Mirror Time



White Mirror Wavespell


We are in the centre of the Tzolk”in ……and if we choose we are in the centre of us.

Following on the tail of the hugely powerful Red Serpent spiral of intimacy and loving the skin we are in , we are now able to work with what came to light in some way .

Wherever we are at is perfect ~ this isn’t a race , there is no first place. We all come in when we come in with grace.

The next thirteen days will literally show us ourselves.

The holograph of our inner beliefs projected outward so we can have an opportunity to see our inside ~ outside manifest in form.


Yesterday I went to see the film After Earth. It was fabulous for some clarity of often spiritual abstract ideas being formed into a movie story.

Danger is real ~ fear isn’t. Fear is simply a choice of how we feel about the unknown future.

Whenever we are truly present, in the now, in our body, grounded without the mind spin doctor rolling out fantasy scenarios…..it is impossible to feel anything other than love because that is what we are.


To be present and switch off the mind spin, people often choose to take part in extreme activities which force the muttering ego mind to shut the bleep up 🙂

When we are on a mountain the ego risk assessor is pushed back into second position as the priority is to stay alive and not think about what happened last thursday that rocked our world. If that activity is motivated by avoidance of “real life” it is often an energy balancer . It allows the activist to feel “real” in a way that isn’t with their family or colleagues ~ an avoidance of “intimacy ” ~ going without instead of going within. Creating outside adventure and skyscrapers to prove and validate instead of facing the demons within. A key pattern of the “entrepreneur ” The risk has to get bigger to “feel”

Some people feel really alive in action in the war zone ~ totally alert to preserve their life and really aware of their mortality through seeing the truth of it as others lose theirs.


There is also another option that allows more choice of playing this game of life.

Have a look at how your world today is an echo of times past ~ old events and patterns playing out ~ ghosts

Decide what movie you want to run now

Decide how much presence you want now

Realise that it is only this energy curtain that is stopping you feeling the true magical universe ~ of you

The Devil card in tarot ~ you can take those chains off any time you like because ~ you have the key

Then start to pull the curtain of illusionary ego self down ~  and step beyond the veil

If you don’t do this process you are forever bound by ego laws ~ there is no transcendence possible because you are stuck in the lower world of dense emotion and the beliefs that create them ~

each level comes as we go through the ego gateway and we get to take off the blinkers of our ego blindness

Instead of :

  • life through a lens, scary world, everyone else has control of my destiny world, I am not good enough, I am tired, I am ill , it’s unfair, it’s unjust…….

How about:

  • I am strong, capable and amazing  ~
  • I have survived my trip until now  so I have got great survival skills

and I am now shaping that even more

  • I am changing this interface, transforming my projector filters and slides…..

so whatever this world presents to me I can feel more comfortable with

  • I can use each day as an opportunity to see myself and as I take responsibility for everything that shows up in my world in some way ~ it’s here just for me to see so I can make a different choice to how I felt last time it happened 🙂
  • It gives me the potentiality to learn and to love and accept my life so far
  • I get to experience something from a different angle ~ maybe I am now seeing the perspective of a past event in a new way and stepping into the shoes of my mother, my boss, my child, my lover so I see how it may have been for them ~ experientially rather than simply intellectually

the karma patterns are now happening very quickly and we have the potential so see things

from so many angles in one lifetime

If I choose to avoid this process…..

I choose to avoid the reality of “what is” as to how our universe currently creates our reality 

It is no longer about turning away from the world in mystical, religious abstract where only a handful of people hold the heart wisdom

It’s is the start of the bigger picture of expansion for everyone ~ awakening time

simple 🙂

Some beliefs that may be useful to encode and build taking small

integrated steps:

  • I can cope with it ~ my universal self only brings me what I can cope with 

at the perfect time for me ~

and the planet

  • This generation is on the emotional evolution transition  ~ letting go of the karma wheel.
  • I am ready to learn new ways of being
  • I am supported by my universal self ~ all I need do is ask ~ and it is given
  • the more I open up and allow myself to receive the more this process happens
  • I have always been a great learner

Just reading Karma Kola by Gita Mehta 

If you haven’t read it check it out ~ Written in 1989 and so fabulous for now with such clear insights and beautifully written ~ I connect to so many Glastonburyesque “spiritual” behaviours and beliefs of avoidance of the real life that we live focusing on spiritual frameworks instead  ~ without any integration.


It is a misunderstanding of the journey because ………it has been applied intellectually like buying an app ~ you cannot buy your stairway to heaven. You simply experience where you are and if you don’t like where you are ~ you change the inner core ~ which changes the outer position.

To do this requires practical application that is experiential ……instead of simply trotting out someone else’s spiritual script ~ it is about as real as “buying” a star in the heavens ~

the star is within 🙂


It is a wonderful time of realisation now  ~ we are in the last few days of this Mayan Year and as the new one approaches we can be ready to blaze a trail  of light by bursting our heart’s wide open.


If you would like to co create with me:

I offer a free consultation on skype to chat about how we can do this

Free Mayan Sign and Starcode info ~ please send me your time, date and place of birth and an email address to send it to 🙂

In person and online workshops ~

next one coming up EFT Circle 4 this will be incorporating issues that came up in this last intense 

wavespell of Red Serpent. Here is a general video about EFT Circles ~ this time we have a Supermoon coming up on June 23 in Capricorn so a different energetic focus we also have the summer solstice in the UK on June 21st.


Somerset Sacred Landscape Retreat to immerse yourself in ……yourself 🙂 In the Goddess landscape.


Open your Heart Retreat in July.


If you are not able to come to Somerset and would like a retreat for you and a group of fellow traveller’s maybe we can plan something fun ?

Lots of love to you and you clear reflection time.

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Here’s a video I made about Triggers you may find useful 🙂











2 thoughts on “Mirror Time

  1. I’m not at all surprised, I’ll be doing a process at the weekend that will be all about looking at my ego self, big time! As always, thanks for this, it’s always good to get some context. x


  2. Fab Ray 🙂 Totally synchro . Hope you have some great clarity ~ if you haven’t thought of it already ~ if wish you can look at what those day’s are about using the wavespell to give even more awareness. Love Jo ❤


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