Blue Crystal Night



Blue Crystal Night


This is the structure of the conscious dream of the human being

It is in the 13 day process of

Yellow Human Wavespell


This is a very intense time on planet earth.

I am writing this brief blog in Encinitas California.

I am having one of the most profound experiences of my life


it feels very dream like

that I am even here

let alone what I have been experiencing over the past 3 weeks.

Lots of pics on my Facebook page 

Tomorrow I am off to Sedona



huge emotions coming up for me.

This is a Gateway time on my path.

I have now completed my 260 day cycle of

Blue Solar Hand


am in 3 months of working with my entry into a different world

of being what is known as a Mayan Elder

having completed my four 13 Year Cycles and Castles ~ my 52nd birthday 

My next solar return is

Yellow Planetary Human

where I will see my manifestation of my Human Being journey

which is totally synched to today

as it is the 10th step of the

Conscious Dreamer Wavespell:

Blue Night

Uranus in Taurus

is highlighting


Moon in Taurus.

I have had several Gateways like this in my life

when I have experienced a profound change


I recognise the symbology and patterns 

I see how my life path has shaped my conscious dream


now that I am working on a different level

from a much more consciously aware space

It is even more magical

As we start to clear out old fears and conditioning

we can see new pathways opening up 

We are now in

Gemini Sun



Leo waxing Moon

as I write this

going through the last degrees :

Inside Degrees 

LEO 29 
A broken sword. 
Consecration to a higher power. The giving-over of the personal will–the marvel of root change. Coming to the end of your own path, and it is just the beginning of the greater way. The heart must open. The infinite must be born inside. The destiny-necessity is there–so much karmic backlog. So many ways to be right and to be wrong. The realization in the very midst that there is nobody listening to the old tale and everybody is awaiting somebody else to come through. A profound and utter doorway into a great unknown. What has been is finished. What shall be is so very different. And what is now is a question and a prayer and a destiny that must find its redemption.


LEO 30 
A woman sprinkling rose water in the four corners of a room. 
Doing inner work in an outer world. Precipitating limitless spirit into dense matter. Working within higher laws. Tapping the sourcespring of existence. You are powerfully motivated to extend the range of the inner brightness into absolutely every facet of existence. So intensively purposive that you push yourself over every edge to achieve astounding things. You specialize in turnarounds, great shifts–personally and collectively. A vision burns through. You know that if you extend yourself just another notch further, the victory will be won. A knack for staying in there till something gives. A greater center of selfhood endows you with a central life radiance of unsurpassed glory. However, you tuck infinities away and appear as whatever is called for. And if your essence-spark shines through, it is incidental to the great design of bringing heaven to earth and being the one who makes that possible, selflessly and joyously and serenely.

Lots of intense Astrology this week

building to bank holidays in the US and UK at the weekend


Moon in Scorpio

It is a time for seeing our human experience in full flow

no matter where we are ~ how are we?

Having a huge pattern interrupt in a new place with new people has been profound and heart opening and reveals my core integrity

I have not laughed so much in years


felt things so deeply

felt love so much and so often

in this place

which has given me so many insights

I am intending to video and post more over the next few days Here is a fab Astro podcast from

