Yellow Seed Wavespell ~ Alchemy day


Day 3 ~ Alchemy
Today is

White Electric Worldbridger

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The portals begin and so the building blocks of human evolution are beginning today

This Mayan Sign is ruled by Mars 

so get ready to rumble 

Mars is in Aquarius

and this transit is all about the New Age

of getting clear of old codes

and co dependent shenanigins 

that stop us from aligning with our pure source energy is the key 

to  direct access energy

If your day began like mine you may be feeling the triggers and the quakes

This is a testing day to see how centred we are


if we are ready to do the work required

or be pushed around

by aggressive forces

It is a choice point

Moon has gone into Leo in the UK

and so in waning moon

we are receiving what energies we gave out

in the first two weeks of the

New Moon in Sagi

Öèôðîâàÿ ðåïðîäóêöèÿ íàõîäèòñÿ â èíòåðíåò-ìóçåå

It was a potent one at 0 degrees

Depending on what level you are working at consciously

You may find you are feeling the ego big time ~ your own and other people’s

This is always based on past energetics triggering emotion seeking release

Remembering that our emotional reaction is always ours and our responsibility

We choose how we react to any given situation

Always 😉


If we are not consciously aware of this then we act accordingly

and often do the blame game

and project onto others

You may find yourself on the receiving end of this too of course

You may find someone telling you who you are and what you are doing


as they do not know you experientially at all

this is actually a mind read and assumption on their part

because it has to be doesn’t it ~ if they have no knowledge of you personally ?

There may be general rules that apply to the situation you are in

that may be appropriate of course

If there is emotional intensity on their part

and they are being threatening in any way ~

this is an instant indicator of them being triggered and so…

Is not actually about you and your behaviour at all sometimes

They are simply using you as a conduit to discharge their fear into


If this is happening to you today remember that this is actually power point time

This is revealing what your next steps to freedom are …


Today’s Mayan energy

is all about letting go of old worlds 😉

The majority of the people in the world do not know

how to have gentle



communication ~

primarily because we did not receive that when we were children from our family or our school

or our educating circle of influence

If we did not receive this energetically and experientially

then it is not within us
Our code does not contain it
Our consciousness does not contain it


and as much as we like to think we are these things

the reality is
we are not 🙂

How many people wear a

spiritual mask ?



Have an alter ego?

Play a role in a “profession”

Put on a way of being for public

Have a telephone voice

and yet in certain arenas ~

especially Facebook ~

the truth comes out as to anger about other people ?


How many people do you know on Facebook who put a status on saying they are going to “cull” people ?
That people have to play a game with them to remain?

All these duplicitous threads that our human being ego creates to be conditional because of our personal conditioning …

Yet if someone does that to us it is a different story ??????

How dare they 😉


Once we start to understand the nature of the ego that we all have

Every person on planet earth

then we realise our common ground

and if our ego is flexible enough and not too defensive

We can be open enough to laugh at ourselves


and start to work with our wound
and transform our ego
and truly take responsibility for how we respond

Initially this can be a big challenge

How to separate out what is you and what is me

and what we want to do to have co creative relationship

and come from a healing heart space

of authenticity

No person on planet earth is an evolved finished product

otherwise they wouldn’t be here 😉

So to start the ball rolling we can let our defences down
let go of the coping mechanisms that got us through childhood
stop trying to be something
being clever
being tough
being a ….


and level the playing field

be honest
say how we feel about other people’s behaviour to us
how we feel about it
stop making up “shoulds” about the people

we are all just people

we are all the same in many aspects

we want to be loved and accepted for who we are
and allowed to live a life that is this way of being

that is the bottom line free of ego

only our ego gets in the way and distorts situations with old ways that carry on the drama of our past way of relating

It is an intense time now

I highly recommend that you start doing your inner work because this energy is going to get bigger and bigger over the coming months

Our egos are expanding with Jupiter in Leo


This means those that are not conscious of their inner workings will be expanding avoidance techniques, fixes and denial strategies through the “other”

Whatever the poison
the amount required to soothe the wild child within …

the dosage is going to be required to be upped considerably


There are some squares coming next year

that are bringing pressure to our Saturnian Structures

to see if they are water tight

and can hold the energy we are creating

if we are building foundations on Sand

fantasy island escapes

get ready for the Neptunian wave that will smash the sandcastle

Hear the Siren Call
Feel the Sagi wound


Venus goes into Capricorn

today until January 03 2015

which just happens to be the start of

White Dog Wavespell

Sirius 2

The code of finding our tribe and Unconditional love ~ the Sirius Star

No one can love anyone until we love ourself

Anything that we are seeking to comfort ourselves outside of ourselves

will be a sticking plaster and will slide off after a couple of hours in the swimming pool of these times


time to go within and do a credit report on yourself 🙂

Reign in the ego by transforming it otherwise it will leak out when you are doing your best to distract it …


I can help you help yourself so get in touch if that is your desire

Truly though it is down to you

You come into this world and leave it

alone in one aspect

The responsibility is down to the sole / soul individual

What we do in life echoes in eternity and we cannot hide from this

The truth will always out

It is time to get those goat hooves on and prepare to climb the mountain


Down into the depths

and face those demons

Leo at 3 degrees

A rickshaw.
Hyperactive. Engrossed in sensations. Absolutely fascinated by the ins and outs of everything. Training yourself arduously to become completely present in the action. Insisting upon getting it right. Aiming for spirit and flesh to merge. Knowing how to do it and feeling sharply motivated. However, the little self does get carried away with the literal outward experience so very easily. You must battle to harness your powers and to pull yourself away from random delight. It is quite a journey, with one great thing going for yourself. You just know that you can do anything you set your mind to, and you are correct.

Time to grow up and realise that there is no fairy with a magic wand to do your work
On earth and in the astral planes

It is your job


So get your sleeves rolled up and get your hands dirty

Take the mask off
breathe in the air

and jump into the void ~ you know you want to let go ….???

Love to your alchemy today Cosmic Cookie Trailers


Yellow Seed Wavespell ~ unfurl the gift


Yellow Seed Wavespell

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The human evolution process

Today is the day of the challenge that we face as human beings

to take the next steps

and take responsibility

for understanding how the universe works

by understanding how we work


therefore starting to live in a whole different way

by learning how we relate is key 

Red Lunar Serpent




Day 2 of every wavespell is the new learning

that can feel very uncomfortable

because it is very simply



the human being part of us that navigates our life:

the ego

does not like certain new paths

simply because it has no way of risk assessing it

as it is unknown

Once we really start to understand

this part of us

we are in a whole new relationship with life

the universe

and everything

because on one level

it really is all about us


This process of life as a human being

who wants to raise their conscious awareness

starts by understanding themselves

and how human beings are a holograph

an energy template

in an energetic matrix

Most people are still doing this intellectually


focusing on the sacred geometry of the universe

outside stuff

building blocks of stars and galaxies

and some still believing that a meditation

a guided journey 

will clear old code automatically 

without any effort on the part of the individual 

when the way of existence of the human being evolution

did not appear in that way

which defies any common sense really 

unless you still believe

the creation of the world is a seven day process

which is a fairytale for children

willing to be led

by predatory manipulators basically

but there are some

who are forging

light years ahead

understanding that

the focus point is everything



that when you shift your focus

to yourself


your own creation process

get really specific about

your own specific creation application software


lift off

miracles occur



it is so exciting

so amazing

and all the secrets of life

and the meaning

and the reasons

are unveiled

as you unveil yourself


That does not mean it is all roses


feeling ecstatic



in fact

the reverse is true to begin with

The pain is where the bliss is

Transforming the pain

creates the acceptance of the past

through feeling it

This is the eye of the needle moment

What we resist persists

because ?????

That is the whole point of us being here


To understand

what creates painful relationship

and everything that has created it for us


We have that knowledge

and with that knowledge

we keep going until we find solutions

and new learning  to heal


We are Chiron

We have chosen to come here and learn



what creates the human being feeling of


being unloved

or the perception of it

the belief of it

the ego spin story

of ….

feeling crap in a nutshell


when we become an expert of

what creates

feeling crap experience

for us

then we are at a place of potential mastery

only most people never go beyond

that point


and simply accept that is how it is

life is an expletive… and then you die approach

most people are so accepting of anything

it is totally mad 

complete lack of understanding that the world we live in today 

is created by human beings ~

it didn’t happen by accident 


like some random event

and so it can be created in a different way …

if people are willing to take their power back

and do what it takes

to be the change

just look on Facebook

of people’s comments


“this is how the world is”

so we should just accept it

what a total abdication of responsibility 

Is that what a human being

amounts to

these days ? 

