Blue Storm Wavespell ~ catalyse to harness the chaos


Blue Storm Wavespell



Blue Magnetic Storm


takes the human being through an evolution of consciousness process

13 steps

13 codes



to arrive at today’s placement


Blue Cosmic Monkey 


In very simple terms this is a process of mastery as it begins with the 19th Mayan Sign

Blue Storm


If you click on the links as you feel to this will take you to other sites revealing more info 

Blue Storm is the process

of becoming aware of the chaos

that can be experienced by human beings

due to having raw emotional wounding that has not been consciously addressed

or resolved by the individual

In this framework


the emotional mind 

fight /flight/freeze system

repeated patterns occur and the individual experiences

the same emotional events in a similar way

which triggers the individual emotionally


emotional hijack


the individual has learned coping mechanisms as a child to deal with these triggers

most of these are unconscious and reactive

and are

avoidance based


passive aggressive 

denial based 

create disease in the human body 

and as such do not create harmony for the individual or the “other”

working with conscious awareness allow the individual to become 

self aware 



heal the wounding

learn new ways to address

the pattern of relationship

which as a result

creates change with everything the individual encounters

common sense if reflected upon


The individual then

experiences more and more peace

calmness within

calmness without as a result as that person

radiates their inner world outward


creates relationship differently


on a very personal level



as well as 


The planet of Blue Storm is Pluto 



A color image of Sputnik Planum, Pluto’s frozen “heart” of nitrogen, carbon monoxide and methane ices.

Here is a recent scientific article about Pluto which reveals key mythology links

The underworld

The wounding

The Shadow experiences

what is frozen in time and space

the unresolved


parts of the psyche 

seeking integration

The collective unconscious 

ready for repatterning and renewal

These Wavespells

hold the key to this conscious evolution process

By being in synch with the planetary codes beaming out in our Universe 

From the Fifth Sun


March 20 2016

we are in the shift step 

Day 13 is always this energy

Cosmic Movement 

The Cosmos Consciousness of the human being evolves

As each individual becomes conscious and evolves 

At the moment the majority of human beings who are awake


focusing on frameworks of consciousness

outside of themselves

Intellectual constructs and Healing fixing methods

The key Mastery focus

is working with oneself 


Personal Wounding

Otherwise the anger and grief remains

The coping mechanisms formed at the time of wounding remain

Relationship with self and others remains 

in childhood ways


the child ego is mainly unchanged and untrained

Still feeling unloved

Blue Monkey is the 11th Mayan Sign

The planet is Venus 


pic Gordon Rife 2006 Solar eclipse

What is seeking release within on a deeper level

Seeking to come to light 

around self acceptance

around self love 

Nurturing and loving oneself in a mature and healthy way ?


Here is a list of past times of this Wavespell from 

Previous Wavespells
October 14th to October 26th, 2004
July 1st to July 13th, 2005
March 18 to March 30th, 2006
December 3rd to December 15th, 2006
August 20th to September 1st, 2007
May 7th to 19th, 2008
January 22nd to February 3rd, 2009
October 9th to 21st, 2009
June 26th to July 8th, 2010
March 13th to 24th, 2011
November 28th to December 10th, 2011
August 15th to 27th, 2012
May 2nd to 14th, 2013
January 17th to 29th, 2014

October 4th to 16th, 2014

last one : June 21st to July 3rd, 2015

Huge thanks to Tracey Gendron for this resources which have been vital for my learning 

