Spinning the web



Day 13 ~ bask in the warmth of the Yellow Cosmic Warrior energy

We have completed the  Yellow seed Wavespell in full today and it is time to weave a quantum leap time traveller suit 🙂

Time to future vision as to what seeds can be taken from these thirteen days to weave some powerful stuff in this coming new year of Yellow Galactic Seed.

Are we living what we truly believe?

There was a time where wisdom was woven into the carpets to keep it alive ~ now we can bring that into ourselves as it is the perfect time.

Today is Moon in Scorpio and the energy is building strongly towards the peak of the full moon in Aquarius on Monday 22 July.

It is time to notice all those words of wisdom that your ego mind is speaking to you about your state of the affairs of your heart ~ the feelings ~ the bigger picture ~ the energy of the new age coming in ~ how we weave with our community planet earth.

Many ego masks have mutated to deliver a different sermon ~ however they are still singing that same old song of ~ manipulation and saving the planet/others/the poor soul when this is simply a “fix it ” strategy that is authenticity absent.

To achieve master of the middle path ~ being in balance ~ we reconcile all our inner worlds and pay attention to all of them.

All the signs and clues are there when we allow ourselves to come to centre.

If you are ready to do this now and get your chariot ready to follow the yellow seed brick road that commences on the 26th of July ~ then here’s how I can help you on your journey if you choose to honour me as your guide.

Lots to ponder today when I was setting up my photo shoot for my Open Your Heart Retreat that starts on July 25th.

If I had “trotted this out” as a re run of last year then I would not be in the moment of knowingness that I am delivering it now ~ that is the difference.

Walking my talk of going with the flow and being in the moment as much as we possible can rather than being too future based which usually comes from time constraints and sometimes fear based too.

What I am learning to do …..I am sharing with you

It is “a path” not “the path” as each path is personal…..and there are some shared areas of general signposts and common ground.

Whatever I share is intended to help support you to make your own choices from a place of self empowerment and shape your spider web through your own shadow filter.

Chances are if you are connecting to me you are a shadow worker, a seer and a person who has a specific life mission to work with this end of times energy and by doing your own transformational process you can help others do the same.

We are here to be our star show from the heart ~ anyone who believes they have to rescue anyone else or be a saviour for others has lots of inner work to do ~ we are here primarily to be our unique self and change ourselves….

that is the only person we can change and when we start to really understand that and do it ~ everything else changes. This is mastery ~  to know, to let go of putting the cart before the horse 🙂

Lots of spiders in my tent today and a ghost moth in it’s folds.

Part of the learning of the shadow worker is attracting creatures of the night ~ both literally ,metaphysically and in many different forms.

As our inner light increases and our power grows internally we attract darkness in all forms and learning to create good boundaries is key.

Instead of creating protection using magic ritual we can transform our own energy and as a result we create healthy relationships with everything in our circle.

Once you familiarise yourself with your true nature ~ just like a flower we do not consciously choose our colour ~ we come at a perfectly aligned time on our planet to perform an evolutionary mission to create learning for ourselves and everything we touch energetically.

The more you understand this and work from knowing yourself and the more you can walk your path with the tools of  heart wisdom.

Our ancestors have left us lots of resources embedded within us and we only need to ask ~ be a clear channel and hey presto ~ we get the answers.

Learning how to be a clear channel is the key

We have a mind and it’s great to use it ~ learning how to use universal codex is handy 🙂

We are all in this pattern in some ways …..

and if you choose to really be able to divine you can get a distinct advantage on the future and wait it brings…. as the more you synchronise with clear consciousness, the more you learn to read the world you live in and the people who come along time after time.

Timing is essential and knowing when is potent is key

My work is designed to self empower and share co creative frameworks that liberate us from being reactive as long as you are ready to do what it takes and take responsibility for your learning. 

To walk the heart path takes courage ~ this is why the new year starts in Leo time . 

It is also around Lammas ~ time to see the harvest we have reaped, see which seeds have come to fruition and those chickens that have come home to roost now that we may be looking to move on 🙂 Whatever is ripe and abundant in our garden is a sure sign of our seed catalogue within 🙂


Are you ready to be your soul not a role?

  • Are you ready to love openly, madly , deeply and face all your inner demons ? ~ if you are not prepared to love yourself in this way then you cannot do it with anyone or anything else ?
  • Are you ready to turn everything on it’s head and see the world as it really is…. rather than how your mind thinks and has been taught to believe so far?
  • Are you ready to go wild in the country….

where snakes in the grass are absolutely ~ free ?

If so then ……

What I do may be just the ticket…..

Here is the bare bones outline of my Open Your Heart Retreat

Break the pattern by being in a new space 🙂

You can come in person ~ 12 places

£20 per person per day ~ 2 hours per day at Compton Dundon Somerset

concessions of £10 per person per day

and if you book them all £ 90 ~ £10 reduction

£40 concession.


Same price online and you will get the same information ~ an ebook and a one to one session with me on the phone, by email or on skype for 60 minutes .

The workshop has some exercises to do on your own  ~ to get to the heart of your answers ~ and then a follow up session with me using EFT 

You don’t need any knowledge of any content or EFT ~ I will assist you with that. If you do have knowledge then we will be working on a different level.

You will receive info on your Mayan Sign,Starcode and where you are on your 13 year cycle.


All of this takes place in the waning moon time which is the time to receive ~ yin energy, letting go, Goddess and weaves with this full moon Aquarius energy ~ full of potent wisdom from this waxing moon at this moment.

When the retreat starts we are in Pisces energy then Aries and ending in Taurus ~ we are working in Taurus in the Glastonbury Zodiac.

Christ Consciousness and Dreaming, New Beginnings with Youthful Knight Energy and Goddess Gateways ~ wow what a holy trinity 🙂

July 25 Thursday

Day out of time Blue Resonant Night ~ Blue for death and transformation

Time to let go of all mind constraints and float free ~ connect to the heart. What is seeking to be born ? What is resonating for us that is truly heart free from addictions?

Pisces Moon

July 26 Friday Yellow Galactic Seed ~ yellow for solar plexus power

Do I live what I believe ?

Starting in Pisces in the morning and going into Aries in the afternoon

New beginnings and we will be using all the wonderful compost potential that has arrived in this Yellow Seed Wavespell . How are we bullsh*tt*ng ouselves and others 🙂 Fun space of being able to bring some humour to our creativity

July 27th  Saturday Red Solar Serpent ~ east, awakening, grounding

Our intimacy issues and all about loving the skin we are in. This is a supercharged day as it is a galactic activation portal day.

Do you have awareness of intimacy ?

Do you know yourself ?

Loving ourselves creates the ability to listen to our intuition and follow our heart

Aries Moon and new beginnings still.

July 28th Sunday White Planetary Worldbridger

What is seeking surrender so we can let the new world in ?

Aries Moon

July 29th Monday Blue Spectral Hand

Rounding up to shape and step through the goddess gateway ~ shaping our world by clearing our past to be free

Aries into Taurus Isis energy. Grounded , earthy, practical ways of bringing heaven to earth.

This day is a monumental gateway and here is a blog that shares all that information.

If you wish to join me please send your intention as soon as you can as I am away tomorrow for a couple of days and I have some preparation work for you if you wish to connect to this that I need to get underway as soon as I return.

Lots of love to you today Warriors of the heart 

Time to create clear choices to frame our intentions for our eden space










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