Lie down and let everyone wipe their feet on me

because they can ?


because they are bullies ?

because they have more in their bank account

powerful connections

doesn’t it remind you of school unfairness?

Who got to choose the way of power at school ~

was it the people who were kind?



intelligent ?


See how that framework is still in place ?


well that is an option in life of course to lie down and take it

and wash our hands of any responsibility or any part in it

and that is another key

to the mystery



life is like booking a holiday

it is a process

if we choose not to look deeply into the terms and conditions…

ignore the instruction manual…

not even know that there is one

believe what ego structured truth systems say life is 

without taking the time to check out for ourself what is deeper

believe what anyone says who does not know us

and yet knows apparently

what is best for us

believe we have no power

still keep accepting ridiculous abusive relationships after there is no doubt

that they are abusive because…

well everyone knows that is true

it is self-evident

we are on the holiday from hell

now we can go beyond this crossroads

if we choose


to do something about this situation personally

take responsibility

for what we did exactly

to arrive at this destination


look deeply

what behaviour did I do ?

what thoughts and beliefs created this behaviour ?

did I really want to do that ?

what could I have done instead?


Start with the end in mind

where do I want to be instead ?

what would I need to do in my behaviour ?

what thoughts and beliefs would I have to do to support this new destination?


that is the coaching format

that appeals to the mind

and the ego

but remember the ego

is going to have to…

do something new


that takes courage

courage comes from the heart



If you have ever had a time when you spoke your truth

dared to dream

opened your heart

let out your true self that did not fit the mold of the general populace

your work colleagues

your friend circle

and your birth tribe

this is the other half of the whole

that most people are not yet aware of

This is what is holding you back from having the courage

If you are young

chances are it won’t be too big to overcome

and you can forge ahead with little fear

if like me you are at what we call


~ I am 49

although on average of a lifespan of 70 midlife is 35

50 is the Chiron return

magical book recommendation ~ Chiron Rainbow Bridge by Barbara Hand Clow


50 is the decade of getting to the heart of the matter and healing

then chances are your heart stopping moments may be pretty high

you may be feeling lost

wondering what happened to your dreams and goals

Life is changing so fast that you may feel it is passing you by

you are not feeling connected


that you are still trying to do what you did at 30

in a body that cannot do that anymore

and a spirit

that does not want to do that anymore


it is not meant to 

it is time to do something in a different way


You may also be 30


your Saturn return

and not wanting to continue  with your life in the same vein

as you did before

but wondering what you can do because of society rules

and ways of life



at 42 having a midlife crisis

as your Uranus opposition is shooting liquid light up your spine

Magical book recommendation ~ Liquid Light of Sex ~ Barbara Hand Clow


revealing all these old code blockages about you and your belief about life on earth

All of these life stages are significant

and there are lots more

All have a reason

in fact

everything that ever happens has a reason


if you are ready to get

deep down and personal

with the Goddess

in you

you are ready for the time of your life

It is a roller~ coaster ride

It is exhilarating

It is breath taking

It is Cosmic

It means you will have to be ready to be Alice

Shake off your shackles

Conditioned beliefs about who you are

and learn totally new paradigm structures


Neo in the Matrix


To be Quetzecoatl embodied

by doing the Great Work


The key though is not

the visualisation

the lists

the affirmations

the feel good factor 

This is the surface stuff that sells out literally

If you want to change your code

If you want to change the world for real

If you want to be empowered

be responsible

be the shaman

the magician

the priestess

the lover not the fighter 

the one who creates galaxies

All rolled into one 

Then the first step you have to take …


Is the willingness to look at yourself

all the bits of your life that


do not like

That is the first step that is mandatory 


get ready for the red sea to part 


The Alchemy is within

If you do not change yourself

nothing can change


Today we can look back at what brought us into the centre of the Matrix 


The Red Serpent Wavespell

on 30 October 


This was Halloween time

This was Scorpio Gateway time

This was the 8th Gate of Integration

The Red Code that awakens us in the Blue Castle of Transformation

Whatever came up for you then is key to what is new learning 

about you 

and how you relate 

You cannot hide from the vibrational world

You cannot change your law of attraction by visualisation

You cannot change your code by affirmation

Your code is your code

and thankfully it is a good deal stronger than that 

otherwise our universe would be extremely unstable

To believe that this is true…

that code changing is so surface 

is revealed as lacking depth and integrity 

and easily known therefore as an ego framework 



Ego denial 



an ego power trip designed to divert the mind

and avoid going deeper into the dark matter

The ego believing it has the power to overwrite universal law

and avoid death and all such inconvenient truths

that create potential anxiety 

about things it cannot control

The universe


which we are a part of remember

brings us what we need

which is usually not what we want

the untrained ego brings us what we want 

which is usually a quick fix 

to change our mood for a while

Anyone who has not done inner work

to create change

through conscious awareness of their own patterns

and shadow

Is coming from a one sided perspective 

Is coming from ego framework

That is the truth

It isn’t a judgement call

It is what it is 

discernment is key to see what is in plain sight

Eyes the window of the soul

So ….

What do you choose now ?

It is happening anyway 

you are sending out a vibe to the universe

The universe is sending out a vibe to everyone 

The code of evolution

the return to balance of the sacred feminine

You can be taken with it

You can ride the snake consciously


The choice as always is yours 

Your gift to the world is the seed within and this is what initiated yesterday:

red overtone moon

The unfurling begins
The pressure is on with the universal energies
These 13 days of cosmic code are the building blocks of human evolution
The 10 portal process begins on Wednesday
This is the flowering time where we get to see what is opening for us now
What is possible now ~
If …
We are ready to burst out of our self imposed cocoon
and allow ourselves to fly
high on the cosmic winds
to all the far flung corners of the globe
Free ourself from ego conditioned limitation
Remember who we were many moons ago
Before life happened and we got hit in the crossfire
Maybe lost our way
Castaway on distant shores
Today’s Planet connected to this sign is Jupiter


If you know your natal chart ~ your Starcode
the holographic blueprint of your soul journey
It will reveal where you are seeking expansion and learning in this lifetime
This energy is expansive as it is Sagi’s ruling planet
It is exuberant and bigger even than the Sun
The biggest planet in our solar system
It can allow us to inflate our ego too and if that is a raw ego that can bring more mask~ erading
Playing games and avoidance of intimacy
The route to the outer planets is through our heart and the healing of our wounded
Chiron space
If your Chiron is in Pisces then this is key now
Time to feel all those sensitive sore spots
and hear them tell you of their fears and grief
All from the past
All being played out now
The challenge tomorrow is to revisit the Red Serpent that brought us in to the heart of the Tzolk’in
All about our relationships and how we learned to give and receive
It is Moon in waning Cancer at 12 degrees as I write this in the UK :
Carefully a surgeon begins the dissection of a corpse.
The analytical intellect takes as its special province the after image, the recapitulative view. Second-guessing yourself, criticizing, cutting things up. You are expertly skillful at showing things the way they are on the surface–an extraordinary genius in this domain can evolve. Cooling off partisan sentiment and getting at what is there. Devoid of idealistic projections. Sticking to the facts. Designing life as an experiment in which you must pay very close attention and miss nothing. heart is cut out, the human element is eliminated. Is it an advance or a regressive loop? Do some things just have to be this way? Is the world a stark and barren place to be? And is there a path directly under this icy intellect to recover the soul in things to the mind’s satisfaction and the spirit’s release?…/inside_degrees/inside_degrees.html…
If we wish to work on our own personal evolution in this lifetime
There are many ingredients to this alchemical cake to bake
First of all to be very aware of our sacred seed awaiting unveiling
This is revealed in our Astrology and Mayan Sign
There we see the bare bones
Next ~
See what has accumulated so far on this journey as to aches and pains
energy blocks
Through our body ~ the philosopher’s stone that does not lie like the mind

Base Chakra 2-1
See what is showing up for us every day that feels
Remember our youthful dreams if we are mature in age
Notice the differences
Where do we feel we have maybe lost our way ?

