Blue Monkey Wavespell ~ the heroines journey


Blue Monkey Wavespell

Day 1

Blue Magnetic Monkey

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Blue Monkey is number 11

in the Mayan 20 Signs

Using numerology

we add the numbers together

and they create


This symbolises


The Moon 

Diana the Huntress



and another way of connecting to

The Archer 

The Sagittarius fire

The Hunter and The Hunted 

As the Sacred Feminine is coming in 

through each one of us 

Time for new Myths

Time for the Goddess energy to enter the spotlight

We may play these opposite powers

of pursuer and pursued

masculine and feminine

in different aspects of our lives


When we decide to transform our past life experience

We become part of a powerful circle

We become an


This time is key for this process 

It is cosmically aligned

To leave the old ways 

requires a fall from grace 

to recapitulate literally 

the old ways and stop doing them…

otherwise how do we create new ones?

If we do not get a cosmic shift thrust upon us

Would we honestly choose it?

Would we have enough faith to dive into the void….


In our society

that is controlled and managed to the nth degree?

Where would we have learned this great courage and derring do ?

So the universe

that we are

at the perfect time

turns us into Lucifer 

The fallen angel who is simply a metaphor

Actually the light bringer 

from the dark

and the Morning Star

the planet Venus


It makes sense when we think about it 

We would not willingly choose changes

that mean

we cannot do what we have always done

as ego human beings….

when we are still in that phase

as to be awoken

requires an


a baptism of fire 


That often means financial hardship and moving

a complete change of lifestyle 

often at midlife

when we think we have got our future mapped out 


this is a time of great transition

and that happens through each one of us 

I know for myself that although I was already rerouting in 2007

to do holistic therapies

I wasn’t ready to give up my safety net of property renovating

and so many things carried on the same

In 2009 I didn’t have a choice in the financial crash 

nothing I could have done at that point

would have altered that position

it was in many respects 

out of my hands 

Flower Prayers

It taught me so many things about

the truth of the world we live in

and what I valued

I stood up for my beliefs

It was an extremely heart breaking time

when those rose tinted glasses came off 

and when I started to really look at my relationships with finance 

and how I lived

in order

to live another way


and how it didn’t matter who I was

or what I had been in the past

to the finance model because in that model

I am a statistic without any humanity or personality

or meaning

I do not matter in

the great scheme of things of those that honour this model

but they pretend that I do for a while

to get me hooked on the line of their

Grand Design

The people who made the choices about the money plan ~

don’t be fooled by lumping them into a group

without an individual name

hiding behind a corporate mask ~

wolves in sheep's clothing

they are individuals just like you and I ~

 who got to decide that I  and many others

couldn’t make our living that way any more

because of their business plan

and their choice

that they did not share with the other people

so we could change our plans too ~ in advance 😉

because if they had

what happened

wouldn’t have happened

and what was concealed

wouldn’t have been revealed

No informed consent given

in the same way

they asked us to sign up with them

at the onset of our relationship

but that opportunity

wasn’t equally shared

which matches the inconsistencies

with parents and people in authority with children in a way

different rules apply and how unfair that can feel

and partly why this is happening 

to bring light to what happens

with inconsistencies

trust issues


and also learning that life

is not a goal orientated material product

and neither are we 

We are so much more than this limited way of being

and to live that

we have to leave these old ways behind


The goalposts changed in 2007


became manifest in the UK

in 2009

with the collapse of credit


Some individuals got greedy and made their own rules

which is the nature of human beings 

and that means some other human beings have to make up the deficit 


This elite group however

for a couple of years 

got bailed out

didn’t bail me out as well

and share the wealth

like they shared the loss

yet it was tax payers money 

I started to see things differently 

and I was very angry 

and look how despite all the assurances

that this would never be allowed to happen again…

look at the financial products

they are all back

like ducks in a row 

and so we can be pretty sure

that as the same patterns are there

it will happen 

because the majority are being played by the minority as always 

and the game plan

is as mad

as Alice’s Adventures


I thought I had learned how to play the game 

how wrong I had been

and now 

I am tired of these games

I cannot win

because the cards are stacked

the only winner is the game creator

who will not tell you the rules or the truth of the game plan

and you pay the highest price 

bit like human life and mortality though isn’t it really ? 

