Day out of time 2021

The day out of time gives us the opportunity to be outside of all time and space …

if our mind allows it

Today is the second day of White Wind Wavespell : Blue Lunar Night

A Wavespell that begins with a portal window to akashic record and our history in this lifetime

In all lifetimes so far

What is coming to light for you in this Uranus focused wavespell ?

What is your manifestation showing you as to what your heart believes about yourself ?

These beliefs that have largely been unconsciously inherited from our ancestors?

Today we can see the conscious dreamer part of ourselves that is awake and aware of this process

How our thoughts ~ the Electric and day 3 of every wavespell ~ the masculine

are then given wings and weight by our emotions ~ the Magnetic ~ the feminine

When we awaken and become consciously aware of these mastery processes

we can start to create consciously

First by healing our heart of the old storylines and bringing ourself into balance within

We literally become free of the past story

We start to think differently about ourselves and our self esteem and confidence rise

As a direct result of that our thoughts start to change as our perception alters

We become more present because energetically

we are no longer holding that storyline

Our heart is

the law of attraction magnet

that brings us the storylines

that we need

so that we can heal

Only them can we begin a new chapter

Weighing the heart so that it is no longer heavy

tis as light as a feather

We learned the lessons of self love

released that slavery chain hanging heavy around our necks

Walked the valley of death… of the old ways

claimed our sovereignty ~ in Leo time

Started to believe and have faith in ourselves and trust in the divine essence that created us

and opened a gateway

The card of Adjustment


a New Age


story dawning

A book, the words in it keep changing.
Destiny can keep rearranging itself under special and unusual conditions, where you have written into the contract ahead of time extravagant allowance for major shifts throughout the course of your lifetime. Ready and able to live several lifetimes in one, you are eager to wipe out the traces of a given cycle and start all over again. In love with change and in desperate need of change. Because one side of mind is dogmatically rigid. And so in order to neutralize and outwit your own dry, stuck places, you make sure to generate innovative, radical currents–slowly wearing away the tight self-identity knots and generating freedom where being stuck in old pictures had sealed off the territory and made life predictable and unbearable.

As we begin the new year tomorrow

it is an electric year of alchemy

Yellow Electric Seed

It is time for each one of us to become consciously aware of our patterns, our beliefs and what has given rise to them ….

with a simple caveat around self love

Examples could be:

Rules of Self Love

I choose to heal the harm within me to create harmony instead of trying to create it

with material things

I choose to live a truly happy healthy life and educate myself

around what that really means as a priority

I choose to let go of all behaviours that involve self sacrifice

and people pleasing

at my own expense because I am afraid to speak the truth

I choose to be a free being that has zero tolerance for bullying behaviours

based on other people’s fears

I choose to live my highest potentiality which is my birthright and learn how to do that

I choose to focus on my dream that is my destiny

rather than creating other people’s consumer dreams

that cause pain and suffering for any beings and the earth

I choose to ask for help from higher powers

that are always there to assist me

navigating this new path knowing that when I ask assistance will always be given

I choose to remember that I came here

at this time to birth the new earth

by birthing myself

This is the first principle and key

Often the individual gets lost in the outside world as a way of not focusing on the self. Focusing on this mastery lesson is essential . Each individual has come with a unique vision and purpose. To allow that starseed to be initiated, the original sin story, (as in what creates a nightmare life for a human being), requires healing and rewiring.Only then does the individual become free of the labyrinth of their ancestral storyline. This is a continual process throughout life and this is what the Wavespell was created for. It is a daily download for those that are here to do the inner work and begin the solution focused new world. We have everything we need for this transition time and the return to balance of the sacred feminine.

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