Places we haven’t yet explored?
What is our true heart’s desire ?
What is bliss that maybe we miss ?
That doesn’t come through consuming .
These are the golden threads
that brought together
Reveal the truth
The Golden Seed

free of the protective husks that have arisen as part of our co dependent code
in society
Today we can set the intention to begin to know ourself
and open to becoming a clear channel to our source energy
The part of us that is all seeing
all knowing
free of any corporation
free of ego distortion
ready and waiting to guide us
when we do what it takes to receive …
Clear the Co dependent Code
Allow Co Creation Code
Free the spirit within
Be the love we seek


Spinning the web



Day 13 ~ bask in the warmth of the Yellow Cosmic Warrior energy

We have completed the  Yellow seed Wavespell in full today and it is time to weave a quantum leap time traveller suit 🙂

Time to future vision as to what seeds can be taken from these thirteen days to weave some powerful stuff in this coming new year of Yellow Galactic Seed.

Are we living what we truly believe?

There was a time where wisdom was woven into the carpets to keep it alive ~ now we can bring that into ourselves as it is the perfect time.

Today is Moon in Scorpio and the energy is building strongly towards the peak of the full moon in Aquarius on Monday 22 July.

It is time to notice all those words of wisdom that your ego mind is speaking to you about your state of the affairs of your heart ~ the feelings ~ the bigger picture ~ the energy of the new age coming in ~ how we weave with our community planet earth.

Many ego masks have mutated to deliver a different sermon ~ however they are still singing that same old song of ~ manipulation and saving the planet/others/the poor soul when this is simply a “fix it ” strategy that is authenticity absent.

To achieve master of the middle path ~ being in balance ~ we reconcile all our inner worlds and pay attention to all of them.

All the signs and clues are there when we allow ourselves to come to centre.

If you are ready to do this now and get your chariot ready to follow the yellow seed brick road that commences on the 26th of July ~ then here’s how I can help you on your journey if you choose to honour me as your guide.

Lots to ponder today when I was setting up my photo shoot for my Open Your Heart Retreat that starts on July 25th.

If I had “trotted this out” as a re run of last year then I would not be in the moment of knowingness that I am delivering it now ~ that is the difference.

Walking my talk of going with the flow and being in the moment as much as we possible can rather than being too future based which usually comes from time constraints and sometimes fear based too.

What I am learning to do …..I am sharing with you

It is “a path” not “the path” as each path is personal…..and there are some shared areas of general signposts and common ground.

Whatever I share is intended to help support you to make your own choices from a place of self empowerment and shape your spider web through your own shadow filter.

Chances are if you are connecting to me you are a shadow worker, a seer and a person who has a specific life mission to work with this end of times energy and by doing your own transformational process you can help others do the same.

We are here to be our star show from the heart ~ anyone who believes they have to rescue anyone else or be a saviour for others has lots of inner work to do ~ we are here primarily to be our unique self and change ourselves….

that is the only person we can change and when we start to really understand that and do it ~ everything else changes. This is mastery ~  to know, to let go of putting the cart before the horse 🙂

Lots of spiders in my tent today and a ghost moth in it’s folds.

Part of the learning of the shadow worker is attracting creatures of the night ~ both literally ,metaphysically and in many different forms.

As our inner light increases and our power grows internally we attract darkness in all forms and learning to create good boundaries is key.

Instead of creating protection using magic ritual we can transform our own energy and as a result we create healthy relationships with everything in our circle.

Once you familiarise yourself with your true nature ~ just like a flower we do not consciously choose our colour ~ we come at a perfectly aligned time on our planet to perform an evolutionary mission to create learning for ourselves and everything we touch energetically.

The more you understand this and work from knowing yourself and the more you can walk your path with the tools of  heart wisdom.

Our ancestors have left us lots of resources embedded within us and we only need to ask ~ be a clear channel and hey presto ~ we get the answers.

Learning how to be a clear channel is the key

We have a mind and it’s great to use it ~ learning how to use universal codex is handy 🙂

We are all in this pattern in some ways …..

and if you choose to really be able to divine you can get a distinct advantage on the future and wait it brings…. as the more you synchronise with clear consciousness, the more you learn to read the world you live in and the people who come along time after time.

Timing is essential and knowing when is potent is key

My work is designed to self empower and share co creative frameworks that liberate us from being reactive as long as you are ready to do what it takes and take responsibility for your learning. 

To walk the heart path takes courage ~ this is why the new year starts in Leo time . 

It is also around Lammas ~ time to see the harvest we have reaped, see which seeds have come to fruition and those chickens that have come home to roost now that we may be looking to move on 🙂 Whatever is ripe and abundant in our garden is a sure sign of our seed catalogue within 🙂


Are you ready to be your soul not a role?

  • Are you ready to love openly, madly , deeply and face all your inner demons ? ~ if you are not prepared to love yourself in this way then you cannot do it with anyone or anything else ?
  • Are you ready to turn everything on it’s head and see the world as it really is…. rather than how your mind thinks and has been taught to believe so far?
  • Are you ready to go wild in the country….

where snakes in the grass are absolutely ~ free ?

If so then ……

What I do may be just the ticket…..

Here is the bare bones outline of my Open Your Heart Retreat

Break the pattern by being in a new space 🙂

You can come in person ~ 12 places

£20 per person per day ~ 2 hours per day at Compton Dundon Somerset

concessions of £10 per person per day

and if you book them all £ 90 ~ £10 reduction

£40 concession.


Same price online and you will get the same information ~ an ebook and a one to one session with me on the phone, by email or on skype for 60 minutes .

The workshop has some exercises to do on your own  ~ to get to the heart of your answers ~ and then a follow up session with me using EFT 

You don’t need any knowledge of any content or EFT ~ I will assist you with that. If you do have knowledge then we will be working on a different level.

You will receive info on your Mayan Sign,Starcode and where you are on your 13 year cycle.


All of this takes place in the waning moon time which is the time to receive ~ yin energy, letting go, Goddess and weaves with this full moon Aquarius energy ~ full of potent wisdom from this waxing moon at this moment.

When the retreat starts we are in Pisces energy then Aries and ending in Taurus ~ we are working in Taurus in the Glastonbury Zodiac.

Christ Consciousness and Dreaming, New Beginnings with Youthful Knight Energy and Goddess Gateways ~ wow what a holy trinity 🙂

July 25 Thursday

Day out of time Blue Resonant Night ~ Blue for death and transformation

Time to let go of all mind constraints and float free ~ connect to the heart. What is seeking to be born ? What is resonating for us that is truly heart free from addictions?

Pisces Moon

July 26 Friday Yellow Galactic Seed ~ yellow for solar plexus power

Do I live what I believe ?

Starting in Pisces in the morning and going into Aries in the afternoon

New beginnings and we will be using all the wonderful compost potential that has arrived in this Yellow Seed Wavespell . How are we bullsh*tt*ng ouselves and others 🙂 Fun space of being able to bring some humour to our creativity

July 27th  Saturday Red Solar Serpent ~ east, awakening, grounding

Our intimacy issues and all about loving the skin we are in. This is a supercharged day as it is a galactic activation portal day.

Do you have awareness of intimacy ?

Do you know yourself ?

Loving ourselves creates the ability to listen to our intuition and follow our heart

Aries Moon and new beginnings still.

July 28th Sunday White Planetary Worldbridger

What is seeking surrender so we can let the new world in ?

Aries Moon

July 29th Monday Blue Spectral Hand

Rounding up to shape and step through the goddess gateway ~ shaping our world by clearing our past to be free

Aries into Taurus Isis energy. Grounded , earthy, practical ways of bringing heaven to earth.

This day is a monumental gateway and here is a blog that shares all that information.

If you wish to join me please send your intention as soon as you can as I am away tomorrow for a couple of days and I have some preparation work for you if you wish to connect to this that I need to get underway as soon as I return.

