13 Clear Signs ~ Yellow Resonant Warrior


Yellow Resonant Warrior 

My intention is to keep these articles as short and concise as I possibly can

This is challenging with an extremely complex subject  😉 

As with all my articles I state:

They are coming from my experiential understanding

as part of my conscious awareness personal process 

I am writing this in my 5th year

of co creation

with the

Mayan Wavespell Calendar

The Tzol Kin 



There are 13 Clear Signs 

These signs are a process of enlightenment 

They are recorded on the tomb


Pacal Votan 

An article from the law of time here 

There are two Resonant Signatures

in this 13 clear sign process

the other is: 

Yellow Resonant Sun 

This is the key to self empowerment


through resonance 

This is the 7th code of

White Wizard Wavespell 

Which is in the Awakening to new learning 

Red Castle 

Here is a link to all the Wavespells :



They offer a life coaching tool in essence 

This is what the Mayan Wavespell

260 day calendar is for

At it’s deeper levels 

As a human being who is seeking

to learn about oneself 

to enlighten oneself 

To transform personal ignorance and suffering 

to become a human being who can truly be compassionate to all sentient beings as a result of this personal process of discovery and healing 


one is aware and awake 

and the key focus 


to be aware



to oneself 

Doing the inner work to heal 

Spiritual Warrior ~ a definition

This focus is the warrior of the heart 


This allows human being evolution en masse

It is available to all

who are ready 

The time on planet earth is in alignment with this process unfolding now 

This process and code has been written thousands of years ago 

ready to align with this time 

in a deeper way 

It can be used alongside all other transformational tools

It can be used by anyone from any background 

It does not discriminate 

It is the process of allowing Grace 

to be accessed


allowing the human being to realise 

that all the resistance to what is 

now present 

has an amazing gift

All the perceived “problems” 

are also the “solutions”

All of humankinds’ issues 

hold the keys to our future freedoms 

a literal star gate of time travel


On a very simple personal level 

Whatever is hurting us physically and emotionally right now 

Holds all the information 

to our personal healing 

That is what Resonant means 

What is Resonating that feels good ~ expand 

What is Resonating that is painful ~ release 

Easy to say and not easy to do all the time


I offer you 

the more you do this journey 

the easier it becomes 

to accept and go to surrender and release 

the resistance by the ego lessens as it learns 

that letting go actually feels good 

and the individual does not perish in the process 

It is simply learning a new way to relate to itself 

and to see all fear 

in a different light 


it is what we are here for at this time 

To create new worlds 

through healing our old worlds 





Becoming very aware of what has created pain for humanity

over thousands of years of recorded history 

with archives and technology 

all can be accessed and mapped


patterns revealed

history seen to be repeating itself 

understanding what creates that 

karmic understanding 

Karma ~ this creates that 

unleashing personal creativity in a very conscious

and mindful way

with the heart fully engaged in the process 



Free of judgement 

Free of ego distortion 

Simple clear concise observation


Emotional distortion as a separate influence with an agenda 

Created by wounding 

Deep human suffering patterns 

It is all interlinked and can be separated out 

For understanding 

For evolution 

To create new ways for human beings to co create 




Mayan info:

The 260 day spiral has the same codes over and over 

the nature of this spiral means

that these codes of conscious evolution

occur at different times astrologically 

therefore they have a different energetic signature

so they have a different creation code 

This code is complex 


can be understood in a simple way 


daily basis 

Each day there is a different code

You can find out what that is 

here :


Start to learn it simply 😉 

Each day tuning in to what you feel to learn 

Follow the Cosmic Cookie Trail 

this trail is completely unique for you


designed to align

with where you are on your personal path

in alignment with the universal path 


My offering:

When ego is transformed 

The path becomes a magickal adventure 

revealing fear along the way 

to be released

to allow more freedom to explore

and go off chartered territory 

Yellow Resonant Warrior 

is a day 7 Process code

Day 7 being the top of the pyramid 

The God and Goddess Source close by 

to the individual who is still enough and clear enough 

to pay attention 

to something

that our ego mind believes:

is irrational





has been consciously and unconsciously

repressed for thousands of years 

during this patriarchal time 

Yellow Warrior is a master teaching 

It is Code 16 

It’s planet is Saturn 


where Saturn is in the individual’s chart is key 

and how the planetary transit is affecting that chart 

Mermaid’s article on Esoteric Saturn 

These intuitive feelings that defy the logical mind  are 

often felt in the gut consciousness 

This is getting stronger now as the veil lifts 

and the sacred feminine is returning 

I am initiating writing this article

in Cancer Sun ~

Mother and Moon energy 

Gemini Dark Moon 

at 29 degrees 

A garden planted solely with shade plants.
Offered the unique chance to take any given side of self and world to its absolute limit and beyond. Scouting out ahead in whatever direction suits your fancy. Saturated with all the props and accompanying attitudes and gestures of your chosen tangent. Fabulously alive to your fantasy, your obsession, your specialized style and manifestation. Extravagantly lavish in letting yourself go to decadent or breakthrough places. No conscience, no ethic, no restriction. Exploring to the hilt one side of things. And hoping to wear it out if it is limiting, or to bring it back alive for everybody to get in touch with if it proves to be relevant and enduring and cosmically right on.

Summer Solstice time 03 July 2016

Here are some fantastic Astrological articles about this:

Chani Nicholas 

Blue Moon Astrology

Hare in the Moon Astrology  

Yellow Warrior Wavespell

just initiating

influencing this Mayan Spiral Framework 

The structure of nurturing and mothering time 

also key to this unfolding :

The Mayan 13 Moon calendar 

here is a pdf I made that you can download 

As the spiral changes


Moon energy changes 


at the moment we are in 

Cosmic Moon 

28 days of what is seeking to shift within us

to allow the sacred feminine to be embodied within us 

Red Moon’s planet is Mercury 

Our God and Goddess self 

Our spirit self 

Messenger’s of the spirit 

Red Cosmic Moon 

the 13th step of 

Red Earth Wavespell 

being grounded and connected to our earth mother 

which is emphasised through our lower  chakras 




the roots in our 

tree of life :


When this picture of the tomb

is in a horizontal perspective:

The past is on the right hand side 

The present on the left 

When it is vertical as in the picture at the top of the article 

The tree of life is revealed


the heart warrior 

in the centre

The cross revealed 

The chart for the personal soul journey 

which is also revealed with the Mayan Sign 

Pakal color


The Cross of the journey:

In the centre

Yellow Resonant Warrior 

The grace of the descent of the dove 

accessing our spiritual self and peace through release of our conditioning and conditions which are self imposed

albeit through our relationship with our family and cultural beliefs 

As the individual releases conditioning

it is possible to align with cosmic consciousness

beaming through human evolution codes

In Astrology I believe this to be  

the Sun Sign 

At the top of the cross

Yellow Resonant Star 

Being the star you really are 

rather than the ego version 

The Star Code 

The natal chart 

As this is at the top 

I believe this to be 

the Ascendant in the natal chart 

also the Midheaven placement 

What is coming into this person’s consciousness in this lifetime 

The planet for Yellow Star is Venus 

which is the basis for the whole Tzol Kin 

See more about this on my

Venus post 

Personal info can also be found in your Venus placement in your chart 

and how her transits are impacting on you and your Venus 

Venus esoteric by Mermaid 


Yellow Resonant Star is the 7th code in the process of 

White Wind Wavespell 

Spirit and truth 

White Wind’s planet is Uranus 

What is coming to light 

in particular at key Uranus transits for the individual

raising the kundalini up the spine 

in particular at 

Uranus opposition time 

around 42 


At the base of the cross

the unconscious becoming conscious 


Red Resonant Serpent 


Relationships form the base of the tree 

the spine 

how the kundalini rises 

where it is blocked in the chakras 

through blockages in relationships 

leading to emotion seeking release 

until that release through healing 

distortions occur 

The new consciousness coming in with Red Serpent 

new archetypes 

the asteroid belt and the asteroids in the chart 

also in traditional astrology 

I believe this to be:

the Moon in the chart

What is veiled 

What is hidden on the human being and soul journey 

as the individual works with their Moon shadows

and heals any distortions 

Neptunian energy is accessed 

Neptune is the esoteric ruler of Cancer 

More about these here :

Mermaid Website 

Esoteric Moon

Esoteric Neptune 

This is the seventh code in the 

Blue Storm Wavespell 

Blue Storm is a master teacher 

It’s planet is Pluto 

The underworld psyche 

of the individual’s unconscious 

and the world’s collective unconscious 

Mermaid’s esoteric Pluto 


The compliment

is to the right of the cross

this could be the DC in the chart 

the familiar 

also the South Node 

in this instance it is 

the code of 

the conscious dreamer 

Blue Resonant Night 

which is the 7th code in 

Red Earth Wavespell 

which aligns with Red  Cosmic Moon 

Blue Night’s planet is also Saturn 

knowing the Saturnian personal patterns is key 

Red Earth’s planet is Uranus 

again the same as White Wind’s 

What is seeking light 

The Challenge and the gift 

is the left hand side of the cross 

This could also be the ascendant 

The first house 

The North Node 

where the individual is heading for in this life 

in this instance 

White Resonant World~bridger 

whose planet is Mars 

so where Mars in your chart is key

also what has been happening with the Mars period 

It has just been in retrograde and revisiting masculine wounding events

from the past 

and recently went direct last week 

so masculine energy can now move forward again 

Here is an article about this by 

Darkstar Astrology 

this sign  is the seventh step in 

Yellow Sun Wavespell

the initiator 

of this 13 day process is 

Yellow Magnetic Sun


a 13 clear Sign 

it’s planet is Pluto 

again bringing the underworld of the individual to light

to transform 

and allow the individual to hold more light as a result

From the Fifth Sun


In Summary

Yellow Resonant Warrior 

holds the key to our mystic self 

revealing what feels like

it is getting in the way from accessing grace 

An interface that we have personally created over our lifetime 

to keep us safe 

but is blocking out the light literally 



Ready to transform 

through healing

It is the 7th code of

White Dog Wavespell

which happened on June 07 2016 


whatever was unfolding for you back then is key now 😉

You are weaving with this ~

conditional love 


These 13 day processes bring a journey potentiality 

White Dog is the 14th Wavespell

It is in the Yellow Castle of Flowering 

It is linked to the Sirius Star 


It is all about our conditioning and conditions

our tribal codes

Birth Family 

Emotional drama 

It’s planet is


which is the same as 

Red Moon 

Mercury transit in May 2016 

To use this energy astrologically

on a personal basis 

at the White Dog Wavespells:

look where your Mercury is 


Where your Saturn is 


what is currently happening in the starry skies to weave with this 

Self enquiry questions :

Do we continue to do emotional dramas and clashes throughout life ?

Do we realise that these places of hurt are our challenges ?

Do we learn how to heal and transform?

Can we relate differently as a result ?


do we do nothing and see that expand into deeper conflict ?

This journey is for eternity 

There is always going to be change and evolution

Acceptance of this is key 

There is no destination 

There is no ending 

It is an eternal process 

It is the evolution of human beings 



My understanding of unconditional love 


There are many “spiritual” frameworks that human beings get involved with 

there is a spiritual goal belief ~ to be a spiritual person ~ the human being has to become a non person without a personality or an opinion



a person who is loving unconditionally 

a person who is non judgemental

who is in many ways ~ a saint 

This is also generally a religious framework in many ways 

Following a “righteous” path 

Having confessions of “sin” to be pure again and do more of the same “sin” 

in denial of the shadow self and behaviours

with a designated priest or guru

taking responsibility for that individual without the individual taking responsibility 

This can be seen in many fervent religious groups and allows a spiritual bypass

Here is a great article about this:

Spiritual Bypassing by Robert Augustus Masters PHD 


I believe that often this is an ego mechanism in itself 

A protection

Something to avoid the personal shadow and feeling the feelings 

which is the antithesis of loving and accepting oneself 

It is also a way of focusing purely on the mind 

and whilst  the mind is a key component in our human evolution process

The individual has all the answers within 

to find them and how to unlock them 

is the individual’s path 

seek and ye shall find 

the fundamental component to love 

is the heart 

feeling everything 

all the emotions

loving all of the self 

self acceptance 

all of the parts of self 

and especially the parts over a lifetime 

that have felt judged

not accepted 


A key understanding I believe

about conditions:

In a spiritual form there is no human being vehicle 
no body 

No container

No earthly playground

As a flame uncontained 


The playground is planet earth in this framework

The Starcode and Mayan Sign of the individual

reveal the conditions that are chosen by the spirit 

to play the game 

to play their part in human evolution 

Planet Earth’s framework 

Human Being’s framework 

Are very conditional

We have so many hours in a day 

We have physical limitations

Geographical limitations 

and so on 

We are bound at this time 

by gender beliefs

by cultural beliefs 

by all the dna ~ which also contains all the beliefs and experiences of every human being that came before us in our ancestry 

So there are many conditions to work with as we are playing the game 

there are many rules on many levels 

If our dna has been judged 

If we have been judged personally 

No matter how much intellectual understanding we have about this 

No matter how much intellectual understanding we have about projection…

We will be working with judgement and projection every day 

To release how we feel about our events around judgement is the key 

So we are no longer resonating with emotional wounding and injustice 


The more we work on these aspects of ourself 

The more self aware we become


We know that




will continually repeat 

for our learning and mastery 

so that we can release personal wounding  


learn different ways to relate 

This is a very proactive process 

If a person focuses purely on mindfulness

this does not happen

If a person focuses purely on a process of understanding enlightenment processes 

this does not happen 

If a person focuses purely on understanding their patterns without becoming personally involved in healing through feeling these 

this does not happen 

To evolve in the way of this process

takes courage 


The human being intends to become very self aware 

take radical responsibility for all their reactions

and emotional responses 

learn and do whatever it takes

every day to heal and feel 

To bring themselves into

personal conscious awareness 

To let go of others defining how we live

co dependently and out of balance 

To decide what life to create that emphasises joy and love 

by integrating what does not 

and challenging the systems currently in place 

from that place of respectful relationship 

with core stability 

as free of emotional distortions as possible 

emotional distortions create emotional drama 

because the vibration and emotion that the individual is resonating with 

Is the creation process and if that code

is old code 

it can only create old code 

because that is where that person is experientially in their emotional evolution

regardless of what their egoic intellect thinks it knows and is 

part of the ego delusion 

If the individual can focus

on being open to new learning 

Solutions to be found in every perceived problem 


clearing the past emotional events

to be in a personally clear and balanced space

through feeling 

then the whole life experience changes 

and everything appears in the person’s circle to assist 

Everything is seen in a different way 

because that person’s perspective has changed on all levels 

This is a fundamental understanding that becomes evident as the individual 

does their spiritual warrior inner work 


Neo ~ also  

The Aeon 


If you read the link above 
look at the bigger picture of all the cards listed 

It reveals a process 

A structure 


personal and planetary evolution 

It is already written in may aspects

all we have to do is surrender to the process of divine will by transforming our ego 

new frameworks will arise that have not yet been written as a result of that


It takes a lot of personal learning 



going over the same old ground 

time and time again 


all human beings are doing that on one level anyway 😉 

Often very painfully 

trying to acquire enough material “safety”

avoid pain by numbing out with drugs, food, media

believing themselves in a prison

hell on earth 

trying to find solutions that are coming from the same space energetically and emotionally

 that created this prison 

which cannot happen as the conditions are still the same so will create the same 


The ego puts up huge resistance

to this routine at first 

because in it’s raw form it is opposed to this 

has been conditioned not to do this 

would rather die that face it’s demons

would rather blame everyone


everything else 


to avoid taking any responsibility


feel painful feelings

believing it cannot cope

because often when these events took place

the child literally could not cope with the circumstances 

that has changed in many ways as the child matured 

however the individual may not yet have learned the skills

to cope with emotions and relationships 

the majority of human beings have not 

this is not the focus in society …


The more the individual does this 

The easier it becomes 

Like any new habit 

it takes a while  to become familiar and comfortable 

Remembering that everything has always been


will always be

as it is  meant to be be in human evolution

We have to go through stages of development just like we do as children 

It is the same framework

Often these frameworks are very painful 

They cause suffering 

We have to learn what hurts

what does not work in terms of creating harmony 

what creates pain and fear 

just as we did as babies and children

it is all the same creation process


we are at an amazing time of conscious awareness about this 

also remembering

we are part of this consciousness 

we each have conditions and code to allow this creation process 


acceptance of this is key to peaceful living

acceptance that we get angry, make mistakes, have judgements and opinions 

are evolving human beings 

that everyone is doing the best they can at all times

even though that may be a really shitty way of behaving

it allows learning 

it is all part of the same creation pot 

it is all necessary 

in the path 

otherwise it would not be so 

we could not do this process without all human beings in different consciousness stages could we ?

