If you are feeling a little flat ~ it is the quiet before the storm ~

get ready to rumble.

There is a huge wave coming. Are you ready to ride the snake with your eyes wide open?

Today is the last day of my  Blue Storm Wavespell and I am exiting it’s energy with such a different feel and awareness. Today is the 13th day ~ the day of cosmic movement with Divine Child energy Blue Cosmic Monkey.

When we go through the eye of the storm and listen to what our inner child whispers ~ we allow ourselves an opportunity to become that divine child energy in our heart through feeling forgiveness ~ true forgiveness through feelings being released and the past energetically left behind.

Tomorrow is a new wave spell ~ Yellow Human Wavespell

This takes us through some energetic supernova events ~ woo hoo ~ shaken and not stirred magical martini time.

It’s time to get real. See what is resonating for us ~ what is showing up and how we are feeling about it ?

I have been checking out various astrological input ~ I am a whole of the range type of a gal ~ like to see the full spectrum of the rainbow in my bigger picture so….

I have several resources.

Today for the first time I have made a video about this:

May 20th ~ we have a supercharged supernova which is the third Uranus Pluto Square event and this is encouraging big awakening on our planet. Taurus is also going into Mars so if you have Taurus energy in your chart this will have a strong impact on you. I have Taurus Moon which represents my feminine and my shadow ~ my emotional intuitive side so this could be quite an different flavour for me. It does affect other signs of course ~ more info here with a great blog

This is happening just as Taurus leaves and Gemini is the sun energy. Gemini brings a new gateway of consciousness opportunity and displays our human and higher self. This is an ideal time to let the ego personality be transformed to work alongside the higher self even more and connect to our journey.

In the Mayan this event happens in the eighth wavespell this year. This wavespell is a yellow ~ flowering and expanding potentiality  through integration.

May 20th is Red Rhythmic Earth . A day of aligning with our path through balancing our masculine and feminine within and creating a core energy of groundedness and centred state of being.

The more people who start to change their inside energy , beliefs and emotions to bring balance and peace within and the more we will see and experience the change without.

Our hearts are opening and experiencing heart wisdom that is so different from ego desire.

On the 25th in the UK we have the Sagittarius Supermoon and another lunar eclipse ~ the way shower, traveller, truth teller , expansive , say it as it is wounded healer at full gallop. As Neptune is involved I believe this is where the mysteries are going to really blossom for many people.

In the Mayan this is White Spectral Wind ~ what is seeking release

What is holding you back from living your heart’s desire?

What myth are you telling yourself that stops you going for the golden fleece journey? 

We can achieve anything ~ if we believe it and tend the flame within and with our circle of influence.

If you find yourself swamped by naysayers and low energy activities of imbalanced intellect or running ragged rage campaigns that are so energy zapping ~ maybe building a skyscraper project that has no soul…..and is all about others rather than you doing your thing ~ no matter how small or how it doesn’t tick anyone else’s agenda ~ this is the treasure that will illuminate and lead to more love and magic.

Too much bull locking horns activity, doesn’t aid the way forward either so if you are finding yourself constantly feeling red flagged by certain people maybe it is time to limit that thorn in the side activity ~ it can be revealing and shadow showing ~ too much exposure to it can simply raise clarity of  needing to find another tribe as we are often energised by polarity opposites and bumping off that energy to go to pastures new.

Sometimes it is time to recognise a need to let go of people who aren’t singing your song and don’t speak your language. Join a new choir or……make your own.

If you are a Sag you will really be feeling that pull now to go to the depths of your soul and heed the siren call.

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t got a clue about what any of this means……. 🙂

If you feel ready to get going and embrace this Red Serpent time   then contact me. I have some workshops coming up that may be just the ticket ~ small steps. If you want more of a supercharge rocket launch I have some 1 to 1 energy coaching.

The Red Serpent Wavespell starts on the 28th of May.

There are ten energy portals to allow access to limitless universal wisdom so we can liberate ourselves from any beliefs that are of the notion that ~ somehow to stay sane we have to remain the same ~ 🙂

that somehow there is something wrong with us

that our uniqueness is anything other than wow

that we have to fit someone else’s tick box

that we have to turn ourselves down

hide our gifts

become a chameleon to fit other people’s paradigms

If we have any of those notions….

then attracting a  match….. with loving ourself ways of relating …….are therefore 

temporarily off limits in some way and postponed until we believe in ourselves and have the

courage to go for it……..

expand without by expanding within

rain stops play ~ a familiar ditty in the UK

When we follow our star there is no rain in the heavens to postpone play ~ it’s a magical path

so if you are feeling low

are experiencing a perceived lack / real lack

feeling overwhelmed, underwhelmed, just about registering a flicker of life …….

The opposite is within your fingertips ~ literally

Time to tap and use EFT to liberate yourself ~ emotional freedom technique does what it says on the tin

It is a very exciting time.

Are you ready to immerse yourself in life ~ literally ?

and let go of spectator living from the sidelines

It’s safe but it ain’t sexy 🙂

The Year of the snake involves curvaceous lilith living.

Time to embrace anything we have banished and put the kettle on for a homecoming tea.

Create our own way of living and let go of being out of balance with linear limits

Please get in touch if this calls for you and we can co create. Lots of options available for every budget ~ you can pay what you can afford.

Lots of love for your journey

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