Lots of love to you fellow travellers on your path at this profound time 






Solar Return Day ~ light returning


Happy Solar Return

Human Beings 

Code 9

in the

Human Being Wavespell

Yellow Solar Sun


Here is the process

Book of Thoth 4

Today is a very important day 

This process is a very important process

and it is happening 

right here right now

with or without the human beings conscious consent 

It is happening on all levels of coding

and depending on where each human being is on their personal process…

there is only a difference in perception

Mickey Mouse and Pluto are the language of light

Mickey the Magician

Pluto his inner dog 

and hold the process of enlightenment

as equally as any other sage or saint in history


this is overlooked by many a traveller on the yellow brick road looking for

TheWizard of Oz

Mixing their metaphors

and getting lost with too many signs

The famous duo are characters in various dramas

All part of turning a swamp into a very abundant place in the world

where vast fortune’s have been and still are unfolding

the new Disney offering

Inside Out 

is holding the key codes for the generation

who are really going to be working in a big way with

The Emotional Evolution

If you haven’t seen it yet I highly recommend

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell

The Enlightenment Process is there

in plain sight …

if a person is ready to see it

and there is the paradox

If a person is still deep in denial 


it is possible to be intellectually aware of code and process…

It is channelled code beaming through us all as human beings

It is the creation matrix we are all part of

To work with the code consciously however…

To be an Alchemist

To be a Magician rather than simply a mystic


One has to become the conscious process and that means doing the process literally whatever it takes to get off the

Magic Roundabout 


Once the human being really starts to be it

life does become really engaging and one can see that it has been there all the time that everything is fine and all the props have been totally synchronised to play the game

sometimes one forgets though

and this could be happening now for many as the heat is turning up

to get people out of the

hot tub of hedonism

in order to do a reality check

and remember

the truth of the matter

which is….

human beings are at a point of maturity of the outside and yet …

are still stuck in teenage years inside

which is why most are still doing the same old as they did then

which is not good for the planet

good for consumerism though

which is a by product of hugely inflated ego and can never been satiated 

Hence all the sickness in the world 

Are you aware of what codes you are running ~ from your youth?

Your magical structure?

Your pleasure dome?

If you are around my age and from the UK

then there was a diverse range of music to plug into

and embed

the Age of Excess

and hedonistic pursuit in the 80’s that is awaiting transformation 


letting go of the addictions of putting something in to get a high

If you choose notice the imagery

the language

how it feels for you

what your personal relationship is

with some examples from your golden oldies

Here are some of mine:

and yes of course they have a connection for me and

totally plugged me in to what I am working with now

which is why they are here of course 



Knowing that this was a code I used to run around co~dependency

part of me that has been conditioned

Looking for love in all the “wrong” places

Message in a bottle 

and huge bombardment of this co dependent code

anywhere there is media

and dense population

so once aware that the puppet strings are being pulled is key

being with that feeling


letting go of any need for instant gratification

is key for

The Joy Junkie 


because it is a designer hit as pure as any heroin trip

and it is key to understanding of what is forming personal motivation

in the here and now

A junkie is someone seeking a high to avoid pain

A person in pain because everyday life is not loving

and it is not a pretty picture

and it does not create a pretty picture 

Here is a man who explains addiction very succinctly:

We all have our own poison on the path

and it is what has to be experienced by the alchemist

to know it up close and personal

how it feels to be living hell on earth

not least because once this process really kicks in

it often means the initiate is in the minority

ostracised and scapegoated by the tribe

because all those still in deep denial will do anything

to avoid someone who is not in that place anymore

because in that reflection…

they see an aspect of themself wanting to get clean of distortion code

and open more to love and intimacy and that scares the living daylights out of their ego because it means…

going off the comfort zone and new learning

but rather than say that

~ be honest ~

the person that is literally afraid of their own shadow

will do a smoke and mirrors diversion and go into destroy mode

Personal motivation here and now is revealed in:

All the stories we were attracted to as children

the films that set our heart on fire or scared us to death

the sexual attractions triggering lust and longing

the emotional drives that fuel the core programming

and discover

it is anything but the logical part of oneself driving 

The Blue Bus…

is calling us


This can be revealed if the individual is ready to enlighten themselves

about themselves

and let Pluto take centre stage

as well as Mickey 

This really started for me in 2001 and although I was learning psychology I hadn’t yet discovered any tools to use

so I cried a lot and did not do what I always did at void crisis times

find a replacement 

get bombed every night

I watched films and cried ~ like Mrs Doubtfire ~ hoping this was my ex’s motivation for leaving me and the children for another woman

I also watched Fight Club

realising I was addicted to Ikea

ok and Brad Pitt 🙂 

Here are some of the quotes:

I nearly did not watch it because of the title but the fact Brad was in it tipped the balance 

Revolver is the same subject matter 

Twin Peaks 


Mulholland Drive



The Awakening takes part in The East ~ in the Mayan all the Red Codes

beginning with Red Dragon ~ the Great Mother


The Eastern consciousness

This is transformed in the West

in the Mayan blue codes


Is the Gateway of every Wavespell



is the

Gateway of the Mastery of enlightenment

code Yellow Sun

which is the end game position of the 260 day Mayan Wavespell synchronisation

process over and over eternally .

