Spring Equinox Spiral



Spring Equinox Spiral 



The Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere is on the 20th of March 

This has been the case since 2010

This is also known as The Vernal Equinox

As long as the date remains the same this is

Red Solar Moon Day 14

A Full Moon Energy in Mayan terms of the 28 day cycle

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pic by Nat Lee



Mayan Sign and Wavespell



White Electric Worldbridger ~ Portal ~ Yellow Seed Wavespell 

Red Solar Moon Day 14

We go through the Gateway to another level

Alchemy of the mask to release the star seed

This is connected to the White Worldbridger Wavespell


30 December to 11 January 2019 

You will be working with what is seeking to die in your world

so that you can embody the new world


the new conscious dream 


This is an intense Wavespell

of 10 days


portals of human evolution



We have completed the way into the centre of the Tzol Kin

that began on the 26th of October 2018


We have experienced being in the energy of Blue Monkey ~ the Divine Child ~ 5 to 17 March 2019

We are now releasing what is ready to be cast away

to unveil the authentic being

that we truly are


allow our gifts to be shared from this clear healed space

This is the hero and heroines journey in

Aries Sun 


Virgo Moon at 27 Degrees :

The magician disrobes. He has no sex organs. 
We bear a dream within us. In that dream, we can magically disperse every partisan consideration and make the truth a commonsensically shareable thing. We endow that dream with more of ourselves than any outwardly existing realities. Slowly we foster its seeds. There just must be a way to find the common point, to no longer be jerked around by gender politics and all the other antibrotherhood, antisisterhood currents. So we endow the dream with our heart’s aspirations, and when we give our all to it, the dream comes true. but until that point, we are worlds apart from others in harboring the dream of our coming reunion with everybody.

according to the time of the Equinox


2158 GMT

Article here GMT.com

There will be a Full Moon in Libra at 0 degrees on March 21st at 0142

Article here by Moon Calendar

This is a potent


The third Full Moon at 0 degrees in 2019


It is an alchemical blend of  Virgo and Libra

Inside Degrees

A witch preparing magic mushrooms. 
Within the delicate, formative stages of major departures into the unknown, there is encountered an extraordinary task and lesson that detains you a long while. It becomes self-evident that it is everything that comes before that makes the difference. There must be a fully attuned, magical sensibility to make the future possible. Coming to this requires arduous discipline and elaborate ritual, internal initiation. This becomes such a labyrinth of discipleship and apprenticeship that you wander through the maze discovering everything you ever needed to know. All is played out within. There is no need to make anything happen on the outer. You are assigned to empty yourself out, to strip everything away, to become invisible. And if you excel at your craft, so many ventures and initiatives will be seeded, that this inner planes total mobilization will prove to be more fruitful and productive than any premature thrusts of outer mind, no matter how impressive or seemingly necessary. The entire path lies well within, and needs no surface success to substantiate itself.

Supersensible beings manifesting through geometric forms.* 
Sacred geometry inscribes the pattern of the world going through its great shifts, its quantum leaps. If you learn to stand back and be within the greater archetypal motions, you find yourself being placed in perfect strategic positions, in exquisitely rightful initiations and assignments. The transparency of things is superlative to behold. You are called to serve the highest, to respect and honor all manifestations, to be there for everybody. Interior steadfastness and implacability; knowing the law, the code, the way. Magnificent in applying vaster awareness to life’s particular, detailed variations on the theme of how everything fits together perfectly and is woven by divine design. The fine tuned sensibility of the master craftsman, particularly adept in staying modest, unadorned and straight on. It is the exemplar of the way it is done when you know who you are and how things are around here, and when you see it coming through in every jewelled detail with little lost in the translation.

A group of fat Italian ladies preparing bread. 
Archetypal, universal, and diffuse allegiances, activities, and realms of experience. Becoming camouflaged perfectly by adopting a persona that is wondrously engaging and easily connected with. Putting it on a bit heavy–thick grease paint. You exult in getting away with seeming to be the world’s most anonymous person–the disguise can stick to the face. Overt consciousness awash in mass identification, at times you are able to penetrate through and find open possibilities, but you are primarily engrossed in the outer. And alive to the advertised sensations of what it is like to be popular, well-received, and simply welcome wherever you go as part of the mix, and no problem at all.

An apprentice medicine man allowing himself to be bitten by a snake. 
Existence itself initiates those who are given over to its rigors and its lessons, but being so exposed to the evolutionary edge is exceedingly challenging. Transformation is a constant at all levels. Everything is becoming something else, metamorphosing before your eyes, propelled into the most extreme states imaginable. You feel the greatest anguish and loss, the most huge elation and bursts of freedom. Finger on the pulse of collective cycles, right on the cutting edge, you are committed to planetary changes personally and pervasively. You absolutely feel the impact of what is going on and what needs to go on. Virtually spun out to infinity by what it all means. Drawn toward the basic and the simple for breath. Destiny obsessed. Rabidly thrown into the midst. You come out the other side either lost and confused and staggered, or ready for anything, courageous, visionary, and an incredible generator of shared possibilities unlimited.

This is on

Blue Self Existing Hand 

also a

portal day

This is the key to

Shaping Our Destiny 




Bigger Picture Spring Equinox Spiral 2017

This is

The Heart Path Spiral


Yellow Warrior 13 Year Cycle

Saturn is the planet 


Saturnian Cycles



reveal the key

to becoming the

Conscious Dreamer and surrendered warrior of the heart

This is a mastery code 

Code 16

One of the Seven Solar Seals 

healing the heart is the key to being free

2018 ~ Red Lunar Dragon ~ Yellow Sun Wavespell and a 20 day Cycle of Alchemy 

2017 ~ Yellow Warrior Wavespell initiated


2016 ~ Blue Cosmic Monkey ~ Blue Storm Wavespell ~ the shift of 13 Year Cycle of Blue Monkey 

2015 ~ White Crystal Worldbridger ~ Blue Eagle Wavespell ~ letting go of heart wounding and releasing old world patterns

2014 ~ Red Spectral Dragon ~ Blue Monkey Wavespell

seeing what is manifest in our human being that is in alignment with the Great Mother and what is not ~

also a powerful 20 day process ~ step 8 ~ to Yellow Self Existing Sun ~ a Burner Day Process of letting go of shadow emotion


2013 ~ Yellow Planetary Warrior ~ Seeing what is manifest on the heart path ~ Blue Hand Wavespell


To be Continued …