Once awakened to the reality of this

is akin to watching a Punch and Judy show

as the awakened audience


The person operating the puppets

claims to be unable

to see the Crocodile 

no matter how hard the audience shouts

It’s behind you

because that is simply part of the show

Quetzalcoatl Plumed Serpent

Doing the soul alchemy is very different

As a human being the end of this game is always the same 

death of the body

It is a great leveller 

In the current playground

it is often a Grim fairytale starting point


and yet

one we start to face this reality

This is when the magic really happens

All fairytales 

are tales of Wisdom

hidden in plain sight

We go within

and learn amazing ways to live 


understand our personal process

Only through total acceptance of everything

that has happened so far…

Do we become The Star that we really are 

Do we become the warrior of the heart 

ready to do what it takes 


It is a very different

 format for sure 

In the Hero story

Jason and the Argonauts for example 

We see the masculine human being go on a voyage

face challenges

and grow as a result 

as his co hostess with the mostest…


Pic by Oksana Zhelisko

Hera is the figurehead

literally on the front of his ship the Argo

first he calls on her in secret

then in plain sight of the crew


this is limited

as otherwise he would not find his own way 

he is only able to consult her and her Goddess powers

at times of crisis

usually when God force is the game plan


requires a Goddess match

This is the current game unfolding for the great adventurers

who are looking to journey purely for the love of it

free of any material reward


The Golden Fleece

is a natural phenomena each person has to heal

when they stop been a Sheep 

and the Lamb becomes a Lion


Pic by Susan Seddon Boulet

This process is symbolised by Art card



Number 14 ~ 5 ~ the he ‘art of the matter 


It seems complex at first because of the language used

very simplified :

we let go of what normally drives the human ego 

and we balance ourself within 

so we are in harmony

in our masculine and feminine 

by healing our past wounds

and facing all our challenges with full integrity

Letting go of eros

and focusing on agape now

The lure of Romantic love has faded

and a deeper love and connection is revealed

direct to our source

without any need for another


We stop being a pawn and limited in our moves

and we become a Queen

with full sovereignty …

we know the moves and we are not afraid to make them

and speak up for truth that comes from a healed heart space


Pic by Susan Seddon Boulet

Courage does not mean without fear

It means feeling fear and keeping going even though we are afraid

That is a warrior of the heart 




Today we have Moon in Capricorn

in the UK 

We have Pluto conjunct Capricorn

The Underworld holds hands with the veiled feminine of our shadow 

This Moon as the opposite of Cancer Moon

The Moon’s planet

is the masculine father figure 

that can be a hard task master

so balance is essential

Echoed today as I write this

Capricorn Moon Waxing at 13 degrees

A very old wrinkled brown paper sack.
Use and misuse. Taking advantage of your own beast of burden endurance to get the most out of yourself you possibly can. Extracting productive results from all other factors and fixating upon these. Eventually you get what you put into it. And if there is a self-exploitative or a darkly-abusive side to your way of operating, it generates the karma of aging and death and blight. It becomes crucial to develop, against the grain, compassion and all the gentler feelings. Because if unchecked, the heavy-handed self-demand to make the world work better at all costs will decimate the inner self.


could be The Devil card in Tarot


Time to do 

The Great Work

The Religious propaganda was created to create fear and to distort original archetypes

so that the common person could not understand the truth:

which is that they have no need of religion indeed religion has need of them

to afford certain individuals a life paid for

and to be glorified

by the ones who are supposedly the needy ones

when in fact the reverse is true

This is one of the biggest lies ever told to mankind and perpetuated by mankind

yet on close examination of the devil card generally in tarot

we see that the people bound by the chains 

can take them off at any time

We create our own prison with our thoughts and beliefs

and when we are ready to free ourself

we can

Capricorn is the disciple ready to do the work

Energetically has the stamina and cool headedness

discipline and determination

Pluto is the planet of soul fusion

the personality has to let go of needing the power of the ego

and has to die

so the soul can be freed from personality limits 

It’s a different path

and there are many rocks to stub ones toes on


Which is why hooves come in handy 🙂 

and soothing pools thereafter to bathe them 🙂 

It is a bitter sweet symphony 

There is a map

There is a formula 

It is written in the divination codes and working with the Wavespell daily

helps us follow the yellow brick road back home


The principles of Alchemy are the same 

whether you perform it externally with substances

or do  it internally with your inner workings




The process goes through the same stages

These are illustrated in many ancient texts

and can be used

without knowledge of the texts per se

Those seeking transformation know 

and seek

and find

The Hunter they have become

ready to shape their ego

Their will

and leave their past behind

so that they become key to the world changes

because they have changed


Blue Monkey in the Mayan is Chuen

It is the most powerful transformation code

It is the blue 13 day Wavespell process in the Blue Castle 

The central column of the Tzolk’in


These 20 signs come into

5 groups of 4

The 4 groups are pillars of the overall temple

that each individual building block of the Mayan energy signature builds

These four blocks are foundation stones

They sum of their codes reveals a master code

I have created a document for this 

and it is on my

Resources Page 

We each have four Castles

13 year cycles in each colour

that take us through a process

If you decide to work with this it will blow your mind


to do this you have to

be the process

that it how it works because it is a synchroniser left to us by our ancestors

at the perfect time to create this shift back to being in alignment with natural time

free of our culture conditioning

which is a distortion of who we really are as human beings

enslaved to a system that by it’s very unnatural state

creates illness


limits our amazing potential

our gifts are capped

especially using the consumer process

which is an ego code

Virtually everything in our consumer society has the primary code

or intention

of making money 

and is grossly inflated in structure and price

because of all the chain feeding off it and

this model cannot be sustained

which is self evident If you watch what is happening now

at the ultimate consumer time of the year look at the deceptions being invoked


Having worked in service industries all my life

I know and have been very involved in these deceptions

and know that being this way

creates a by product that feels awful:

Promising things that cannot be delivered in that time frame

and blaming others instead of owning that

Buying things to ensure “happiness”

Being with people out of “duty”

swallowing anger and frustration every day

in order to try and deliver the undeliverable

that is spun by the manipulated

Santa Clause story

it is an abomination


Look what conditioned codes we are embedding in our children ~

bribery and manipulation

and unrealistic expectations

that cannot be created in reality ~

a distortion of magic to sell us all out for a short term fix

Living a totally mad way of life to arrive resplendent on the :day:

when you don’t even have a Christian Faith

for a Christian celebration

Driving yourself to exhaustion to create

the “perfect” experience for one day of the year

Getting into debt

Have I bought the “right” thing

It is the end of work so I will get”wasted”

serve people who vomit on me getting “wasted”

clean up after people who vomit everywhere and feel ill for days after ~

Is it really worth it ?

Is that what life has come to ?

Have close encounters with people we wouldn’t look at twice

if we were straight

and it were any other day of the year

Feel left out because I am not part of this madness/doing what everyone else is doing on 1 day of the year 


What on earth are people

still doing this madness for ?

Not just the C word thing either  

and yet seemingly there is no money for the sick and homeless

and we have to have charity

which actually is now a covert thriving business model

Wake up people ~ get a grip on reality

Look at what we are allowing to happen in our society 

Imagine what could happen if we didn’t ?


Banned it as an offence to sanity 

Imagine that ?

Just for a moment ~ what could come from that place of saying no to absurdity?

No presents

just people  being present

coming together to celebrate the returning of the light

free of



Will it happen in my lifetime?

Blue Monkey is the Blue Castle

in the Consciousness Awakening Code 


So if this is Your Mayan Sign

Your Wavespell

or your Blue Castle 

that is the bigger picture code of this family 

The number of all the individual codes added together is 7

7 is the top of the pyramid closest to The Heavens

What is Resonant ?

What is resonating for you that feels heart emotion of pure joy?

That is where your arrows fly

What is resonating with anything other than joy?

That is what is seeking release

It is the number of the Mystic open to the Mystical

doing the Mysteries within

Venus is the planet of Blue Monkey

and the direction is West



All the clues are in this painting

Botticelli’s Venus ~ the archetypes are there

If you decide to do this work within you

you will see a whole different view of everything


because you begin to see yourself in a different light 

that is

The Secret 

In the next 13 days if you choose

Sit with yourself today

Go within

What has been happening in the last two weeks

that has felt painful?