No triggers?

No polarity?

No differences ?

out of this past and present energy framework 

our future is created 

The more we accept and understand 

let go of huge emotional reactions 

remembering that past emotional events are the essence of people’s beliefs and what is creating the way we live today en masse 

then the next steps come 

are revealed 

as we are all healed 

learn new ways of relating 

our world is healed 

It is a key mastery focus :

Inside creates the Outside

Personal creates the Global 


Being the change 

Peace begins with me 

Chop wood 

Carry water 

Do the inner work if you want to change the world 😉 

Become an expert on oneself 

A great film to watch about this changing the focus:


A great series to watch about the consumer agenda currently expanding:

Mr Robot 

The New Mayan Year 

July 26 2016 

Blue Spectral Storm 


Is going to be all about this emotional process 

so get prepared for it 😉 and choose wisely as to how you are going to create with it ~ proactively/reactively ?

Maybe a bit of both

remember you get to choose 



I am not in the habit of sugar coating my blogs or my message 

Change is happening on planet earth 

It is the emotional evolution 

We have 11 years of emotional build up in this current 13 year cycle of :

Red Moon 

This began on July 26 2006 

Authenticity and being a beacon of light and truth code 

Part of this process is very uncomfortable indeed 

Blue Storm’s planet is Pluto 

It is a messy chaotic time 

a dark time revealing dark human agendas around other humans and the earth 

time for change as truth is revealed 

The planetary codes are:

Red Moon ~ planet is Mercury ~ honesty ~ the sacred feminine returning ~ code 9 ~ Gateway to a new way 

White Wizard ~ the asteroid belt ~ self empowerment and aligning with the universal creation code ~ code 14 ~ mastery code of integrity 

Blue Storm ~ Pluto ~ the underworld of the individual coming to light through emotional truth ~ code 19 ~ mastery code of transformation

Yellow Seed ~ Jupiter ~ the ego mask and coping mechanisms coming off ~ to reveal new ways of being through mastery of the ego self  ~ code 4 ~ the structure of the human being psyche 

As I close this article 

Cosmic Codes :

today is the structure day of the

Yellow Warrior Wavespell 

Blue Self Existing Storm 

How to do the dance 😉 

Cosmic Moon day 10 

What is seeking to shift to allow the feminine to come in ?

July  06 2016 

Leo waxing Moon at 9 degrees

A solid gold egg.
The bare stark truth. The singular accomplishment of heavy labors. An extraordinary gift, yet it is endangered. The gift is to be quintessentially yourself, and this gift abounds. Surrounded by danger; seen falsely by others, turned around. Digging your way out of history, you are compelled to puncture the illusion of image. The drama distorts. What is pristine remains inviolable, yet so much is lost, irretrievably. Each subtle weakness takes charge. The long way around to a very simple quality that would mean nothing unless it were first gone. Suffering and self-knowledge. All comes easy; nothing comes easy–the riddle of destiny.


If you want a framework to work with

please check out my

Emotional Awareness Course 

Please click on the link above 

You can do it to fit your schedule at your pace at a level that suits you 

I am also going to be doing webinars in the near future

which will open up these frameworks even more

for those on a budget 


allow people to create their own healing circles

with practical and experiential change 

It is an exciting time of enlightenment 


Red Earth Wavespell


Red Earth Wavespell

Lots of links to other sites and resources that have no connection to me

other than they inspire me

unless I state otherwise

or they are my blogs

Following the Cosmic Cookie Trail

is something I share with a passion 

Hover your mouse to find them 


It has been a long time since my last blog

Lots happening in my life 

Lots of work to do 

Shaping the earth literally 

I am in a new space and a big garden that was empty

Which is a repeating theme in my life

as a Blue Hand 

Shaping and transforming spaces and places


now very much my inner space too

Another blank canvas

a new 4 year cycle 

What will I manifest this time ?


Lots of work to do here

So I have been digging out the turf and replanting the plants I brought with me

and some additional ones 😉

It is really full on clay so intense to work with

Adding grit and compost so the plants can live 

Very heavy to shift

Great workout though

Noticing how that feels and my limits

Essential to be healthy 

having balanced physical work

out in nature

connecting with the earth

Feels so wonderful at this time of year

Everything bursting into life 

Sunshine warming my body 

For me this is so much more creative 

than going to a gym 

to keep fit

I had an idea to then shape the soil I had taken out 


Goddess sculptures 



this was part of the first 

Moon Garden Workshop 


I did here 

More about

Moon Gardening on this blog:

Moon Gardening in Glastonbury

Facebook page

If you want to buy the ebook for £1 it is available here

Barefoot Holistics Online Shop

I know it doesn’t look like much at the moment 😉

Watch this space

I was inspired by

The Lost Gardens of Heligan


The Yorkshire Sculpture Park

I have been posting links to these on my

Pinterest Site 

I find Pinterest really beautiful and inspiring

and highly recommend giving it a go if you haven’t already 

I don’t know how all these sites work properly but am learning as I go so bear with me 🙂 



My Facebook 

Seed of Sacred Living Album

The picture that leads today is from my partner,

Jim’s allotment

We have been putting in a lot of hours 


this is so key for me 

Being with someone who shares key values and interests

Passions and desires 

As well as contrasts

for that Magnetic connection too 

We have lots of exciting plans for future projects with food and plants

Will be sharing them as and when they unfold 

It is a lot of fun simply exploring these potential paths

More about this food growing ~ when I get time ~ on this blog here

Seed of Sacred Living

Red Earth Mayan info

Some resources:

Ferrusca pdf

13 x productions Red Earth Article

The planet is Uranus

What is seeking light ?

Pushing up out of the earth

What is seeking grounding?

What is feeling ungrounded?

In you

This is the 13th Creation Wave

It is the shift wave

The alignment with Cosmic Consciousness

How to seek and find your destiny 

It is the awakening wave

in the

Yellow Castle





What has been happening in our personal process

since 20 December 2015

when this 260 day evolutionary process started

in Sagi fire

is now bursting into bloom


Where is Uranus in your birth chart?

Uranus on a planetary level is in Aries right now 

emphasis on the individual 

It is one of the seven mastery processes

Code 17 = 8


In this game of life we are playing

We create our reality remember

It is what we are here for 

The more conscious we become

Most importantly about our own self 

The more we can then work consciously with our self 

Raise our self awareness

Understand how we have come into being…

What life experiences have created for us as to our interface with the universe

Personal belief systems

interacting with cultural systems

that give rise to thoughts

that create emotions

that drive us to action



If we are not very conscious or aware of our patterns and reactions

then our life will be very reactive and influenced by the collective 


it is very beneficial for the individual to wake up



The Great Work

because that is the only personal inner process

that changes the outer game play 

Focus if you choose

This can be overwhelming at first

It is very complex 

To make it simpler 

We simply start with now

How am I feeling right now ?

If I am feeling anything other than joy and love 

There is a reason for that way of being


I am partly creating that in response

to what is happening in my environment


the consciousness passing through me 

being filtered by my conditioned mind

There are some environments and experiences that are current on planet earth

that are very imbalanced


will not illicit a feeling of wellbeing and peace

unless the individual is an extremely enlightened master who is untouched by the outside world


As the majority of human beings are not at this level in their human form

This is where

the individual can choose 

to do the inner work

to get clear

feel empowered

become more engaged with this transformational game of life

become a master of oneself 

This is key for me


what I do



I felt intuitively to create an 

Emotional Awareness Course 


This is a structured ebook course that can be done as and when you choose

You can add on coaching with me if you choose too

to work at a deeper level



Emotional Freedom Technique Circle 


also known as a Tapping Circle

at my house 

to facilitate this

It is close to the Full Moon

every month

hkuyutrjpg copy

You may notice a theme around the Moon

I do Moon Gardening just after New Moon

Emotional Workshops around the Full Moon 


to align with the emotional body when it is fullest


revealing what is seeking healing 


what is ready to be unveiled for personal


therefore human conscious evolution en masse


I was searching through memorabilia this week

to find some documents for my Son

I found lots of posters from past workshops

Cards sent to me well wishing me on our move to Glastonbury


a wish list for my garden years ago

plants and veg

structures and new ways

A manual for the Lost Gardens of Heligan

which I last visited in 2002 

I cried as I noticed

that all of these wishes were now manifest

even though there has been so much hardship and emotional wounding

along the way


It is very important at this challenging time

to keep the faith

in yourself 

See how you are making those steps forward

Feel all those feelings around regret

self hatred

self criticism

Allow those wounds to be felt and heard if you can

as and when

because this is the conditioned part of the psyche simply wanting to be allowed expression

This is key to integration

Great article about that here:

The Holy simplicity of sitting with our pain


Often wounded parts are created

because they have not been allowed expression by our childhood caretakers 

These are ancestral patterns 

that are ready to be transformed now 

en masse 

another great article:

It didn’t start with you

Find people to align with

that are ready to be the change

do the work

create new relationship patterns as a result

of this personal transformation

Honesty Authenticity Integrity based ways of being free of bullsh*t

Start to leave behind what creates hurt for you

taking the small steps 


Remember you have all you need within

It is what we are here for at this time 

Your heart knows what to do 

so therefore

do you 😉

otherwise it is simply lip service 



spiritual bypassing

Fab article by Robert Augustus Masters

Here are some resources about ego that I found informative recently :

What is the shadow by Stephen A Diamond

Brandon Bays



How does Astrology help?

It reveals what is currently happening in the starry skies


how those energetic patterns influence your energetic patterns

this takes learning


it isn’t rocket science

it is doable 

it is key to knowing oneself 

It is wow actually


 wonderful stuff 



As we are currently just into Gemini

It is time for Co Creating

Relationship month

Sun in Gemini 

Venus just gone into Gemini


Resources about current Astrology :

Chani Nicholas

Pam Gregory 

How does the Mayan Calendar assist me in my personal creation process ?

It is an intuitive human evolution tool that reveals our personal life journey

soul journey

cookie trail 

It takes time and focus

For me it has been amazing and helped me understand my personal patterns 

It is all there to be seen 

Red Earth is my Red Castle 

My awakening 

It began when I was 18 

in 1983

this lasted for 13 years 

What I was doing at 18

My initiation

Is what I am now expanding and transforming

I am in my last Red Earth Year in terms of my 52 year cycle of 4 x 13 year cycles 

Red Resonant Earth 

What is resonating for me around feeling safe on earth 


When I am in a Red Earth Year

The Planet is in White Wizard 




the Asteroid belt 

new feminine consciousness coming in 

White Wizard also being the mastery code of 14 = 5

Letting the magic flow and aligning with it 

These cycles occur every 4 years 


The man I met on my birthday last year


is the Gateway in this 13 day process

Red Solar Serpent

This is also my Dad’s Mayan Wavespell tomorrow

White Lunar Mirror


my Aunt’s Yellow Self Existing Sun on day 4

which is also my Mum’s Mayan Year this Year 


So this is a very key process for me over the next 13 days 

My Jupiter is in Gemini 

My North Node is in Gemini The bottom rung of my stairway to Heaven

is at

4 degrees Gemini 

An island just visible off the coast.
When the future is alive, all of its many dimensions flourish in a world away from the commonly mapped out standard territory. The inward twin is given free rein to picture and dream into and even open the space toward what can be and shall be in more vibrant worlds to come. The outward twin carries on as ever in the accustomed role of maintaining the status quo. But so little energy is given to this one, and so much life-force is funneled into sensing new worlds and exploring all the amazing places which these new worlds spark on the inside of the soul, timelessly and authentically.




Lilith has just entered Scorpio 

I will be writing a separate article about this 

After many years of questing for answers

It is finally all starting to make sense…

At times 😉 


If you feel ready to look at your patterns and start to find new ways to be the gift that you are 

The Star Seed 

Please get in touch

There are many ways to create with these amazing tools 

To unveil


Be free 

Wishing you a wonderful 

Red Earth Journey 

God and Goddess within


We create all our mind ruts

We can create new ones too

Release the old 

When we choose 


feel to heal 

Today as I write this

we are in

waning Capricorn Moon at 16 degrees:

Dinosaur bones discovered while digging.
Purpose marks the spot. A mixed-up approach. Fusing together components that do not match. Doggedly pursuing straight intent, yet you’re wide open, unwittingly, to whatever will show you a different picture. Tremendous karmic backlog. Oppressive and detailed. The soul’s record kept strictly in mind–there’s no freedom here. The future does not dawn. However, redemptive hard work is immensely powerful, harnessed as what must be done to achieve a goal you’ve barely glimpsed. Something great is possible if all assumptions are cast away and the direct evidence of deep experience becomes centrally there.