Lots of love to you today Warriors of the heart 

Time to create clear choices to frame our intentions for our eden space










Crystal Clear



Blue Crystal Eagle ~ 

Day 12. This is the day to create crystal clear forms of structure by rising high into the shamanic realms of the gods and seeing our bigger picture overview. Where are we on our path ?

It is the penultimate day of this powerful wavespell and the last galactic activation portal day of the ten.

If this is your first day on this blog you can look back as I have posted each day with each individual number in this Yellow Seed Wavespell.

The Mayan Wavespell is time sensitive ~ it has an energetic pattern we can connect with each day to synchronise with the universal energy in a conscious aware way.

If you click on the links more information is revealed that is specific ~ it is expanded and

often lead to other people’s websites.

Gratitude to all the people who are sharing this cosmic information 🙂

Day 12 combines 9 plus 3 in every Wavespell.

Wavespells run continually in 13 day spirals that are unique .

The bigger spiral is 260 days and this in itself is an integration time machine that creates transformation ~ experientially 🙂

It is a magical tool left for us by the Maya at the perfect time for our own personal and planetary heart integration.

On a simple level today we can work with this wave spell and look at Day 9 first

this is in the Yin part of the spiral and at the higher consciousness scale of receiving from our higher self and universal energies.

In this spiral it was Yellow Solar Human. This was last Sunday 14 July so whatever was happening on Sunday 🙂


and we can go bigger with the actual Wavespell’s of these days if we are ready.

On day nine in whatever way we were feeling sublime ~ Is the codex.

  • We each have our own as we are unique.
  • There are also some generally shared energetic principles for wellbeing world living.
  • This is the tantra pattern 🙂 

Yellow Human Wavespell took place last on May 15 to 27 this year ~ whatever was in your life then is pertinent.

Here is my blog for this current wavespell this time around : Sublime nine.

  • In our own personal chalice of our humanity we have all the secrets of our heart success.
  • In our mind we have thoughts ~ which of those beliefs serve us now ?
  • In our body we have health or energy blockages ~ what changes can we make as to what we fuel our sacred temple with , where we dwell and how we interact with fellow earth dwellers ~ the basic energy intake of food, how we allow our breath to be fully inhaled without any hindrance and how we flow with what is…..

where this isn’t happening what steps can we start to make now ? They may be small….huge tapestries are created from many small threads as is our personal journey and our universal journey.

In our spirit ~ are we setting our heart on fire ~ filled with enthusiasm and living our dream ?

Do we live what we believe ?

This is the key for this coming planetary year of Yellow Galactic Seed and what this current wave spell is preparing our seed beds for 🙂

This again is the bigger picture pattern of the universal 13 year journey that began on July 26  2006 with Red Magnetic Moon.

What was happening for you in 2006 ???????


Our planetary bigger picture is that we are awakening to who we truly are in a bigger picture way ~ en masse ~ gradually people are realising the truth about being a spiritual being on a journey in a human body .

Next year is highlighting integration ~ are we truly living from our heart belief’s or are we acting out in some way and the mask is getting tighter or slipping at revealing times.

All the threads are there for us to weave.

We also have our own personal 13 year cycle which is different to the planetary one ~ unless we are born on July 26th. Then it is the same 🙂

If you wish to know yours please message me your time, date and place of birth and I will send this info to you.

If you are ready to really get your show on the road this year and blaze a trail I can assist you with this information and a coaching framework that is user friendly ~ you do not need to know all of this information to use it ~ you already are in many ways 🙂 

Working with more awareness and intention gives a whole different flavour 🙂

Day 3 of this Spiral was White Electric Worldbridger.

This is the yang electric energy that was a combination of day one and two ~ our seed intention  ~ Yellow Magnetic Seed sent out to the universe for revealing our fresh stardust energetic potential that met with our challenge on day two ~ the challenge to openness and Red Lunar Serpent .

This also showed up on Red Serpent Wavespell on May 28 this year ~ the other ten portal wavespell that takes us into the heart of the Tzolkin.

So Day 3 White Worldbridger ~ what was this energy blend that created surrender for us ?

The White Worldbridger wavespell was on April 19th so for a bigger picture view of what was happening to you for surrender ~ look to that time of 13 days.

This is how we can weave the magic and create transformation for ourselves at the most powerful time of the year. The old year is coming to a close now and we begin anew with the yellow southern energy that arrives in two days.

When we are in alignment on our path :

  • We feel good, healthy and wealthy ~ from within and so it is outside of us.
  • We are rock solid, integrated and self assured.
  • We trust in our universal plan.

When we are off track :

  • we don’t feel good,
  • our health suffers
  • we experience lack patterns
  • because there is something ready to evolve and integrate
  • and if we ignore this ~ the cosmic nudge steps up and becomes more expanded until….

we pay attention 🙂 and make a course correction.

Remembering that our ego is what it is and does what it does for a reason ~ it has a code to work by just like a computer programme. We can upgrade it and clear off the viruses if we do so experientially. We cannot “buy” a plug in. There are no short cuts ~ this is what we came here to do ~ experientially evolve.

Time to get crystal clear about ourselves and be liberated ?

Time to live our true authentic selves.

Time to see our bigger picture and our sacred thread in this bigger emotional evolution?

Time will tell.

Very simply whatever has been feeling inspired, great and heart is our heart and if we expand on that no matter what our inner critic says ~ love will prevail. If we carry on with what our ego is well versed in then we go further away from our soul journey because our ego simply lives from the past until it is trained to live in the present ~ by transforming it’s past and clearing it from any heart hurts 🙂

It’s all good ~ let’s celebrate the last days of the blue energy of death and transformation. It is Moon in Scorpio today and the trinity of Scorpio energy is here with us to illuminate our sacred feminine ushering in alongside the sun in Cancer. This sign ~ the eighth astrological sign ~ has a big part to play in this upcoming year eight so be prepared to dive in deep. Emotional intensity is building and through it comes the potential of deep connection for ourselves and in turn with others. Don’t you yearn for intimacy and loving relationship rather than surface ~ kept at a distance and arms length circling ?

Big things happening on July 29th and my retreat starts on July 25th . More to come on the next blogs…..

If you wish to receive effortlessly ~ please subscribe to my blog.

Love to your Eagle vision sight today.





Red Moon Circle




Red Rhythmic Moon Day ~ lovers day 

Today is the sixth day of the Yellow Seed Wavespell.

In the bigger planetary picture we are in Year 7 of Red Magnetic Moon.

The artwork today is the first synchronicity and I was inspired to follow it’s cookie trail when I found it on my friend Maria’s wall. Love Facebook friends for inspiring me ~ gratitude to everyone for sharing my world. This is Edward Foster’s work and you can find his page on Facebook and on his website.

If you click on the links on my blogs you will find they lead to websites that I find on my cookie trail when I sit down, tune in and connect to what is synchronistically aligned for me to share with you today for my learning and if it feels good and an energetic match for you ~ for yours. This is my co creation way of being.

All that I share on my blogs is my journey and the same goes for my workshops and one to one work in energy therapy. I share from the heart “a” way is all and so please hear this if you can 🙂

Edward is a fellow Lancastrian and we have some friends in common, I find as I look at the information . I have lived in his neck of the woods. This was a very important magical time for me and is connected to today’s theme which is opening up and awakening to our true path and calling and how the real universe is rather than how our western society has presented it to us ~ which is all perfectly placed to weave our soul journey. The moon is our feminine self and our shadow , it is our shield from seeing the full sun scripted story all at one ~ if we were totally awakened and aware from day one then we couldn’t do the dance and relationships in the spiral and work with the web ~ the shared script that we all plug into.

This is how the Mayan Wavespell calendar can help you wake up and raise consciousness by using the thirteen day spirals as and when you are ready.       The feminine siren calls you in at the perfect time for you to go deeper and paradoxically as you do ~ your energy holograph changes and your vibe becomes higher. So to go up we have to go down. To complete our circle we create firm roots into the earth and so receive the feminine and balance the feminine within us.

This is the key of today ~ balancing the masculine and feminine within as when we are out of balance within us, the universe balances us outside of us so we can see where we can create change.

The more we ignore this and the stronger and louder the message becomes. Most of us on the planet are out of balance in this regard and there is nothing “wrong” with that.

