Red Moon Rising

  Today is Red Galactic Moon day in the Mayan wavespell It is also Red Galactic Moon 28 day cycle Day 20 with 8 more days of this cycle to go  and it was also in this exact position in 1968 Article about 1968 We are re visiting the same cycle as we did in […]

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Winter Solstice Patterns

  Winter Solstice Patterns  The transition pattern was on December 21 2012 Blue Crystal Hand  The start of a new cycle for humanity to be Conscious Dreamers This is Red Rhythmic Moon Day 9  which is a human evolution portal day  coming into balance with the returning sacred feminine in a very powerful 13 day […]

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Blue Rhythmic Hand

Blue Rhythmic Hand This is my Blue Hand Balance code ~ Code 6 of White Wind Wavespell   Here is a blog I wrote in the last spiral in August 2016  This is a key process because it contains a Burner Day  Red Self Existing Serpent  on Day 4  It is the structure code All […]

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White Wind Wavespell

  White Wind Wavespell  Initiated today Friday 29 July 2016  with a galactic portal a human evolution potentiality    This is the challenge and new learning code for human evolution    This is the second sign of 20 Signs   It is the 13 day process following on from Red Moon Wavespell   What we […]

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