Yellow Cosmic Sun is the last Mayan Sign in this spiral 

So if

like me

 you have been feeling a tad 

ground down

over the past few years 🙂


Because your face doesn’t fit

and you are not

everyone’s favourite party guest

because well… you don’t party any more

and you don’t do denial at the same level

as everyone else any more

and you aren’t

one of the love a light brigade

and you are so sick of the bulls*t that

you want to projectile vomit it back

into the void it came from

 and all of that behaviour

is not a typical expression of 

Grace as recognised by the “spiritual” circles

and I offer that it is exactly that 

It is contrary mary at full return

What is known in Alchemy as 

Right Relationship

In alignment with 


free of any ego distortion

which is the

Tree of Mercury 


matching the transition of awakening to power happening here and now

We have to be ground down, crushed and shat out time and time again

often going into the desert and being in despair

and keep on going…

All of our personal code is the language of light

only some of it doesn’t know that yet 😉 

Madonna’s album

Ray of light

has some key vibes 🙂 


If you are ready to work with your code in this way

please get in touch 

I am not a guru

I am a human being going through a process

It is not my process

It is an ancient process

I do not own anything

I have no copyright 

I am sharing a way that comes from the source 

It is old alchemy school with a modern splicing



it really is magic 

for this magical new year coming 

Yellow Human ~ the challenge


Yellow Human Wavespell

Wavespell ~ Code 8 ~ Integrate


Day 2 ~ the new learning

Red Lunar Skywalker

What has always being getting in the way for my personal heaven on earth process ?

Not accessing the shadow that’s what 😉 

Then once accessing ~ integrating it 


This is the Yellow

13 day process in the White Castle of refining

 of what came into conscious awareness in the period of 52 days commencing 04 April 2015 at the start of this 260 day cycle

What were you doing back then?

This is the time of the Jason Journey


The human being ready to engage in going for the heart’s desire

Se off in the earthly landscape to find

love and acceptance of oneself


That is the key to accessing all of eternity and source code.

To do this requires turning everything on it’s head and being open to new learning and new process

We are the love we seek

Ok great concept yes?

Read 444 books on self~help and still no wiser?

Looking for love in all the “wrong” places is key

to the personal history

That is the key


Wherever the individual has experienced personal hell on earth

Is also where heaven if found

Simple as that

All our resistance comes from ego will

Wanting to have it’s own way 

Coming from an unwise place

often the ignorance of youth who believes they know best


this is key 

Has to happen

This is the crucible 

This is the place where the initiate begins to learn


This is the essence of today

The Fool 

The Green Man 


How all human beings so far have created the world experienced by human’s today

A study in this yields great insights

A personal study in personal causation of the individual’s current experience 

reveals great worth


Each individual is an expert on themselves

an expert on everything that has been wow so far ~ write it down

An expert on everything that has been painful, boring , uncomfortable

Ignore, push down, repress, drown out


That is what the masses are doing


missing the point entirely

and that is ok as all is revealed for each individual at the perfect time 


of being a human being

The “bad” stuff reveals all the code and emotion ripe for release

the juicy stuff



just like rotting fruit holds the seeds for the new trees

so the human being is free to do something else now

having learned on all levels

how personal heel was created

There are some shared human codes in there that apply to all human beings too



photo by my friend Dave Collinson

appeared synchronistically on my timeline on Facebook this morning

as an echo at a place I visited yesterday ~ a sacred site ~ the exact words I spoke there

Favourite lines from Gladiator

Anyone who reads my blogs will be familiar with me quoting this.

Gladiator is one of my favourite films ~ not the violence ~ the role of the man, who does not want power and for that very reason is given it.

