Completion of the Mirror




Day 9 of the White Mirror Wavespell

White Solar Worldbridger

I’m feeling a little lighter today ~ how about you ?

This central space of inner core being can feel intense. Yesterday I had a day of feeling very emotional ~ I wanted to cry all day ~ and did quite a lot ~ nothing in particular was prompting this in real time events in the moment ~ thoughts of future times were. My son is leaving home for University in September and part of me feels this deeply.  I find crying happens to me a lot when I am in Sacred Site Zones like when I first visited Glastonbury Abbey and at Avebury on December 21st 2012. This feeling and unstoppable niagra falls of my eyes ~ reminded me of a particular challenging time back in 2001 ~ just felt to put today’s date for that time period in the Mayan calendar decoder and ~ goosebumps ~ it was a White Worldbridger Day ~ Planetary though which is the number 10. Love doing this with the Mayan Wavespell.

If you are an empath/ very intuitive/very emotional/deep feeling person then you may find this happening to you more and more as this is the sacred feminine energy expanding.

I am working with several people at the moment who are going through this shift ~ it is part of our transition and it may bring up fear for your ego mind so it is very beneficial to allow that to surface and work through it rather than bury it deep where it is often then expressed in the body ~ the body creates what our western thinking perceives as an illness. In reality this is a healing response. Our body will balance too much yang energy within us with yin ~ hence no cure for the common cold. A cold is soothing yin/feminine energy that bathes the inflamed areas with moist balm . If we do not wish to experience colds then we become aware of what behaviours and ways of being created “inflamed” situations for us…..and do something else instead. Remove ourselves from these ways of relating and create new harmonious ones instead.

We  are well educated in our society with the ways of the masculine. We have chapter and verse on how to go out and do “business”, earn money, get ahead, be a “success” according to the Ego design template of being affluent. Everything is structured outside. When I think back to 2001 and my vulnerability of being a single parent for a while, with two young children and two businesses to run and my partner estranged ~ although still working in the business but with little communication between us except “business”  ~ I can see how this is still affecting me. I haven’t healed it all and although my mind may think I have “got over it” I know when something today triggers me the next layer comes to the surface. It is still resonating which in my view means there is more learning to come 🙂

We are all going through this process in separate ways……and together…….we are all in this current cycle together and we are all intertwined. Each individual choice we make affects the collective and the more we can create circles of support and let go of the “it’s just business” ethos, the more our world becomes personal and intimate. The way of intimacy allows us to love deeply and truly from the heart.

At this time in June 2001 we were building up for the major event of 9/11 and the world as a result had a huge pattern creation at this point. If you choose you can explore how your world changed as a result ~ your beliefs, your feelings of safety and what you believe to be true ~ now ~ about what may or may not be the events of that trauma in our world psyche.

I am just reading an amazing book by Daniel Pinchbeck ~ 2012 and The Return of Quetzalecoatl . If you are interested in looking at the world differently I highly recommend this book as it is extremely well researched and offers so many bigger pictures to look at ~ to the open minded.

One passage in particular that resonated with me ~ and the model I use in the therapy of energy coaching ~ is to realise that each of us has an energetic bubble of beliefs. This belief system that is us ~ our mini planet and spaceship ~ can only be understood by people with matching beliefs and/or open minded people willing to be open to sharing and learning new ways of being.  As highlighted in Daniel’s book ~When the Europeans invaded the Americas in their quest for gold and exploitation of the indigenous people’s ,they literally came from another world with a completely different set of beliefs that was very masculine. The Americas’s tribes were very much in their sacred feminine and foresaw the coming of these people. Their world involved myth , magic and shamanic ways of being that involved circles and cycles ~ the Mayan calendar as a part of that ~ and this did not exist in the world of the incoming European’s ~ it had no influence over them. The indigenous people lived , in many regards , in homeostasis with their environment and only took from it what was in balance for survival of all.  Their ways of being were no match for the weapons and hunger of the Europeans, who simply took what they wanted without any honouring of the local people, animals or environment and at this time a new age of patriarchy was being created.

In every way that is true for us now ~ if we meet people with different maps (energy bubbles) we can feel resistance. If we choose we can explore this and go beyond the veil into the myth and magical cycle that is returning now.