It is time to get our hands dirty


do the work

Find the buried treasure

in our sacred land 



Red Earth ~ Gaia Source Soul Code


Gaia Time 

Virgin untouched by mankind mind  


the return to balance

of the sacred feminine

It is an amazing time for healing now

Lots happening in the starry skies to support this

with a New Moon in Virgo tomorrow in the UK and a partial solar eclipse allowing the moon energy to be strong to guide us into release

and pave the way for balance

coming with Libra later in the month

It is at 741 am at 20 degrees Virgo

An article by Cosmic Intelligence Agency here:

New Moon in Virgo 

and another one here by

Elephant Journal:

New Moon in Virgo 

Suggestions for tuning in for your ground shaking shift:

Check out where Virgo is in your chart

See what is in your 6th house

See what is at 20 degrees in your chart


whatever has been surfacing recently that is wonderful ~ align more with that

whatever has been painful ~ go deep into that with the intention of creating new ways of relating  

remembering that this is key to being the change of humanity

through each person taking responsibility for how we all relate personally

and doing the walk 😉

The expanse of the Himalayas in the distance.
When you place a spiritual/cosmic perspective upon every single little thing that happens, you will either overshoot the mark or discover perfect meaning. The overshooting of the mark happens when the little mind and the greater mind become warped in their relativities. Proportion tumbles before pregnant magnitude. Everything is sprinkled with archetypal overtones. Perfect meaning arises here when the truth is the yardstick and you simply align yourself with the truth in a nondogmatic fashion. The spirit of discovery becomes the spur. The unknown makes the known precious and poignant. You finally get it right that every microcosmic situation is a jewel in the making, and only needs to be appreciated and boosted by faithful beholding. The passage is from thinking about it to becoming at home within the path of bringing all worlds together, just as the occasion makes possible, with a light touch and an easy grasp of the reins.

Dark Moon in Virgo now

as I am putting in the finishing touches

of this blog

Virgo at 11 degrees:

A four-year-old girl dressed as a nurse.
Innocence has its ways to persist. You can grow up, yet retain the stance of the novice, the beginner, the wonder-worker. You foster a knack of renewing your original, basic values and way of being at every critical juncture–a quality unique and unmistakable. At any age and within all situations, coming at things as though we all just got here and we are simply trying things on for size. The best of this quality is a sticking to prenatal resolves of a lofty integrity that refuses steadfastly to fall under the weight of the critical mind. The worst of this quality is that in its zeal, its dedication, and its self- insistency, it invariably puts others to shame and generates in others the self-consciousness and self-judgement you are yourself bypassing. Therefore, what is good for yourself proves to be bad for others, and results in a quandary, a confusing and puzzling situation, eventually impelling you to add one borrowed ingredient: the ability to take yourself lightly.


Pic link

In the Mayan Wavespell calendar:

The Wavespell began on

07 September 2015

Red Earth Code 

The 13th Wavespell Code

The shift code



The Base/Root Chakra

is the key focus for grounding code




establishing a deep connection to the earth to the

living organism of Gaia


This is a Mastery Code

 One of the Seven Seals 




The last 4 codex of  awakening to truth

in the Mayan 20 signs…




are the first four steps of this process


the conscious process of light

being held within the human being

who is coming into balance


as a result of healing the shadow 




I dedicate this blog

to a new person in my life:


who is step 9 of this process

and is a Gateway

to love in action for me 

as a fellow 9

I am so blessed

to have you in my life

beautiful man 



This is such an amazing time in my life

as I began my 7th year on my birthday

in my 13 year cycle of

Blue Hand


which is my Mayan Sign

My 13 Year Cycle is about transformation and shaping my destiny through healing

and in it’s pure form it is the

7th Mayan Sign

so the Mystic signature

There are so many levels and ways to use this Mayan Code Wisdom synchronising process


Red Resonant Earth



I give thanks and gratitude for the 50 years I have been on this planet

and every single person and experience in it

I give thanks for all the people in my life now

and just want to say that

I love you

and that what I see reflected back to me

is truly wonderful

People are everything to me 

This is the last year of my Red Earth Codes

The year of the Mystical

and the magical universe brings us together 

and I encourage all of you out there to do this work

because this is the manifestation of it and reflection of it

as revealed in step 2 of this 13 day process ~

White Lunar Mirror

on 08 September 2015

which is my Father’s Mayan Sign and he is a Gemini

as is my Mother

as is

My new partner :

Meeting a soul mate who is so alike on one level with shared experiences 

and so opposite on others

to create the perfect union to heal and enjoy life with

in a healthy way 

in a complimentary way 

rather than a co dependent fuelled way

All the painful process that led up to

this place today is worth it


enlightenment cannot happen without it

and of course there is so much more for me transform within

and awaken to 


I have the perfect partner who is consciously aware to do that with

and this is key mastery process

to be with people who can truly see you

because you are ready to be seen

as a result of loving and accepting yourself

My North Node in Gemini is all about 

Conscious Code Relationship 





The Planet of Red Earth is Uranus

the light bringer

Interesting names for it’s moons ~ Shakespeare characters and very key to it’s code 🙂

If you follow the cookie trail of these characters

and explore them

new conscious code archetypes are revealed 

Portia ~ The Merchant of Venice ~ is key for me 

In particular this activation takes place in the human being

throughout key gateways in life

and is very active with the kundalini rising process

at the human being age of around 42

This often triggers a mid life crisis to remind the human being that this life is finite

and has a mission

This alerts the individual to present ways of being and if that aligns with this mission

This is known as

Uranus Opposition 

Uranus is in the place opposite to where it was at the human being’s birth


pulls the kundalini up the spine through the chakras

and is a powerful process

of unblocking the connections of these wheels of energy 

to allow full connection to the cosmic circuits

and the grid of the universal energetic matrix

Great book on this :

The Liquid Light of Sex by Barbara Hand Clow 


Please click onto links by the way

to take you on a cookie trail to other sites 

hover your mouse and find portals to potentiality 😉 

This is a shared space of awareness into new ways of being

a human 

Red Earth

 Is the Awakening Code

in the Yellow Castle of Flowering

We have been into the heart of the Tzolkin and are now coming out of it

What began at the start of this 260 day process of new beginnings and balance 

The initiation of Aries Sun on 04 April 


Libra Moon 


is now being revealed as to what has been given light through personal transformation

and what is still seeking light

by showing us emotional feelings of ungroundedness

Here is a document I created at this time to explain this 260 day process:

Red Dragon Code


It is also on my Resources page  of this blog 

If you know your own personal astrological chart you can see how this code that is beaming out universally 

Is working with your own personal energy codes 

Princess of Wands Thoth 


Sharing this as always simply as my experiential journey as a common woman

who is living my learning

and finding it easier to go with the flow of life

and my soul journey

as I transform all my ego’s resistance to what is

Everything at this transition time is being flipped on it’s head

Aries Initiation

Uranus in Aries Transition

What is seeking the phoenix process

of fire storm ?


What is seeking liberation that requires obliteration

Holocaust process of evolution

Truly New Beginnings 

Prune the vine seeking release and regeneration

Spirit wants to feel 

This is the emotional evolution 

The Catalyst time 

The start of a new spiral

The return to balance of the sacred feminine 

From within

From the patriarchal pathology and all that the ego perceives as “bad”

to be controlled

to be pushed away

to be painful


Where “it’ is at 

Shadow is the new black


Pic link

The pain is what leads to the paradise experience through the releasing of it

Feel it

Heal it 

Go through the black hole

All that each person is avoiding

coping with



blocking out 

Is the Gateway to freedom 

Once the individual truly understands this

Truly understands their personal process

Starts to work with all the conscious raising and transforming tools that are there now

and aligns totally with source within

then miracles happen


Firstly the individual has to be open 

to :

not knowing …

because all the regular rules are off around the mapped out


controlling mind

that manipulates

All our human being ancestral coding is:



The infant manipulates it’s parents /caregivers

to survive 


Just think about that for a moment

From the second the human being starts to form inside it’s mother

there is a consciousness within it

that optimises it’s chance of survival

maximises it’s ability to live and survive

and that is not intellectual

as there is no intellectual structure  

(as science currently recognises that)

in a developing foetus 

so what is that knowingness ?

With this awareness comes great insight as to how our

base chakra instinct


is chameleon like in it’s quality 

maps all the biology

and previous ancestral earth codes


live on planet earth


everything that ever came before


everything that is happening now


all that has “kept us safe” historically …

 can also can keep us stuck and frozen

in that past model

bound in paralysis and fear


if you are able to 

and have enough

painful ego free space 

to allow it truly on every level….

See that any story

of evil people doing things to others purely from evil mindset

has the structural basis in each human being foetus code of survival

which in our current human evolution time line 

is based on 




power play 


using shadow emotions to control others

I am not stating this in any way as any sort of allowance for abusive behaviour

simply sharing truth of shared common ground

of human being basic development and survival code 

Now we can release this


Start working on all levels:

Working with personal fear beliefs 

to be free of them 

and at the same time releasing the emotions that bind them

and embed them within each person 

Reaching emotional maturity on every level as a human being 

Letting go of child emotional neediness programmes :

wanting an instant fix

a gratification


attention seeking 

power play

ego tripping

On planet earth


human beings

have everything

to hand

to manipulate


avoid emotions





All manner of quick foods

Anything from anywhere on the material level


and the money to buy it

even if they do not have real money right now 

not realising that this illusionary way to relate and avoid pain

is only temporary

causes more pain in the long run

and all the time 

the deeper levels of consciousness are feeling everything

just like the human being under the knife on the surgeon’s table

but oblivious of it on the higher conscious level

The organ is still removed and the body experiences the trauma of that

and the healing process required that goes with that

The consciousness aware of every aspect of it

The body still a living process of every thing about it 

There is always a reckoning

and the price for dishonest relationship with the self

Is so so painful 

There is no avoidance 

It is what it is 


What to do ?

Face it all on a personal level


get a reality check

Be with all of ourselves

All of our aspects of self


all of our previous life events

so we can open to knowing

our personality self and start to master the key processes to integrity

Know Thyself

To Thine Own Self Be True

These processes cannot happen

when the human being is in denial

of personal shadow events

that give rise to shadow behaviour



Doing this process of accepting and allowing all of  life

Allows the human being to revisit the past

and in doing so

Plug back in to 

Re source

by going to the time and place where the disconnect happened

This is the integrity process 




This is where the lotus emerges


pic link

literally from going down into


feeling shitty space 



In alchemical terms

this is the prima materia

Holds all the codes for the personal enlightenment process 

There are some shared frameworks

for every human being on the planet


some individual unique codes

for the individual

as to where that person is

on their

soul journey spiral

as part of the collective dance routine

This is revealed using the conscious frameworks of the ancients

the alchemists

of all time 



The Mayan Wavespell


Destiny ~ potentiality


Creation Code

In particular the learning of the Mayan Matrix in an experiential way over the last 4 years

has revealed this to me 

For all those still trying to do this purely from a head led framework alone 

The balance coming in

is from the sacred feminine

free from conditioned mind control

clear space

source space 

unfettered by controlling manipulative co dependent bullsh*t 

downloading direct from the divine

Corporate is on it’s way out 

Co operate is on it’s way in 

Resistance is futile 🙂 

For all those struggling


loss of ego status

as the descent process of deconstruct is happening to you 

please realise that this is what human evolution requires now 

integrity from personal integration 

sustainability for the sacred in all life

free of sacrifice 



the best things in life are free

Go deep into this if you can

and recognise the struggle within

is simply the untrained ego within


It is the initiation to the sacred fire


the light 


The ego of the individual burning off the old constructs


it  is simply feeling bruised

because of

it’s cultural conditioning


afraid that it is less than


has done something wrong

as it does not fit

the consumer model of perfection

which has been purposely created

exactly to cash in on this fear

know the truth of freedom

from consumerism

and all it’s entangled threads

that bind us to

scarcity beliefs


not valuing ourselves


feeling insecure which is the true basis


feeling unhappy


No amount of money buys happiness 

To be well

To be loved

To be honoured



by honourable fellow beings

To be happy

with nothing


no one 


this wondrous beautiful planet


all the miracles of every day 

Takes work and discipline …

for most adults who are conditioned

Work Within  

This is The Great Work

This is The Road Less Travelled

and is not



which is often

yet another

ego coping mechanism


can be more of the same old avoidance

of feeling feelings

The Emotional Evolution is here

and time to understand

how feelings create everything and are the driving force

of the human being’s

creation of patterns 



Letting go of everything on all levels

that allowed a human being to feel and experience

a lack of love 

Everything stems from this place 

Happiness is an emotional experience

felt in the heart 

It is not a construct

or something one comes to in the mind

indeed it can be a complete absence of thoughts 


free of conditioning

that is the paradox 

It is a transformational process

for  many adult humans

who have lost the ability to feel joy without conditions attached by the ego

simply coped and compensated until there is emotional constipation 


in all those conditions lies the key to freedom and sovereignty

Here is a lovely film about this

Hector and the Search for Happiness



On a personal level

I am moving soon and where will I go ?