He does right relationship even though he has been made to fight and had everything taken from him.

What each human being does has a consequence in the here and now ~ that is karma ~ not with a judgemental meaning ~ simple do this and create that.

This is creating code in action.

Each action that we take has consequences for everyone and everything in planet earth .

Each human being is a powerful creator of outcomes and it is time to fully own that.

Be do have .


We cannot create new worlds

from old worlds now that is very evident and to be seen in planetary history


When each human being changes the inner world

the outer world changes

That is the process of our human evolution

That is the peace process

Peace begins with me 


Be the change in this way and get to see that heaven is here

right now

on earth

It is simply the personal hell story getting in the way for each individual unable to access it 

Get clear of that

Experience the miracle of life

The amazing beauty of all that is

Be the gift

See the gift 

Know that 

Every single being is right on the edge of that quantum leap now

all that is required is accessing their visionary self and trusting the process


Everything that each person has done is the key to changing their destiny 

and changing the world

In that order 

That is the missing link 😉 

Get it?

Go for it?

The ecstasy is the natural essence from the agony

Vinegar into honey process


Love to you beautiful people 



Ready to become more aware?

Ready to work on transformation?

Whatever level you are at I have something to offer you and you are the expert on where you are at 🙂 

Upcoming Event:

Come and connect to me at this event in Southampton soon and find out your codes ~ share the magical process

14 July 2015

The Mayan Calendar 

The Enlightenment Process

click here for more info:

Pakal color

Richard Taunton Sixth Form College Hill Lane, Southampton, SO15 5RL ROOM 407/08
£5 Entrance 50p Refreshments
Doors open at 7pm for a 7.30 start

Bring your intentions with you and  an open heart for new learning 

This energy is

White Spectral Wind Day

The letting go of anything untrue 

being able to speak our truth


access our spirit guidance more

Want to start straight away?

Emotional Balance Online Workshop

with two entry levels


Information level 1

Information and personal coaching with me level 2

Book here

It is truly a Cosmic time lovelies



Cosmic Moon  

Day 9 today 

hkuyutrjpg copy

Super portal code for completing old ways and opening to new 

accessing Goddess Energy within

As I am completing this blog

Aquarius at 28 degrees

A tapestry loom. On it is a half-finished tapestry.
Karmic process restricts the self, curbs the self, dictates what must happen to the self. A work upon yourself and, far more strongly, an outer plane self-discipline has been in progress a long time. It must be resumed, taken further, no matter what. Unfortunately, this often means imposing duties upon yourself presumptively. You just do what you have to do. But if the heart is not in it, work becomes mechanical. A dilemma faces you at recurrent cross-roads: to stay with what has been set up, or to introduce innovations. Any such innovations represent a huge issue. But without them, the inner core of self is short-changed and the outer mind takes over. You are being propelled by a greater destiny-current to honor all karmic agreements, and to enhance these by bringing into play a vitally engaged present-time attentive willingness to be surprised, meet things from another side, and realize that everything is just beginning now and needs to be met with real passion.

Ready to weave a new planetary picture?


Today’s Thoth Tarot

8 of disks reversed



exactly what this blog is about

what we do in life echoes in eternity

what we sow we reap

time to turn everything on it’s head

and for those of a similar age to me this is all about the

Uranus Pluto dance that began in 1966

This is what our generation is here to do 

Ties into the Solar Eclipse in 1999

Blue Storm ~ tears are flowing


Blue Galactic Storm Day


A day of integration in the Mayan energy of the year.

We are at a crossroads of our evolution ~ will we choose to stay the same and do the same ~ be of the same beliefs and therefore create that same reality?

My offering

this time is about connecting to our heart and listening to our desires ❤
This journey we are on is for the love of ourselves 🙂

The only person that ever holds us back is ourself and our belief in who we are ~ that has been created over this lifetime and many before ❤

This wave of light that is coming from our sun ~ solar flares ~ is the liquid light of love from our universal masculine energy of information.

