Light Language of Leo



Yellow Self Existing Sun ~ Day four of the Red Earth Wavespell

Back in the Glasto circle after a few days outside in the Buddhafield Bubble.

It’s great to go somewhere outside of our circle to get a fresh perspective and see our pattern revealed.

When we do this we can liberate ourselves from habitual ways of being and move on in every way to co create something new.

Please click on the links ~ these will lead you to new places of other people’s websites/resources/my resources that assist in creating a bigger picture view 🙂 I love to share what inspires me.

We move into Leo Sun today and as a Leo this is a great time for me to be in my centre core energy. I also have Aquarius ascendant and so a very clear seeing time for me to create choices from discernment by balancing both these faces of my star code energetic pattern.

 I chose a picture of Leonardo Da Vinci today as a representation of the Christ Consciousness that this Mayan day brings.

It is the “heretics” of the age that are often the true bringers of the light free from ego 🙂

The language of consciousness is literally held in the light of the Sun’s energy and in our Sun sign this is the consciousness we are seeking to evolve in this lifetime and the gift we bring.

We are the God and Goddess energy and the bringers of the new dawn ~ our human bodies and personalities in each lifetime are literally the birthers of the new ways of being.

Everyone is playing their part perfectly at this time.

We are in Capricorn moon as I am writing this in the UK and this moves into Aquarius later today as we greet the full moon in Aquarius.

Over the weekend I have been working very consciously with awareness of how this time is showing me times in the past and also my future .

We have had Sagittarius moon energy on Friday and Saturday ~ way shower and truth speaker and this moved into Capricorn on Sunday with a look at where we are on the stairway to heaven .

In simplicity there are two paths ~

  • the way of the mind and the ego and this artificial way of living that is led by our head ~ the patriarchal path that our planet is currently transiting from
  • the way of the heart and the soul and the true nature of our learning playground of planet earth that is experiential created by us for our emotional evolution that is where we are heading towards ~ the sacred feminine

Depending on where we are on our personal path is the key and focusing on this is the way to being and living from the heart free from making things happen, making things fit, living from fear and living in a way that is driven from our past so that we cannot be in the now ~ and ~ being future based believing that when we have xyz and abc all will be well.

The key to happiness in being in balance and living in all worlds in constant flux ~ flexibility free from “woulds” and “shoulds” and allowing ourselves to simply trust in our own guidance and intuition.

Blending our masculine and feminine within us and releasing the past to create anew is the light journey.

All things in our universe are ~ in our universe ~ we are on an all inclusive trip 🙂 there is nothing to be lost and everything to be gained on this love boat and the more we relax into this the more we enjoy the journey. So many paradoxes 🙂

There is always sufficient for our planetary life ~ we simply transform and move around with all our resources ~ everything stems from this same Goddess pattern of life cycle and I was reminded of this in a Women’s Workshop this weekend about the menstrual cycle ~ as it is with the moon, the seasons and the intrinsic pattern of the four quarters so it is of course within us:


This morning I have been contemplating what I have learned this weekend as I have been watering my garden and doing cleaning ~ general chores that are essential for day to day life. When I am nourishing my personal circle ~ my garden that I have created ~ I can see the structure of myself revealed.

The sacred pattern and cycle structure is inherent in everything ~ this is the holographic universe.

Once we understand this very simple principle experientially we can work in magical ways and create our lives consciously with awareness and this gives us ~

conscious choice.

Meditation is simply that ~ to be aware of ~

us and our thoughts

to be aware of ~


giving time to be present with ~


The time of the guru is past ~ we all have Buddha and Christ and any other deity energy encoded within us 🙂 We are everything that has ever been and will be ~ now 🙂 

We don’t need any activation from another ~ when it is our “go” time our green light comes on automatically 🙂

I went to three workshops this weekend and all revealed some magic for me.

Lots of connections, fun and heart connection in Karen Skehel’s Open Your Heart lifecoaching workshop ~ lots of shared methodologies here too that I have learned and used in mine ~ and remembering them ~  and I loved the experiential journey we all shared ~ remembering how we are all in this together and have so many shared spaces of life . This is the tantra pattern. Shared space and individual space and knowing where we end and another begins so we can be individuals and have common ground to come together. She shared the Ho’ opono pono exercise and that was a deeply moving experience ~ to speak the simple words to another ,one to one, face to face. We remembered that each of us has the ability to assist in reflecting each other back and to see ourselves in another

In Lak”ech ~ I am another you.



I went to an EFT workshop. It was lovely to take part in a true sharing of Gary Craig’s creation of the process of Emotional Freedom Technique ~ to be shared freely from the heart as a tool that is universal, for all and free to learn and to access it’s wisdom. Craig Trafford has a simple, practical delivery and for me this reminded me of the basic core of the nature of this wonderful energy tool ~ most people have no awareness of it yet and it is creating amazing change and transformation. Craig’s passion for it re ~ignited mine . He succinctly explained the process and how it releases the past conditioning easily ~ lots of pertinent subjects for the camping too that we could all borrow benefits from 🙂

Gratitude to these people who are sharing wonderful ways of living inspired lives and of course this was what the theme of this year was all about ~ setting the heart on fire 🙂 Doing what we love ~ having the courage to live our true nature is the core of this.