I do not know yet but will be staying in the locality of Glastonbury


I know that this is a four year cycle for me that is repeating 


I also know that I am letting go of so many old ways of being 🙂

I absolutely know that my personal alchemical transformation process is working

and I am developing resources to share this process even more 

Exciting times ahead for all those ready to weave new beginnings

Workshop Coming up 

23 September 

Ebook and Dynamic Energy Coaching to work one to one

Art of Alchemy ~The Persephone Path

More info here


This Course takes us through the dark half of the year of the Yin time

The time to go down into our personal underworld

and align with all the cosmic patterns




let go of any resistance that is getting in the way of our heart’s desire

which ultimately is seeking

the healing of any hurts 

to be free to live in harmony

We create our relationship with the divine

and now is the time


take our power back



Red Earth Wavespell ~ Being here now to access the galactic centre


Red Earth Wavespell

Red Magnetic Earth

Rhythmic Moon Day 9

Coming into balance through completing cycles

Winter Solstice time

in the Northern Hemisphere

and the light



Joy to all

I am having an extremely challenging time with re~visiting old patterns

Most people are and hugs to you if that is true for you

Breakdowns to breakthrough

It is intense

Please click on the links to take you to other websites to expand on the info in this blog

These websites are wholly independent of me and allow individual access to all where we are on our unique journey

All through the last wavespell of the mask

 Yellow Seed 

I have had first hand experience of suffering


seeing suffering

and I am now seeing the world in a whole different way

Thanks to the languages of consciousness



The Mayan Calendar

revealing code

The Galactic code

My personal code

and of course I am doing this

with the assistance of many people in my circle

and transforming my code

and emotions using EFT

As I am learning these processes

and sharing how to do that with others

Autodidactic ways of learning

The well trodden path of the Alchemists and Hermetics of the Ages

which is an essential way of being

for the spiritual traveller seeking truth

and following their personal cosmic cookie trail intuitively 


I am finding ways of

remembering old wisdom frameworks

combined with



modern applications

and seeing how the Matrix of our universe

is so different

to the Matrix of our Ego based  Society


I have just returned to Glastonbury in the South West of the UK

from the North West and North East of the UK

and travelling old routes in the process

I can see my energetic signature now

as plain as the nose on my face

and with this knowingness

comes surrender

to the process

This journey is full of fear based emotions

This is what is essential to the enlightenment process

To feel all of our emotions that we have repressed so that we can

take off the coping mechanism masks


and start to align with the code of conduct

that matches


free of distortion

This is the day of Alchemy

in this 13 Step Code 

on Tuesday 23 December 2014

Blue Electric Storm


It is so simple that all children know it

and need no intellectual education

to understand it

This way of being is free

from man made education

It is free

of man made mind manoeuvres



that hold us in a belief system

that creates need and wanting

as opposed to freedom of being

To walk this path takes courage to be with our wounded

Sacred Feminine

and learn how to

work with our

Moon Energy


The ways of being that feel disturbing

to our Core





Feeling less than

Feeling rejected

Unable to express



Labelled as the inappropriate truth teller

All of this code

knocks us off centre


off our happy horse

so that we can see our conditioning and conditions

in plain sight

if only we can see that this is the way back to our source

via our source er ess


instead of continuing the code of powerlessness

victim hood

buying in to disinformation




and the propaganda

of those

who would have free spirits

locked away

to retain their power

Just like in all the fairytales

purposefully designed

to keep the flame burning brightly

for all those ready to see

the light


As I write this it is the darkest before dawn

At 1135  this evening in the UK

We have the Winter Solstice

in 0 degrees Capricorn


A hugely potent

New Moon


More about this here:

Mystic Mamma


Darkstar Astrology

and here



Time to go deeper into our

dark Goddess Lilith 

Lilith in Virgo is transiting at the moment

More about the transit here

More about Lilith in Virgo here


all our 

Earth Goddess

Self Care 

Returning to the old ways of Health through knowing

and especially knowing ourself

as our first port of call

aligning with our Moon cycles

The ways of the wild woman

The ways of the natural woman hearing the wisdom of the plants 

and seeking deeper magic of seeing the source of wounding 

being pro active rather than reactive

to live differently 

instead of purely fixing the wounds that come from

living the death culture


The Workshops I am doing at the moment are so potent

As I am sharing what I am ready to remember and learn

Creating Circles of Consciousness

Codes of the Sacred Feminine

coming in

One of the key components of this teaching

is something that has been running throughout my life

A myth that I loved from being a very young girl at this time of year

It was played every Boxing Day

Jason and the Argonauts


It was a ritual that I shared with my Father 

We loved these films

Greek Mythology 


like the other UK tradition 

of Indiana Jones at Christmas time


The Archaeological Adventurer exploring strange new worlds


finding powerful artefacts 

that were in the hands of people 

who abused their power

as you will know

if you are a regular reader of my blog

This constellation is above my house

in the Taurus part of the 

Glastonbury Zodiac


The Hero Archetype

who is the epitomy

of the masculine Sagittarian

off to face the challenges

and is the key to living our dream

that will take us on a journey

of seeing our self~imposed limitations

These mythical stories hold the key

to a self~ development

inner and outer process

that is now very timely

with the addition of the Strong Feminine

weaving together in each individual

Medea the Sorceress


The Hercules Challenge

for each one of us

to go beyond our initiating ego stages 

and code is revealed

in the

12 Labours 


and all these codes of transformation

are found in all the myths

and religions

as they are

codes of christ consciousness

and human evolution

coming to the fore now

because the timing is now 🙂 


Naples Apulia Jason

The key to accessing

wild new information

beyond the limits of our ego mid labyrinth

is to

go within to all the codes

that are holding us

back in our own personal hell

This is the teaching of many religions

and lost in distortion of the translation

because of the nature of religion

which is a distorted teaching at the hands of men

who wish to deny individuals

their own power

that is the Age of Pisces

that we are moving out of now

Most people cannot hear this message

because they are still full of ego trauma

and are resistant to the message

misunderstand the message

We do not create our suffering consciously

We do not create our illness consciously

We do not create our way of living that creates this code

in any way out of conscious choice

and we can let go of blaming when we are free of emotional distortion

All of this way is unconscious

Is the darkness

Is the wound

and this has to happen

so that we understand this experientially

like Chiron

We are Chiron


This code is channeling through every single human being

Every single human being is part of the matrix of the universe

Every single human being is part of the code of our evolution

Every single human being is at different stages of the journey 

I am really starting to integrate

and understand this

and it is so empowering

It is so amazing


it is still hard to suffer and to see others suffering

My Chiron is in Pisces which is a key transit right now


Chiron the Rainbow Bridge by Barbara Hand Clow

is an amazing book I am currently reading about this 


as I am 50 next year

and will be experiencing

Red Resonant Earth Year

this is really resonating for me

Once we understand

that people

have to do their code

have to do their pattern

have to do their destiny path

because that is how this universal

game of life works

on planet earth

It is a whole different way of living

It is tough to get the conditioned mind around

and there will be a lot of resistance if we are not ready yet

and that is key too

We come in as and when

We cannot access this route purely with our mind

How our mind works has to change 

from our conditioned way of thinking


The Playstation Game Format is key

Remembering that we are all channels




Is outside the code

The more we transform our ego…

which is extremely resistant to this message

The more we understand this

and it is


and it is going to get even more wow

The more we go into our core and work with the essence

of what is looking to be integrated

The more stable we become

Just like the stardust that we are made of

We have the same structure and creation process

in many ways

and once we really start to understand

this creation code process

and the only way to truly understand it

is to be it…

the more we become the Master and Mistress

through balance of our inner masculine and feminine


of our universal energy

and what goes with that

is the ability

to be powerful

having done what is required

to align with codes


ways of being

that do not create suffering

because we have

accepted and aligned

with all that is

in order to truly be

The Seer



Blue Hand

Code 7 ~ The Mystic


Yellow Human

Code 12 ~ The Chalice of complex stability

are the Mayan Signs

that are

Earth Energy

and these are in the same Castle Code

as Red Earth

each Mayan Sign

has it’s own planetary energy code


The Galactic Centre

is Sagittarius at 26 degrees

this is key to our natal chart

Key to you if you have this degree

Key to these evolutionary times

of going into the core

and heart of our galaxy

by going into our own core and Stargate


Someone close to me has this code

and it has been revealed to me through them

intuitively following the cookie trail

It is key to my Midheaven

and is

my galactic centre in my natal chart

Next Workshop 

Persephone Path 4 ~

Soul Structure of The Seer

More about Persephone here


My next workshop is on January 10th in Hebden Bridge in the North of the UK

Come and connect to this powerful circle if you feel ready to

In person is different to Skype one to ones and you can combine both

wherever you are in the world you can work with this Code

I do an ebook that has time sensitive information

as to the Astrology and Mayan Codes

and your Personal Codes

This time we will be working with the energy

of what arises

in this

Red Earth Code of 13 days

and integrating it

Red Earth is connected to the planet earth

and brings up the earth energy

with Uranus as it’s planet 

Uranus being in Aries

at the moment is key

We are revisiting what was happening

at this time before

The last time of this spiral was April 05 to 17 2014

Aries time

see the connection ?

The other word is Chrysomallus ~ a butterfly 


The butterfly process that comes from

the transformational journey open to everyone 

This is the tree of life process of our own personal healing journey

and this is so specific

using this framework

so fabulous for getting to the heart of patterns and issues

even if we are not consciously aware yet

of how to do this

and haven’t yet become familiar with this process

we can get into the groove of the spiral

start to shape new ways

and use all of our experiences so far

to know ourself

and start our inner enlightenment process


Red Earth Wavespell ~ the shift day

red moon1

Red Earth Wavespell 

Red Cosmic Moon 

The shift Day 🙂

Please click on the links to take you to other websites to expand on the bare bones here 🙂

Wow ~ what an amazing trip on this Red Earth Code which is one of my foundation stones in my Mayan Blueprint

I have been blown away with what I have engaged with in many different ways over the last few days

I love my life

I love my family and my friends

Deep gratitude for everyone who is creating with me

on my journey….

and theirs

I couldn’t do it without you 🙂


I was hoping to do a blog yesterday but couldn’t manage it as not enough hours in the day ~ or energy 

as I have been working on deep stuff with my clients 

and that means me too

as all my connections have shared journey’s and that is what I love about what I do

Pure magic all around

Yesterday was Yellow Crystal Star and a galactic portal day 


so huge for getting to be crystal clear about who we really are

letting go of who our ego thinks we are 

and as a result being able to go forward with our star seeded mission 🙂

I am blessed to be creating with people who are ready to get their hands dirty

and let go of being afraid of their own shadow

Take responsibility

Go to Gladiator School

Get jiggy wi it 🙂 

and that is so refreshing because this is the time for

being the real deal 🙂

Here is a very to the point video ~ This is not for the faint hearted so please bare in mind if you are going to watch it 🙂

This is The Secret to everything

and once we realise how the emotional mind works ~

totally irrationally 



as a partner of the untrained ego that is 

on a mission to get whatever it “needs”

no matter how unhealthy

no matter how delusional

and it’s will be done

This is what happens when our shadow runs amok 

and it will ~ mutating shape shifting 

until the core issues are addressed

and the emotional stuff let go


We are in a whole different space

and only then


As a result of looking deeply at my own patterns I have gone back to my birth today and done my Mayan Castles

We have thirteen year cycles

that have a key energy that is evolving us

I have started this before but not in as much depth

This time I also put on key events 

I put on the Planetary 13 Year Cycles too

and got so many insights 

So many awakenings as a result

realising new knowledge

about how everything happens at the perfect time

People come onto planet Earth and leave planet Earth 

when they are scripted to

and although our ego may have big issues with this

especially if our ego is untouched and raw

full to bursting with emotion

unprocessed wounding

then the very nature of that space is


because huge parts of the ego’s past are still so painful

that it will not look 

does not want to feel to heal

apart from certain things that it knows about

and feels safe with

That is part of the ego’s remit

and it is simply doing

what an untrained ego does

even though it doesn’t really keep anyone “safe”

It keeps the ego safe is all

stuck in la la land

If you haven’t done this yet with your Mayan Castles and you know how to ~

I highly recommend that you do because the mind works on knowledge

and this is mind blowing stuff 🙂

This is key to knowing thyself 🙂

This is

The Book of Shadows

with times, dates and your divinity code

If you know your family and friends birthdates

factor them in

because they are scripted

in your sacred geometry 🙂

If you are already doing this with this amazing tool of

The Wavespell

accessing Cosmic Codes

you will know truly for yourself

beyond any doubt


this amazing magical time of living

truly accessing all that is

has begun

and it is wild

and it is so worth

facing your demons

to access this for real

and it is the only way in

the entry price 


through the shadow

This is how the cosmos works

lift your own veil

All veils go

which is why it is essential 


emotionally evolve

to get off the karma wheel

and blow our potentiality sky high

by blowing our beliefs that keep us “safe”

into orbit

What we do in life echoes in eternity 🙂

For those who are prepared to do what it takes 

to be free 

by walking through the valley of death

death of the ego self

through transformation

When we start to see how our birth tribe created the perfect crucible for all that we are here to transform


everything starts to make sense

The Planet has thirteen year cycles and we are in

Red Moon Cycle which started on July 26 2006

The Mayan Wavespell starts anew each year on July 26 and has 

Four Different Castles that alternate:

Red Moon ~ awakening

White Wizard ~ self empowerment

Blue Storm ~ catalyst of transformation

Yellow Seed ~ being authentic

I have a document for this on my Resources page

I also have a 13 Moons document too

The reason why the new year starts at this time is because unlike the Wavespell that spirals each year so is different

The Moons are fixed

The Moon is the Sacred Feminine Framework

It is the way of transformation

It is the emotional process

and it starts with the heart of the matter

in Leo


This is the labyrinth and the way to let 

The Goddess lead us 🙂

Paradise awaits

Here on Earth

in everyday life

Getting the learning

Busting the cocoon

it is time now to access the mysteries

through our mysteries

I am adding resources daily to the pages

and the key is for you to follow your own cookie trail too

because you know where you need to go 

to find

your next step

on the cosmic cookie trail

Each path is different as each life experience is different

and there are car shares possible on the route to the rose 

The highway to heaven shares

the same by laws for all 🙂

This is the Tantra pattern

In doing my Castles in depth I realised

I was born at the time of the last

Red Moon 13 Year Cycle

I came in on year 9 of it in 1965

It started on July 26 1954

and ended in 1967

It was a galactic activation portal of awakening

So it is being reactivated now and in July 26 this year we are in a Year 9 

which will be a biggie for me as it’s a match for my birth

Tomorrow we start a new Wave of White Dog

Unconditional love and finding our Tribe

Following our Sirius Tribe

The Dogons 🙂

All of that is worth a cookie trail on Google 🙂

Follow the shooting stars and see where you end up

On Saturday we go into Taurus

Get ready to take the bull by the horns

This is also the day of the challenge

Blue Lunar Monkey Day

When this energy is being channeled through 

the ego elephant in the room

it is a tricky little monkey


In shadow ~ It is the childish brat that doesn’t want to act responsibly

loves the blame game

stuck in denial

cloud cuckoo land

Peter Pan….

which reminds me

I went into Glastonbury today 🙂

It was the anniversary of my first visit in the Gregorian Calendar

I felt sad as I was so enchanted when I first came

full of my own illusion and delusions

and now I see a different space

under the facade

I love living here….

