Yellow Seed Super light way



Yellow Magnetic Seed Wavespell

We have been in the heart of the divine child energy for the past thirteen days and now we arrive at another powerful opportunity to cut ourselves free from our past patterns that have shielded us, moulded us and hardened us into egoic puppets wearing masks ~ dancing to the tune of our childhood conditioning.

It is the hottest I can remember in the UK today and we have been in the garden soaking up the sun and languishing in the beauty of our surroundings.

Lots of airing,washing and a brief dip in the pool ~ freezing 🙂

The new moon in Cancer is coming on Monday and I can feel the whirlwind of it’s cleansing new beginnings energy swirling already. Having several days of warm weather brings lots of outside space and time to cleanse fixtures and fittings on all levels.

We have started our poly tunnel and are gradually getting the structure together in a slow pace and allowing ourselves to learn new things and let go of old ways of relating. This in the heart space has brought up lots of old threads to be re woven like the ancient patterning of the traditional carpets I am cleaning. When I bought them on my travels many years ago I did not realise the significance of their sacred geometry or how this would resonate with me now ~ part of me did though 🙂 .

I see that I have always been collecting my true nature and seed self in my relationships, places to visit and possessions ~ then unconsciously and now more and more consciously.

We are all of the same source just like every other living being in our universe and we have a sacred geometry seed energy and holograph. Sometimes this seed self of ours creates a gm crop ~ we genetically modify ourselves to fit ways of being and mold ourselves to fit our surroundings……and sometimes that creates a very distorted shape that is way off track from our original design and intention…….and as we have created distortion we can uncreate it if we are ready to take the responsibility for it.

At this time of Sun and Moon Cancer we can learn new ways to mother ourselves and nurture our hearts and in that process we create new beginnings of health. We move away from creating patterns of being in our body that create illness and ultimately the nature of the opposite of the manifestation of Cancer ~ letting go of co dependency patterns and giving and receiving in an out of balance way.

I am feeling flowing at the moment in most areas of my life. As a Leo I love the sun and Taurus Moon love my garden. As an Aquarius Ascendent I love bigger picture plans and on many levels I am happy with the actual manifestation of the creation of my dream of The Seed of Sacred Living Centre. I feel empowered in creating ways to improve my health with the food I grow and the labour it takes to create these spaces. Cleaning carpets and digging are great workouts in the outside and nature.

I have had a Shamanic Healing this week from my friend Maria which was fabulous ~ which brought me a rune to assist Algiz. This reminds me of the Thoth three of Wands and Virtue card which I get a lot. I had a profound experience that evening that I have had before and reminded me of my birth ~ new beginnings here methinks 🙂

I have restarted belly dancing and loved it . This is with a local teacher Kash at the Camino in Glastonbury. Love her style.  As soon as I heard the music I reconnected to the love of this amazing sacred dance that creates energy flow and reaches parts of a woman in ancient healing ways that few other styles do. If you haven’t tried it I urge you to as it is so life changing and enhancing of the goddess energy.

Yesterday I had an amazing sound healing in Glastonbury which polished up my vibes and left me feeling positively humming with positivity and joy. Trevor and Shannon create heavenly vibes. I feel so blessed to live in a place that has so much wonderful stuff to plug into and people creating it to share with.

I am struggling still on some emotional things that are resurfacing and will be blogging about these in more detail starting on Monday with the commencement of ten galactic portals. I am going to Buddhafield during this time so this should be interesting.

Now is the way out of the heart of the Tzolkin that we came into way back on May 28 with the start of the Red Serpent Wavespell. Whatever intimacy and loving the skin we are in issues we connected to then ~ 

  • have we created new ways of relating that address those issues?
  • have we let go of the emotion we were holding on to?


or is our inner child still feeling left out in the cold and unable to have intimate relationships with our world ……

without resorting to addictions and co dependent behaviours in order to survive the heartache ?

It is all part of the journey and the remnants of the blue storm year we are exiting out of now. Cosmic moon time ~ the last of the 13 moons is all about seeing what can be reshaped to allow more of our feminine energy to flow with the cosmic pattern and time we are sailing through.

At this amazing death of the old year and birth of the new :

Many other plants on this earth are root bound, privy to the whims of gardeners or humanity in general worldwide and can be uprooted, exposed and thrust into shade so that they wither and die ~ they will still attempt to be their true nature in pure honesty of their unique way of being. They will still strive to thrive.

We are the same in many ways…..


we have free will .

We have the ability to move and align ourselves

We are here to flower. 

Wishing you joy and love with your journey at this time. 

Deep gratitude to my partner David who is co creating with me at this time. We are going round our circle yet again and it is intense….and we are still going 🙂 We often drive each other insane as we are such opposites and ….this is where we get the greatest learning. It is very important to be in our heart now and let our mind show us where we have created controlling fear beliefs. Being able to share these with our nearest and dearest is a very important gift to have and essential in co creative relationships. Can take a while. If you are struggling with having honest relationships keep persevering ~ it takes a while and there aren’t many people willing to do what it takes 🙂 It is worth it.

If you would like to know more about the new year beginning on July 26th ~ Yellow Galactic Seed and how you can work with it to integrate and create from the heart ~ please get in touch with me. I have a retreat in Somerset at this time if you wish to come in person and work with the energy of the sacred zodiac and ley lines. The group is small and practical. It is designed to be transformational and experiential and will be tailored for you as an individual.


I also offer one to ones in Glastonbury at The Heart Centre or worldwide on Skype.

Lots of links for you to click on in my blogs ~ the majority of which are to other sites that I love and value. Hope you will too 🙂


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