which is possible when we understand how our ego works

and therefore how to work with it

and expand it

through realising how it can be transformed and expand 

and be our loyal inner dog

that is always revealing our self-imposed limitations

and also our healthy boundaries

of understanding that our body is indeed our temple 

and has limitations that are healthy for our well~being 

and if we ignore them then we get sick




and all are inter~linked 

and ultimately as capable adults

we are responsible as individuals 

for that 

It is our vehicle

taking the spiritual conscious part of ourself 

through this life 

and lots of learning

When I started this journey with the calendar I was still very much on 

my patriarchally coded blueprint

as so was the earth

We hadn’t experienced

the shift of code consciousness

beaming through each one of us

that arrived on

The Winter Solstice of 2012 


That day was

Blue Crystal Hand Day 

Creating our destiny by shaping it consciously

getting clear of our ego so we are a clear channel through transforming old wounds

Rhythmic Moon 9 Day ~

coming into balance

through completing cycles 

Being authentic and true

This was day 12 of the

Yellow Warrior Wavespell

which is all about being the warrior of the heart

and feeling our feelings

letting go of resistance and any need to fight

because we understand that comes from our past

and our wound within

and that fighting inside 

causes fighting outside

and that can never create peace


It is the anti-thesis of peace 

War is war

it is what it is

It is ego having it’s way

and it creates devastation

and we know that very well from history

and what is happening today


that is the key to this Wavespell

that is the key to this time 


world in an eye

is seeing the truth

Why do we need to keep having wars and experiencing suffering here on planet earth?

The solution is there in the end causality 

As it always is

We are all part of this process because it is here for us to see

Manifest on the world stage 

Great video about this

When I first connected

to this Mayan Matrix

I was very resistant to it

because I was faced with a huge system that I did not really want to learn

When I went to Jon McCarthy’s workshop

I was intrigued by what he said

and that he was adamant he could not explain it

that each person had to learn it


one step at a time

because it was different

I know why it is so time sensitive now and why it is so important now and I understand experientially what he means

because it is a process creator perfect for this time


It allows us …

through using it every day…

to de cult ourself

from the process

of conditioning of the patriarchal code and culture

that is specially coded to create co dependency

and the masculine being dominant

When I started doing my Wavespell documents

I focused on the initiating code ~ Magnetic

being Masculine 

and the Electric code being Feminine

and now I believe it is the other way around


that ultimately when in balance there is masculine and feminine in balance in everything

but at the moment

the code is distorted

and corrupted

in all of us 


because we are in the world of this long time distortion

in our dna

from our ancestors

from our current ways of living

The Mayan Matrix initiates


Red Magnetic Dragon

and this is the

Great Mother 

A good read about the Matriarchal times is

The Great Cosmic Mother by Monica Sjöö


There is nothing “wrong” with corrupted code

It isn’t something to be afraid of

The reverse is true 

It is something to be accepting of 

if we can

as we can

and that can be very challenging at first

because it will create an emotional reaction

as many things that are happening on the world stage are not

“right relationship”