Jo in Glastonbury

and I get tired of bull poo

It is really wearing

especially my own stuff coming up that I know isn’t real but it feels it 🙂

exhausting even

to play these charades

and I know

that is why I came here

to clear my cache

and get real

clear out that clutter shelf in my evolution cupboard

It does get easier with practice

and the more you can laugh at yourself 

the easier the ride

tears come thick and fast

anger comes to the fore

instead of hiding in the people pleaser knicker drawer 🙂


A truly authentic person starts to emerge 

beneath the grease paint

false smile

tension holder

with a sigh of relief and release

This is what the Taurus challenge brings

because we cannot be in intimacy

open hearted

if we are afraid to be honest

feeling not good enough

doubting ourself

being a childish manipulator

if we are playing the perfection role

that we learned to play because of circumstances as a child

My name from my Grandad was Gagan

something I got told off about at school by teachers who were eager to correct me

I decided today to google the meaning 

and here is the link I found

It means

Heavenly Sky 


My Grandad was a Leo and he died in my Year 11 of my Yellow Human Castle

My letting go year

My White Spectral Wind Year

He left the planet at the end of the planetary cycle of White Wizard

He was a White  Wizard ~ the same as my daughter

He was born in year 1 of White Wizard in 1915

So magical 🙂

I always feel he is with me

especially in my garden as that is where we spent time together when I was a child

Here’s a lovely voice singing beautiful words 

about our beloved life here

I share it with love to you and yours

from my heart

with sincerity

Keep the faith of our humanity’s ability to create anew

by having faith in yourself

and your ability to love and accept yourself

for everything

because it is through this process

that you will achieve miracles

and be reborn

and when each one of us can do this

The world will see a new dawn


If you are ready to do the process

here is a workshop for that purpose 

available on two dates 

perfectly aligned 

with the Wavespell

Creating the dream with Isis Heart Alchemy in Glastonbury

Creating the dream with Isis Heart Alchemy in Yorkshire 07 June

and you can attend these online if you are in another location

Be free



Red Earth Wavespell ~ the magical day



Red Earth Wavespell

Day 7 ~ The day of magic

Blue Resonant Night

Please click on the links to take you to other websites

Today is the day of magic

This is the code of number 7

This is the energy of the Seer

This is Blue ~ death and transformation through the shadow

The West

Western Society is the shadow that has encroached on the ancient world that is in alignment

causing a transformation

Believe it or not it was meant to happen

It is forseen

The ancient people knew that the travellers of the West were bringing death to them and their ways

It is the nature of the cycle

Death and Rebirth

If you are a Blue Mayan sign then this is your essence

Death and rebirth

If you are a Blue Night 


this is your essence

shadow worker

and I offer you an alternative perspective today if you choose to see it 🙂

You are here at the emergence of

shadow work in the mainstream


This is what is happening now ~ new understanding coming in about the way we relate

and how in patriarchal times

where the emphasis has been on the masculine aspect of self

and the ego part of self

outside focus

material worth

The time of the expansion of ego in the spiral of extreme

for our learning

it is very easy to see

what happens when we live from ego

and imbalanced masculine

as all the evidence is there

We have the fruit of ego labours


patterns of behaviour


on display 

unripe for the picking

lacking any nurturing potential




an absence of compassion

as there is no emotional caring

Compassionate connection code is not a match

for the egotist

all feelings are repressed ~ feelings aren’t professional

don’t let emotion get in the way of business conduct


We have lots of half baked

half cocked

spinning ego 

bull stories going around

with no integrity

as the people spinning them 

are as flaky as

the sugar coated cereals they are selling

out of ego need and greed


We simply do what we know

and reap what we sow

that is the truth of it 🙂


We are all receiving our match in some way

because that is how the universe works on one level

Cause and effect

which is revealed in the simple alchemy process of cooking


Raw ingredients

Combined in a certain way

With the addition of a process

create something different

If we miss an ingredient out or do something slightly different….

the outcome is different


The true meaning of Karma

is code

is pattern

the reality checker

bringing us back to our path

and our heart’s desire all the time


Our Heart’s Desire

in plain code

is to be balanced

That is how our heart works at it’s fullest flow

at it’s optimum

Stuff comes in

from our external environment

and our internal environment

is processed and cleansed and cleared

and goes out the other side carrying the code to other parts of our body

Our body reveals our life’s process

and the magic of creation code

It is the philosopher’s stone

It is the Grail

It is the chalice

Our personal unique body holds

the secrets of our own mysteries


If we do not understand the basic principles of how our body works 

according to the latest knowledge on planet earth

even the bare bones of it

such as how our food is transformed into a resource

how organs process it

how our mind creates beliefs that determine the values we make, choices we take 

codes of relationship

and very basic principles of holistic health

that many separate aspects come together simultaneously

to create the well rounded healthy human being

which is why it is essential to create that holistic process….

as simply coming from one angle

mirrors the ego pattern 

and cannot create overall well being

it is impossible 

This is one of the huge

very common sense

aspects of the principle to

Know Thyself


If we do not know how to nourish ourselves 

How to nurture ourselves

How to create a sanctuary of a home

How to keep ourselves clean and our home clean

How to use nature’s gifts in balance

How to cook

How to relate to people in a balanced and respectful way…..

We are dis~empowered

child like

dependent on parental figures to empower us in the way of their choosing


if ego based

is not healthy or respectful


good for us

and this is something that in the UK we aren’t taught in education

Most homes from many generations have never done this as their parent’s didn’t know this

Then how do we know how to do it?

This is one of Western Societies delusions

and illusions about how most people live

Most people do not know how to take care of themselves and do not learn about it 

Doesn’t even cross their mind to learn about it

We are often told that many of today’s society issues are only present today

that in itself is untrue

The same issues around relationships are as old as the hills

Only acceptance of them and the revealing of them has changed as our ego issues have changed

My partner grew up in a very abusive home 

He had no knowledge of how to take care of himself on any level

He knew how to survive

He was bullied, beaten and emotionally traumatised every day of his life

When he became a parent how did he know how to parent?

When he became a parent with our children

he experienced a crisis point

he didn’t want to repeat past parenting patterns

at that point he decided to take action about his situation

This has been key to my knowing thyself journey and our families

I started to learn about psychology to understand what created emotional responses in me

and how I had been shaped by my life experience

This was at my Saturn Return when I first became a Mother

I am a very solution focused person and I realise now that the way I have 

experienced life so far has been instrumental to where I am now

Everything has had significance and value

When I worked in Travel and Tourism

I saw how sales worked

I saw manipulation process

I saw the business model

I saw the selling of dreams


how unaware that most people who went into a travel agency

are about how they are processed and packaged 

How people believed they were in a holiday bubble

where the reality of the place they were visiting 

had no impact on their holiday persona and expectations

Brits abroad :-)

This was eye opening


Eyes the window of the soul

Working from a different perspective of leisure I entered the world of bars, pubs, restaurants

and the corporate large model to the small ye old pubbie


This gave me great structures of discipline….

and how the manual for running the business in minutia 

actually could not be created in reality

because there weren’t enough hours in the day and I would not treat people like slaves

ultimately all models I ever experienced showed a truth

that if you followed the formula of what “should” happen

you couldn’t create a profit 

The two worlds didn’t match

and this is what is revealed as the same pattern

Who we think we are ~ ego

Who we really are ~ how we behave 


Most of the time our ego loves the fancy designer label

The ego stroke


not realising the true price of this acquisition ….

no matter which discount store we buy from

When we do not take responsibility and get real about what is happening in our day to day world

blame others

love drama

then huge atrocities can happen and do happen

look at history

It doesn’t happen overnight ~ it is incremental

If we aren’t prepared to look at ourselves

know ourselves

understand what makes us tick

recognise that we have a responsibility for everything happening to us

through our ways of behaving

then are we prepared to take what goes with that?

That is what is happening now

as part of the global trance dance

of transcendence 




co ~ dependence

Are we prepared to live in a world that is run by narcissists ?

How about sociopaths and pathological psychopaths whose behaviour runs unchecked

because the majority of our society is hiding under the bed

unwilling to challenge the 

ego elephant in the room?

Living the artificial dream

Here is a great film that focuses on these principles


It is time for each one of us to change the world

by taking personal responsibility

for our own process and learning

on a very practical level

to understand how we respond

what determines our response

Is our response creating 

an outcome that is honest, authentic and respectful ?

If we really believe that handing over

control to a group of people

who have 

untrained ego’s the size of a small country

to run our country 🙂

Is a good idea ?

Given the evidence so far ????

That a group of elitist



patterned individuals

who have rarely had any experience with anyone outside of their social group 

rarely even had any sort of life experience in any sort of a practical grounded way

is going to bring heaven on earth

despite evidence of thousands of years to the contrary ?

Then we can see that code 


giving rise to this…..

unless changed….

will simply create more of the same

and this is core to creating change within each one of us

Animal Totems




codes like everything else

The Animal Totem of Blue Night is

The Bat


The energy signatures of everything are part of

The Matrix of our Universe

and follow rules of existence and engagement

once we start to really resonate with this

conscious awareness of patterns

it becomes clearer

why certain things appear in our circle of influence

at certain cycles

as we follow the same cycles too

It starts to make sense

that on the one hand it is really mundane

It is also paradoxical too

as what is happening to us on our process is all part of our soul evolution

which doesn’t make any sense to the ego way of thinking

It is often the opposite to what we know 🙂

Spring code ~ a programme runs

Some aspects change each year and are not repeated ~ variables

otherwise everything would be the same every year

Some things remain fairly constant most of the time

for a range of time

There is a spectrum of potentiality

and our life is the same


The more we become aware

through life experience

of what happens at each Spring for example

the more we can come from a place of knowing 

and create choices based on that


The more we become aware of what happens

to the planets each Spring

The code of the Spring months Aries and Taurus

When the energies really rise

for example

The more we come from a place of knowing

and create choices based  on that

The more we know about what happens

to our personal planets

in our starchart ~ 

where the stars were at the time of our birth

to expand beyond simply knowing our Sun Sign

and how the Moon phases affect our emotional self 

for example

The more we come from a place of knowing

and create choices based on that



The more we know about our Mayan Sign

The planet’s thirteen year cycle

Our thirteen year cycle 

For example Blue Night is my higher self in the Mayan

It is connected to my

Taurus Moon of Isis

which is what is being revealed to me

as I integrate my shadow 

and lift my veil

I see myself without ego distortions

and as a result of this process

I connect to my own truth on the inside

and clear my conduit to the source

and can access 

the objective truth

The more I come from this place of knowing

about me

I create choices based on that

I recognise the signs more easily

I know when to wait

I know when to act

I know when to speak

I know when to be silent

I know how the intention I come with to each time and space


The more I know about my Great Work

The more I know about the Great Work

The more powerfully I can work

with this knowing 🙂

Always learning

Always a work in progress



This is creating a harmony combination

of many worlds and ways

between old warring tribes of :

One God Christ Consciousness of Faith 

versus other multi Gods

Pagan Wheel

Goddess Culture




Creating a cosmic cookie cake of….

Being a true hearted clear Seer 

right the way through

like a stick of rock


We can start to see that our dreams and goals take on a new meaning

as we clear our conditioning

and ego bias

We shrug off the “shoulds”

See “resistance” in a new way…..

The road to our freedom

letting go of obeying our internal ego master

taking our power back from the inside out

opening the bars of our self imposed prison

and following the path of our heart’s desire

which in essence has very simple plans

to be the true gift of our authentic selves

living on the land

in harmony

by being harmony


If you are ready to work on a deeper level

with yourself

from a place of being real

and honest

shadow work

ready to follow the ancient heart path of the alchemist

ready to be clear about response

ready to be open to different perceptions

this workshop may be for you


Creating the dream with Isis Heart Alchemy






Red Earth Wavespell ~ the catalyst day

A supernova remnant believed to be the remains of a massive star that exploded over 300 years ago.

Red Earth Wavespell

Day three

The day of Alchemy

Blue Electric Storm


Another way to look at this

is the spiral that birthed this year

in the 13 year cycle on planet earth

We are on Year 8 of a 13 year cycle


Red Moon

Yellow Galactic Seed

which is on Day 8 of this Wavespell 

Last year this Wavespell began on

July 19 2013

So if you choose you can remember what you were doing then….

and are revisiting now

This energy is the catalyst now that is also the catalyst for the whole year

It was a Blue Resonant Storm Year in 2012

so we are working with this energy to catalyse us this year

to enable us to take off our ego masks



I always learn a lot when I go to visit my birth tribe and where I hail from.

I haven’t been to the place of my birth but the place where I raised my family and spent the longest time in one place as an adult.

As a fire sign I have been to many place to create my central pattern.

Lots of insights today about this and how I have changed…

and therefore changed my relationships.

This is another key secret on the mastery of centring path.


Remember that although our focus is on ourself

we are interacting on many levels and influencing the whole of the universe ~ as we are a part of the whole

~ whether we believe that to be true or not 🙂

This is difficult to describe in many ways as it so much more than I can speak of as you know ~ I’ll give it a go 🙂

There is a Universal Script that affects us all ~ everything

This script is filtered by each part of the universe in the way that part believes and receives

When we are seeking to heal ourselves holistically and live free from fear and all it’s creation codes

one of the primary secrets is

that our beliefs shape our relationship with the universe

and this belief system affects everything else


So this is key to creating well being and recovery from any illness or way of living that feels lacking/painful in some way

This is the process of alchemy

This is hidden in our shadow scripts until we are ready to lift the lid

and explore our personal Pandora’s box


Let’s say we believe we have to do something at a certain time

and our will is “hell bent” on getting that to happen

If it is not meant to happen at that time ~ it won’t  

and we will get lots of learning at that time about what it means to do that will pushing

Because in order for us to hold that belief we have certain behaviours that we use

Let’s say we believe that someone else

is responsible for our being healthy

and that the only way to be well

is down to what we put into ourselves

that is our scripted story of belief

The universe can only bring us what we believe to be true in accordance with it’s own objective structure

and it’s basis for that

is to evolve through our evolution following a plan

otherwise we wouldn’t have a seasonal script or a what a day is script etc

They are all cosmic programmes to give an analogy ~ script that are running

So if that is a core belief then how can we heal ourselves?

To understand that this is not a truth

only our truth at this moment ~ 

We go through a process of experiential learning

All learning experiences themselves go through a process ~ a spiral just like the Wavespell


So for me as a child I went through lots of experiences of health and ill health


how the society of that time deemed health was achieved



re~ achieved

when lost

and I went through a spiral

I went through my conditioning and education by society

When I reached adult hood I had lots of experience of the medical model

and how it felt to be on the receiving end of that


When I became a mother I was now in a second position of learning

What had I experienced and what did I feel was something I wanted to continue with my children?

I was brand new at motherhood

and so I felt that I was not able to feel comfortable with making informed opinion about many things

because I had not” done” motherhood before

So I went for a combination of approaches which often brought me to a place of high anxiety 

Trust my head and the medical model/science etc?

Trust my family and friends opinion?

Trust my gut and instincts ?

