Planetary Cycles ~ Red Moon, White Wizard, Blue Storm, Yellow Seed


These four energies are key

to planet earth’s evolution 

The evolution takes place through human beings evolving 

This is the core teaching of the human being

who is awakening to their true nature

free of ego distortions of the past ~ all of the past history ~ this is happening now

If you are one of these planetary energies

this is key for your awareness ~

that you will be creating with patterns of :

Awakening to the nature of projection of story ~ integration of story is essential to progress ~ learning emotional intelligence and how to deal with your emotions is key or you will want to escape the world and people in it ~ this is avoidance

Becoming self empowered ~ often encountering victim and scapegoating experiences ~ facing fears and challenges and learning how to believe in yourself ~ developing courage is essential to progress and trusting the divine plan

Being immersed in drama and distortion ~ Clearing emotional stories and becoming centred in yourself is key to surviving then thriving ~ shadow work is essential for transformation and emotional freedom 

Mastering the ego mask and releasing it ~ deep work around understanding the psyche and the depth it will go to “protect” the mindset it feels is safest ~ honouring that ~ then releasing it 

Red Moon ~ code 9

White Wizard ~ code 14

Blue Storm ~ code 19

Yellow Seed ~ code 4

Added together they are 10 

The Code of Manifestation

The code of

White Dog

~ the heart’s desire ~

to heal our ancestral wounding




Sirius Consciousness

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Red Moon Planetary Energy 

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White Wizard Planetary Energy 

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Blue Storm Planetary Energy 

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Yellow Seed Planetary Energy