There is a lot of cruelty

a lack of compassion evident for all beings and the living earth

a focus on material rather than humanity

a pathology of power imbalance and abuse


manipulative relationship

pretending that people have the answers rather than admitting they have not

All of the what has long been written of in religious works

which free of any agenda 

contain great wisdom about code and how to live 

but demand conditions be met through a third party 😉 

Truth is no one needs a third party when they are a clear channel

because access to wisdom is freely available

on the superhighway to consciousness

and this process happens faster and faster

when we start the inner alchemical process

of looking at our personal belief system

and how we feel about ourself

and our life so far


and start to know how we tick

how our processing systems work

and wise up 

realise that we came here for that very reason

to be the galactic guinea pig 

ready to experience the current gene pool of humanity

and custom coded our life mission before we even came here 



that this particular incarnation is crafted with many other previous ones

under our Orion’s belt 

It can feel tough right now 

and yet

these are the perfect alchemical conditions 

that are able to create

New Worlds

Sirius is the scorcher and this is the energy of White Dog

Another name for Sirius in Ancient Egyptian Culture is Sothis 

Kea is a Greek Island in the Cyclades known for Sirius worship

It is not a playful puppy energy

It is A Rottweiler with attitude

It is here to bark an energetic call to bring on huge tidal forces of chaos

which align in Egypt on a yearly basis to bring the Nile floods

which are essential for fertility 

natural fertility that is

that comes from other areas 

and is cyclical

rather than man made out of balance resources

dug out of the earth

and used in an out of balance way

that brings the earth into out of balance 

and so everything else goes out of balance

the insects

the diseases

and all the beings

the pathological  pattern

of the out of balance masculine mind

on an ignorant 

out of touch with source 






This is key to the Red Earth Wavespell

we completed yesterday

and if you have experienced

being in an out of balance relationship in this way,

where you feel your resources have been plundered

and then you were cast aside ~ and who hasn’t?

Then this is key healing code

The volcano within unleashed

This story is in all the myths

Lots of films

Lots of cartoons ~

Frozen right now is one of the leading ones

Books and poetry

and yet


most people believe that is all it is 

a story

because most do nothing about it 

That is changing now as

Sleeping Beauty awakens

This Full Moon in Cancer 


Sun ~ Pluto conjunction 

which in plain language means

Our emotional self is coming to a peak ~ that is what the Moon does

It connects to our Mother experiences, our feminine experiences

our shadow side of what we repress because we feel ashamed /sad/angry 

because when we were children we did not get

the nurturing and emotional support that we needed

and that is everyone isn’t it ?

It is not about blame 

It is about being honest about the way human beings

have created the home 

and society

over recent generations


how men and woman have related

and created families 

largely without any education

or support in doing so

with lots of wars and people swapping roles

and losing loved ones

and it is all there to be seen

and now what do we have ?

How does all of this affect how we feel about our lives ?

Celebration of the material

and giving our children

to other people to look after

What is the point of having a child if we can never have a relationship

because we are not together with that child ?

Giving our children to strangers 

In school 

Giving our children vaccinations or else

Giving up our personal intuition and freedom

because someone else knows more than we do about us

about our child

about how we should live and die 

Did we sign up for that ?

Did we agree to that?

When did we agree to that ?

Do you remember ?

The truth in now emerging about our consumer society

and how we are manipulated and this is all what we are here to learn

and transform


so emotions will emerge and we have a choice about what we do with them.

This is the teaching of White Dog 

blue wolf

Do we do the emotions and heal them ?

Do we do the emotional drama and blame others?

Do we become aware of conditioning and conditions so we can choose our next steps?

Do we play the victim ~ blame and avoid taking responsibility ?

All of our creation code comes from this Cancer space

which is the Summer Solstice time in the Northern Hemisphere

The Moon is the planet connected to Cancer

We are now in the opposite spectrum of the Winter Solstice time



Saturn ~ the structure ~ is the planet of Capricorn

with the rings of time…notice the dates on the white spot phenomenon?