As you can see from the list 

the last time this spiral of 260 day process was in March was in 2011 and 2006

a five year cycle 

which is significant 

At this time

it is the time of the 

Spring Equinox

in the Northern Hemisphere

which is early this year 

We begin the zodiac wheel 



fire initiation 


Time for the zodiac wheel of conscious cycle process

to begin

Here is a lovely article by Bill Attride about this 

This is my Masculine Wavespell

that I was born into 

I was born on the 9th day

Blue Solar Hand 



Number 9 in any process is

The Gateway of Consciousness

The Buddha process

The peace process

Red Moon is the 9th Mayan Sign 

Ferrusca pdf ~ great info on Mayan Signs


The Mayan calendar also has a 13 Moon calendar that stays the same 

so when we are born we also have a Mayan Moon

My Mayan Moon is Red Magnetic Moon

which involves initiation into

The Authentic


We are in a 13 year process of Red Moon on planet Earth 

We are in Red Solar Moon month 

the 9th month

Gateway of completion Moon

until July 24 we are in

White Planetary Wizard

Seeing how self empowered we are

going with the flow

letting go of feeling a need to create the magic

allowing the magic to manifest as a conscious process

removing any resistance to what is

allows this 

This will change on July 26


Blue Spectral Storm 


Revealing what is seeking emotional release

the catalyst 

of 11 years

as part of the 13 year cycle that began in 2006 

Hiding our true self creates deception and dishonesty codes

that create more of the same 

Hiding our light serves no one and allows darkness to prevail

denial creates pain and it will out

the sooner it is out the less the deeper pain

and the grief can soothe and heal 


This is a very big year of balance 

which will be revealed in the Libra Lunar Eclipse on the 23rd of March in the UK

Here is a video about this and the equinox by

Pam Gregory

Libra 3 degrees 


An inaccurate, imaginative map of the world.
Subjective depths become all-permeating. The surface facts seem like nothing. You are plunged into your internal voyage, and compelled to take it up blindly and innovatively. You cannot depend upon anybody’s previous experience, for you are moving into a whole different reality–inward development as a total way of life, yet surrounded and beset by pressures, demands, and distorted reflections. You therefore have to operate virtually oblivious to the feedback loop of the sociocultural sphere–to be blind, deaf, and dumb to how anything appears to anybody. And to act as though the inner world you are cooking up for the future is all that counts, and everything else is a blur of facts, figures, and passing semblances.

Libra is the time Persephone goes into the underworld

Aries is the time she emerges

at this Lunar Eclipse 


What was coming to an end at Libra time in September ?


Lilith in Libra transit is key 

and reveals this coming to light 

here are some articles:

Mystic Medusa

Ruby Slipper

What has been challenging

during the last 6 months

for you

is what is seeking healing in you

is what is seeking healing in humanity

Are you ready to know yourself

take responsibility for your responses

be pro active 

Look within

This is the emotional evolution

conscious evolution time 

Are you brave enough to face your demons?



No taking the edge off time

Free of mind altering substances 


It is worth it

to be free 

My Mayan Sign is a 13 step process in itself 

that is the Gateway

to personal freedom


on the sarcophagus of

Pacal Votan

13 clear signs


Pakal color

This is an amazing time 

of personal freedom potential 

and is key 


personal alchemy


Learning about the mind began in earnest for me

when I became a parent 21 years ago

I studied psychology 



studied energy therapies


Emotional Freedom Technique

this was life changing for me

It is my personal peace procedure

I use it on a daily basis and share how to do this with others


Having this awareness of my mind was critical to understanding

how I was experiencing triggers

and how to understand them

how to work with them

how to release them slowly and carefully as and when

Astrology and the Mayan Calendar came later

these frameworks help me understand the universal creation process

I am creating workshops this year

that are practical and based on process

This is my current one 

Being the Catalyst 



Be the gift that you are

The magical child free of wounding

Open hearted



baby magic

Our wounding is an essential step of embodying what creates hurt for the human being

so we can understand how that happens


create new ways of being 

from that place of  experiential understanding


when healed

clear space of creativity


co creation code 


13 ~ movement ~ catalyse

baby magic

Day 13

Blue Cosmic Monkey

Cosmic Moon day 7

The mystic day of this 28 day period

Planet Venus

Friday is Venus day too


This picture contains the process of becoming Venus in it

It is in plain sight

All the symbology in this reveals the personal process of the birth of Venus for the individual 

I have been in the presence of this painting in person in Florence

I got the message energetically barcoded by this close up connection

cosmically swiped 

although I wasn’t aware of it then 

Are you ready to see it?

