Blue Storm ~ tears are flowing


Blue Galactic Storm Day


A day of integration in the Mayan energy of the year.

We are at a crossroads of our evolution ~ will we choose to stay the same and do the same ~ be of the same beliefs and therefore create that same reality?

My offering

this time is about connecting to our heart and listening to our desires ❤
This journey we are on is for the love of ourselves 🙂

The only person that ever holds us back is ourself and our belief in who we are ~ that has been created over this lifetime and many before ❤

This wave of light that is coming from our sun ~ solar flares ~ is the liquid light of love from our universal masculine energy of information.

To be able to benefit at our optimum ~ we open like a flower to receive it’s message and remember how amazing we are. We are a part of all of the universe and one of it’s many creators 🙂

There is no grand plan we “must” do “should” do or any need to “prove ourself ~ we are enough.

The life we live here often takes us through experiences where we have taken on a belief that we are not loveable, not good enough, less than……

This is the essence of the blue storm energy.

Underneath the rage, anger, beliefs of conspiracy, injustice , fear of being out of control ~

Is our own personal experience, our own personal story.

This is our salvation and the salvation of our planet ❤

Underneath all this intellectual armoury there is a hurt child.

The wonder of the Mayan wave spell for me has been connecting to and raising consciousness of the universal pattern and my pattern within it. A cog within a cog.

Yesterday I awoke with memories of events that have happened in my life and I started to check the dates with the Mayan calendar.

I put together a thirteen year cycle of my life that encompassed my travel adventures at 17 and culminated in me becoming a mother at 29. As I started to connect the dots and look at each year my awareness grew and I understood more about my journey and how each step had been integral to the formation of my being today.

As I reconnected to this time , I touched powerful memories and emotions.
I was surprised by the intensity ~ often it is the case with my learning about the emotional mind. We “think” we have got over a time of life that caused us emotional pain only to feel a very different reality ❤

I am experiencing huge waves of grief now and as I cry I tap to truly let go energetically of the part of me that has felt unloved.

This < I believe > is the nature and intention of this time.

If you are feeling very heavy, unwell, low in energy…….

There is something seeking release now ❤

That is all it is 🙂

If you allow yourself to give space to these unreleased feelings being heard and accepted and released…….

There is more light to shine and glow with 🙂

New possibilities to come in as we grieve and allow our shadow to be integrated through feeling our repressed feelings.

Our strength comes from being vulnerable.

Maybe you haven’t cried in a very long time ?

Do you remember how it feels after a deep cleansing cry when your body has felt that pain in it’s gut, your sobs have exhausted you… tears run freely down your face

After this storm of emotion it is possible to feel a huge sense of peace ❤

As children this often comes easily when very young and experiencing a physical pain ~ often adults start to repress their child’s natural healing reaction out of embarrassment if in a public place, out of guilt, inability to fix it for the child, their inability to go through their own emotional storm…..

Everything that has ever happened to us and our planet has been perfect for it’s time and our evolution.

Now there are new things to be born…….
New ways of relating……
Remembrance and awakening on a much larger scale for many thousands of years in this cycle ❤

Things that came up for me yesterday that may resonate for you ~ I was focusing on a period of 1983 ~ 1985

How I was at 17 ~ my hopes and dreams, how I related to my family, at work, how I felt there was more to life than a 9 to 5

My feminine self ~ how I was with men , how my belief about myself was so different to their beliefs about me ~ how I wanted to be loved and never felt loved for me ~ how I felt so confused/wrong/trying to please

My female friends ~ often feeling I couldn’t connect, issues of loyalty, competitiveness, how to have intimacy with my friends ~ a feeling that we were all looking to have deeper meaningful connections with each other and struggling to be adults. Losing friends because of relationships with men. Confusing friendship with sexual relationships.

Allowing myself to lose my way and my power and paying a huge price ~ one that was key to my understanding now ~ and none the less painful because of it.

That little girl inside of me desperate to win others hearts…..and unable to….

Searching for happiness, searching for the one…….

Believing I found the one over and over……

finding it was a myth 🙂 I am the one…….
Strengthening my love for myself and who I am ………

This human child in each one of us I speak of ,is very different to our spiritual self. This is our shadow self seeking to be reunited and integrated.
The child that never ages and matures unless it is allowed to be heard ❤

Wherever we have felt less than ~ we have felt other than joy and love ~ is creating our path every day……

Bringing us exactly what seeks integration.

Time to ride the wave of our emotions as they are the true bringers of the new dawn.

Love to you today and your tears ❤ ❤ ❤

Our eyes are the windows of our soul.
Forgiving all our woes allows us to have clear vision to connect to our dreams and see new paths ❤ ❤ ❤

2 thoughts on “Blue Storm ~ tears are flowing

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  2. I guess this is a spam ~ I have read the links and followed the cookie trail . It is very interesting if real ~ basically a programme that reads other people’s articles and changes the wording around so it cannot be seen to be an exact copy. Basically saves you doing anything in terms of your unique sharing of yourself . It is the anti~thesis of who I am. I learn from what other people write ~everything I do is an amalgamation of the universe channeled through the personality of me . As I write I channel and I learn from this process so this is not a model for me .
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