This is the 4th and 1oth house in terms of the astrological pie 

This is all about how our early family life and learning

creates code

and is manifest in our behaviour and environment 

The life purpose of the Midheaven

on the chart

is also on the cusp of the 10th house

and all of our soul blueprint


how we climb our personal inner stairway to heaven is in our natal chart 

and this is where the spiritual journey can really be activated 

once we are in the process of clearing our karma wheel 

If we are not working

with all levels of our human being energetics

we cannot access this fully 

We have to transform our inner codes

to create a Gateway


The Sun ~ our Sun sign

is the light filter that we come with

It is this life’s filter for consciousness and our fortune flavour

It is in conjunction ~ meaning next to 


Pluto aka death planet, Hades and The Underworld 

Darth Vadar trying to get Luke to go to the “dark side” by hating his father

and therefore following in his father’s footsteps 

fuelling the shadow feelings of hatred and bitterness

because …

the ego did not get what it wanted 


and became a black hole

a machine

who would not accept the dark side of itself

all the feelings that it didn’t want to feel

because it was too painful

and so these feelings ate away at it 

and created code that needed feeding 

a bottomless put of need 

fed by things that could never heal it 

because all they did was avoid the feelings

and paint on a happy face 

a mask

that lasted for a while 

and that period became shorter and shorter 

and the fix had to get bigger and bigger


even whole planets of energy couldn’t fill the gap


That is the story of letting the raw ego go for broke

The wounded child running the world systems 

without any wisdom

but believing it knows it all

on one level

This also connects to Uranus being the lightning catalyst for change

and busting us out of this stagnant cocoon 

Uranus in Aries initiating fire




The wounded healer that cannot die 

in all of us 

Chiron is in Pisces and so the polarity is there

We can go beyond these old patterns and ways when we are ready to

We have the ability to 

We have all the support systems ready to access to begin

We can let go of suffering 


Many addictions seem like the anti dote to the poison

A way out of our emotional pain

When we fix with temporary measures 

without healing the core issue 

we suppress the wound

That means the message has to get louder 

Emotional pain becomes energetic imbalance 

this manifests as physical pain

When we treat the symptoms we are not fixing anything

When we avoid the pain for a while it does not go away 

It simply goes beyond our awareness for a while 

There is no quick fix ~

lots of pieces in the puzzle

coming together

We are here to see that 

There is no golden ticket answer

The key is seeing what codes create wounding

and then the bigger picture of creating new ways to live 

that embrace all of this knowledge 

In the past we have been told that we “catch” viruses

that we have a bacterial problem 

and that there is a man made solution

in the form of a pest control

of a biological drug

we can screen for it 

we can prevent it


and yet 

when we go deeper and look at all the circumstantial code

the bigger picture

we can see that it takes lots of things to create something 

rather than scapegoating 

and pointing the finger at one group

one animal

one bacteria 

Plagues used to come because people

were living in an out of balance environment 

without clear boundaries 

and healthy spaces 

and that needed to change 

it wasn’t simply the fault of plague carrying rats 

and eliminating the rat wasn’t the key 

taking responsibility for how society lives is key 

People only have to live in poverty and squalor

because there is the polar opposite of people having too much

and being narcissistic 

It is really simple common sense

For each of us to bring forth equal society 

truly equal not lip service politics

that are pure ego manifestation


each of us has to become balanced within

inside out

that is how our planet works 

and for most people right now

that is not an option that they will even consider

and so it is 

For the ones who are ready

to become free 

it is simple

We all know what our stuff is

We all know how we feel ~ when we allow it 

It is time to cry 


It is time to grieve 

in order to conceive 

It is time to let go of all our wounding 

and repressed true natures 


so we can be at one with nature again

Day 2 of this Wavespell is Blue Monkey 

connecting to our inner child and hearing it 

Letting go of all our ego’s clever little tricks 

that allowed us to survive but will never let us thrive

because they are lies that shield us from love

Defence systems block everything out 

Day 3 ~ Yellow Electric Human

The day of Alchemy 

Our body does not lie

Tune in



Hear the wisdom come through

The New Year Gregorian Style 


This was Yellow Crystal Star

using the Mayan Matrix

I created an astrological chart for my home on this day

when I felt intuitively to do so

Not sure what this will mean yet but will share as and when I do

you can access it lower down

It was day 12 of

Red Earth wavespell

you can read my blog for that here

Day 12 

Crystal Clear Code that comes from integrating the ego

which means we get to see the complex structure of the universe

and align with it 


Pic by Mara Berendt Friedman

Be the star that we really are 

rather than the puffball inflated ego story that has no integrity

and is all over the place

looking for validity through other people 

and is as strong a vehicle

as a hot air balloon 

Great for short journey’s and fun…

surface Gemini living

but for going any further into

soul space and outer galaxies

an inner craft that requires no material vessel

is far more able and stable


Here is the chart I created

with lots of asteroids on there 

If you would like to offer any observations please do 

I welcome your perspective 

I will be exploring it over the next few months

Yellow Crystal Star Starcode 01 January 2015

Last few days for the

Persephone Workshop 4

That perfectly aligns with this Code

If you are ready to look at your Underworld 

and see the treasure that it holds 

Please get in touch

More info on the link above

Book here

Remember our natal chart is our Adventurer’s Map

for our Soul Quest here and now…


Shows us where we have been in past lives


what our Mission Impossible is

this time around

should we dare to accept it …

are you ready for the time of your life ?


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