Yellow Magnetic Sun 2018

Yellow Magnetic Sun 

A Clear Sign 

This Wavespell is very significant

It begins with a Clear Sign 

Here is a link to an article here ~ a summary

There are more in depth ones ~ 13 Clear Signs 

This is the Yellow Castle

of the first

Scroll of 4



We have had the Red Wavespell ~

Red Dragon 

This began on October 26 in 2018

Scorpio Sun

Taurus Moon 

Self Existing Moon 4

Day 9 

This is the flavour of the whole 260 day cycle 


Red Self Existing Moon

is the

4th Moon of

13 Moons

It is the 4th step of the process of

White Worldbridger Wavespell 

It is the Moon that reveals how free we are from co dependency 

How integrated we are

This Moon begins on October 18 every year until November 14 


Libra and Scorpio energy 

Here is a pdf with more info

Here is a pdf for the Yellow Sun spiral

for those ready to co create in a more in depth way 


Today ~ 04 December 2018 ~ we end a cycle 
20 days of integration 
This began with Red Galactic Dragon

Today we see how well we are integrating ~ 
What The Great Mother is bringing us ~

Neptune God and Goddess energy

The Mayan Wavespell



reveals this process

It is crafted for this time of ego transformation on planet earth ~

A Grand Cosmic Design

This 260 day cycle began on the 26th of October

We are now 40 days in already

Today is the Language of light code

How are we embodying light language ~

the Conscious Code that is streaming through the Universe ?

The planet of Yellow Sun is Pluto

The Shadow transformed

Maturation of the human being 

Yesterday ~ 03 December 2018 ~ was day 13 ~ the shift day

Blue Hand Wavespell

Shaping Our Destiny 

13 day process ended


I was hoping to do some videos but I am very under the weather ~ boo hoo 

Back to very low light and temperature in the UK

Big shift from California

Environment is so crucial 


A huge archetypal energy day today 

This way of being shows me how resourced I am 
Where I am not

I offer you we are here as human testing stations to evolve 
Often this is through our “dark” times 
This is the enlightenment process

The Buddha process recorded


Pacal Votan’s tomb at Palenque


He is a Clear Sign himself ~ Yellow Galactic Sun ~

in the next 20 day cycle starting tomorrow

The whole 260 day process is a map for the discerning traveller ~

ready to navigate their own transcendence

It is what we came here for ~

many times ~

this time is a huge leap of becoming

becoming the embodiment of our Spirit

It is time

For more about the place of the Picture ~ Pyramid of the Sun :…/teotihuacan-pyramid-of-the-…/


For more info about the 

Temple of The Feathered Serpent click here 

For more info about the underground tunnel click here 


For more info about Jade’s properties click here




For a fun guide to the not fun history:




If you would like to know more

about this process

your process ~ the codes

Please get in touch

I have a Retreat planned in Mexico



22nd of May 2019


pave the way

for the

Moon Goddess Cycle




beginning in July

Love to you all

Remember the key for you

is you


Knowing your codes and cycles now 

Then working with that conscious awareness

to be


clear  of shadow 

clear of projection


The Journey to be on 😉

Otherwise you are

stuck in the simulation 

stuck in the labyrinth 

focusing on the intellectual …lost outside in the mind matrix of the slave masters

instead of focusing on the stuff that truly matters

the heart stuff


The Heaven on Earth Creation 

Your Creation


We are here to embody the new dream

We do that by healing what has created the nightmare in our lineage 

This is a personal rewrite of the emotional mind 


to do this

takes courage to look at oneself and face one’s own demons 



It is all there to be seen 

through the emotional triggers


once you realise

how this works

it will blow your mind

When you do the process

it will change your mindset forever


your world will change


then the world will change 

How empowering is that ?

Are you ready to Create New Worlds ? Have you got the discipline ?

Join my new groups and Workshops coming after the

New Moon in Sagittarius on

07 December 2018

From the Fifth Sun

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