What I loved about Buddhafield was the relaxed, chilled, open hearted environment, where people were being themselves, eclectic, coming together and feeling the love in whatever way that flowed for them.

There were intellectual workshops, meditation, yoga, singing, tai~ chi, qui~gong, trance dance, art, social change, birthing, bands, rituals, ceremony, tribal, and so much more…..

lots of people from all different backgrounds and experiences sharing the beautiful landscape and sunshine in relaxed, respectful ways and with the intention of being present , free  on one level of key addictive and mood changing substances ~ drugs and alcohol and certain foods that are not part of a Buddha way of living ~

The enlightenment process is  not something abstract or elaborate on one level ~ this is one of the paradoxical aspects of our reality road trip.

It is very simple ~ for each one of us to transform our shadow beliefs about ourselves as individuals and to love and accept what we have chosen in this lifetime.

An Englishman’s home is his castle ~ is a famous saying. It can also be his prison.

To be fully enlightened we do not need a castle as we are the fool who is the child with the open heart free from all beliefs that are fear based ~ which basically means we have learned them in our relationship with the universe so far. We are the traveller who steps lightly and is free from carrying baggage as we have created our internal transformation and shrugged off that heavy load …..

we are free to go where the wind blows us and happy to do so 🙂


To unlearn fear beliefs is the heart path and to realise that each event that has ever happened to us has been captured as an evolutionary photo shoot ~ a sensory picture that our humanity believes is “the truth” when in reality it is simply something that has happened to us that we have placed meaning on.

All these events are perfectly placed for us and each one of us is perfectly placed to dance with each other

When we are very young when we feel uncomfortable we cry. When we get hurt , we cry and this is healing for us. It is an emotional response that allows us to release that uncomfortable event and energy. It allows healing. It allows release. It allows us to access our sacred feminine healing side.Often as we get older we are educated not to do this and the circle is broken and we are stuck in the wound stage.

When we have a lot of heat in the world it reaches a crescendo. Clouds gather and the energy is released through a storm ~ electricity that has built up is released and discharged. The air and land is cooled by water and everything is brought into balance. If there has been a prolonged period of heat and drought then the storms are bigger and more powerful.

Water is emotion .

Water is the healing energy and restores harmony in this pattern and so it is true for our own healing circle. Many of us have stopped crying and are stuck in the anger and pain and this creates heat in our bodies. This heat expands and inflames.

If we regain the ability to let our own wheel turn and our cycle complete then we create flow.

Our society is focused on the masculine energetic times of the yang period ~ the masculine, the ego, the show and doesn’t value the resting, dark void spaces of the sacred feminine ~ the yin and going within.

All of this is now swinging around.

As I have spoken of before , one of my key motivating moments was reading The Celestine Prophecy and learning about ways of being and communicating that allow us to follow our personal Cosmic Cookie Trail with light language.

I put that into practise this weekend and trusted my gut about who to connect with ~ I simply got a feeling to talk to them and share about the Mayan Calendar and magically they had connections to Glastonbury 🙂

I also felt quite grounded and in balance most of the time ~ had a few wobbles literally and this alerts me to me going out of my circle  and emotional events from my past seeking release.

On our transistion path we often do go way out of balance to come back in ~ whatever is seeking to be integrated looms large. If we have been pushing aspects of ourselves down like corks under water ~ there is a natural balancing occurs …..

and rest assured it will 🙂

at the perfect time .

We may have to stop being in certain circles for a while …..doesn’t mean we cannot ever go back there….. but if we are honing our sensitivity and allowing ourselves to be more in our sacred feminine for example…..

there are certain places that would not be energetically compatible with and cause an electric storm

so horses for courses 🙂

Trust in one’s ability to travel the landscape and know the perfect time for action and rest is one of the key areas to focus on building energetically now.


One of my favourite places to visit was The Secret Glade. It was a beautiful sacred green space that offered soothing balms of serenity away from the glare of the sun and the madding crowds. 

We sought sanctuary there to cool and connect to the earth ~ here it is:


Today I have been at my Moon Gardening meeting and have been sharing so much about the moon, plants, astrology and had an amazing time. The people who are there have wonderful stories and many years experience of this world and it’s inhabitants and I love listening to them and asking their opinion. I also feel that my voice is equally heard and we are all in balance with our giving and receiving 🙂

There are storms forecast for the UK this week  ~ hopefully that won’t interrupt my retreat but if it does there will be lots of learning 🙂

The more we learn to accept whatever heads our way and intend to learn and open our heart with it and the easier it is to enjoy the ride.

Everything has a reason and a season and a web to weave.

Lots of love to you today with your journey.

If you wish to participate consciously with the new year beginning on July 26 please contact me with your time, date and place of birth.

If you wish to enhance your experience further with one of my workshops that is energetically designed for this time then please book your space. The full info is on this blog thread here.

This is for people who are ready to get clear and be on purpose with their integration

process from day one of Yellow Galactic Seed year.




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