Created a feeling of being pressured?



This will lead directly to your childhood if you are ready to go there

Once you really start to work with this your whole life will change

Do not take this lightly 

It is the same energy that builds galaxies 

We are stars 

We have the same process 

We are literally stardust 

Once we start to revere and remember

the sacred in us 

value ourselves for the amazing beings we are

be open to possibility again

remove any barriers we have built to keep the pain out 


We become transparent

We are ready to let go 

and love deeply again if only we are willing to do the inner work


White Mirror Wavespell ~ Day 13


White Mirror Wavespell

Day 13 

White Cosmic Dog 

The day of movement 

Today a Cosmic shift is available

We can have moved from our position 13 days ago when we started this journey 

Certainly we will have moved in some way as the world has moved on

that is how life works ~ a constant change 


As the Moon starts to grow with light 


through the Sun of Sagi fire

We may be feeling and seeing 

new ways of travelling the inner world

the outer world

the astral planes

as we free ourselves from old conditions

and the dog days of depression

that come from our ego’s way of seeing the world

the world happens …

we as individuals put meaning from our mind

on the happening

and interpret it

make sense of the information

and often that meaning

comes from feeling 


distorts what happened in some way


When we are having a highly

emotionally charged experience 

It encodes within us in a powerful way


we are running the programme of that coding

If there is no coded experience in

no coded experience comes out 

and of course the opposite is true 

if the code is within it has to come out

and it will

over and over

in different ways

if emotion is being repressed

we will see watery events




it cannot be totally disregarded

if it is there it is cosmic law

that it has to be expressed in some way

and so something has to happen to match it

emotion creates code

creates events in the human domain

this is the code of creation



Time Sensitive codes

Young people today in most places on earth 

know computers early on

have a very different relationship to them

than anyone born in a time when they did not exist 

no memories

no early experiences

of computer code 

so all the early times in older people’s lives

had a very different day to day reality 

all of that code comes in through each generation and is built upon 

expanded and it cannot be the same

because the experiences that created it are not the same 


In the same way new generations

still have primordial code 

to allow survival

and on many levels that code still is required to keep us safe 

otherwise we start from evolutionary scratch again

which would naturally limit our day to day experience here

So some codes are inherently useful to knowing boundaries and being safe 

Physical pain tells us our limits 

Ego often ignores this information and pushes further

Emotional pain tells us something else 

and this is far more subjective

and difficult to fathom and quantify at times 

Who am I ?

How do I choose to relate now in a healthy way ?

Do I want to be a different version of me

with my different personas played out in different society roles?

Or do I want to expend less energy

simply being an integrated me

who is functioning in different capacities

all of which are authentic and integrated ?

Truly being who I want to be and letting go of people pleasing and enabling

let the plates fall where they may 


This requires self~discovery 

This requires an objective way of behaving that can be universally shared

That can be free of debating

because it is one size fits all in some respects


also allows uniqueness of the individual 

which is pretty much 

a natural balance 

If man disappears

from a garden that has been created and managed 

by man


the garden creates it’s own equilibrium

according to what is happening in it’s environment 


As all gardens are connected worldwide 







the wind

the water system

It is impossible to seperate out


we can see the none sense

of believing

that anything is separate on this planet

because in a very real practical sense

everything actually is connected literally

as we are a planet  🙂


What goes around comes around




We can choose to learn how to be respectful


gentle to other people 

and only to actually be it 

when we are it 

to ourselves which takes a lot of inner work

and understanding of oneself

at the moment most people are saying one thing

doing another…

also known as the human being conditioning of hypocricy 

feeling something else yet further


pretending to be something that is 


an ego role

and most people are actually full of 

base stuff

Anger generally



about something


yet often daren’t say it straight out


confront their feelings and beliefs

because of these deep feelings 

and fear of being 


and fear of being persecuted if they do be true to their belief

Winter Solstice 2010 Caged Lantern dreamstime_3847365

This fear of being who we really are

is holding us all back and our innate gifts and creativity free of limitations

All the social conditions

that we have made as to what life 

“should” be 

could be 

should have been

and aren’t….