Over time I learned to balance what I was receiving as to information and what I knew from life experience and my patterns…

and my heart wisdom 


I started to see how this instinctual knowledge ~ our tribal lineage ~

is devalued in our consumer society

and how the system of health was operating a system designed to disempower the individual

to create a dependency on the so called “expert” and the corporate that was training that “expert” to be conditioned with that belief system

This came on the back of earlier experiential learning with my education of a similar format 

At 15  my  free spirit kicked in and started questioning ~ in a big way ~ what I was being

told about who I was and what my role was in society

This also happened to coincide with my going into new worlds of exploration with certain fungus families and conscious raising herbs 🙂

Screen shot 2012-05-01 at 8.15.23 PM

So part of me ~ as a people pleaser ~ loves to conform and please and create harmony

Another part loves to rebel ~ anti establishment and busting conditioning cocoons

I love learning and had a huge appetite for it and am an open book for seeing different ways of being

and that has to be a match for me and my values

This can get me into deep water at times as I am often playing the fool

and seeing the positive whilst ignoring the darker aspects that are revealed later on

The universe brings me this as my learning path of course ~ my ego ticks me off or cheers me on in whatever way I am not meeting it’s emotional demands based on it’s old school ways of being 🙂

It wants the quick fix after all because it is how it is designed to get what it needs now to survive

I have always spoken up….eventually

This has been very challenging ~

nearly getting struck off by my doctor for example

I have chosen to keep going with this although sometimes this has brought huge uncomfortable situations in life

All I can say on this is keep going with your truth telling part from the heart

because it is essential to not only your evolution but the entire universe’s 🙂

Heart tree

Our ego ~ that creates our patterns on one level ~ our emotional mind ~ is operating an insanity code that does not create well being

Remember the universe does not judge

label or


and many paradoxes that are outside the field of what our mind knows and labels….

right or wrong

as Rumi quotes

As we work energetically and emotionally these paradoxes are revealed at the perfect time 

when we are ready and able to accommodate them through revealing our heart wisdom

by being it

Being the change we want to see

There is always a reason ~ we live in a causality framework ~ for everything~

only the ego denial denies that to avoid certain uncomfortable realities

and cause and effect that it does not like as to believe

 as that would mean ~ it hasn’t got any control over that ~ which of course is true ~ it hasn’t 🙂

Everything happens for a reason and as an individual we may not be privy to that.

All that is happening in our universe is allowing learning to happen and so this creates a new way of being. 

To get to a place of living in harmony and being healthy we go through all the stages that lead up that ….

which involve living out of harmony and getting sick

so we understand what has created that place of being

Everything starts with a positive intention ~ look for a solution to sickness for example 

At the time this happened in the West there was lots of revolution 

As our consciousness as a whole was based on very literal control mechanisms then that gave rise to lots of that manifesting

Projecting of emotion and blaming 

Making other people responsible



Outside ~ In approach

Discomfort caused by others


Now we are at a place of realising that we create our reactions

We choose how we feel

We take responsibility for that

Very young children cannot deal with their emotional state

because they do not have the mechanisms in place to do that

and have to receive as they are dependent 

They feel what they feel

and they take on whatever is in their circle of influence ~

hence lots of inflammatory childhood manifestations of anger

with childhood dis ~eases 

So the medical model creates a fix ~ immunise ~ which then becomes ~ vaccinate .

Being proactive

Aha the ego has a cure to control this “dis ~ ease ” and later it becomes big business

In reality it is simply a mask ~ just like all other ego mechanisms  ~ 

This mask has it’s benefits but it isn’t addressing the core issue ~

the anger in our society because of how our society is relating to itself

each other

and the planet and all it’s resources and beings

We are now at a time of addressing this because we have had sufficient learning about the fix outside ourselves

and it is becoming known in all circles how are beliefs shape how we live our lives 

Through lots of experience with drugs and vaccines we are aware of how they do not create healing

when the core issue is suppressed.

They only deal with the symptoms.

We know talking about things over and over gives some release ~

brings the inside outside

and in whatever way we believe we do relationship of being heard ~

it works on some level


It doesn’t create a two way relationship on it’s own

with ourself and the universe

which is the essential process

If we are so stuck in our ego and it’s will be done…

then it is so

and we are held in our past and the nature of that is….

We cannot fully access our now

If we believe someone else has to take responsibility for our health and well ~being as an adult

then we cannot heal ourselves because we are giving that power to someone else ?

If we believe we catch an illness of someone ~

then other people have the power to make us sick

and the only way to avoid that is to avoid other people and immunise ?

If we believe that men are the masculine and only men can have authority ~

then only men can authorise and give permission ?

If we believe that we create our own reality with our beliefs ….

If these beliefs are resistant because of being controlled and manipulated in the past ~ they create resistance….

Resistance creates feelings of….

anger? despair? frustration? grief? 

That creates behaviour of….

Fighting ?

Trying to get control?


Acting defeated? 


When we decide to take our power back we own our emotional responses

and decide to understand

what has created that response

and be able to create a different one that comes as a result of new learning

This new learning comes when we let go of the old on all levels

That can only happen when we let go of living in our past

because our past feels safer than today

because it is our comfort zone

the paradox is that comfort zone is here to be changed and that is the nature of the universe

Our past learning doesn’t match today’s world 


When we are having a relationship with someone

and they are behaving in a way we do not like 

and this creates an emotional response in us

Here is a different way to see that if you choose

First of all connect with your feelings

What feelings are they triggering in you that feel uncomfortable?

As soon as you can focus on these feelings

as they are the most important aspect of this event to be given full attention and process

They are always triggered as a result of a past event(s)

The older we are, the more trauma we have experienced and the bigger the emotional response 

if we have done no conscious emotional alchemy process

This is what is commonly known as post traumatic disorder 

Every human being has this experience on some level

because we all experience trauma every day in some way ~ such is life in the western world

What I mean by that is

we get other people behaving in a way we do not like ~

it’s the end of times and this is happening exactly for that reason ~

to birth something new now.


I use EFT ~ tapping

Tapping works because it allows us to connect with all levels of our being using ancient wisdom tools

It only works on an emotional level when we connect to our emotions 🙂 

Tap on this emotion and love and accept it if you can

When we are ready to heal event this the universe aligns us with the perfect vehicle for triggering it ~

at the perfect time

for us

for the other people involved ~ and there will be many ripples going out in this chain reaction

for the universal plan that we are all major players in


Remember that 🙂

Be with how you feel ~ this is an essential part of the process ~

being present with your whole emotional self without judging or labelling if you can


Keep tapping on this place of being and the emotion will go down and you will have an energetic release ~

may be yawning, feeling tired, burping 🙂

Then you will get insights as to what this is connected to ~ similar events from the past

The more you start to do this and the more your mind opens up to reveal this to you….

because you are ready to deal with it

Remember the pattern of evolution of a child continues …..

When we have the coping mechanisms to deal with things

then we are ready to deal with things

Most people don’t have these abilities or awareness

and so stick

to doing their coping mechanisms

which create a solution in some way

We all do this on some level 

It is how the integration process works

We live in a society that is led by avoidance and dishonesty processes

because they are the cornerstones underpinning it’s very existence

It is what it is because human consciousness is where it is


If we do not have people on different place of learning and evolution then we cannot have this process happening

The person who is playing the role of our trigger allows this to happen ~ this is the key relationship process is all and the more we use a personal alchemy process the more this is revealed to us

As we start to become experientially more response~ able ~ we know we are creating our response

The more we let go of  emotions from the past and so the volcano isn’t there any more

The more we do not react because there is no trigger in us

and this gives rise to the saying

When we change everything changes 

When a person does something to us that we do not like

We do not relate back in an emotionally charged way

and so there is a different interaction

This again is what many people do not realise

because they don’t yet understand

the emotional, energetic, vibrational nature of the universe

When we interact we others no matter what is coming out of our mouth ~ our script that is often dishonest

because it isn’t really the truth of what is in our heart

We are bringing all of us to the table 🙂

All of our selves are there and so we get the causality of that

The only way to change that is to change that within us

and learn different ways of relating if we do not already know this relationship skills ~ honest , respectful, communication

Being balanced in our masculine and feminine


Everything happens for us at the perfect time and we have free will to relate and be in the universe at whatever level we choose 

We choose powerfully by choosing to know ourselves 🙂

To evolve ourself

To strengthen our core and live in right relationship code and transform our ego

Light up our own catalytic convertor within

Be the lightening within

Be the thunder being of the Blue Storm

The more we release our resistance

The more we let go of our limitations

The more we take our pawn status to that of the Queen who can go anywhere as the liberated lady of the game of black and white 

Move from Queen of Ego….


                                                                                                                                           by being Alice 

and the embodiment of Elaine the Moon Goddess shown below 

painted by that illuminator painter again ….

 Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Following this cookie trail has revealed magical connections which are revealed if you look on the page link for Dante above. 

There is a photograph of him at the bottom , which was taken by …

Charles Lutwidge Dodgson


Lewis Carroll 



This can also be seen in tarot as

The Princess of Cups

Which just happens to be….

coincidentally 🙂

The card of the day

for a leading Leo in my life

and this is dedicated to her

With love

for being such an inspiration in my life

The more we become aware of how the universe really works 

through understanding the aspect of it that is….


the more we can face our challenges in life with courage

Heart open

Ready to rock

Be the fool wholeheartedly














Cosmic Conscious Time




Red Cosmic Moon Day ~ the last day of Red Earth Wavespell

Had so much to share yesterday on Yellow Crystal Star Day ~ a gap day as well but went to ground to receive and regenerate. Please click on the links for more info.

Thirteen today ~ cosmic movement

I am learning to pay attention and realise when I am taking on too much energetically and to go with the moon cycle .

Waning moon ~ be in your yin receiving space of tuning in and tuning out distractions and “shoulds”


Yellow Star day brought lots of revelation and insight. Family constellation awareness takes on a whole new dimension ~ literally ~ when you work with the actual energetic ancestor’s natal star charts and see the secret codes hidden within that reveal soul journey awareness.


On the planet we are in year 8 of a thirteen year cycle that began on July 26  2006 with Red Magnetic Moon and hence the energetic overview of this time is found here.

Awakening to our sacred feminine true nature on an individual basis and ……on a cosmic basis as a result. The challenge of the yin coming back in the second year of this thirteen year cycle in July 26 2007 was White Lunar Wizard ~ self ~ empowerment.

The two combined together create the energetics of the third co creative year of July 26 2008 ~Blue Electric Storm Year the year of the great financial crash took place starting in the US in August 2007 and really hitting home in June and July of 2008 in the UK , just as I was doing the biggest property project I had ever done 🙂

On the 4th year of  26 July 2009 the planet was on Yellow Self ~ Existing Seed Year ~ creating a form for the true nature of our seed selves to emerge and awaken and let go of our ego masks. 

On the 5th year 26 July 2010 we had Red Overtone Moon to help us remember our true soul purpose

On the 6th year of  26 July 2011 we had White Rhythmic Wizard Year to bring us into balance

and last year Blue Resonant Storm ~ to unleash our mystical magical true selves

Gratitude to Tracey Gendron for these fab resources.

Here is a link to an overview of mine for this year of Yellow Galactic Seed Year this year 

If you look at what you were doing you may get some revelations 🙂


Everything on one level on our planet is simply dancing to the cosmic rhythm and co creating with what is there ~ for example ~

the climate,

where our planet is in relation to other planets

time of year and proximity to the sun

time of day and proximity to the moon

the energetic pattern that is resonating

For our soul experience on one level our human conscious awareness interacts with this and creates a conscious intent.

To give a gardening example ~ we decide to make a garden and so we shape it with our will.

That said if we try and bend something in it too far away from it’s natural state of being….

it will not thrive and it may even die.

We learn from that process :-)…….

hopefully 🙂

In the recent past we ( the collective generally speaking in humanity and pre~dominantly in the west )have been on a hedonistic , ego spending spree and off on a patriarchal path that believes it knows better than God and Goddess whilst forgetting that is it’s true nature 🙂

That is the journey of forgetting and expressing the extreme masculine viewpoint.

Consumer pattern believes that all can endlessly be created in an even “better” way than is intrinsic and natural . Mankind can come up with more refined products that control and expand on nature’s great bounty…..

yea right 🙂

This is an untruth and an illusion that our collective ego has been really creative at…….


and creating a manipulation pattern.

People who manipulate come from a place of being manipulated. You do not do something you have not energetically experienced.

Part of the manipulation myth is that there is a wonderful by product that comes from this action,

that it is ok to manipulate someone when you know “better” ~ better than the universe?

that the majority will benefit so the end justifies the means……

the greater good bla bla bla

The truth is this pattern is a twisty, slippery pattern that has no basis in honest relationship because it is the pattern of a liar

A liar is always of the ego world.

Heart has no need to lie, nor spirit  for any reason period. The world that is not of ego patterns simply speaks the truth free of all emotion ~

it is what it is.

I don’t know about you but I am experiencing connecting to a great many manipulation myths right now 🙂

They are coming up for my awareness generally and for me personally as to what choices I make as to raising consciousness for myself and others.

I am very aware of letting go of drama as a Leo and I have spent quite a bit of time during this Red Magnetic Moon period, in the courts.

I have no tolerance for bullpoo and bullies . 

At the moment I am looking at several areas of relationship that are coming up as pattern matches for times in my past when other people have thought it ok to bully and judge me ~ make assumptions about who I am based on my gender, my age, my dress, the colour of my skin, my weight, my family background and where I hailed from…..

This is true for everyone in some way and these patterns expand into global issues that get bigger and bigger until we have no choice but to heed their teaching 🙂

If you look at the majority of  “minority” groups who have an “issue” concerning their “human rights” ~ you will see a common thread ~

women are in there

Women and the sacred feminine have experienced extreme unloving behaviour and this is where we are starting to reverse that curve and take a different direction.

I have had lots of communication this week and learned a lot . On this journey I have followed my cosmic cookie trail and been surprised at my findings.

This thread of manipulation goes so deep and only those that are ready and willing to work with this energetic signature in themselves will let go of believing that these threads are “conspiracy theories” and fear mongering ~ there are none so blind as those that will not see.


Creating different relationship realities actually requires doing things and taking action because if people do not speak up then the silence creates a willingness to keep the status quo.

Behind every accusation against our individual truth telling, there is always a fearful individual who does not want to hear that “truth” .

It is the soul journey to speak and stand firm as you navigate illusions ~ it is the creation of the core strength and essential to this year’s Yellow Galactic Seed energy ~ to reveal the true seed that wants to stay safely protected in it’s unaware shell. That said each unawakened pod is essential to the polarity dance at this time and we do not need to provoke an “outing” ~ or be silent and sacrifice our beliefs and self.

I have repeatedly been told that I “shouldn’t” speak my truth because it is for the person I am speaking to , to learn that for themselves. The person speaking this truth to me does not seem to apply that rule to themselves though ~ it is a one way street 🙂

Sound familiar?

If you are ready to be a warrior of the heart ~ and by that I mean to speak of what is honest free from personal ego agenda ~ it requires a high level of personal responsibility to be able to separate the inner wheat from the chaff ~ What is my emotional stuff and what is a clear message?

The difference that makes the difference is being clear of emotional intensity ~ or as clear as you can be and aware of what you are not clear of 🙂


be honest about it 🙂

No matter where we are on our path the clear vibration of honesty is felt and recognised by all.

