New Cycle ~ New Course

Fireheart Resonance

Yellow Cosmic Sun

What is seeking to shift in our shadow story ?

A galactic portal day today.

Sagi Solar Eclipse at 16 16 in the UK

Currently 22 degrees Sagi:

Eclipse degree:\ Bird of Paradise:

Seekers of healing :

New Course initiates tomorrow with the new cycle:

Are you ready to work deeply with your wounded heart and set yourself free?

Allowing your spirit to soar?

Setting your heart on fire?

What revelations have you experienced in the past 260 days where your soul is looking to share a new beginning with you free of your old story ?

Now is the Cosmic Time to reweave our human being story

Fireheart Resonance Course :

I have intuitively designed a powerful 52 day course that will focus very specifically on Universal Codes ~ the Mayan Tzolkin ~ I have been working with this framework on an experiential basis for 9 years

It will focus on your personal codes :

I have mapped people’s codes and their ancestral patterns for 9 years

You will have a guide for you to align with in a very personal way

Each 13 day process you will have a focus ~ in plain language 😉

This will assist you in your quest ~ to become a clearer being through healing your heart to remember your true nature free of these old ways

Book your space :


Fireheart Resonance 1

52 day guidance for my personal survival story How to become even more aware of it How to become empowered How to transform it through healing How to embody more light through this process