Red Earth Wavespell


Red Earth Wavespell

Lots of links to other sites and resources that have no connection to me

other than they inspire me

unless I state otherwise

or they are my blogs

Following the Cosmic Cookie Trail

is something I share with a passion 

Hover your mouse to find them 


It has been a long time since my last blog

Lots happening in my life 

Lots of work to do 

Shaping the earth literally 

I am in a new space and a big garden that was empty

Which is a repeating theme in my life

as a Blue Hand 

Shaping and transforming spaces and places


now very much my inner space too

Another blank canvas

a new 4 year cycle 

What will I manifest this time ?


Lots of work to do here

So I have been digging out the turf and replanting the plants I brought with me

and some additional ones 😉

It is really full on clay so intense to work with

Adding grit and compost so the plants can live 

Very heavy to shift

Great workout though

Noticing how that feels and my limits

Essential to be healthy 

having balanced physical work

out in nature

connecting with the earth

Feels so wonderful at this time of year

Everything bursting into life 

Sunshine warming my body 

For me this is so much more creative 

than going to a gym 

to keep fit

I had an idea to then shape the soil I had taken out 


Goddess sculptures 



this was part of the first 

Moon Garden Workshop 


I did here 

More about

Moon Gardening on this blog:

Moon Gardening in Glastonbury

Facebook page

If you want to buy the ebook for £1 it is available here

Barefoot Holistics Online Shop

I know it doesn’t look like much at the moment 😉

Watch this space

I was inspired by

The Lost Gardens of Heligan


The Yorkshire Sculpture Park

I have been posting links to these on my

Pinterest Site 

I find Pinterest really beautiful and inspiring

and highly recommend giving it a go if you haven’t already 

I don’t know how all these sites work properly but am learning as I go so bear with me 🙂 



My Facebook 

Seed of Sacred Living Album

The picture that leads today is from my partner,

Jim’s allotment

We have been putting in a lot of hours 


this is so key for me 

Being with someone who shares key values and interests

Passions and desires 

As well as contrasts

for that Magnetic connection too 

We have lots of exciting plans for future projects with food and plants

Will be sharing them as and when they unfold 

It is a lot of fun simply exploring these potential paths

More about this food growing ~ when I get time ~ on this blog here

Seed of Sacred Living

Red Earth Mayan info

Some resources:

Ferrusca pdf

13 x productions Red Earth Article

The planet is Uranus

What is seeking light ?

Pushing up out of the earth

What is seeking grounding?

What is feeling ungrounded?

In you

This is the 13th Creation Wave

It is the shift wave

The alignment with Cosmic Consciousness

How to seek and find your destiny 

It is the awakening wave

in the

Yellow Castle





What has been happening in our personal process

since 20 December 2015

when this 260 day evolutionary process started

in Sagi fire

is now bursting into bloom


Where is Uranus in your birth chart?

Uranus on a planetary level is in Aries right now 

emphasis on the individual 

It is one of the seven mastery processes

Code 17 = 8


In this game of life we are playing

We create our reality remember

It is what we are here for 

The more conscious we become

Most importantly about our own self 

The more we can then work consciously with our self 

Raise our self awareness

Understand how we have come into being…

What life experiences have created for us as to our interface with the universe

Personal belief systems

interacting with cultural systems

that give rise to thoughts

that create emotions

that drive us to action



If we are not very conscious or aware of our patterns and reactions

then our life will be very reactive and influenced by the collective 


it is very beneficial for the individual to wake up



The Great Work

because that is the only personal inner process

that changes the outer game play 

Focus if you choose

This can be overwhelming at first

It is very complex 

To make it simpler 

We simply start with now

How am I feeling right now ?

If I am feeling anything other than joy and love 

There is a reason for that way of being


I am partly creating that in response

to what is happening in my environment


the consciousness passing through me 

being filtered by my conditioned mind

There are some environments and experiences that are current on planet earth

that are very imbalanced


will not illicit a feeling of wellbeing and peace

unless the individual is an extremely enlightened master who is untouched by the outside world


As the majority of human beings are not at this level in their human form

This is where

the individual can choose 

to do the inner work

to get clear

feel empowered

become more engaged with this transformational game of life

become a master of oneself 

This is key for me


what I do



I felt intuitively to create an 

Emotional Awareness Course 


This is a structured ebook course that can be done as and when you choose

You can add on coaching with me if you choose too

to work at a deeper level



Emotional Freedom Technique Circle 


also known as a Tapping Circle

at my house 

to facilitate this

It is close to the Full Moon

every month

hkuyutrjpg copy

You may notice a theme around the Moon

I do Moon Gardening just after New Moon

Emotional Workshops around the Full Moon 


to align with the emotional body when it is fullest


revealing what is seeking healing 


what is ready to be unveiled for personal


therefore human conscious evolution en masse


I was searching through memorabilia this week

to find some documents for my Son

I found lots of posters from past workshops

Cards sent to me well wishing me on our move to Glastonbury


a wish list for my garden years ago

plants and veg

structures and new ways

A manual for the Lost Gardens of Heligan

which I last visited in 2002 

I cried as I noticed

that all of these wishes were now manifest

even though there has been so much hardship and emotional wounding

along the way


It is very important at this challenging time

to keep the faith

in yourself 

See how you are making those steps forward

Feel all those feelings around regret

self hatred

self criticism

Allow those wounds to be felt and heard if you can

as and when

because this is the conditioned part of the psyche simply wanting to be allowed expression