To be able to benefit at our optimum ~ we open like a flower to receive it’s message and remember how amazing we are. We are a part of all of the universe and one of it’s many creators 🙂

There is no grand plan we “must” do “should” do or any need to “prove ourself ~ we are enough.

The life we live here often takes us through experiences where we have taken on a belief that we are not loveable, not good enough, less than……

This is the essence of the blue storm energy.

Underneath the rage, anger, beliefs of conspiracy, injustice , fear of being out of control ~

Is our own personal experience, our own personal story.

This is our salvation and the salvation of our planet ❤

Underneath all this intellectual armoury there is a hurt child.

The wonder of the Mayan wave spell for me has been connecting to and raising consciousness of the universal pattern and my pattern within it. A cog within a cog.

Yesterday I awoke with memories of events that have happened in my life and I started to check the dates with the Mayan calendar.

I put together a thirteen year cycle of my life that encompassed my travel adventures at 17 and culminated in me becoming a mother at 29. As I started to connect the dots and look at each year my awareness grew and I understood more about my journey and how each step had been integral to the formation of my being today.

As I reconnected to this time , I touched powerful memories and emotions.
I was surprised by the intensity ~ often it is the case with my learning about the emotional mind. We “think” we have got over a time of life that caused us emotional pain only to feel a very different reality ❤

I am experiencing huge waves of grief now and as I cry I tap to truly let go energetically of the part of me that has felt unloved.

This < I believe > is the nature and intention of this time.

If you are feeling very heavy, unwell, low in energy…….

There is something seeking release now ❤

That is all it is 🙂

If you allow yourself to give space to these unreleased feelings being heard and accepted and released…….

There is more light to shine and glow with 🙂

New possibilities to come in as we grieve and allow our shadow to be integrated through feeling our repressed feelings.

Our strength comes from being vulnerable.

Maybe you haven’t cried in a very long time ?

Do you remember how it feels after a deep cleansing cry when your body has felt that pain in it’s gut, your sobs have exhausted you… tears run freely down your face

After this storm of emotion it is possible to feel a huge sense of peace ❤

As children this often comes easily when very young and experiencing a physical pain ~ often adults start to repress their child’s natural healing reaction out of embarrassment if in a public place, out of guilt, inability to fix it for the child, their inability to go through their own emotional storm…..

Everything that has ever happened to us and our planet has been perfect for it’s time and our evolution.

Now there are new things to be born…….
New ways of relating……
Remembrance and awakening on a much larger scale for many thousands of years in this cycle ❤

Things that came up for me yesterday that may resonate for you ~ I was focusing on a period of 1983 ~ 1985

How I was at 17 ~ my hopes and dreams, how I related to my family, at work, how I felt there was more to life than a 9 to 5

My feminine self ~ how I was with men , how my belief about myself was so different to their beliefs about me ~ how I wanted to be loved and never felt loved for me ~ how I felt so confused/wrong/trying to please

My female friends ~ often feeling I couldn’t connect, issues of loyalty, competitiveness, how to have intimacy with my friends ~ a feeling that we were all looking to have deeper meaningful connections with each other and struggling to be adults. Losing friends because of relationships with men. Confusing friendship with sexual relationships.

Allowing myself to lose my way and my power and paying a huge price ~ one that was key to my understanding now ~ and none the less painful because of it.

That little girl inside of me desperate to win others hearts…..and unable to….

Searching for happiness, searching for the one…….

Believing I found the one over and over……

finding it was a myth 🙂 I am the one…….
Strengthening my love for myself and who I am ………

This human child in each one of us I speak of ,is very different to our spiritual self. This is our shadow self seeking to be reunited and integrated.
The child that never ages and matures unless it is allowed to be heard ❤

Wherever we have felt less than ~ we have felt other than joy and love ~ is creating our path every day……

Bringing us exactly what seeks integration.

Time to ride the wave of our emotions as they are the true bringers of the new dawn.

Love to you today and your tears ❤ ❤ ❤

Our eyes are the windows of our soul.
Forgiving all our woes allows us to have clear vision to connect to our dreams and see new paths ❤ ❤ ❤