are the rifts

that can be turned into the shifts 

Mind the Gap…

The Abyss that opens up

so wisdom can come through


This is where the land can move beneath our feet 

to reveal deep cracks 

of lava

Once this lava is released unfettered

new landscapes form that are so fertile


We are now halfway into the heart of the Tzok’in 



Tomorrow begins

The Blue Wavespell

in The Blue Castle 

So we are totally into the zone of the divine child 

The most powerful 13 day code of the wavespell is here

At this time it is in Overtone Moon 11

It is the 11th Sign

so 11/11 

Added together is 4 

This is all about connecting to her heart and how our inner child is feeling and doing the work

We move into Capricorn Moon tomorrow in the UK 

Today as I write in the UK it is Sagi Waxing Moon at 29 degrees

in the last soft light of New Moon energy 

The ritual slaughtering of a lamb.
It is so hard to give up your fondest notions. It is so testing and trying to be asked by universal spirit to surrender your privileges, to renounce your claim upon your own life. And it is even an extreme act of self-transcendence to come to terms with the position you find yourself in as it really is. Ego-busting comes as a rude shock, even when the time is at hand to leap beyond your own shadow. The very idea draws out to the surface every resistance imaginable. The mind goes crazy with this edge. If only you could control it, manipulate it, relativize it. But excruciating self-awareness accompanies this edge–in particular no sentimentality towards your own excuses and reasons. For you are at that point where there is no place to hide and nothing to do except surrender gracefully, when you have exhausted every other option and found them to be null and void.

The challenge Day is Yellow Lunar Human on Wednesday 

so seeing what is revealed in our Human Being Chalice is key

What is our body speaking to us of ?


I won’t be blogging every day in the same way in this one 

I will be working with the transformation potential 


doing lots of tapping on myself with what has come up in the last 13 days 

It has been big for me 

I cannot share all my journey because of confidentiality

of other people 

and that is the only reason I will not go in depth in some areas

out of respect for them

I love to share my personal break downs and break throughs

as I know hearing about other people has really helped me 

and people who know me well

know I wear my heart openly 


admit my stuff readily  about how my perceptions


who my mind thinks I am

have evolved

and I am constantly working in process and learning

often this had been seemingly the opposite of society conditioning



and is therefore ridiculed and scapegoated

by mainstream perspectives and individuals

rather than admit they simply do not understand it

and that sometimes as a result of that place

they are afraid of it 

New understanding of how our universe

and society works



with a different perspective

and theory that exists

until a new one overwrites it

has often been a challenge historically 

as the alchemist’s of all ages have experienced

When we are ready for it as a collective

then the paradigm has been changed

by all those who were ridiculed and persecuted…

lets hope that in itself can change soon 



So I will share what I can as I can

Heartfelt message from me today

to any of you

who are seemingly

going into a black hole that feels so dark

Know yourself more

and it will assist you

to find your bearings

Allow whatever is coming up emotionally to be processed as soon as you can

as safely as you can

for you and everyone else involved

The emotions are coming to light your pathway

to leave your past behind and you cannot do that on all levels when you are denying part of yourself 

