Blue Storm Planetary Energy


Blue Storm Planetary Energy 


Blue Storm
Blue Storm is the mastery code of transformation

Blue Storm is code 19

Wavespell 7

It is in the White Castle of refinement

The planet is Pluto

Transformation of the shadow



Emotional Evolution time on planet earth

All our shadow experiences hold an emotional charge

unless they have been made conscious and healed

Then the Emotional Mind is freer of past trauma

This is a continual process

Using the analogy of a storm cycle is helpful 

When pressure builds up emotionally

like the weather

there is a temperature increase

there is an electrical charge building 

The charge grows stronger and seeks to be discharged ~ lightening 

It seeks to ground

to be earthed

The rain is released and the pressure


temperature drops

The human being cries and releases the emotion


feels cleansed and peaceful 

When a human being works on the emotional mind


releases past emotional trauma with attached emotions

there is integration and release into peace

There is a clear space within 

The eye of the storm 

The person is grounded and calm

Freer of triggers

In a wiser position as to what created the emotional wounding 

How to live differently in the world in a healthy relationship


lives that change

Emotionally aware 

Emotionally intelligent 


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