Key Codes ~ Blue Hand


Blue Hand Codes 

There are 13 Blue Hand Codes in the 260 day spiral 

They occur once every 20 days 

They do not follow numerical order

If you are a Blue Hand

then these are especially key

for your

conscious awareness


Shaping our Destiny

is the key



Blue Hand 

Learning the frameworks and tools required for the human being

to heal their ancestral pattern


live the conscious dream into being

through accessing divinity itself ~ embodying our spirit


becoming the Avatar that we truly are



Red Castle Initiation

The pure form of Blue Hand appears

in the

Red Dragon Wavespell ~ Wavespell 1

Blue Resonant Hand  ~ Blue Hand Code 7

What is resonating for you that requires your mystic self to expand ?

What tools can you learn?

Where can your spirit path become more integrated ?

In the commencement of the spiral

you will be experiencing what you are going to be working with

for the next 260 days

Here is a blog link to 2018 spiral 


Co Creation Codes :

Red Dragon ~ Mayan code 1

Blue Hand ~ Mayan code 7

1 + 7 = 8

Yellow Star ~ Mayan Code 8

1 and 7 = 8 

Yellow Galactic Star

Integrating the star that we really are in the same Wavespell.

How much in alignment are we

to embodying

the conscious codes

that the

Great Mother is bringing us

free from our shadow

20 days later :


Blue Magnetic Hand  ~ Blue Hand Code 1


The Blue Hand process ~ Wavespell Wavespell 3

is initiated to work specifically with all the information

and experiences received in the first

2 Wavespells




transform that experience

if we are ready to

As a beginning

we may initiate learning around those ways 

Co Creation Codes:

Blue Hand : Mayan Code 7

Blue Hand : Mayan Code 7

7 + 7 = 14 = White Wizard Mayan Code 14

White Magnetic Wizard ~ the refining second Wavespell

The initiation of the Moon Goddess rebirthing through healing and allowing the magic to flow through us as a

Universal Creator living the Universal

new conscious dream

20 days later :


In the Clear Sign process


Yellow Magnetic Sun Wavespell ~ 4th Wavespell

Here is a blog I wrote about this in 2018


Blue Galactic Hand ~ Blue Hand Code 8

Time to integrate our shadow in order to hold more light


Co creation Codes:

Yellow Sun : Mayan Sign 20

Blue Hand : Mayan Sign 7

20 + 7 = 27 = 9 = Red Moon is Mayan Sign 9

Yellow Sun 1 + Blue Hand 8 = 9

Red Solar Moon ~ the Gateway to Authenticity

in the first Wavespell


Red Dragon

20 days later:


White Castle



White Worldbridger Wavespell ~ 6th Wavespell

What is seeking to die in our old world ?

The shadows and echoes of our ancestors

Blue Lunar Hand ~ Blue Hand Code 2

What new learning do we have?

What shadow is coming up for release?

Co Creation Codes:

White Worldbridger : Mayan Sign 6

Blue Hand : Mayan Sign 7

6 + 7 = 13

Red Skywalker is Mayan Sign 13 

1 + 2 is 3 = Red Electric Skywalker ~ alchemy ~ creating Heaven on Earth through  letting go of shadow stories by healing them 

This is the alchemy code

of the

Blue Monkey Wavespell in the centre of the Tzol Kin

20 days later:


Blue Storm Wavespell ~ Wavespell 7

Blue Solar Hand  ~ Blue Hand Code 9 Gateway ~ Clear Sign

blog from 2014

This is the Gateway to emotional freedom


therefore the release process from Maya and the labyrinth 

Co Creation Codes:

Blue Storm Mayan Sign is 19

Blue Hand Mayan Sign is 7 

19 + 7 = 26 = 8

Yellow Star is Mayan Sign 8

1 + 9 = 10 

Yellow Planetary Star 

Revealing the manifestation of the true star being expressed

in the same


Becoming a clear sign

allows this to happen 

20 days later:

Blue Castle



The centre of the Tzol Kin

Alchemy Code

Red Serpent Wavespell ~ Wavespell 9 

Here is a blog from 2016

Blue Electric Hand  ~ Blue Hand code 3

This is the super evolutionary process of relationship


10 portals of human evolution


this is one of them 

Our Gateway 


Co Creation Codes:


Red Serpent : Mayan Code 5

Blue Hand : Mayan Code 7

5 + 7 = 12 

Yellow Human is Mayan Sign 12

1 + 3 = 4

Yellow Self Existing Human is the free from co dependency human being

in the Red Moon Wavespell


20 days later:


White Mirror Wavespell  ~ Wavespell 12

Blue Planetary Hand ~ Blue Hand Code 10

Seeing what is manifest from shaping our destiny process

in the centre of the

Tzol Kin 

Co Creation Codes:

White Mirror : Mayan Sign 18

Blue Hand : Mayan Sign 7 

18 + 7 = 25 = 7

Blue Hand 

1 + 10 = 11 = Blue Spectral Hand 

What is seeking release to change the holograph ?