If you are connecting to this blog for the first time please note that it is a series ~ this is the sixth day of a 13 day spiral and I am doing a mini post each day based on what I feel intuitively .

If you don’t want to miss it please subscribe to email as I don’t always post on the same sites every day on Facebook.

Many people are are following the spiritual path are focusing on going up and become top heavy like a weedy plant that has a sudden growth spirt and starts toppling over and in hot weather cannot sustain itself ~ it’s root system isn’t mature enough to match the top growth and give sustenance ~ and again paradoxically in humans this leads to being light headed and ungrounded.

When we avoid doing the foundation inner work and looking at our lower chakra areas as a place to start ( because they were formed experientially on entry into the planet as children )~ belonging and relationship which is the key transformational areas in our tree of life sacred geometry ~ we get stuck in the intellect and the head. Often this is an ego avoidance of looking at what is hurting ~ physically and emotionally. The heart path involves transforming the 3 lower chakras and in this process we let go of living from ego, the heart opens as a result and the upper chakras are activated ~ and you don’t actually need to know this all at once ~ only the ego does that head trip remember. Trust yourself and know that you have all the answers there because your heart communicates what seeks transformation through emotions. This is what is gifted to us in all the myths and sacred code and now is the time to recognise that this is about our inner journey as well.

All emotions are our guides to when we are on our heart path ~ feeling joy and love and when we are out of synch ~ feeling what we call our shadow emotions which is basically anything other than joy and love. If we simply focus on the positive then the shadow is being excluded. This is one of the hardest gateways to walk through and to walk through it experientially is a pre~requisite to enter the garden of the Goddess.

Otherwise we are lopsided and go round in circles on the outside ~ until we go within.

Today we see the pattern of the circle.

I believe all people have broken circle patterns ~ nothing right or wrong, good or bad about this. There is no judgement in karma pattern. It is what it is and is what is required for our mid life transformation process which is also aligned to the Mayan Wavespell and the magic of numbers and repeating circles of life. It is what I specialise in and can be said to be the “seer” archetype. When we choose to see we empower ourselves and our circle ignites. This is the Ouraboros 

The message has often been distorted by manipulative pattern creators as a power trip in this patriarchal society that we live in on most of our human population worldwide. There are few feminine energy systems in place in the world today and that is how it is meant to be at this time on the planet as we are experiencing all we need to experience for this time of our evolutionary learning. We are moving into the sacred feminine transit now as we go into the Age of Aquarius ~ the cup holder of the Gods. We are connecting to our God and Goddess potentiality if we are prepared to transform our ego.

It takes more than dressing up in Goddess outfits to usher the feminine in and many men may not be too fond of getting a frock on 🙂 Some may and that’s ok for them ~ whatever floats your boat. There are lots of people doing the drama of being the Goddess and many that I have observed are very heavily into their masculine energy and seemingly having no conscious awareness of that ~ because that is where they are at the moment and that is the web.

I remember the first time I went to a Goddess workshop in Marsden ( fab name :-)) and found myself feeling uncomfortable about calling myself and being with others calling themselves Goddess and noticing that ~ who am I ? Same feeling as the first time I went to a belly dancing class at a Brass Band Club ~ not a million miles from The Full Monty scenario .

Gratitude to the strong amazing women of Marsden and West Yorkshire generally ~ and there are many brave and courageous souls ~ who are blazing a trail of the feminine in the very masculine energy of the North.

It takes courage to step out and speak out of what is considered the “norm” and unless we do this ~ how will things ever change ? As we stand up for what we love truly from the heart , we face our challenge and through this personal change we shine light and weave new paths ~ others follow that lead feeling energised and inspired by that light and new “norms” are created. In this Northern old~ fashioned space of many other revolutions, was where I made my first forays into another world beyond the veil ~ and with the veil ~ and brought out the Goddess in me.

Without these first steps I wouldn’t be here today in Glastonbury. Love to you all and hope to see you soon either here in the South or when I come visit in September.

Today’s intuitive image I awoke with was a big electrical power cable that had torn loose from it’s moorings and was hissing and swirling with unfettered power like an angry snake.

By the time we get to mid life we have had our share of being on the receiving end of some unloving behaviour ~ much of which we were  ” made ” to receive by adults when we were children. Synchronistically last night on TV there was a programme talking about being an optimistic person or a pessimist and how the scientific community is now changing it’s beliefs on nature versus nature. It is titled The Truth about Personality ~ maybe “a’ truth 🙂 ? I mentioned Bruce Lipton in my blog yesterday and his work on epigenetics . Our beliefs ~ created from our life experience and our ancestral experience ~ create our dna. Change our belief and we change our genes. Just had an insight on meditation and how when we are being present with our thoughts and allowing their presence ~ we are allowing and accepting them in that space ~ very much the basis of EFT ~ Emotional Freedom Technique, which is the core of my transformational journey.

If I say the circle within us is broken that may trigger an emotional response in you ~ and if it does maybe notice that ?

It is broken in a sense of ~ it doesn’t connect and form a circular circuit.

If we have an emotional response to a statement then there is an emotional event that is unresolved from our past. We all have these and this is the soul journey. If we choose we can transform this emotional event and we can reconnect our circle. This is the circle of the lower chakras and it repeats this cycle over and over ~ when you learn experientially about the Mayan wavespell you will see how this works.

I can speak to you about it and I can share my experience ~ you can only access it on all levels when you start doing the spiral journey on all levels. Mind, Body and  Spirit. When it is your time you will feel it.

If you want to know your Mayan info please send me your time,date and place of birth and I will also send your Starcode.

Today I also got this little ditty :

Mary Mary quite contrary

How does your garden grow

With silver bells and cockle shells and pretty maids all in a row

Lots of beliefs about the origin of this. 

There is the Queen Mary version


There is a connection to the Camino Santiago ~ a leyline near where I live connects Glastonbury as a pilgrim centre with 5o something ley lines to this major pilgrim walk. This is the connection to the shell ~ reference to The Mary Line ~ the sacred feminine energy line and if you google pictures of the Pico Santo it is very similar to the distant view of The Tor in Glastonbury. Here is a lovely blog about this area

Silver ~ the moon, the feminine and pretty maids all in a row ~ the Pleiades constellation ?

Whatever it means for the individual at where they are on their cycle.


If you  are aware of your own circle, wanting to move to a new circle and leave one behind there are ways I can assist you.

This wavespell is leading us into a new Mayan Year of Yellow Galactic Seed on July 26th 

If you would like to prepare for it and go in from day one with a cosmically aligned

intention please contact me as soon as possible as I can only work with a few people  and

we are getting close.

How can I help you  that works for you ?

If you share with me your heart intention for this coming year I can:

  • Give you some information about your pattern from your Mayan Sign and Starcode
  • Let you know where you are on your thirteen year cycle so you can have a bigger picture view. If for example you are starting a brand new thirteen year cycle it is very different from being on your thirteenth year.
  • I can give you tools so you can find your own information and start process for change independently from me and speak to me when you require some assistance ~ my expertise is using a coaching outcome  ~ something you wish to create and move towards

We look at what beliefs and past events may be holding you back

  • Let them go
  • Create beliefs and strategies that align you with your desire.
  • I am flexible and I love my work . 

We can work in different ways:

  • Email
  • Skype
  • In Person one to one
  • Small workshops in person and online to work with your schedule ~ I can come and work with a group too
  • Retreats ~ one coming up in Glastonbury July 25

I love assisting people in their awakening process .

I understand it is difficult for many people financially at the moment and offer a pay what you can afford policy.

Please donate if you feel this was of value to you. It doesn’t matter if it is only a £1 ~ gratefully received. When people give to me  I can give to others . 

If you wish to come to my retreat or work with me and don’t have any cash I am open to exchange too and if what you offer is something I am open to it’s a match


Investing in our own personal development is not a part of our pattern for many

individuals and involves valuing the self so often is something we have to create a new pattern for 🙂

Wishing my two beautiful boys happy solar return today.

Basil and Arnold are ten today. They are Blue Solar Storm Siamese. Just did their Mayan Sign this week. Number 9’s like me which represent completion of cycles.I have looked at their pedigrees today with a smile as I look at their family ancestry.

