Resources ~ The Wavespell Codes


Wavespell Codes

This is a work in progress

These are documents I have created to use if you choose for a specific Wavespell 

They are the code for each day of the 13 day process

Key to you if your Mayan S1gn

or one of your Mayan Castles

or your personal Wavespell

Great to use to work with the Wavespell every day

Red Castle of Awakening Wavespells 


White Castle of Refinement Wavespells


Yellow Human Wavespell pdf

Blue Castle of Transformation Wavespells


Red Serpent Wavespell pdf





Individual Codes


Each Wavespell has 13 days and each Wavespell has a unique combination of codes.

The process of the 13 days therefore has the same basic structure of 1 to 13 steps of an evolutionary process.

This is the process of the thirteen tones ~ 13 step spiral of evolution 

Each time there is a slight variance of the energy building on the previous spiral .

Eventually there will be a full range of the codes here . 

Heart tree

Code 10’s ~ The Heart’s desire codes 


Red Castle of Awakening

White Castle of Refinement

Blue Castle of Transformation

Red Serpent Wavespell ~ Awakening to love 

Code 10 ~ White Planetary Wizard


Yellow Castle of Expansion

Green Castle of The Heart 

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