people need to see the real you now so you can

Let these emotions guide you to your next steps

You will be going through this Gateway many times at the moment

It is all part of the new codes coming in

so we can let go of these old ways of being

Old painful relationship codes

were encoded with lots of emotional intensity 

so it is natural that as these codes are triggered

this is part of the package 

It often feels very intense

rebirth is painful 

it is the butterfly process

Screen shot 2012-05-01 at 8.15.23 PM

If it feels intense it is often because it was very intense when it went in 😉


often when you had this experience initially

you didn’t have the systems to cope with it 

so it’s in your database ready to download now 

when you hit the button

You meaning universal you 🙂

I cannot help you

no one can

you have to face it all 

and you can 


people can help you

help yourself 

That is the key code 




with the interface you have created 

The universe is showing you 


This You on one level is an eternal voyager 

totally free 

This other you is evolving humanity with your own human being process 

This other you sometimes feels like the only you involved 

and it is totally supported

always on track 

always loved and held 

often this You doesn’t feel

that because of early human being experiences 

several human being experiences encoded in your dna

that’s ok notice that and work with that belief system

until it does 😉

The more you start to work with all of this 

The many You’s 

You that is the spaceman driving your human spaceship 

starts to integrate itself and understand

all the reasons for your life here

are extremely valuable 


and you 

chose to come her at this time

especially for this

amazing turning point in human evolution

on planet earth

The light is returning 

you are the light 


Seek your light from transforming your dark times

and bring the new dawn 

Go Goddess Energy

coming into balance once more 

believe in yourself

Love to you 

Sirius Star 

Sirius 2

White Mirror Wavespell ~ Day 12


White Mirror Wavespell

Day 12 

Red Crystal Moon


Today is the crystal complexity code

where we can start to get really clear about what our emotions are distorting 

based on our past 

The Moon’s planet is Cancer

The current 260 day circuit

began back on the 18th of July 

back in

Cancer Sun time 

which has an opposite axis in Capricorn 

Capricorn is a Masculine energy 

that can appear cool and un emotional and tends to focuses on the physical climb to the top


is also the sign of the Disciple on the quest for soul learning

A goat with a fishes tail


Capricorn is the UK’s Sign

Cancer the USA’s sign 

What has been birthed as a bigger picture land 

based on where we have been

and a

melting pot of many seekers

going across the sea

seeking a new life


Aries Waning Moon

11 degrees at the Heart time ~ 11 to 1 in the UK 


So this bigger picture is all about

Moon Codes coming to light

Red Solar Moon year 

and this 

Cancer ~ Capricorn axis of child and parent codes 

More about this on this article on the link above

This is also key

to the

Solar wheel


Summer and Winter Solstice

the light lessening

and light returning

which paradoxically can seem rather strange

at the time

More about this axis on this blog here:


These cycles all have the same code in many ways

and show the process of waxing and waning

in different time cycles

The complex sacred geometry structure that is inherent in all natural beings

So we are working with our

Sacred Feminine

to bring that balance


We are working with birthing the new codes 

through transforming our emotional learning




to birth balance of heart and mind

and it can feel like a Mexican standoff at times 

shouting across the abyss

seeing what echo comes back in

to remind us of where we can make some personal inner changes


Remember that even though we are in Sagi fire

We are in the darkest before dawn time at this time of year and working with our fire trine energies of

Aries initiation in Spring

Leo getting to the heart of the matter in Summer



completing in the underworld of healing of Sagittarius

before the light literally starts returning on Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere 

One of the symbols of Red Moon is the lotus

which begins in the mud and rises up to the surface seeking light

travelling through the emotional body on the way up 

the same in many ways as

the human and soul journey

If you have your

Chiron in Pisces 

like me 

Born in the 60’s apart from the tail end which goes into Aries

check your chart info to see

today is really resonating 

as Chiron goes direct in Pisces at 13 degrees 

Please click on the links to find out more on the articles in the text ~

hover your mouse and they will pop up 

They are independent of me unless leading to my sites

Here is a fab one by Darkstar Astrology which is in a similar vein to the one I did yesterday ; -)

with a lot more Astrology knowledge


In the last 12 days

you may have seen

lots of old patterns 

you may have felt rough

you may have felt jaded and been ill and there is valuable info there

chances are if you are reading my blogs

you will have had some similar life threads to me 

and been playing a role for a while 

that you are wholeheartedly fed up of 

you may constantly find yourself being blamed 


taking on other people’s stuff 

that isn’t actually yours at all 

and realising that you are enabling others in an unhealthy way 


echoes back to times past

often this can feel like


Groundhog day 

Ye olde Scape goat time 

and the good thing is about getting full to the brim

is the realisation that it is….