Arnold is the dominant male ~ named by my children after Arnold Schwarzenegger and so true to that vibe 🙂

Their parents are Magical Hugga Wugga and Rewdith Ostara and one line is of Shadowsquad’s with masculine role models and rock bands ~ Iron Maiden, Remmington Steele , Pierce Brosnan, and one of my favourite films Joe Black. On the other line they have Mordor Aragorn Elfstone and Magical Moonstone, Borealis Sergeant Pepper and Magical Twilight Eyes.

Basil was named after Basil Brush and he is often as daft as he. Basil is a sensitive soul who was the runt of the litter and so had to become part of our cat family.

Cats symbolise the sacred feminine and have the opposite spiral of energy to humans which is why they can trigger huge allergies and be soothing when they unwind you when sitting on your lap. They are the embodiment of the pattern of this wild, untamed energy that is the polar opposite of the patriarchal masculine.


If it is your birthday today this year is all about today’s energy for you the year long

starting today on your birthday balancing your masculine and feminine from within.

You are in year 6 of your thirteen year cycle.

This started on your birthday in 2008 and you are in a Yellow Magnetic Seed Cycle so unmasking yourself and removing all those ego corset ties that hold back on the true beauty of you that is aching to be flung high and wide .

This will become highlighted even more as the new year arrives on July 26 and the planetary vibe will move your individual cog within it’s bigger worldly cog.

Wishing you joy and love today with your awakening to balancing the masculine and




Star Quality



Day 5 and our energy is coming alive with Yellow Overtone Star

in the Yellow Seed Wavespell

I was up at the crack of dawn ~ unable to sleep and that is unusual for me as I am a night owl who generally is very monosyllabic prior to noon. I generally cling to the last remnants of dream time and as my main operating mode is empathic and kinaesthetic I can take a while to respond to input ~ needing to let all my aspects have a connection to the information. Under rapid fire or with a person who processes intellectually and quickly I struggle especially if in a waning moon of Taurus where I can be so grounded that I take as much time as an oil tanker to change direction 🙂

Lots of energetic activity last night as in often the case here ~ blew my mind at first and now I am getting used to the interstellar highways that run through my house. Sometimes no matter how much you ask to be left alone in your bed ,the cosmic shifts simply pluck at your stardust strings and whatever is seeking an upgrade or download simply has to take place.

When this first started happening in Marsden in West Yorkshire , it was very intense ~ lots of colours coming in and I could feel them . I believe we are all on a star coded mission to weave new webs at the moment and shrug off our shrouds of the past.

I am reading a fictional book ~ Shadow of Night by Deborah Harkness which is a sequel to A Discovery of Witches. I believe all “fiction” has a lot of fact and most of it comes as a channeled plot to upgrade the reader or viewer if it’s a film. Lots to ponder in this book about witchcraft and what was the real “truth” of these days of Witch persecution. I believe we are entering a new age of going back to this way of being ~ intuitive and in touch with the goddess energy and on a whole new level . As well as  the intellectual path, the outside ritual and the use of herbs and tangibles we are now working with internalising this with energy therapies and taking the quest ourselves that previously have been trod before by our mythical legends. All these workings are the metaphor for our own alchemical transformation and that is happening on a much larger scale. It is a very exciting time in our emotional evolution.

Time to be the star player in our personal movie and let go of the ego prima donna roles. This of course can be paradoxical and a difficult course to steer ~ it really does become clear as we navigate it experientially and then we receive what we need from our guiding star higher self.

I am crafting my retreat today and I am scaling it down to be a couple of hours per day . One of the key learnings recently highlighted for me is to scale down as I take on too much and I often offer too much information 🙂 New info has come to light about a different day ~ this is the blessing of Facebook where people can share what is happening. I am learning to live more and more in the moment and stop getting too far ahead of myself ~ which is difficult when marketing ~ however when we are intending to create the reality on all levels of our being the golden rule is:

Be Do Have

It’s the easiest way to integrate yourself 🙂

If you find you are saying one thing for example to clients as a therapist and then doing something different yourself……

There is a duality happening.

This is very useful information .

In Glastonbury I experience it a lot. People say one thing in “business” ~ all “adult like”and professional ~ great theory 🙂 What they actually do in practice is altogether different. The behaviour is what creates the clarity in this place of illusion. There are very few people I have met in Glastonbury who are honest, straightforward and have integrity ~ say what they mean and mean what they say.

Imagine how different it could be in our world if people could be honest about who they are and what they want out of life, relationships and ways of living together. This is what star quality can be modelled to create new patterns as unless we get real with ourselves and in doing so, with others, how can we expect to live from the heart?

I come from the North of the UK and spent much of my life in that realm. When I have lived in the South I notice the difference of communication ~ round the houses rather than direct.

I prefer A to B patterns for communication instead of calling off at stations in between with a hidden agenda constructed as a mask. What a waste of time and energy. Manipulators count on people who are too polite to speak their gut feelings for fear of “getting it wrong” .

Is that familiar for you ?

I am intending to trust my gut more now. The alternative is more dances in the shadows………Time to really own my perspective and beliefs.

I have had enough time to partake in the holistic hokey cokey to make some discerning decisions. Most people don’t put their whole selves into  anything here because that would take too much …..well…. being whole ….I guess instead of flakey and transient blowing hot and cold like a busted boiler. This sort of fannying around really gets my goat as a Leo and so…..time to create new beginnings. Why pretend it’s ok? It isn’t what sets my heart on fire but fuels my indigestion as I really cannot stomach it. Energy vamping and making other people give their time and energy when they really don’t want to ~ great for getting good insights about boundaries.

In the beginning of moving here I felt it was unfair of the letting agents to charge and screen in the way they do for property ~  now having experienced how people do what they like, when they like ,with no communication or thought of the other person they are relating with ~ hiring a space, viewing the room, coming to therapy sessions or workshops they have given a verbal agreement to for example I fully understand it . I had one woman say to me that I was behaving inappropriately because I told her I didn’t appreciate being stood up for a room viewing despite explaining in advance that I had to travel into town to meet her and that in light of her no show at the first stage, I didn’t feel she was someone I wanted to do business with. Her explanation ~ she had been busy and it wasn’t flowing for her to stop and take time out to come meet me. I understand going with the flow and what feels authentic and I also understand honouring commitment. There is an imbalance when someone forgets the interests of the other party without the other party’s consent. This is classic co~dependency patterns. I know change happens quickly here too as reality arrives sooner rather than later for many .

I have tried lots of ways over the years to be clear with people ~ terms and condition agreements, codes of conduct, having a chat, emails, memos, training and of course the courtroom. What has become abundantly clear to me is that if you have to dance the dance of deception ~ you will ~ no matter what steps you take. Other therapists have asked me about not having lots of terms and conditions on my website and I understand that point of view ~ this is a result of my experience and I believe the reality of what we attract for our personal evolution ~ which will happen no matter how we chapter and verse.

It becomes clearer and faster as we get clearer and we see the pattern in more clarity before we engage so our conscious choices shimmer with light .

People who haven’t dealt with their inner child wounding world are incapable of being an adult in that regard ~ simple. It shows up as a deletion pattern and a blind spot that is out of conscious sight. As we are a holographic light code this also shows up in deletions in our dna and as we change this through doing energetic inner work our dna. For more on this ~ Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton is a great read.

This is why we have created law and the courts over experiential lives  in our history, as people’s inner brats simply would not parent themselves and behaved

badly 🙂 Thing is most of that pattern was (and is :-)) actually part of the law making and keeping process 🙂 If you haven’t seen Judge Judy yet ~ check it out ~ great tapping material for letting go of your judgemental issues 🙂 Bet her remarks will trigger some pattern matches for you …..

The difference between being Judgemental and discerning is very simple ~ seeing and speaking about something as it is without placing a subjective label on it and an opinion about the person.

For example:

I believe your behaviour in our relationship is dishonest and manipulative

I believe you have lots of fear based opinions from your dialogue with me

as compared to :

I know you are a bad, lying, game player.

I know you are a negative loser.

It’s all very pertinent for our soul journey and evolution so we can play the game……

What game are you playing?