Manipulation has been inherent in our journey so far because our world structure relies on it with the energetic imbalance of masculinity.

It is all part of the learning of the slave pattern ~ the co dependent pattern.

Over thousands of years people have been “sold” an idea that there is a very good reason why they are less than the other group which justifies them being used and abused….

and so often this has been from an on high perspective of a deity, in this deity’s name  ~ can’t argue with that one can you ?

Wow that is so powerful and persuasive and something so cruel to manipulate innocents in that way through fear and dishonesty.

It is really really simple to see now though for many more people isn’t it ?

For one group of people to have more than they need ~ and for some that is a lot more ~ other people have to have less ……..

and sometimes that is less than nothing. 

For continual products to fit a “success” ego label , there has to be continual product and “growth” ~ even a child can figure out that isn’t sustainable and yet amazingly…….the majority of the western world has gone a long with it.

Time for a change ?

I have just found a great thread about this, from looking for something else. Once you get familiar with the pattern of seeing the smokescreen it is easily spotted and becomes so obvious. An equally big story is created to divert attention and then becomes the focus and then manipulates the “target” audience into doing what the power that be truly wanted in the first place ~ only the targeted group isn’t aware of that and cashes in on that group’s naivety and/or general good naturedness.

All of our feast and famine times in recent history have been purposely created and came from earlier tried and tested manipulation models. War is a really great money making opportunity and smoke screen for the people who don’t  (seem to ) get their hands dirty. In the 1940’s in the UK we had women working the land in place of men and at a time when the land could have returned to the old sustainable ways ~ what happened instead was the implementation of mono crop farming with machinery. Where did the machinery come from ? ~ the USA. This way of farming destroyed our meadow fields, our wildlife, our natural hedgerows and all manner of chemical control came in. The UK were in debt to the US at this time which I guess was the pendulum swing of the opposite experience in earlier days. It was a chance for the US literally to make the UK pay.

No blaming intended here ~ simply a pattern and history repeat and learning.

When we work with small sustainable energetic systems and models that work with nature there is no need for any of this intervention ~ the universe has it all worked out without any help from humans 🙂 It is wisdom that ancient people know and is there to be reconnected to when we are ready to retrain our ego collective.

Looking for any tangible info on this I stumbled across a couple of other stories that you can read about here and here:

What is really interesting is the nuclear story. In the USA they hid what they were doing ~ supposedly for the greater good and they pretended that their nuclear stores weren’t for any sort of weapon ~ untrue. Later in history USA government then accused other countries of doing the same thing 🙂

Where did they get that notion from I wonder ? They had coined it and this is ~ I believe, the real nature of why certain countries ~ one of which is the UK , simply have to keep nuclear power. They can hide other things as they have a perfect excuse ~ a front, a mask….

a lie.

The UK people were sold this vision of cheap , clean fuel and it is very untrue, proved to be an issue with Japan’s recent event ( which was also a repeating historic pattern event in a different way ) and yet more nuclear power is on the cards ~ which doesn’t make any sense does it ? When something doesn’t make sense there is an ego pattern at work 🙂

The other story I found was very unexpected because it reveals a similar pattern about Pearl Harbor and if you look at that story you can see certain similarities to an event in 2001 in the USA.

Makes interesting reading doesn’t it?

Closer to home I have been researching the mortgage companies and in particular their behaviour as to their clients. In 2009 and 2010 the FSA in the UK had certain findings and fined three large companies £millions for their unfair behaviour with their customers ~ this is a matter of public record.

Why in 2013 is this behaviour still continuing? If you need any practical advice on this here is a great forum Consumer Action Group Forum

Have you had an extreme incident with a company that you were buying a product from believing in the old adage ~ the customer is always right?

Having spent much of my adult life in sales and service related industries, I am frequently gobsmacked at the extremity of the masculine behaviour I am currently witnessing.

When I was a young travel clerk I started at Thomas Cook and we had a rigorous list of recommended companies, the “cancellation” market was just coming in and some of the larger companies popular at the time ~ Airtours ~ were not allowed as bookings. When I left there ( on my “youth training scheme”) and worked at another place Soluna Travel ( notice the name 🙂 ) this was different. Travel Companies had incentives for travel agents and the more holidays you booked for them the more renumeration you got ~ in some cases free trips ~ which to the poorly paid travel agent were what made life possible 🙂 If you ever walked into an agency determined to go to Spain and ending up going to Greece this may explain why ? I guess that is still happening today. The people I worked with didn’t reveal the in depth agenda to their customer and at the same time weren’t manipulative to any great degree because many of our customers became personal friends and came back year after year ~ I believe the people had high integrity in their transactions. If there was a choice between two companies though and one had a better incentive for the agent …..guess which was booked ? It tipped the scales.

Some companies believe that it is their right to believe you may be committing an offence in their store if you behave in a certain way and that it isn’t an issue for you or them, if they challenge you about this in public, ask to search you , find nothing and state it was your fault for behaving in a way that creates suspicion, whilst not actually being able to spell that out for you ~

When this viewpoint is challenged, all of this behaviour, seemingly ,is blamed on staff who are not following company guidelines ~ yet when undercover documentaries are made this is often seen to be the reverse ~ they are totally following company guidelines, with pressure being placed upon staff to make their store money no matter what the cost to the customer or honest or fair relationship.

Having worked for several large profit driven companies I have experienced this profit led, slavery model and the charming manipulators they attract to management 🙂

If we do not speak up about this and make our voice heard then what is the outcome?

I seem to remember that the terrible events of history, that happened all over the world ,are often deferred in responsibility to ~

I was following orders.

It is time for us to awaken to creating respectful relationship for all.

One of the key aha moments I had this week was thanks to a posting on Facebook of my old home town of Rochdale.

I have always wanted to get out of Rochdale from the moment I started to travel. Sorry Rochdalians ~ I know there are some lovely places in the area but the town centre is one of the lowest vibes I have ever come across and in particular the town flats. I have had some happy times there thanks to friends and we used to have a big circle of community.

I was really surprised when I remembered the flats name ~ the Seven Sisters and how that connects to the Pleiades information I am working with today ~ what an amazing reframe 🙂 We are always in the perfect space. This constellation is over my house and is my moon ~ Taurus.

Everything that has taken place so far was absolutely meant to ~ question is ~ do we continue with it or…..

wake up and weave new realities that are in touch with our highest good ~ everyone’s highest good and accept nothing less……..

We are worth it 🙂


Love to you and your awakening beacon of sacred feminine light ~ tomorrow begins a new

energetic signature of White Dog Wavespell ~ unconditional love and connecting to your tribe 



Yellow Galactic Seed Year 2013



Wishing you joy and love on this New Year’s Day Lovelies


Yellow Galactic Seed Year 

This is an amazing time to be alive on our planet and evolve in this emotional evolution

All of the magic we have known through our imagination since we were children is starting to be revealed as truth as the veil is starting to be lifted and we learn who we really are ~ powerful co creators of our reality. 

This is happening faster and faster as we are at an optimum time for this process ~ we have all the connections in place for this cosmic communication now .

As each one of us integrates and works with solar plexus issues ~ our personal veil ~ our heart opens more and releases it’s wounding and we step through the valley of death into rebirth. We enter the gates of the goddess and usher our sacred feminine within. Our circles complete and expand and we let go of old ways of being on all levels.

When we allow ourselves to truly live from love then our world reflects this around us and this energy changes everything we touch.

All we need do is go within 🙂

Please click on the links for more information on other sites and resources

The number 8 is the infinity symbol and represents the as above , so below and the first image I chose today is the Tree of Life. To create balance our roots below the ground ~ and our lower chakras ~ match what is above.

It is the first place we go to create a strong foundation so our upper growth has the necessary structure to support it.

Caroline Myss The Anatomy of the Spirit is an in depth book on this and great videos here

Number 8 is also the number of Scorpio ~ the death and rebirth time.

We are in Saturn in Scorpio times of tough love and keeping it real 🙂

When we allow ourselves to look at, feel and heal our shadow we remember the wheel of our personal, internal alchemy and transform what we perceive as our darkness into light.

All is love , all is essential to our journey and all is valued in our wholeness.

It is the nature of our journey of transformation and the reason we are here in our human spaceship at this time 🙂


This is the secret ~ go within and change within energetically . Bring heaven to earth in you by letting go emotionally and energetically of your past and be the peace you seek. Until you do this nothing can change because …….

we create our perception of the world.

It is really really really simple 🙂 Like all great truths.

It isn’t difficult ~ it can be painful to look within ~ it has to be done to create new circles for ourselves ~ consciously 🙂

It isn’t a passive experience if you wish to change how you relate to the world 🙂 It involves creating new ways internally and this shapes the external behaviour and energetic interaction with our universe.

You cannot do that by meditation, reading about it or wishing it alone 🙂

When we look at sacred geometry with practical insights and bring the intellectual essence of it into plain language and understanding ~

we can see that these patterns are everywhere and it is all the same simple stuff albeit incredibly complex on another level.

Everything in our universe goes through the same cycles of death and rebirth and Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

In this patriarchal time the bigger picture pattern has put all the emphasis on outer, egoic, yang energy and suppressed the feminine, shadow yin energy simply for evolutionary learning 🙂

This is what the Zodiac reveals and as this is in the heavens so it is on Earth.


The moon cycles ~ waxing and waning and the four quarters….

The ley lines on the planet and the chakra points and the same lines in our body.

This is what the Mayan Wavespell reveals to us ~ how our universal energy is always taking us to different places and experiences at significant times…..

All this information is always here under the sun ~ there is nothing new 🙂

There may be new ways to weave with it because of the nature of new times and new learning

There is nothing to fear ~ we are here for an adventure and the more of our personal fear we release the more we can see that to be true on a personal level

and the more we get clear in our own personal energetic bubble ~

the more we see with clarity ~ our own personal pattern and our energetic signature that is the gift we bring to our planet at this lifetime

When we place our focus on ourselves this is when life really takes off with a Quantum Leap and we truly start to master our ego and see it as a friend.


As we integrate, our energy grows stronger and we strengthen our core, we step off the karma deal, get out of the hamster wheel and truly engage with our destiny.

We become transparent through our ego transformation and we let go of our personality needing validating or ego stroking as we remember who we really are and what we came here for 🙂



So much to share with you today about what I have learned and especially what has been brought to my awareness over the last few days of the old year.

Where to begin ?


My intention for this year


Yesterday in my day out of time workshop I focused on what I want to integrate for myself this year and I chose :




This has been a very clear theme for me since arriving in Glastonbury in 2011 and where I have been seeing my own ego masks and dishonesty with heightened awareness ~ big trip in The Heart Chakra of Glastonbury 🙂 Here expanded evolution is potent ~ on the flip side it is also a place of lost souls.

As one of my key ego masks is people pleasing , it has always been difficult to be honest with what I see and believe because I do not like to upset people and through my own self~ development process I have learned to let go of taking responsibility for how other people feel.

Bringing this back to myself ~ I feel shadow emotions when I trigger them in others and I blame myself because I have been blamed.

This is teaching me how to create good boundaries and speak up about blaming when other people seek to blame me, be dishonest about their feelings by turning that onto me ~ becoming a scapegoat ~ and also when I do that with others.


In both perspectives there is a history waiting in the wings to enter centre stage ~ whether a drama will unfold as a result is my choice 🙂

This, I believe, is simply an age old ego mechanism that allows individuals to avoid feeling uncomfortable feelings from an early age ~ which is what the ego’s primary directive is 🙂


A mastery space of ego evolution is allowing all our emotions ~ holistic ~ and letting them guide us on our heart path free from addictive pleasure seeking 🙂

This energy expands as we grow older and this energy that is being held in a shadow limbo bag gets bigger and heavier and attracts the same experiences so the shadow can be brought into conscious awareness at exactly the perfect time for the individual’s evolution and the planetary evolution.

I have learned to speak up and honour my heart wisdom and as much as possible to be speaking my truth from this clear place ~ and I don’t always manage that. Sometimes it comes from ego and fear and is simply a past event seeking release. I am learning new ways to work with this and this is what I share in my blogs 🙂

Learning about my personal natal chart ~ where the planets were at the time of my birth ~ has really helped me and once I understood more about my North Node in Gemini ~ North Node is life purpose ~ this truth telling became clearer.

If you are like me you will often be your own worst inner critic ~ I have Venus in Virgo ~ which is a transit at the moment .

I have learned to listen to this inner critic as it shows me what is seeking transformation as to inner ego passengers I have picked up on my light journey over my lifetime.

These aspects, characters ~ call them what you will ~ performers in my life theatre ~ are often coming from a belief system that has a positive intention to keep us safe.

As parents, for example, we may criticise certain behaviours in our children as we believe this will encourage them to do well.

It is the same mistaken belief that war leads to peace 🙂 We do what we know and that is what often keeps us stuck ~ because it creates the same results that feel so frustrating and hurtful 🙂

We haven’t had an education in our society around being loving and supporting in the UK  ~for many decades it is the opposite ~ and so unless we have had enlightened individuals in our lives ~ chances are we do not have that energetic signature in our energy bubble within….

this is where we can unlearn old ways of relating and bring new energy in …..

This is how I use Emotional Freedom Technique to release old stuff that my inner critic brings for me and other fellow journeyer’s highlight by our relationships with one another

Our archetypal pattern matchers from the past ,The Fool’s journey in tarot , keep showing up in different forms so we get to experience the same situations that previously occurred and we can ~

  • let them go emotionally ~ ideally without passing the pain parcel on. When we get an emotional response we are triggered and that emotion is ours. Ideally before engaging any further we can go and clear that past emotional event and come back to that person clear of it ~ otherwise it will repeat and if it is a pattern match for an emotional biggie ~ lots of events combined into one ~ it will be high on the emotional scale.
  • This is the gift other people bring ~ this is the reason we are here ~to get clear 🙂 When we get clear we are back to being our child self before any wounding and…..with all our wisdom of experiential adulthood ~ magical combo
  • be a teacher and a student ~ we are here to share with other people and speak about behaviour too ~ modelling gentle, respectful relationships where we can each be our unique selves in full glory and the other person does not have to be less or more. In the co creation model we create a third circle in relationship where both parties contribute to this shared space and let go of living in duality and a half to another half. Instead of choosing a masculine leading person to our feminine leading person, each of us balances our masculine and feminine within 🙂

In terms of the seed of life and the sacred geometry of the diamond

we can see how the universe is creating energetically and bring that to consciousness each day ~ this is the gift of connecting to a power team of Astrologers and  Mayan bloggers that may have information that is outside of your field of understanding on a personal level ~ yet you are drawn to it 🙂

Simply connect and take in what you can 🙂 When it’s the right time for you to learn and integrate this is when the teaching appears ~ and this may take many forms ~ open up to it ~ open up to new ways of learning and new patterns 🙂 It is the Cosmic Cookie Trail connecting just for you


This is the Tantra pattern  ~ the universe is the bigger picture that we are part of ~ the big circle.

