Red Lunar Dragon

Artist unknown Red Lunar Dragon  Today is the day of new learning  that The Great Mother is bringing us  Imix is the Initiator Code  In this particular 260 day Gestation period this began on 26 October 2018 This is the third 20 day cycle  As such it is the Alchemy Cycle  The Co Creation It […]

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Yellow Magnetic Sun 2018

Yellow Magnetic Sun  A Clear Sign  This Wavespell is very significant It begins with a Clear Sign  Here is a link to an article here ~ a summary There are more in depth ones ~ 13 Clear Signs  This is the Yellow Castle of the first Scroll of 4   We have had the Red […]

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Red Skywalker 2018

Sharing this memory today ❤   On December 21 2012 this was the code ~ Blue Crystal Hand   If you watch the film Mary Magdalene it explains the bigger picture on this   Most of the men thought that a man was going to liberate them ~ JC ~ rather than each person liberating […]

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Red Spectral Serpent

Pic Sekhmet artist unknown      Red Spectral Serpent  A Clear Sign The day of letting go in the Blue Eagle Wavespell pic by Chie Yoshie         As I write this the full moon in Leo is approaching         artist unkown       along with a  Lunar Eclipse  […]

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Red Moon Wavespell April 2017

Red Moon Wavespell 2017  We are now in the Green Castle of the heart once more 4 Castles of cosmic evolution completed  This is a very powerful Wavespell and Castle It initiates the awakening to our real authentic soul self  and how much we are embodying it walking our talk The planet is Mercury  I […]

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