Star of the heart 

Star of the ego

Star blazing a trail of light language through inner transformation

Star blazing a show of low self esteem stage show

We all have a part to play and we all choose each and every line that comes from our “truth” that changes on our stairway to heaven.

Each day we connect to the energy of our past patterns and each day we can change them if we choose.

It’s always an opportunity to be Venus as our morning star.

Love to your starlight today.

Four fingers



Day Four and another powerful day of death and transformation with Blue Self~Existing Hand in Yellow Seed wavespell

The sun has been intense today and I have been using the power of four for creating structure at this new mamma moon time. I am creating an outside space for my cats as I live near a busy main road although out in the sticks. My cats make the occasional foray into the back garden but tend to migrate to the hard to reach places where they feel safe. On the edge of the wild here, there are predators that would take them, my friend had one of her cats taken by a Fox. Buzzards fly over and my chaps are too big for an air lift but you never know with a buxom buzzard’s ego and so I am adapting a space my partner made out of scrap wood for the veggies to climb and covering it with shade netting so they can be out and safe ~ that is the theory so far I have only done one part with a temporary gate and they were out very quickly after Basil the black Siamese (very scaredy cat ) wailed loudly and launched himself full on at every available surface ~ something’s gotta give and it did 🙂

So my well intentioned pussycat paradise is being frowned upon at the moment. I have sweated today , cutting wood with a saw and sanding my jagged edges ~ my lines are wonky and it’s a good job I’m not a surgeon . I’ve been up the ladder banging in nails and was quite chuffed that I didn’t flatten my fingers for once. Getting better at hitting the nail on the head and today I really listened for the vibe when the nail hit the wood and was ready for big hits. This also expands into all my circle too as nothing is in isolation.

We have had an absence of birds in our garden the past few days and it could be because of a swap around and the arrival of our pool ~ sounds luxuriant. It is a big plastic blow up from the local DIY store ~ heavenly if you manage to survive the arterial cut off in your legs for long enough. I love the feeling when you emerge afterwards though. The sun is so intense even at 630 I am so loving the outdoors life but it is difficult digging the poly tunnel trenches ~ the clay is drying out at lower levels and even a pick axe is finding it tough. It is a great way to get fit and lose your bingo wings 🙂

So our birdy friend the Robin has disappeared and I wonder if he has left the planet as he is usually here every day many times eating the meal worms I get for him. I miss him. The blackbird has been absent too although I have heard him. Today we had a green finch which we don’t often get and is a very lovely sign of joy.

On a structural level I have made a decision today to end my rental of a room in Glastonbury ~ The Heart Centre. It was started in Mercury Retrograde and ends in it 15 months later. My intention was to create a shared space with several therapists and this simply hasn’t worked out so I have decided to bite the bullet and let it go. The idea of it is still alive and hopefully will resurface in the near future in another form.Following my own mantra ~ if your heart ain’t in it ~ bin it 🙂

I know I have to focus now as I go into my fourth year of my thirteen year cycle on my birthday ~ the 18th of August. I am a Blue Hand and it is my Blue Self Existing Hand Year ~ just realised the synchronicity as I am writing this 🙂 Good old Saturn strikes again.

This is when the magic happens for me ~ seeing the cycles, the patterns and knowing that we have to trust our heart wisdom.

Creating The Heart Centre has taken me on a learning journey and I have had the chance to see lots of past pattern matches repeating and how I can make a different choice.

That is what this life journey is all about and at midlife we generally become more aware of our mortality and as a result more discerning about how we spend our time and/ or throw a hissy fit and be the teenage rebel at 50 🙂

There are only so many hours in a day and having a family , a home , animals and a garden to care for take lots of time. I started today making a curry from scratch inspired by Rick Stein’s India programme last night. I have cooked curries for years and love the traditional recipes of Indian home cooking ~ Madhur Jaffrey is one of my favourite Indian Cooks. This does take a lot of time and effort ( and washing up 🙂 ) and it is so important I feel in family life. Food created in this way makes all the difference. We all did a dish ~ my partner did yellow rice ~ to die for and my son did onion bhajis which are so different from store bought. They are the same as the restaurant and a delicacy.Even though I have done this for a long time I still get impatient with the time it takes especially in beautiful weather because I want to be outside ~ in the UK summer sun is something to savour.

Hope your wavespell is bringing up lots of juicy stuff to work with ~ it can feel intense ~ and when we cut to the chase of it we can start to clear the wheat from the chaff . Everything is good learning for our journey and…..

If we want to feel good

live an inspired life

and break free from “woulds” and “shoulds” then it’s time for honesty and clear seeing. 

Less is more sometimes 🙂

Love to you today and your shaping hands of the priestess energy. Lets open the doors and go through the valley of death to greet the Goddess.

The challenge to openness



Red Lunar Serpent Day

Today is the yin coming in to show us the challenge that is holding us back from being truly open and free of ego masks and mechanisms.

Noticing that in this life we have not been schooled in the art of relationships with others …….unless we have chosen to go on self development courses and become aware and conscious of our own patterns and how other people have taught us that awareness.

Have you taken the time to do that and really know what allows you to glow and feel bliss?

Are you ready to commit to that process?

Most people on the planet haven’t and it isn’t the norm or the custom.

The strongest pattern at the moment is to co depend and rely on people or things to give us joy and pleasure ……

so when they are not doing that…..

we don’t feel good.

Which creates a very conditional pattern that is up and down and feels very disempowering doesn’t it? That is always what is part of an ego pattern.


When people are matching ways of relating that have caused us pain….physical and/or emotional ……we are triggered.


Here is an exercise for you to use if you choose.

Today is Sunday. What is your idea of a blissful Sunday?


Write it down.


Are you alone? With other people ? Inside or outside ? What is the weather like ? What are you wearing/doing/ being?

What are you eating? Drinking ? Doing?

What do you enjoy about that activity ?

What is the temperature like?

If you are with others how are they showing you relationship that feels good for you?

Are they giving you gifts/praise/hugs/their full attention?

How do know they love you / care about you ?

How do you feel part of the community and circle.

If you chose to be alone what does this choice give you ? Do you prefer your own company ?


As a child how did you learn to feel loved ~ did you actually feel it ?

Was it conditional? Was it unconditional ? Who taught you these ways of being and how.


Remember bliss times in your life and write about them. Fill in as much detail as possible about the whole experience with lots of sensory detail .


This is our bliss recipe and once we bring it to our conscious awareness we have the threads to weave our magic carpet that take us to our land of milk and honey. It is the start of a process as we see the information provided within “the script”

Now we can tune into being an open honest communicator of our bliss giving and receiving and share with our circle of significant others….

how we feel good about living in the skin we are in.

What feels good for us ~ allows us to feel loved and respected, what our values are and how we feel if we are not heard in this way.

How we choose to be heard, honoured and loved.

If there are times in the past when we haven’t had that experience with the person we are talking to and intending to create new relationships with….

how do we communicate that ?

I use emotional freedom technique to do that and talk and tap. This system of clearing helps me voice my truth, clear my emotion about it and truly let go of this past event.

Many people do not feel comfortable about revisiting past situations with their loved ones because of the emotion it brings up which are often feelings of guilt, shame, anger ~ in other words all the shadow emotions.

We have often created layer upon layer of masks and coping mechanisms to not go there ~ we may be mismatchers ~ an nlp term for refusing to comply or              co-operate with others because this was the only way to feel safe as a child and be rebellious. If we don’t consciously address this and change it as adults it expands until we pay attention and morphs into lots of different behaviours such as the road rager, the alcoholic alter ego ~ sweetness and light during daylight and angry drunk at night. The passive ~ aggressive pendulum swing of what is commonly labelled as manic depressive ~ again a coping mechanism where moods swing to compensate for the underworld feelings that are lurking unaddressed and festering with each passing day.

The truth will out and see the light of day in some way as this is the nature of the universe ~ this is the nature of the transition we are currently in and I offer you the gift of this time ~ tough love. Until we get to the heart of our issues we live on the surface of life and we feel at the mercy of the outside ~ endlessly looking for solutions and answers without when the place of change and transformation is always within.

Anything manifesting outside of us now or in our body now, that is feeling painful is an opportunity to see something inside seeking a recycle.

