Spinning the web

  Day 13 ~ bask in the warmth of the Yellow Cosmic Warrior energy We have completed the  Yellow seed Wavespell in full today and it is time to weave a quantum leap time traveller suit 🙂 Time to future vision as to what seeds can be taken from these thirteen days to weave some […]

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Crystal Clear

  Blue Crystal Eagle ~  Day 12. This is the day to create crystal clear forms of structure by rising high into the shamanic realms of the gods and seeing our bigger picture overview. Where are we on our path ? It is the penultimate day of this powerful wavespell and the last galactic activation […]

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Red Moon Circle

    Red Rhythmic Moon Day ~ lovers day  Today is the sixth day of the Yellow Seed Wavespell. In the bigger planetary picture we are in Year 7 of Red Magnetic Moon. The artwork today is the first synchronicity and I was inspired to follow it’s cookie trail when I found it on my […]

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Star Quality

  Day 5 and our energy is coming alive with Yellow Overtone Star in the Yellow Seed Wavespell I was up at the crack of dawn ~ unable to sleep and that is unusual for me as I am a night owl who generally is very monosyllabic prior to noon. I generally cling to the last […]

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Four fingers

  Day Four and another powerful day of death and transformation with Blue Self~Existing Hand in Yellow Seed wavespell The sun has been intense today and I have been using the power of four for creating structure at this new mamma moon time. I am creating an outside space for my cats as I live […]

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The challenge to openness

  Red Lunar Serpent Day Today is the yin coming in to show us the challenge that is holding us back from being truly open and free of ego masks and mechanisms. Noticing that in this life we have not been schooled in the art of relationships with others …….unless we have chosen to go on […]

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Yellow Seed Super light way

  Yellow Magnetic Seed Wavespell We have been in the heart of the divine child energy for the past thirteen days and now we arrive at another powerful opportunity to cut ourselves free from our past patterns that have shielded us, moulded us and hardened us into egoic puppets wearing masks ~ dancing to the […]

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