Look to your own sacred geometry and become an expert on it so you have an awareness of yourself, your path and your journey

this is the smaller unique circle that each one of us has in our own individual way

When we bring these together in co creation tantra ~ we create a powerful integrated, aligned union.

We are always held in this embrace ~

  • having awareness of it and your part in it brings a whole new way of being
  • creating with intention is a different path entirely ~ mastery path
  • working with emotion is the key ~ aligning head and heart is the internal transformation path

We are on the Red Earth Wavespell and this is all about connecting to our core and living from heart and courage.

How the Mayan Wavespell information can assist you in seeing the bigger picture of the Universal Circle:

If you look at the picture of the Mayan Signature for this New Year of Yellow Galactic Seed

July 26 2013




You will see there are four aspects

In the centre is the  yellow seed ~ this is yellow and South in itself and so this year it is an expansion and a flowering of the previous year of                             Blue Resonant Storm Year. We have reached the top of the pyramid and are now on the descent ~ this also means we are in yin energy, receiving and the higher realms of higher consciousness.

At the top  ~ the Northern position ~ we have the Star and the harmonic web we are all weaving ~ harmony from within

and the North is the place of masculine energy and truth, refinement~ the guide and the place we are heading towards.

This is the guiding light ~ being the star that we truly are free from our ego shadow 🙂

In astrological terms I believe this is the Ascendent in our natal chart ~ this is the influencing energy that we are here to work with and often the first thing that people see us as .

Mine is Aquarius with Uranus in Virgo


In West Position is the White Wizard and this is always the challenge. Another way of seeing this is ~ new learning and soul growth 🙂

West is Blue energy and death and rebirth through the shadow. Generally our shadow can be seen as our Moon ~ our emotional, feminine , dark side and all our mothering issues.

White Wizard generally is about self ~ empowerment and allowing the magic to flow through us rather than trying to force something from ego. Letting ourselves be a clear channel so that juicy kundalini light and emotion flows free like a bubbling brook.

As this is a white signature it means we are refining this space.

Mine is Taurus and significantly ~ an insight today ~ my Mum has a lot of Taurus in her astrological chart. When we look in our family circle energetic signature we can see how that has been the perfect place for us to weave our life purpose and expand our energetic code.


In East Position is Blue eagle


East is awakening and raising consciousness and Blue Eagle is seeing the bigger picture of our journey and our path.

I am guessing in astrological terms this is our North Node ~ our life purpose bigger picture and our star seeded mission .

What have we come to learn/integrate and share ?

What has been our own personal awakening ? What is the general theme running through our life that keeps coming up ?

How are we sharing ourself and how do we love doing that and how have we experienced wounding with that ?

In our wounding is our greatest transformation and our greatest gift for the worldwide harmony web weaving.

North Node in Gemini for me


In the South we have the Red Earth and this is hidden ~ below ground 🙂

This is the lower chakra ~ as above and so below. Red Earth is our core energy and how grounded and centred we are. Are we earthed ? Do we feel we belong? Have we let go of our fear so we can be flexible and bend with the winds of change. Are our roots going down deep to reach the deep water and be strong or have we yet to heal tribal issues of birth family, one to one relationships and therefore know ourselves truly from our own inner wisdom ?

This is the area we are looking to resolve and through revisiting we strengthen and as we expand our foundation what is above ground can truly shine. If we are not shining our solar self to full capacity then our masculine energy may be feeling depleted and our light dimmed.

I am feeling this is our Sun sign .

Are we allowing ourselves to be the true nature ~ without holding back ~ out of some belief that we have to turn ourselves down and limit our beautiful beingness ?

Mine is Leo.


The minute I shared that as a younger person I always got what felt like a negative response ~ unless from a fellow Leo.


What I have learned through finding out about my natal chart is that I am so much more than a Leo and …..

that I am learning to let my Leo energy roar as I let go of my conditioning and early life experience that has the ego flavour.


The essence of this year is all about letting our true nature emerge as the price is too high to suppress it.

The more we can all let ourselves be free on all levels and the more our planet is brought back into balance ~ as our soul playground it only ever reflects where the ego and soul is in it’s evolution and…..

just like the hundred monkey’s theory as we tip towards wholeness and integration of our shadow selves, release those ego masks and be free

Our very own earth eden will be restored

It starts as always in our own back yard 🙂

We have to be the change we want to see.


If you are ready to commit to your change process and new learning please get in touch.

There are lots of ways we can co create together.


Wishing you a liberating year with lots of love and the recognition that we are worth it.


It is all about our personal process and our pattern ~ the more we know about this and the

more power for our flower.


For easy access to my timely blogs and to synchronise simply by reading them ~ please subscribe to my blog.


Light Language of Leo



Yellow Self Existing Sun ~ Day four of the Red Earth Wavespell

Back in the Glasto circle after a few days outside in the Buddhafield Bubble.

It’s great to go somewhere outside of our circle to get a fresh perspective and see our pattern revealed.

When we do this we can liberate ourselves from habitual ways of being and move on in every way to co create something new.

Please click on the links ~ these will lead you to new places of other people’s websites/resources/my resources that assist in creating a bigger picture view 🙂 I love to share what inspires me.

We move into Leo Sun today and as a Leo this is a great time for me to be in my centre core energy. I also have Aquarius ascendant and so a very clear seeing time for me to create choices from discernment by balancing both these faces of my star code energetic pattern.

 I chose a picture of Leonardo Da Vinci today as a representation of the Christ Consciousness that this Mayan day brings.

It is the “heretics” of the age that are often the true bringers of the light free from ego 🙂

The language of consciousness is literally held in the light of the Sun’s energy and in our Sun sign this is the consciousness we are seeking to evolve in this lifetime and the gift we bring.

We are the God and Goddess energy and the bringers of the new dawn ~ our human bodies and personalities in each lifetime are literally the birthers of the new ways of being.

Everyone is playing their part perfectly at this time.

We are in Capricorn moon as I am writing this in the UK and this moves into Aquarius later today as we greet the full moon in Aquarius.

Over the weekend I have been working very consciously with awareness of how this time is showing me times in the past and also my future .

We have had Sagittarius moon energy on Friday and Saturday ~ way shower and truth speaker and this moved into Capricorn on Sunday with a look at where we are on the stairway to heaven .

In simplicity there are two paths ~

  • the way of the mind and the ego and this artificial way of living that is led by our head ~ the patriarchal path that our planet is currently transiting from
  • the way of the heart and the soul and the true nature of our learning playground of planet earth that is experiential created by us for our emotional evolution that is where we are heading towards ~ the sacred feminine

Depending on where we are on our personal path is the key and focusing on this is the way to being and living from the heart free from making things happen, making things fit, living from fear and living in a way that is driven from our past so that we cannot be in the now ~ and ~ being future based believing that when we have xyz and abc all will be well.

The key to happiness in being in balance and living in all worlds in constant flux ~ flexibility free from “woulds” and “shoulds” and allowing ourselves to simply trust in our own guidance and intuition.

Blending our masculine and feminine within us and releasing the past to create anew is the light journey.

All things in our universe are ~ in our universe ~ we are on an all inclusive trip 🙂 there is nothing to be lost and everything to be gained on this love boat and the more we relax into this the more we enjoy the journey. So many paradoxes 🙂

There is always sufficient for our planetary life ~ we simply transform and move around with all our resources ~ everything stems from this same Goddess pattern of life cycle and I was reminded of this in a Women’s Workshop this weekend about the menstrual cycle ~ as it is with the moon, the seasons and the intrinsic pattern of the four quarters so it is of course within us:


This morning I have been contemplating what I have learned this weekend as I have been watering my garden and doing cleaning ~ general chores that are essential for day to day life. When I am nourishing my personal circle ~ my garden that I have created ~ I can see the structure of myself revealed.

The sacred pattern and cycle structure is inherent in everything ~ this is the holographic universe.

Once we understand this very simple principle experientially we can work in magical ways and create our lives consciously with awareness and this gives us ~

conscious choice.

Meditation is simply that ~ to be aware of ~

us and our thoughts

to be aware of ~


giving time to be present with ~


The time of the guru is past ~ we all have Buddha and Christ and any other deity energy encoded within us 🙂 We are everything that has ever been and will be ~ now 🙂 

We don’t need any activation from another ~ when it is our “go” time our green light comes on automatically 🙂

I went to three workshops this weekend and all revealed some magic for me.

Lots of connections, fun and heart connection in Karen Skehel’s Open Your Heart lifecoaching workshop ~ lots of shared methodologies here too that I have learned and used in mine ~ and remembering them ~  and I loved the experiential journey we all shared ~ remembering how we are all in this together and have so many shared spaces of life . This is the tantra pattern. Shared space and individual space and knowing where we end and another begins so we can be individuals and have common ground to come together. She shared the Ho’ opono pono exercise and that was a deeply moving experience ~ to speak the simple words to another ,one to one, face to face. We remembered that each of us has the ability to assist in reflecting each other back and to see ourselves in another

In Lak”ech ~ I am another you.



I went to an EFT workshop. It was lovely to take part in a true sharing of Gary Craig’s creation of the process of Emotional Freedom Technique ~ to be shared freely from the heart as a tool that is universal, for all and free to learn and to access it’s wisdom. Craig Trafford has a simple, practical delivery and for me this reminded me of the basic core of the nature of this wonderful energy tool ~ most people have no awareness of it yet and it is creating amazing change and transformation. Craig’s passion for it re ~ignited mine . He succinctly explained the process and how it releases the past conditioning easily ~ lots of pertinent subjects for the camping too that we could all borrow benefits from 🙂

Gratitude to these people who are sharing wonderful ways of living inspired lives and of course this was what the theme of this year was all about ~ setting the heart on fire 🙂 Doing what we love ~ having the courage to live our true nature is the core of this.



What I loved about Buddhafield was the relaxed, chilled, open hearted environment, where people were being themselves, eclectic, coming together and feeling the love in whatever way that flowed for them.

There were intellectual workshops, meditation, yoga, singing, tai~ chi, qui~gong, trance dance, art, social change, birthing, bands, rituals, ceremony, tribal, and so much more…..

lots of people from all different backgrounds and experiences sharing the beautiful landscape and sunshine in relaxed, respectful ways and with the intention of being present , free  on one level of key addictive and mood changing substances ~ drugs and alcohol and certain foods that are not part of a Buddha way of living ~

The enlightenment process is  not something abstract or elaborate on one level ~ this is one of the paradoxical aspects of our reality road trip.

It is very simple ~ for each one of us to transform our shadow beliefs about ourselves as individuals and to love and accept what we have chosen in this lifetime.

An Englishman’s home is his castle ~ is a famous saying. It can also be his prison.

To be fully enlightened we do not need a castle as we are the fool who is the child with the open heart free from all beliefs that are fear based ~ which basically means we have learned them in our relationship with the universe so far. We are the traveller who steps lightly and is free from carrying baggage as we have created our internal transformation and shrugged off that heavy load …..

we are free to go where the wind blows us and happy to do so 🙂


To unlearn fear beliefs is the heart path and to realise that each event that has ever happened to us has been captured as an evolutionary photo shoot ~ a sensory picture that our humanity believes is “the truth” when in reality it is simply something that has happened to us that we have placed meaning on.

All these events are perfectly placed for us and each one of us is perfectly placed to dance with each other

When we are very young when we feel uncomfortable we cry. When we get hurt , we cry and this is healing for us. It is an emotional response that allows us to release that uncomfortable event and energy. It allows healing. It allows release. It allows us to access our sacred feminine healing side.Often as we get older we are educated not to do this and the circle is broken and we are stuck in the wound stage.

When we have a lot of heat in the world it reaches a crescendo. Clouds gather and the energy is released through a storm ~ electricity that has built up is released and discharged. The air and land is cooled by water and everything is brought into balance. If there has been a prolonged period of heat and drought then the storms are bigger and more powerful.

Water is emotion .

Water is the healing energy and restores harmony in this pattern and so it is true for our own healing circle. Many of us have stopped crying and are stuck in the anger and pain and this creates heat in our bodies. This heat expands and inflames.

If we regain the ability to let our own wheel turn and our cycle complete then we create flow.

Our society is focused on the masculine energetic times of the yang period ~ the masculine, the ego, the show and doesn’t value the resting, dark void spaces of the sacred feminine ~ the yin and going within.

All of this is now swinging around.

As I have spoken of before , one of my key motivating moments was reading The Celestine Prophecy and learning about ways of being and communicating that allow us to follow our personal Cosmic Cookie Trail with light language.

I put that into practise this weekend and trusted my gut about who to connect with ~ I simply got a feeling to talk to them and share about the Mayan Calendar and magically they had connections to Glastonbury 🙂

I also felt quite grounded and in balance most of the time ~ had a few wobbles literally and this alerts me to me going out of my circle  and emotional events from my past seeking release.

On our transistion path we often do go way out of balance to come back in ~ whatever is seeking to be integrated looms large. If we have been pushing aspects of ourselves down like corks under water ~ there is a natural balancing occurs …..

and rest assured it will 🙂

at the perfect time .

We may have to stop being in certain circles for a while …..doesn’t mean we cannot ever go back there….. but if we are honing our sensitivity and allowing ourselves to be more in our sacred feminine for example…..

there are certain places that would not be energetically compatible with and cause an electric storm

so horses for courses 🙂

Trust in one’s ability to travel the landscape and know the perfect time for action and rest is one of the key areas to focus on building energetically now.


One of my favourite places to visit was The Secret Glade. It was a beautiful sacred green space that offered soothing balms of serenity away from the glare of the sun and the madding crowds. 

We sought sanctuary there to cool and connect to the earth ~ here it is:


Today I have been at my Moon Gardening meeting and have been sharing so much about the moon, plants, astrology and had an amazing time. The people who are there have wonderful stories and many years experience of this world and it’s inhabitants and I love listening to them and asking their opinion. I also feel that my voice is equally heard and we are all in balance with our giving and receiving 🙂

There are storms forecast for the UK this week  ~ hopefully that won’t interrupt my retreat but if it does there will be lots of learning 🙂

The more we learn to accept whatever heads our way and intend to learn and open our heart with it and the easier it is to enjoy the ride.

Everything has a reason and a season and a web to weave.

Lots of love to you today with your journey.

If you wish to participate consciously with the new year beginning on July 26 please contact me with your time, date and place of birth.

If you wish to enhance your experience further with one of my workshops that is energetically designed for this time then please book your space. The full info is on this blog thread here.

This is for people who are ready to get clear and be on purpose with their integration

process from day one of Yellow Galactic Seed year.