This is in the Red Earth Wavespell ~

what has ungrounded our tribe and our personal story 



20 days later:


Yellow Seed Wavespell ~  Wavespell 12


Here is a blog about Yellow Seed


We have been in the centre


been experiencing how we are the divine child

free of wounding 

and now we are emerging

in the process that reveals

where we are on our path of revealing

our starseed

free of the ego mask 

This is a process of 10 portals of human evolution

and this is one of them :

Blue Self Existing Hand  ~ Blue Hand code 4


Co Creation Code :

Yellow Seed: Mayan Code 4

Blue Hand: Mayan Code 7

4 + 7 = 11 = Blue Monkey is  Mayan code 11

1 + 4 = 5 Blue Overtone Monkey Mastery of healing the divine child 

Blue Hand Wavespell is the process that allow this


20 days later:



Yellow Castle 

We see the manifestation of our journey in the spiral so far 

The key is the inner world





pic by Barbara Nyns 





how we react to circumstances in our circle 

How clear have we become in mastering our ego by healing it and transforming it ?

Red Earth Wavespell ~ Wavespell 13

This is a Winter Solstice Pattern ~ blog here 

Here is a blog that I wrote in 2016 

This is the mastery code of changing our ancestral lineage

so that we feel safe


able to thrive on

Mother Earth 

Blue Spectral Hand 


Co Creation Codes :


Red Earth Mayan Code 17

Blue Hand Mayan Code 7 

17 + 7 = 24 = 6 = White Worldbridger

Red Earth 1 + Blue Hand 11 = 12 

White Crystal Worldbridger 

The structure of  how clear the human being inner world is 

The goal of the planetary server is to birth new worlds

This is the Blue Eagle Wavespells Crystal Code


20 days later  



Blue Night Wavespell ~  Wavespell 15

This is the Conscious Dreamer

Wavespell itself 

To master Shaping Our Destiny

we see our holograph on the outside

as a reflection of our beliefs on the inside


then work with accepting where we are


realising that all resistance and triggers


the key place for our inner alchemy 

Blue Overtone Hand  ~ the 5th Blue Hand Code


Co Creation Codes:


Blue Night Mayan Sign 3

Blue Hand Mayan Sign 7

3 + 7 = 10

White Dog is the 10th Mayan Sign

Blue Magnetic Night and Blue Overtone Hand

1 + 5 = 6  = White Rhythmic Dog 

The 6th Code and a portal day in

Red Serpent Wavespell

Healing our ancestral wounding to develop drama free relationships of the heart


20 days later :




Yellow Warrior Wavespell  ~ Wavespell 16

Yellow Warrior Code 16 

We reach the manifestation of our soul path and where we are on it in this lifetime 

This Blue Hand reveals how clear we are of the past tribal story

that is limiting us to our past tribal shadow experiences

Blue Crystal Hand ~ Blue Hand code 12 

Blue Crystal Hand Article 

Co Creation Codes:

Yellow Warrior Mayan Sign 16

Blue Hand Mayan Sign 7 

16 + 7 = 23 = 5 – Red Serpent Mayan Sign

1 + 12 = 13 = Red Cosmic Serpent 

The Shift energy in Red Skywalker Wavespell ~

what is seeking to shift in our relationships so our kundalini flows


we live Heaven on Earth  ?


20 Days later :



We now arrive in the 5th Castle

The Mastery Castle of the heart

The Green Castle 

White Wind Wavespell ~ Wavespell 18

Here is a blog I wrote about this in 2016

The Spirit and truth Process and Gateway

Blue Rhythmic Hand ~ Blue Hand Code 6

Coming into balance with co creating our destiny 

Blue Rhythmic Hand article 


Co Creation Codes:

White Wind ~ Mayan Sign 2

Blue Hand ~ Mayan Sign 7

2 + 7 = 9 = Red Moon Mayan Sign 9 ~

The Gateway to authenticity

White Wind 1 = Blue Hand 6 = 7 Red Resonant Moon ~

What is resonating with truth ~ the Capricorn and Aquarius Sun time of year

The mystic code in the

Blue Night Wavespell ~ Conscious Dreamer


20 days later :


The last Blue Hand

in the spiral

is in the

Planetary Server process


Blue Eagle Wavespell ~ Wavespell 19

All we need do as a true planetary server living the prophecy 

is to become clear of our past 


in doing so we become clear of our ancestral past

we become a wise human being who is a warrior of the heart 

We have learned what created trauma for our tribe very specifically

We have healed our personal experience of it 

We have come into love and compassion for ourselves 

We are free to live our Avatar destiny

To embody the new way of being for the human being

To begin a new chapter


human consciousness 


Here is a blog I wrote about this 

Blue Cosmic Hand ~ Blue Hand Code 13 ~ the shift 

Co Creation Codes :


Blue Eagle ~ Mayan Sign 15 

Blue Hand ~ Mayan Sign 7

15 + 7 = 22 = 4 = Yellow Seed Mayan Sign 4

revealing the starseed by letting go of ego coping mechanisms

Blue Eagle 1 + Blue Hand 13 = 14 = 5 Yellow Overtone Seed ~ mastery of this process

Yellow Sun Wavespell