Yellow Magnetic Sun Wavespell

Yellow Sun Wavespell The process of alchemy of the shadow in the Red Castle of awakening This is one of the 13 Clear Signs and as such this process is key to getting clear and aligning with the shadow free embodiment process we are here for at this time Heal the old storyline and live […]

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Stargate ~ White Self Existing Dog

  White Self Existing Dog Stargate * Clear Sign * Burner Day  Galactic Integration process     Article I am interpreting :on Harmonic Convergence 2020 on Facebook: VENUS AND THE MOON OPEN 3-DAY CELESTIAL STAR-GATE After a close encounter with the moon on April 26, 2020 Venus will be at its greatest brightness of the […]

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Blue Hand Wavespell 25/4/2020

Blue Hand Wavespell Mini Vlogs  Blue Magnetic Hand  25 April 2020 Pluto goes Retrograde Shaping our destiny      Yellow Lunar Star Day 2 Sunday 26 April 2020 New learning   Red Electric Moon Day 3 Monday 27 April 2020   White Self Existing Dog  Day 4 Tuesday 28 April 2020 Clear Sign Gateway Day […]

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Red Dragon ~ New beginnings

pic by Jackie Morris  Red Magnetic Dragon 30 March 2020 Planet Neptune     Narcissist key thread ~ the silent treatment  How the emotionally unaware human being likes to relate Here is a great article about this by Oppression ~ Thoth Great article by Eli   Day 3 White Lunar Wind 31 March 2020 […]

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Spring Retreat 2020

  Are you ready to be the Conscious Dreamer ? Create New beginnings for yourself ? Be the hero and heroine of your own story and re write it ? Fulfil your heart’s desire? To be free of co dependency and narcissist wounding  coming into balance within with good boundaries and healthy frameworks in alignment […]

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Red Moon Rising

  Today is Red Galactic Moon day in the Mayan wavespell It is also Red Galactic Moon 28 day cycle Day 20 with 8 more days of this cycle to go  and it was also in this exact position in 1968 Article about 1968 We are re visiting the same cycle as we did in […]

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Red Crystal Dragon

pic by Jackie Morris Red Crystal Dragon to Yellow Overtone Sun  Code 10  20 day process Friday 10 January to 28 January 2020   Manifestation Aligning our holograph with the Great Mother Codes   Time for a Cosmic Reset  We are in the birth canal now as we have entered the Cancer and Capricorn Gateway […]

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