Be it?

Where is Venus in your chart?

Mine is in Virgo at 29 degrees in my 7th house

A witch preparing magic mushrooms.
Within the delicate, formative stages of major departures into the unknown, there is encountered an extraordinary task and lesson that detains you a long while. It becomes self-evident that it is everything that comes before that makes the difference. There must be a fully attuned, magical sensibility to make the future possible. Coming to this requires arduous discipline and elaborate ritual, internal initiation. This becomes such a labyrinth of discipleship and apprenticeship that you wander through the maze discovering everything you ever needed to know. All is played out within. There is no need to make anything happen on the outer. You are assigned to empty yourself out, to strip everything away, to become invisible. And if you excel at your craft, so many ventures and initiatives will be seeded, that this inner planes total mobilization will prove to be more fruitful and productive than any premature thrusts of outer mind, no matter how impressive or seemingly necessary. The entire path lies well within, and needs no surface success to substantiate itself.

So today this is very key for me

It was key for me in my formal education too because I did not conform at 6th form

and I had to make a choice

Magic mushrooms exploration/adventure/travel or compliance and career?

I left school and often felt like I had failed on some level…

Now I know why I took this route and always will

It is key to my evolution in this life.

To be a contrary Mary 

Another nursery rhyme

My take on this? I live on the ley line to the Camino Santiago 

Taurus in the Glastonbury Zodiac ~ my moon

The sacred feminine returning

Mother Goose ~ the craft tradition

The Moon

The Lilith energy 

My Lilith in Aquarius ~ au contraire to popular cultural conditioning 

and at 4 degrees the structure of it.

This will be incarnate in the moon energy tonight at 9 pm ~ 9 being completion

Many fireflies at dusk.
You become aware all at once of staggering things, of astounding things, of world-shattering things. States of revelation. You are being called inwardly to shake off the slumber of the common day and to heed the stirrings of the future. Capable of bounding leaps, your are infused with a spirit of new beginnings. Especially strongly drawn toward altered states and threshold awareness. You’ve been brought to places where all of the shared assumptions and ideologies become pale and lifeless, and something other sparks recognition and pursuit. Collectively inspired to find alternatives, to seek a vision, to gather with those who are similarly touched, you are in on the ground floor of new movements and innovative discoveries. And full of wonder and awe at the process, and at a whole way of things in worlds such as this one.

Writing this blog has allowed me to see this 


This is the beauty of age too ~ being able to understand through looking back

and see clearly having healed distorted beliefs about oneself

being different to the “norm”

which is actually an insane way to live

and everyone knows that deep down

29 degrees in the anoretic degree

If you read this link you will see this is key

there is a different angle to this for those doing

The Great Work

Part of this process is going where angels fear to tread

this is the shadow workers process not the love and light brigade process 😉

It can seem like the way of a sadist to plunge into the abyss over and over


this is the enlightenment process



personally meeting what is known in common culture as the nemesis energy

Teaming up with relationships and people

that are the core of wounding on the planet in a very personally matched way

and we are all wounded and doing mask behaviour 🙂 

To begin with this is not conscious 

Early life

As the initiate awakens this becomes conscious

As the adept works with this internally it becomes clearer 

Soul mates are challenging in this way of relationship 

They are meant to be 

Each person’s pattern is exactly what is required to go deep and heal deep

Eyes wide open 


Hearts ready to heal

Fluffy kitten stuff this ain’t

The potential for deep love and connection?


The role model on all levels ?



Today we are working with the last degrees of Capricorn

An architect carefully surveying old ruins.
What is to be seen is the outer skeleton of things. What is to be known is the inner essence of things. The code, the extraordinary revelation, the realization is there inherently in the very substance of existence. A practiced eye can see inside, can penetrate and illuminate. The schooling in perception comes between lives and then overshadows each and every idea or notion anybody can come up with. But to access and do honor to this advanced faculty is rare. For seeing the whole truth is excruciating to the ego-mind. And therefore the battle is on to awaken to your innermost truth, or to succeed brilliantly in adapting your truth to the marketplace, selling your soul to the highest bidder.

