Day 13 ~ cosmic



Red Cosmic Earth


Today is the final day of the Red Serpent Wavespell.


Today is the day of movement that we have created as a result of going through this energetic spiral with conscious awareness.


What was your state of play when this began on May 28th ?


How are you in a different space now and can see your sacred path more clearly ?


I have had a very busy thirteen days with lots going on and a lot of consciousness coming to light 🙂


Lots of inspiration and practical shifts as I have communicated with my nearest and dearest in a different way

Tapping to clear old ego stuff ~ then a new clearer way of seeing my world free from my past

Further forays into using The Mayan calendar…….


I have completed a circle on my blogs with links to my links created before and that has felt amazing on an integration level.

My Open Your Heart Retreat

I had initially planned to do a retreat in the same way I did last year here in Somerset but …..

I awoke this morning with a feeling to link in to today in some way.

New Moon in Gemini energy of sending out energetic connections for relationships

Last year I chose Lammas and I had only a bare bones awareness of this calendar . This is Leo time ~ I am a Leo Sun and I design my workshops around heart frameworks ~ courage and love ~ the lionheart.

This year I am amazed at how fast this knowledge is integrating and co creating with everything I already had in my awareness.

Last Year I did a workshop on the day out of time in Glastonbury Town Hall for The Glastonbury Positive Living Group and then the retreat later.

The Mayan wavespells do not happen on the same day each year ~ they change.

So ….this year ~ instead of staying with that date from last year I have decided to go with starting on the day out of time and creating 4 days of intensive journeying so we can start the Yellow Galactic Seed Year of Integration with laser like focus and awareness of what our heart is seeking to integrate.


All of the Mayan calendar synchronises and reveals the sacred web of life:


The Retreat begins with the day out of time on July 25th  ~ where we are free from our “story” ~ to see our dream and this is Blue Resonant Night


On July 26th we have Yellow Galactic Seed ~ the start of our new Mayan Year ~ connecting us to the Yellow Seed Wavespell ~ the next Supernova wavespell coming up on July 6th

On July 27th we have Red Solar Serpent and a galactic activation portal day ~ connecting us to this wavespell now

On July 28th we have White Planetary Worldbridger ~ connecting us to the two world seeking to come together in manifestation


This is all in the wavespell of Red Earth

For more about the retreat please click here :

Open Your Heart Retreat


When we liberate ourselves from our intimacy issues we are free to be our true nature and then everything is truly seen as a gift to open our heart even more.

We have no fear. Everything is seen as new learning

Fear is simply fear ~ something that is revealed in the new film with Will Smith that I am off to see later today ~ After Earth

as always

Perfect timing 🙂

There are no coincidences ~ everything shows up right on schedule for us to take our path.

I love blogging about this ~ and I cannot do it everyday ~ next week I will be blogging as and when .

Lots of love to you all and wishing you well with mirror mirror wave spell coming up.

Thank you for interacting with me in this way ~ without you ~ where

would I be ? Please do feedback I value our relationship ❤





2 thoughts on “Day 13 ~ cosmic

  1. Thank you for these posts! I have been following them for awhile and the other day I felt something click and felt I gained a greater understanding of this information.


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