Blue Crystal Night



Blue Crystal Night


This is the structure of the conscious dream of the human being

It is in the 13 day process of

Yellow Human Wavespell


This is a very intense time on planet earth.

I am writing this brief blog in Encinitas California.

I am having one of the most profound experiences of my life


it feels very dream like

that I am even here

let alone what I have been experiencing over the past 3 weeks.

Lots of pics on my Facebook page 

Tomorrow I am off to Sedona



huge emotions coming up for me.

This is a Gateway time on my path.

I have now completed my 260 day cycle of

Blue Solar Hand


am in 3 months of working with my entry into a different world

of being what is known as a Mayan Elder

having completed my four 13 Year Cycles and Castles ~ my 52nd birthday 

My next solar return is

Yellow Planetary Human

where I will see my manifestation of my Human Being journey

which is totally synched to today

as it is the 10th step of the

Conscious Dreamer Wavespell:

Blue Night

Uranus in Taurus

is highlighting


Moon in Taurus.

I have had several Gateways like this in my life

when I have experienced a profound change


I recognise the symbology and patterns 

I see how my life path has shaped my conscious dream


now that I am working on a different level

from a much more consciously aware space

It is even more magical

As we start to clear out old fears and conditioning

we can see new pathways opening up 

We are now in

Gemini Sun



Leo waxing Moon

as I write this

going through the last degrees :

Inside Degrees 

LEO 29 
A broken sword. 
Consecration to a higher power. The giving-over of the personal will–the marvel of root change. Coming to the end of your own path, and it is just the beginning of the greater way. The heart must open. The infinite must be born inside. The destiny-necessity is there–so much karmic backlog. So many ways to be right and to be wrong. The realization in the very midst that there is nobody listening to the old tale and everybody is awaiting somebody else to come through. A profound and utter doorway into a great unknown. What has been is finished. What shall be is so very different. And what is now is a question and a prayer and a destiny that must find its redemption.


LEO 30 
A woman sprinkling rose water in the four corners of a room. 
Doing inner work in an outer world. Precipitating limitless spirit into dense matter. Working within higher laws. Tapping the sourcespring of existence. You are powerfully motivated to extend the range of the inner brightness into absolutely every facet of existence. So intensively purposive that you push yourself over every edge to achieve astounding things. You specialize in turnarounds, great shifts–personally and collectively. A vision burns through. You know that if you extend yourself just another notch further, the victory will be won. A knack for staying in there till something gives. A greater center of selfhood endows you with a central life radiance of unsurpassed glory. However, you tuck infinities away and appear as whatever is called for. And if your essence-spark shines through, it is incidental to the great design of bringing heaven to earth and being the one who makes that possible, selflessly and joyously and serenely.

Lots of intense Astrology this week

building to bank holidays in the US and UK at the weekend


Moon in Scorpio

It is a time for seeing our human experience in full flow

no matter where we are ~ how are we?

Having a huge pattern interrupt in a new place with new people has been profound and heart opening and reveals my core integrity

I have not laughed so much in years


felt things so deeply

felt love so much and so often

in this place

which has given me so many insights

I am intending to video and post more over the next few days Here is a fab Astro podcast from

Lots of love to you fellow travellers on your path at this profound time 





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