How to work with this within:

The more the individual knows their old ruins and is stripped bare the more becomes clear as to personal alchemy

Seeing the ego mind ~ this is where emotional freedom technique comes in to clear the self blame and self judgement and turn excruciating into ecstasy 

Blue morning glories growing up a tall trellis.
Heightened ability to bring the greater self into action. The towering presence of the one who knows informing each moment. A huge and formidable destiny-dedication to bring all of yourself through into this world. A steadfast, adamant quality of soul. The prenatal resolve to work out all remaining karmas and be free. Intensive focus upon soul evolution. Purpose, will. You have something to grow into throughout your life. Ancient ways, unfallen heights, seeing through. Staggered by what you have taken on. Ripening on the vine. Under massive pressure from within. The path and journey of ascension, with the body honored and the world renewed. Awakening and tapping the source for endeavors, projects, and tasks requires top-level clearance and the truest endowment of inward faculties to see them through and light up the world.

How to work with this:

Top level clearance is accessed through becoming a clear channel , clearing old wound events very specifically, allowing access to universal energy and balance with giving and receiving ~ again Emotional Freedom Technique working very specifically achieves this clear space and working with it intuitively every day ~ all is revealed ~ perfectly in synch again with the natural time and rhythms instead of being stuck in the Gregorian calendar past ~ the Mayan Wavespell synchronisor is key to this too

This is the Aquarian Age coming in and my Ascendant energy is at 0 degrees so a blend of the 3

A two-headed calf.
Taking a good look at things with an eager eye brings you right into the middle of the dilemma of polarities. As you stand there faced with the different sides, you are impartial; neither side pulls you more sharply than the other. Immense opportunity. Huge challenge. You have vital potential for brilliant synthesis, but a subtle temptation to think too long. A schooling in alchemy in every moment–do you find what is ready to emerge or do you think about it? Progressive evolution draws you through all your mistakes into all that can be.

This will be at 3pm today in the UK so if you are able it is a good time to tune in for the bigger picture of you seeking to evolve ~ potentiality ~ if you are reading this later ~ think back to that time.

If you are not in the UK then your time will be different

This is the lunarium I use 

We are going to be working with this energy soon in the centre of the Tzolkin


For all those that like to be practical and plan ahead 

August 12 to 24th

This includes my 50th birthday so is very key for me and the process I am going to be working with all my 5oth year

and my

Chiron Return in Pisces 1st House 

Pagan fire worshippers dancing.
Trance states. At home in psychic realms and other realities. The self abandoned to the tribe–to the sweep of the moment, to the energies that arise. On fire with longing and poignant, bittersweet reflections. A throwback, a native, a primal soul. Emotional, depths-centered, superphysical, you are energized tremendously by special occasions, extraordinary meetings, unexpected miracles and tragedies. Expectant and waiting for something wild and unknown to break through. Mediumistic, vicarious, and charged with a life-force that must be followed out. A certain distinctive fate to be at times disappearing and gone and at other times resurgent and mighty–all depend upon the tides of fortune. And it will always change in unpredictable, exciting, disorienting, and multiple ways.

If you are ready to work at this level please get in touch so we can formulate a plan 

The Blue Monkey process of transparency ~ clearing the wounding ~ 

The new learning is Yellow Lunar Human

August 13

This day will connect to what is revealed starting tomorrow 

for my awareness and choice point of integration

This is always happening for everyone only most are not aware…

yet 😉

That is happening now on a big scale though as it is the time

I will be in my 7th year of my current 13 year cycle 

Red Resonant Earth


Who I am meeting now, what I am doing now 

is crucial

for my crucible

my inner evolution

We are in the last degrees of Capricorn Moon this morning


key for anyone with Capricorn placements

Slipping into Aquarius Moon this afternoon and evening

this is key for Aquarius Sun people

and anyone with Aquarius energy in any placement in their chart


Another way to look at this is Capricorn represents the part of the ego in each of us