Our mind naturally wants to do what it knows and so many people are experiencing big life changes and feeling they have to do more of the same in some way ~ and feeling panicky if they cannot replicate that pattern with money, a job, a relationship.

What is coming into being now is the new frontier, the new pioneers and the way showers who are paving new ways for people to hone their sacred feminine energy bubbles and allow them to blossom.

Remember if we do what we have always done.……we get what we always get…….and that isn’t possible in this new world that is emerging because…..the earth…..she say no 🙂

Feel the fear…..allow it…..recognise it as the ego mind alone……and let it go……then in that clear space allow the divine inspiration to flow through you.

This is what tapping ~EFT ~ emotional freedom technique ~ allows 🙂 It really works 🙂 It is my passion to share it with as many people as I can and to share this message of the white mirror:

You are the creator or your reality

Yes you

Yes really 

and you have everything you need to go through this transition if you will simply feel your way and be open to new learning

Everyone is always doing the perfect thing for them ~ many people say that is true ~ many people say that others “shouldn’t” tell others how they “should” do this or that and in the doing so ~ are paradoxically ~ doing exactly that 🙂  Don’t you love the paradoxes ~ they are speeding up. 

It’s all good  🙂

We are all interrelating and inter creating and learning.

If you choose to work more powerfully and with conscious awareness then become proactive rather than reactive and become an expert of yourself

Turn that mirror within by looking at what is showing up outside and how it makes you feel

When you do this everything will take on a whole new light and you will journey through your ego shadowlands faster and you will feel your core transform.

There are too many moving parts to control outside 🙂

Today my higher self guided me to look at what the number 9 represents in the spine ~ we are here in the centre of the Tzolkin and as above so below. We are as humans a micro of the macro. This is sacred geometry. 

Number 9 is the thoracic part of the spine and it is an amazing heart shaped joint. Each part of our body has a metaphysical meaning. If you have Louise Hay’s You Can Heal your Life ~ little turquoise book, there is a full spinal chart at that back listing each part. I have put some links on today for my cookie trail ~ if you wish to do yours simply google ~ follow your own cosmic cookie trail each day with what you intuitively feel guided to do because you have your own unique thread to follow that is perfectly aligned for you and your next steps ~ and don’t let your thinking logical mind override it 🙂 Learn to trust your intuitive self. Sometimes this doesn’t become clear for a while but when it does it reveals an amazing process. When I first got “messages” for my clients I felt reluctant to share them as they often made no sense to me ~ now I often say ~ I don’t know what it means but here it is.

Sometimes it is as simple as ~ letting go of the need to know and learning to trust that their is a higher consciousness that we are a part of that has no linear blinkers on 🙂

This vertebra is significant for the victim mindset ~ blaming pattern. Blaming is a first step relationship pattern that allows our ego to pass the buck and begins very early in life. When we hurt ourselves by interacting with an inanimate object that object is often “blamed” for it. Naughty door that trapped the toddlers finger. This expands into ~ it is the government’s fault etc. A way of avoiding responsibility for our relationships and choices which serves us as a child as generally speaking children are a dependent. This is also linked in to the pancreas. This is the area of manifestation of diabetes and sugar addiction. Blamers often seek sugar to sweeten their life and this is a very literal way of ensuring that an emotional need is met. Our western society is seeing the impact of this way of relating.

This is still something I am weaning myself off . I have replaced my sugar intake with honey as an interim step and using fresh fruit instead of sugar laden fruit juices from the supermarket. On the emotional levels I am working with re patterning my sugar addiction in all areas of my life including ego rewards .

When I feel good about myself and I am living in alignment with my true self I have no need to reward myself as my life is a rewarding in itself.

In meridian terms this is the place of the Governing Vessel ~ 

GV 8 Acupuncture Point – Jin Suo – Governing Vessel Meridian and the balancing of the masculine and feminine.

Number 9’s are significant ~ it is my number in the Mayan.

It is the number of the Sagittarius sign too.

