Crystal Clear



Blue Crystal Eagle ~Β 

Day 12. This is the day to create crystal clear forms of structure by rising high into the shamanic realms of the gods and seeing our bigger picture overview. Where are we on our path ?

It is the penultimate day of this powerful wavespell and the last galactic activation portal day of the ten.

If this is your first day on this blog you can look back as I have posted each day with each individual number in this Yellow Seed Wavespell.

The Mayan Wavespell is time sensitive ~ it has an energetic pattern we can connect with each day to synchronise with the universal energy in a conscious aware way.

If you click on the links more information is revealed that is specific ~ it is expanded and

often lead to other people’s websites.

Gratitude to all the people who are sharing this cosmic information πŸ™‚

Day 12 combines 9 plus 3 in every Wavespell.

Wavespells run continually in 13 day spirals that are unique .

The bigger spiral is 260 days and this in itself is an integration time machine that creates transformation ~ experientially πŸ™‚

It is a magical tool left for us by the Maya at the perfect time for our own personal and planetary heart integration.

On a simple level today we can work with this wave spell and look at Day 9 first

this is in the Yin part of the spiral and at the higher consciousness scale of receiving from our higher self and universal energies.

In this spiral it was Yellow Solar Human.Β This was last Sunday 14 July so whatever was happening on Sunday πŸ™‚


and we can go bigger with the actual Wavespell’s of these days if we are ready.

On day nine in whatever way we were feeling sublime ~ Is the codex.

  • We each have our own as we are unique.
  • There are also some generally shared energetic principles for wellbeing world living.
  • This is the tantra pattern πŸ™‚Β 

Yellow Human Wavespell took place last on May 15 to 27 this year ~ whatever was in your life then is pertinent.

Here is my blog for this current wavespell this time around : Sublime nine.

  • In our own personal chalice of our humanity we have all the secrets of our heart success.
  • In our mind we have thoughts ~ which of those beliefs serve us now ?
  • In our body we have health or energy blockages ~ what changes can we make as to what we fuel our sacred temple with , where we dwell and how we interact with fellow earth dwellers ~ the basic energy intake of food, how we allow our breath to be fully inhaled without any hindrance and how we flow with what is…..

where this isn’t happening what steps can we start to make now ? They may be small….huge tapestries are created from many small threads as is our personal journey and our universal journey.

In our spirit ~ are we setting our heart on fire ~ filled with enthusiasm and living our dream ?

Do we live what we believe ?

This is the key for this coming planetary year of Yellow Galactic Seed and what this current wave spell is preparing our seed beds for πŸ™‚

This again is the bigger picture pattern of the universal 13 year journey that began on July 26 Β 2006 with Red Magnetic Moon.

What was happening for you in 2006 ???????


Our planetary bigger picture is that we are awakening to who we truly are in a bigger picture way ~ en masse ~ gradually people are realising the truth about being a spiritual being on a journey in a human body .

Next year is highlighting integration ~ are we truly living from our heart belief’s or are we acting out in some way and the mask is getting tighter or slipping at revealing times.

All the threads are there for us to weave.

We also have our own personal 13 year cycle which is different to the planetary one ~ unless we are born on July 26th. Then it is the same πŸ™‚

If you wish to know yours please message me your time, date and place of birth and I will send this info to you.

If you are ready to really get your show on the road this year and blaze a trail I can assist you with this information and a coaching framework that is user friendly ~ you do not need to know all of this information to use it ~ you already are in many ways πŸ™‚Β 

Working with more awareness and intention gives a whole different flavour πŸ™‚

Day 3 of this Spiral was White Electric Worldbridger.

This is the yang electric energy that was a combination of day one and two ~ our seed intention Β ~ Yellow Magnetic Seed sent out to the universe for revealing our fresh stardust energetic potential that met with our challenge on day two ~ the challenge to openness and Red Lunar Serpent .

This also showed up on Red Serpent Wavespell on May 28 this year ~ the other ten portal wavespell that takes us into the heart of the Tzolkin.

So Day 3 White Worldbridger ~ what was this energy blend that created surrender for us ?

The White Worldbridger wavespell was on April 19th so for a bigger picture view of what was happening to you for surrender ~ look to that time of 13 days.

This is how we can weave the magic and create transformation for ourselves at the most powerful time of the year. The old year is coming to a close now and we begin anew with the yellow southern energy that arrives in two days.

When we are in alignment on our path :

  • We feel good, healthy and wealthy ~ from within and so it is outside of us.
  • We are rock solid, integrated and self assured.
  • We trust in our universal plan.

When we are off trackΒ :

  • we don’t feel good,
  • our health suffers
  • we experience lack patterns
  • because there is something ready to evolve and integrate
  • and if we ignore this ~ the cosmic nudge steps up and becomes more expanded until….

we pay attention πŸ™‚ and make a course correction.

Remembering that our ego is what it is and does what it does for a reason ~ it has a code to work by just like a computer programme. We can upgrade it and clear off the viruses if we do so experientially. We cannot “buy” a plug in. There are no short cuts ~ this is what we came here to do ~ experientially evolve.

Time to get crystal clear about ourselves and be liberated ?

Time to live our true authentic selves.

Time to see our bigger picture and our sacred thread in this bigger emotional evolution?

Time will tell.

Very simply whatever has been feeling inspired, great and heart is our heart and if we expand on that no matter what our inner critic says ~ love will prevail. If we carry on with what our ego is well versed in then we go further away from our soul journey because our ego simply lives from the past until it is trained to live in the present ~ by transforming it’s past and clearing it from any heart hurts πŸ™‚

It’s all good ~ let’s celebrate the last days of the blue energy of death and transformation. It is Moon in Scorpio today and the trinity of Scorpio energy is here with us to illuminate our sacred feminine ushering in alongside the sun in Cancer. This sign ~ the eighth astrological sign ~ has a big part to play in this upcoming year eight so be prepared to dive in deep. Emotional intensity is building and through it comes the potential of deep connection for ourselves and in turn with others. Don’t you yearn for intimacy and loving relationship rather than surface ~ kept at a distance and arms length circling ?

Big things happening on July 29th and my retreat starts on July 25th . More to come on the next blogs…..

If you wish to receive effortlessly ~ please subscribe to my blog.

Love to your Eagle vision sight today.





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