being amplified at the moment


The fear spectrum, the mask seeking to come off


The husk of humanity ego

being catalysed by the universal interaction

set on fire ~ anger events

enveloped in water ~ sadness events

eaten whole to be shat out  ~ consuming events 

crushed by a large object ~ disempowerment events

Whilst these events may appear negative to the ego

They are essential to release the seed within

Tonight in the UK more thunderstorms


The cloud formations being posted on Facebook

this one by Isaac Sibson from Marsden West Yorkshire

remind me of the film

Independence Day 

As with all ego based films

there is some truth in there usually with a large helping of fear to amp up the appeal:-) 

A simple virus overwhelms a complex computer system in these alien invasion films

Just like a human being gets overwhelmed by a cold ~ which is simply a healing process of feminine bringing balance to the overworked masculine activities and environments

Many may be feeling overwhelmed at the moment

Trying to do all and be all to all


of that is of our own making and allows each individual to see how this is happening

bring it back to oneself

take ownership of this behaviour and way of relating


notice what that allows to happen


Compensatory measures

learned as a child

Time for change ?

Otherwise become unravelled

Time to get real

This is so key for me 

So key for the Age of Aquarius coming in

Being the change

Understanding coping mechanisms

Understanding how I tick 

What conditions allowed me to be the person I have become


and as I have crafted myself

I have the evidence that I am a creator

I can weave myself anew 


New Wavespell begins tomorrow and I will not be blogging every day

Just as and when I feel too as it takes a lot of time and energy

Yellow Human is the 13 day process that lets us see our human beingness

The planet is Earth

The code is 12 in the 20 Mayan Signs

This is the tail end of the year I am in 

The structure of the human being in co creation with the spirit

What the individual is working with in the last 13 days specifically

is manifest 

It is all there to be seen

If you are ready to work proactively with yourself and you would like a co pilot to help you navigate

please get in touch

This is my seed gift 

This is my journey first and foremost


As I am very aware of patterns and code

I can assist people to see what is there ready for transformation


cannot do it for anyone 😉 

It takes dedication and discipline 

It isn’t a passive approach at all

Love to you and your inner child today

If you can take the time out today

to get in touch with that part of yourself

It will be hugely beneficial for you


in turn 

the universe

Which we are all creators of 😉 

Today’s Thoth Tarot

Queen of Wands


Feeling this is my energy at the moment with Jupiter in Leo 

and my exact degree of Chiron in Pisces ~ no doubt 😉

This is what learning code reveals

My core values are honesty and right relationship

as anything else ends in a puddle of tears 

and I am an expert on that position 😉 

I intend to create more joy now by being as honest as I can 



If you are feeling a little flat ~ it is the quiet before the storm ~

get ready to rumble.

There is a huge wave coming. Are you ready to ride the snake with your eyes wide open?

Today is the last day of my  Blue Storm Wavespell and I am exiting it’s energy with such a different feel and awareness. Today is the 13th day ~ the day of cosmic movement with Divine Child energy Blue Cosmic Monkey.

When we go through the eye of the storm and listen to what our inner child whispers ~ we allow ourselves an opportunity to become that divine child energy in our heart through feeling forgiveness ~ true forgiveness through feelings being released and the past energetically left behind.

Tomorrow is a new wave spell ~ Yellow Human Wavespell

This takes us through some energetic supernova events ~ woo hoo ~ shaken and not stirred magical martini time.

It’s time to get real. See what is resonating for us ~ what is showing up and how we are feeling about it ?

I have been checking out various astrological input ~ I am a whole of the range type of a gal ~ like to see the full spectrum of the rainbow in my bigger picture so….

I have several resources.

