Booking Online Courses with Jo


Artist Mary Wolfe 777

I am now starting to offer Online Courses to be flexible

to allow co creating with what works for people


their schedules


what works for mine

Coming Soon:


Emotional Freedom Technique ~

Also known as tapping. How to use this incredible healing modality to change your life

Emotional Awareness ~

How to become emotionally aware to access emotional intelligence.

Through this process of transformation, learning how to heal out of balance emotional experiences to become emotionally resilient.

Key for self empowerment with an open heart full of compassion .

Mayan Moon Mysteries  ~

Monthly course ~ how to work with the Mayan Moon                                                            energy system to align powerfully with Cosmic Cycles

New Moon and Full Moon Circles ~

How to use the power of the Moon to consciously co create with your Moon energy.

Where the Moon is impacting your chart ~ how to use that Cosmic energy 


If you would like to know more please contact me