Emotional Awareness Courses 2017

Starting in Glastonbury

on Friday 05 May at 730 pm

at :

Wyrral Holistics Street Road Glastonbury

wyrral house

Human evolution has begun a new chapter at this amazing transition time. There are so many resources available for people to learn and connect to information. 


New understanding of the patterns and behaviour of human being history can now be revealed. 

There is enough experiential learning and data to have reached a tipping point in conscious awareness.

The human being mind can now be understood in a different way.

In terms of Astrological Ages, the collective is now experiencing the transition into the Age of Aquarius.

New Beginnings of individuation and empowerment of the individual .

Paradoxically this separation can create community in a whole new dynamic.

Understanding ourselves on a personal level, is the key to freedom of old patterns.

Old patterns in particular in relationship.

On one level this is really simple:

  • All collective struggles are a group experience that come from a shared pattern of relationships that are disharmonious.
  • These patterns are experienced uniquely by individuals and…
  • There is a shared common ground.
  • Each human being wanting to be loved and accepted for who they are to feel safe in the world.
  • To have all basic needs for survival met in order to thrive.
  • To feel relaxed, open, creative and allowed to be honestly and authentically themselves.
  • Free from fear of being oneself.
  • Over many thousands of years human beings have not been able to do this generally speaking. 
  • There has been an expansion of “The Western” way of living, with an emphasis on the masculine, patriarchal model of consumerism and materialism.  This has created an imbalance. A repression of the feminine and the intuitive . A veiling of emotions and the understanding and expression of them has ensued. 
  • The planet has so much abundance, more money and material goods than ever before  and yet a huge lack of feeling secure and free still remains and insecurity and anxiety is increasing.

    There is a significant factor that creates a paradigm shift and releases these fear patterns and this is…emotional awareness for each individual.

    On a personal level:

  • It can be simple to see, how a human being becomes more empowered by understanding how their mind creates how they relate to the world.
  • How self awareness and emotional intelligence, allows a person to understand how their experiential childhood experiences in relationships are creating their relationships now.
  • With that personal understanding comes the realisation that this can be changed now.
  • As the individual has the understanding and most importantly, the tools, to create personal change, how they relate changes.
  • A change from unhealthy, imbalanced, co dependent patterns in relationship to healthy interdependent patterns happens naturally.
  • What used to lead to aggression or repression patterns with others , no longer happens.
  • This affects the collective human being group, as each person that the individual connects to benefits from this change in their consciousness and ways of relationship.
  • Understanding creates more understanding.
  • Personal Consciousness of emotions creates Collective Consciousness expansion on all levels. Personal peace creates collective peace. 
  • All collective wars come from personal inner wars.
  • All collective struggles for space and resources come from personal individual struggles.
  • All these collective repeating struggles can be precisely mapped and seen in a timeline and geographically. 
  • Instead of “anger management ” release of anger , understanding and acceptance of what creates anger, what has created anger in the personal past. Release of grief ensues . Balance of emotions is allowed. Release of bi polar patterns begins.


The Emotional Mind understanding

The emotional mind is not rational or logical .

Knowing how your emotional mind works is a key understanding.

This knowledge creates empowerment and assists the individual in understanding how the world “triggers them” on all levels:

Emotionally, energetically and behaviourally.

This allows the individual to start to become proactive instead of reactive.

This allows more conscious choices naturally as part of this process.

This allows profound insight and healing potentiality.

This changes how the individual perceives that their relationship with the world …actually begins with them and not the other way around .

This understanding allows individuals to create change in synch with their own cycles at their own pace. It is sustainable and self focused. All the resources the individual needs to create change is within.

All that was perceived as “the problem” is revealed as actually also  “the solution” .

This is a 9 part course designed to take you through a personal cycle of emotional awareness

Core to this is personal commitment to do the work necessary every day

This in itself requires discipline and a strong enough will to create a new energy signature in the brain. 

Forming a new habitual way of being, that goes against many conditioned current mindsets .

Do you have what it takes to make this commitment to yourself

and your personal work and the dedication to match it ?

This takes stamina.

This is life changing, challenging work. It is very rewarding because of that.

My commitment to you:

  • I will assist you in creating access to the resources I use. These resources are generally available and I will simply co ordinate some for you to set you off on your own journey. Soon you will be creating your own resources and following your own cosmic cookie trail.
  • The resources and information I share are from my personal journey and offered as such ~ “a” way ~ not “the” way
  • The 9 parts can all be accessed separately and stand alone . Added together they are designed to create a holistic synergy. Each person may feel drawn to different aspects according to where they are on their path of personal consciousness. (They are designed to co ordinate and synergise with Astrology and the Mayan calendar however will not include this content per se to keep the focus on Emotional Awareness )

In Person Module:

I am offering a monthly in person tutorial of the ebook  and an in person tapping circle to create practical experiential learning to support these modules. 


This is a small group. It is available at different locations.

It will feature group suitable content. Ideally it can be a closed group if enough people are interested and committed. This would allow more opening as people form a regular relationship and create intimacy and trust.


It is in Glastonbury commencing Friday 05 May at 730pm


Places will be limited due to the venue so please ensure you reserve your space.

£9 per workshop and ebook

or all 9 for £72

Online shop to book

If you wish to create your own groups and have me facilitate them please contact me to discuss.

For further personal in depth work that is not suitable for the group , the energy coaching module can be added at the special rate below.


Webinar Online Module:

Basic ebook :

£9 each including personal charts and Astrological and Mayan insights with each one

all 9 for £72.00

online shop to book

These are ebooks with information.

To expand these personally as to creating personal transformation with me as additional guidance and support :

Energy Coaching Module:

Add on a Skype session of energy coaching or phone session of 90 minutes at a special rate of £22 with follow up email.

online shop to book

This focus on where you are and what is triggering you. What you wish to release/transform/expand.

This is powerful work and is life changing.

If I haven’t worked with you before I will need to do Astrological and Mayan charts for you which reveal key patterns so please give time for this.


Monthly Masterclass Workshops

will go deeper into focused techniques


will be additional.

They will emphasise the practical

and some will have esoterical content as to spiritual soul journey .

I will advertise these separately. 

I am intending to do these in Glastonbury and Taunton

with a webinar version available to people who cannot attend in person. 

More info about the webinars and Taunton soon 






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