This is key to integration

Great article about that here:

The Holy simplicity of sitting with our pain


Often wounded parts are created

because they have not been allowed expression by our childhood caretakers 

These are ancestral patterns 

that are ready to be transformed now 

en masse 

another great article:

It didn’t start with you

Find people to align with

that are ready to be the change

do the work

create new relationship patterns as a result

of this personal transformation

Honesty Authenticity Integrity based ways of being free of bullsh*t

Start to leave behind what creates hurt for you

taking the small steps 


Remember you have all you need within

It is what we are here for at this time 

Your heart knows what to do 

so therefore

do you 😉

otherwise it is simply lip service 



spiritual bypassing

Fab article by Robert Augustus Masters

Here are some resources about ego that I found informative recently :

What is the shadow by Stephen A Diamond

Brandon Bays



How does Astrology help?

It reveals what is currently happening in the starry skies


how those energetic patterns influence your energetic patterns

this takes learning


it isn’t rocket science

it is doable 

it is key to knowing oneself 

It is wow actually


 wonderful stuff 



As we are currently just into Gemini

It is time for Co Creating

Relationship month

Sun in Gemini 

Venus just gone into Gemini


Resources about current Astrology :

Chani Nicholas

Pam Gregory 

How does the Mayan Calendar assist me in my personal creation process ?

It is an intuitive human evolution tool that reveals our personal life journey

soul journey

cookie trail 

It takes time and focus

For me it has been amazing and helped me understand my personal patterns 

It is all there to be seen 

Red Earth is my Red Castle 

My awakening 

It began when I was 18 

in 1983

this lasted for 13 years 

What I was doing at 18

My initiation

Is what I am now expanding and transforming

I am in my last Red Earth Year in terms of my 52 year cycle of 4 x 13 year cycles 

Red Resonant Earth 

What is resonating for me around feeling safe on earth 


When I am in a Red Earth Year

The Planet is in White Wizard 




the Asteroid belt 

new feminine consciousness coming in 

White Wizard also being the mastery code of 14 = 5

Letting the magic flow and aligning with it 

These cycles occur every 4 years 


The man I met on my birthday last year


is the Gateway in this 13 day process

Red Solar Serpent

This is also my Dad’s Mayan Wavespell tomorrow

White Lunar Mirror


my Aunt’s Yellow Self Existing Sun on day 4

which is also my Mum’s Mayan Year this Year 


So this is a very key process for me over the next 13 days 

My Jupiter is in Gemini 

My North Node is in Gemini The bottom rung of my stairway to Heaven

is at

4 degrees Gemini 

An island just visible off the coast.
When the future is alive, all of its many dimensions flourish in a world away from the commonly mapped out standard territory. The inward twin is given free rein to picture and dream into and even open the space toward what can be and shall be in more vibrant worlds to come. The outward twin carries on as ever in the accustomed role of maintaining the status quo. But so little energy is given to this one, and so much life-force is funneled into sensing new worlds and exploring all the amazing places which these new worlds spark on the inside of the soul, timelessly and authentically.




Lilith has just entered Scorpio 

I will be writing a separate article about this 

After many years of questing for answers

It is finally all starting to make sense…

At times 😉 


If you feel ready to look at your patterns and start to find new ways to be the gift that you are 

The Star Seed 

Please get in touch

There are many ways to create with these amazing tools 

To unveil


Be free 

Wishing you a wonderful 

Red Earth Journey 

God and Goddess within


We create all our mind ruts

We can create new ones too

Release the old 

When we choose 


feel to heal 

Today as I write this

we are in

waning Capricorn Moon at 16 degrees:

Dinosaur bones discovered while digging.
Purpose marks the spot. A mixed-up approach. Fusing together components that do not match. Doggedly pursuing straight intent, yet you’re wide open, unwittingly, to whatever will show you a different picture. Tremendous karmic backlog. Oppressive and detailed. The soul’s record kept strictly in mind–there’s no freedom here. The future does not dawn. However, redemptive hard work is immensely powerful, harnessed as what must be done to achieve a goal you’ve barely glimpsed. Something great is possible if all assumptions are cast away and the direct evidence of deep experience becomes centrally there.


It is time to get our hands dirty


do the work

Find the buried treasure

in our sacred land 



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