Today for the first time I have made a video about this:

May 20th ~ we have a supercharged supernova which is the third Uranus Pluto Square event and this is encouraging big awakening on our planet. Taurus is also going into Mars so if you have Taurus energy in your chart this will have a strong impact on you. I have Taurus Moon which represents my feminine and my shadow ~ my emotional intuitive side so this could be quite an different flavour for me. It does affect other signs of course ~ more info here with a great blog

This is happening just as Taurus leaves and Gemini is the sun energy. Gemini brings a new gateway of consciousness opportunity and displays our human and higher self. This is an ideal time to let the ego personality be transformed to work alongside the higher self even more and connect to our journey.

In the Mayan this event happens in the eighth wavespell this year. This wavespell is a yellow ~ flowering and expanding potentiality  through integration.

May 20th is Red Rhythmic Earth . A day of aligning with our path through balancing our masculine and feminine within and creating a core energy of groundedness and centred state of being.

The more people who start to change their inside energy , beliefs and emotions to bring balance and peace within and the more we will see and experience the change without.

Our hearts are opening and experiencing heart wisdom that is so different from ego desire.

On the 25th in the UK we have the Sagittarius Supermoon and another lunar eclipse ~ the way shower, traveller, truth teller , expansive , say it as it is wounded healer at full gallop. As Neptune is involved I believe this is where the mysteries are going to really blossom for many people.

In the Mayan this is White Spectral Wind ~ what is seeking release

What is holding you back from living your heart’s desire?

What myth are you telling yourself that stops you going for the golden fleece journey? 

We can achieve anything ~ if we believe it and tend the flame within and with our circle of influence.

If you find yourself swamped by naysayers and low energy activities of imbalanced intellect or running ragged rage campaigns that are so energy zapping ~ maybe building a skyscraper project that has no soul…..and is all about others rather than you doing your thing ~ no matter how small or how it doesn’t tick anyone else’s agenda ~ this is the treasure that will illuminate and lead to more love and magic.

Too much bull locking horns activity, doesn’t aid the way forward either so if you are finding yourself constantly feeling red flagged by certain people maybe it is time to limit that thorn in the side activity ~ it can be revealing and shadow showing ~ too much exposure to it can simply raise clarity of  needing to find another tribe as we are often energised by polarity opposites and bumping off that energy to go to pastures new.

Sometimes it is time to recognise a need to let go of people who aren’t singing your song and don’t speak your language. Join a new choir or……make your own.

If you are a Sag you will really be feeling that pull now to go to the depths of your soul and heed the siren call.

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t got a clue about what any of this means……. 🙂

If you feel ready to get going and embrace this Red Serpent time   then contact me. I have some workshops coming up that may be just the ticket ~ small steps. If you want more of a supercharge rocket launch I have some 1 to 1 energy coaching.

The Red Serpent Wavespell starts on the 28th of May.

There are ten energy portals to allow access to limitless universal wisdom so we can liberate ourselves from any beliefs that are of the notion that ~ somehow to stay sane we have to remain the same ~ 🙂

that somehow there is something wrong with us

that our uniqueness is anything other than wow

that we have to fit someone else’s tick box

that we have to turn ourselves down

hide our gifts

become a chameleon to fit other people’s paradigms

If we have any of those notions….

then attracting a  match….. with loving ourself ways of relating …….are therefore 

temporarily off limits in some way and postponed until we believe in ourselves and have the

courage to go for it……..

expand without by expanding within

rain stops play ~ a familiar ditty in the UK

When we follow our star there is no rain in the heavens to postpone play ~ it’s a magical path

so if you are feeling low

are experiencing a perceived lack / real lack

feeling overwhelmed, underwhelmed, just about registering a flicker of life …….

The opposite is within your fingertips ~ literally

Time to tap and use EFT to liberate yourself ~ emotional freedom technique does what it says on the tin

It is a very exciting time.

Are you ready to immerse yourself in life ~ literally ?

and let go of spectator living from the sidelines

It’s safe but it ain’t sexy 🙂

The Year of the snake involves curvaceous lilith living.

Time to embrace anything we have banished and put the kettle on for a homecoming tea.

Create our own way of living and let go of being out of balance with linear limits

Please get in touch if this calls for you and we can co create. Lots of options available for every budget ~ you can pay what you can afford.

Lots of love for your journey