We expect our young people to show respect when many have never been respected,

to have compassion when they have never had their emotional or physical needs met and do not know what it means to receive love,

to know how to be gentle and loving when they have never known it……

It is impossible to truly know something and give something that has not been received and to not give something that has.

When we are experiencing criticism it is a match for our past and beliefs we have about ourselves.

Do you know how to give and receive love ?

Most people do not. They block their receiving.

Can you receive from the universe unconditionally?

Are you open to what each day brings for you?

Do you receive from anyone and everyone with grace?

Do you decide what is the best for yourself…..or are you open to learning new ways that your higher self brings?

Are you willing to go into the void  and not know?

Are you a master of trust and acceptance?

Lots to contemplate and review.

It takes work to create the life we want and the relationships that create intimacy and love.

It takes commitment and often we need to grow a pair and stand up for ourselves 🙂

We need to believe that we are worth it ~ especially the time and effort we commit to this process.

When you are looking at your monthly budget and schedule notice how much time you spent on your personal transformation this month ~ I am not talking about a workshop or course that gave you a qualification in doing something for someone else such as a therapist working with a client…..

How much money did you spend on you and your journey of change…..compared to “entertainment” or a cpd day ?

How much time did you commit in your day to look at your own issues and how you are feeling…..and how to create change?

How many triggers have you worked on this month so that you can feel more peace and calm.

If you broke down your month into a pie chart of money and time ~ available on some bank accounts ~ what would be the biggest chunk of it?

Is that in balance?

Is that being proactive or reactive?

We are the only ones who can create a change for ourselves by doing what it takes to make the difference.

There are many aspects to this shift and it involves taking action and new learning….


we stay on the same landscape and play at being Peter Pan.

Our bodies age but we live the life we did as a child .

Tough love time .

We are revisiting the same wavespell of the last Scorpio Gateway and all that came from it in the last Yellow Seed. Here is the post I made then.

Here is the post from the last Red Serpent Wavespell.


Has life changed for you since last October and more recently last

May ? Or are you still going round in circles?

If you are ready to take the next steps and do what it takes to get your love show on the road I have some fab tools to share with you.

Sorry I cannot wave a magic wand for you ~ you are here to do that for yourself and be that star seed sharing your gift ~ you have your own unique answers.

I can help you with the process as that is something I am good at ~ and I do it every day and it works. Doesn’t mean I feel fabulous all the time ~ it does mean that I now recognise and accept that when I am feeling painful emotions or distorting emotions that change me into a ghost of my past ~ I recognise that I am stepping through another gateway of new learning is all.

And with that gateway I allow new things to happen that come from a magical space that I may not have thought possible.

That is the reward of facing your inner demons.

Love to you and your serpent shadow.

Open to following the cosmic cookie trail……


Yellow Seed Super light way



Yellow Magnetic Seed Wavespell

We have been in the heart of the divine child energy for the past thirteen days and now we arrive at another powerful opportunity to cut ourselves free from our past patterns that have shielded us, moulded us and hardened us into egoic puppets wearing masks ~ dancing to the tune of our childhood conditioning.

It is the hottest I can remember in the UK today and we have been in the garden soaking up the sun and languishing in the beauty of our surroundings.

Lots of airing,washing and a brief dip in the pool ~ freezing 🙂

The new moon in Cancer is coming on Monday and I can feel the whirlwind of it’s cleansing new beginnings energy swirling already. Having several days of warm weather brings lots of outside space and time to cleanse fixtures and fittings on all levels.

We have started our poly tunnel and are gradually getting the structure together in a slow pace and allowing ourselves to learn new things and let go of old ways of relating. This in the heart space has brought up lots of old threads to be re woven like the ancient patterning of the traditional carpets I am cleaning. When I bought them on my travels many years ago I did not realise the significance of their sacred geometry or how this would resonate with me now ~ part of me did though 🙂 .

I see that I have always been collecting my true nature and seed self in my relationships, places to visit and possessions ~ then unconsciously and now more and more consciously.

We are all of the same source just like every other living being in our universe and we have a sacred geometry seed energy and holograph. Sometimes this seed self of ours creates a gm crop ~ we genetically modify ourselves to fit ways of being and mold ourselves to fit our surroundings……and sometimes that creates a very distorted shape that is way off track from our original design and intention…….and as we have created distortion we can uncreate it if we are ready to take the responsibility for it.

At this time of Sun and Moon Cancer we can learn new ways to mother ourselves and nurture our hearts and in that process we create new beginnings of health. We move away from creating patterns of being in our body that create illness and ultimately the nature of the opposite of the manifestation of Cancer ~ letting go of co dependency patterns and giving and receiving in an out of balance way.

I am feeling flowing at the moment in most areas of my life. As a Leo I love the sun and Taurus Moon love my garden. As an Aquarius Ascendent I love bigger picture plans and on many levels I am happy with the actual manifestation of the creation of my dream of The Seed of Sacred Living Centre. I feel empowered in creating ways to improve my health with the food I grow and the labour it takes to create these spaces. Cleaning carpets and digging are great workouts in the outside and nature.

I have had a Shamanic Healing this week from my friend Maria which was fabulous ~ which brought me a rune to assist Algiz. This reminds me of the Thoth three of Wands and Virtue card which I get a lot. I had a profound experience that evening that I have had before and reminded me of my birth ~ new beginnings here methinks 🙂

I have restarted belly dancing and loved it . This is with a local teacher Kash at the Camino in Glastonbury. Love her style.  As soon as I heard the music I reconnected to the love of this amazing sacred dance that creates energy flow and reaches parts of a woman in ancient healing ways that few other styles do. If you haven’t tried it I urge you to as it is so life changing and enhancing of the goddess energy.

Yesterday I had an amazing sound healing in Glastonbury which polished up my vibes and left me feeling positively humming with positivity and joy. Trevor and Shannon create heavenly vibes. I feel so blessed to live in a place that has so much wonderful stuff to plug into and people creating it to share with.

I am struggling still on some emotional things that are resurfacing and will be blogging about these in more detail starting on Monday with the commencement of ten galactic portals. I am going to Buddhafield during this time so this should be interesting.

Now is the way out of the heart of the Tzolkin that we came into way back on May 28 with the start of the Red Serpent Wavespell. Whatever intimacy and loving the skin we are in issues we connected to then ~ 

  • have we created new ways of relating that address those issues?
  • have we let go of the emotion we were holding on to?


or is our inner child still feeling left out in the cold and unable to have intimate relationships with our world ……

without resorting to addictions and co dependent behaviours in order to survive the heartache ?

It is all part of the journey and the remnants of the blue storm year we are exiting out of now. Cosmic moon time ~ the last of the 13 moons is all about seeing what can be reshaped to allow more of our feminine energy to flow with the cosmic pattern and time we are sailing through.

At this amazing death of the old year and birth of the new :

Many other plants on this earth are root bound, privy to the whims of gardeners or humanity in general worldwide and can be uprooted, exposed and thrust into shade so that they wither and die ~ they will still attempt to be their true nature in pure honesty of their unique way of being. They will still strive to thrive.

We are the same in many ways…..


we have free will .

We have the ability to move and align ourselves

We are here to flower. 

Wishing you joy and love with your journey at this time. 

Deep gratitude to my partner David who is co creating with me at this time. We are going round our circle yet again and it is intense….and we are still going 🙂 We often drive each other insane as we are such opposites and ….this is where we get the greatest learning. It is very important to be in our heart now and let our mind show us where we have created controlling fear beliefs. Being able to share these with our nearest and dearest is a very important gift to have and essential in co creative relationships. Can take a while. If you are struggling with having honest relationships keep persevering ~ it takes a while and there aren’t many people willing to do what it takes 🙂 It is worth it.

If you would like to know more about the new year beginning on July 26th ~ Yellow Galactic Seed and how you can work with it to integrate and create from the heart ~ please get in touch with me. I have a retreat in Somerset at this time if you wish to come in person and work with the energy of the sacred zodiac and ley lines. The group is small and practical. It is designed to be transformational and experiential and will be tailored for you as an individual.


I also offer one to ones in Glastonbury at The Heart Centre or worldwide on Skype.

Lots of links for you to click on in my blogs ~ the majority of which are to other sites that I love and value. Hope you will too 🙂