Just looking at this in detail with my Starcode which I am learning experientially at the perfect time ~ often this is with people who ask me to do theirs for them. Each time I create something for someone I learn something new. I offer this is the way we are heading to on the planet and many people resist this believing making lots of money is the key. My North Node is Gemini and this is my soul purpose this time around. The South Node of this is Sagittarius which was my last life time and explains why I am always surrounded by Sagittarius energy with my partner and daughter being Sagi’s and lots of my friends and past relationships too. Learning about this gives me bigger picture awareness and more insights as to why things have happened and when and also how each astrologer has a different interpretation based on their energy bubble. The more we learn about this simple universal truth and the more we recognise how pointless debates and arguments are on so many levels ~ we are meant to have our own point of view as this is our journey and the wonderful world of polarity, fractal and how we come to know ourselves.

Back to money and many people are struggling with getting money in at the moment ~ again if we allow this space of being it is a wonderful opportunity to see our pattern and be open to new ways of being.

Money is an artificial creation that can be used to manipulate and to buy things that are not an energetic match for us ~ and as a consequence are for ego purposes. It can be used as a power trip and an avoidance and when that is removed we can see our energetic structure and belief system clearly ~ if we are prepared to look 🙂

The absence of money can allow us to become very clear about the choices that we make an an opportunity to shake off our addictive behaviours, relationships and shackles.

Money isn’t a bad thing or evil or….. anything ~ simply a means to exchange something. Like everything else it  is different things to different people.

If we are to move towards a balanced world where we do not take natural resources and destroy the environment 

Where we go with the flow

Where we let go of a man made calendar and living out of synch with what is……

Then we let go of what goes with that which is the majority of our money making rat race

Many people seem to subscribe to that vision in theory ~ yet are doing nothing whatsoever to turn their own personal wheel in that direction in practicality ~

So …..

How is the world going to change?

We all keep doing the same…….and we create change??????

If you want to head in the sacred feminine direction then get on the sacred feminine bus 🙂 The patriarchal bus doesn’t go there 

Watched a film last night that felt very uncomfortable on many levels and love the metaphor. I am not a Zombie movie fan at all but my daughter’s enthusiasm for Warm Bodies encouraged me to watch it. It summed up how I felt yesterday and how I felt in 2001. I was walking around Proper Job and Morrison’s yesterday ticking off a list off things I needed to complete my last few days of frenzied activity in my house. This is our second summer and we have been attempting flow in an un flowing design that didn’t fit our furniture and so life was difficult on a practical level. Now everything seems to be “fitting in” and feeling energetically different. I am a solution based person and that is my ethos as Aquarius Ascendant. It is how I relate and often not received well by people who are in victim mode wanting to offload. In my masculine Mars mode I look to offer ways forward when often people simply want to be heard and loved by my Taurus Moon feminine side. As I am learning to rebalance myself in this regard and stop people pleasing as a way of staying safe, people often see more of my masculine at the moment.

I have been largely offline in this wavespell and in my own world for several days and this part of me loves to see solutions happening. In the manipulation world of the supermarket listening to eighties musak my true emotional state was triggered and I felt in annihilation zone. More layers coming up. I really felt on many levels ~ what is the point of this “existence” ~ it is madness. Yes we are practical beings that have practical needs…..and this is so out of balance. In the film this is highlighted to the extreme with the parody of the living dead society we live in, where we repress our true nature and true selves to fit a mad conforming version of life. We lose our humanity and exist as a walking corpse. Love of course changes this 🙂


All of this being highlighted in Libra Moon today and with a big energetic agenda taking place this week with the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and a Supermoon on the way.

Looking back at last year’s White Mirror time has been a revelation. Here is my link to last years blog in October which took place just before my holiday to Kephalonia at Libra Sun time . It was also just before the Scorpio Gateway and the underworld time. My circle has looped again on this blog and I am starting to see the wonders of working with the Mayan Wavespell in this way . Wow what a touch of Grace.

Remember in the bigger picture it is Saturn in Scorpio time so the more you commit to seeing your cycles and going through them and practising tough love on yourself and others and the more you will really start to reap the rewards.

If you feel inclined come and join me in Glastonbury on my retreat to align with the new year

on July 25th and integrate your states by opening your heart even more

to your universal star seeded wisdom.

Lots of love to you all.


2 thoughts on “Completion of the Mirror

  1. Very nice article! It sure helped me to follow my own cookie trail this morning! I too am dealing with sugar addiction! I realized it before I read your article and as synchronicity is as it is….I then read your article and had it reaffirmed for me as well. Ego sure like to get in the way! Glad we are on this path together…thank you for your insights.


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