Time to empty our cup 



and be freer 

to do our next steps 


liberate ourselves so we can complete

and step through the gate 


Starting to bring this divide together 

from the outside in

together with the creation code and going with the flow 

Get ready for the shift tomorrow 

The more we clear each day emotionally and energetically 

The clearer we become


the more we shine from free of distortion code 

hkuyutrjpg copy

It can be difficult to speak of different truths

to the general collective code 

We get used to it 

and what doesn’t kill us 

makes us stronger 

I have just downloaded Yosemite for my Mac 

and a new Kindle App

and this is such a metaphor for me and my journey right now

Have to learn new things or else I cannot access the latest download 


Feel the fear 

Tap on it 

Let go of the fear

Do it from a clearer space

We have to be prepared to lose everything to gain everything 

that is the path

what we hold onto 

has to go 


Learning more about The Moon Codes now and the 13 day codes that go with them too

so adding them to my documents

Things are streaming very quickly now

Thank you to everyone in my circle

for assisting me on my journey 

White Mirror Wavespell ~ Day 11

Öèôðîâàÿ ðåïðîäóêöèÿ íàõîäèòñÿ â èíòåðíåò-ìóçåå

White Mirror Wavespell

Day 11

Yellow Spectral Star 

Sagittarius fire time



Are you ready to rumble?

Are you ready to set your heart on fire with your desire

and aim your arrows at

The Sun?

Please click on the links to take you to other websites

wholly independent from me 

Or maybe mope about 

Woe is me 

and my destiny

has lost direction

and I am feeling the fires of Hades

licking around my feet ?

New Moon and Sun coming in at 0 degrees at just

half past Noon in the UK

Potent power of the Wayshower 

Wherever you have Sagittarius in your chart 

Getting to the heart of the matter

Illuminating all the anger issues 

where we feel thwarted

and the key area in the body is the hips and liver ~ anger organ where dreams haven’t manifest 

and the sacral and base chakras 

and taken on code of conduct 

that is now becoming obsolete

so perfect to delete 

through transformation

Everything that rose to the surface in

Scorpio Sun and Moon


in the last Wavespell of

Red Serpent

and this

Wavespell of White Mirror

is revealing what is seeking healing


and new codes come as a wonderful side product of this

Today is day 11

Lust in Thoth Tarot


The shadow revealed day

The dark side

Where the enlightenment is 

if only we will choose to look deeply

through a glass darkly

and go with what is coming

rather than fight it  

Resistance is futile

The title picture by Giovanni Baptista Cipriani ~ John the Baptist’s namesake 

again reveals 

the alchemy code in plain sight 

Chiron showing Achilles how to aim his arrows

Our Achilles Heel is where our power is leaking 

and where we must look to our heels

the past

so we can walk forward 

of course Sagi

has a tendency

to gallop fast off to the horizon at full speed

often without any heed ….

Jupiter being the planet of Sagi



Larger than life

Expansive  and the biggest planet

in our solar system so the energy is ebullient 

and with that there is the light aspects and the dark

I have learned so much about this in my Astrology class this week in Glastonbury

with Carolina Lamus

and our circle of people as always has shared ground

so it is a lovely alchemical melting pot

to bounce ideas off each other

and see things from another’s perspective

Back to Alchemy again with this symbol 


This symbol is often seen in association with the Mayan Calendar 

In the alchemy world it is the symbol of Caput Mortuum 

It is seen in this vein as a useless product that comes from an alchemical process

a literal deadhead

however when we read further

we see it is historically

a significant code for painting of

cardinal purple 

purple connecting to the crown chakra

and our conduit to the cosmos

and key to completion of our circuitry


Gardener’s know that if you deadhead plants 

remove the dead flowers

often the plane will keep on flowering as it has a need to create seed

and all dead produce can be used as compost which brings life to new growth 

The flowers are an enticement for the insect world

to pollinate the plant 


In this extreme patriarch time


many things are overlooked and not valued in this one point goal perspective 

of “growth”

and denial of what is too

that there cannot be continual expansion and growth in a balanced universe

it is not natural and is indeed an aberration of cosmic code

because it comes from ego distortion

Our undeveloped ego does not see the beauty in our shadow

and denies it’s existence because it is painful

and yet all the while this pain is projected out onto the world


and so we live it in our world right now

Again in the scriptures there are many references to this in the crucifixion

however when we take that event metaphorically

instead of literally 

we can see a process being spoken of 

just like in the paintings 

Our shadow beliefs are what hold us back 

keep us in our comfort zone 


this is key to self~development 


Most coaching focuses purely on developing the masculine with plans and forward thinking

new models 

and creating new thought patterns 


belief in the self 

This model is one sided 

If we have experienced issues around belief in ourselves so far

and who hasn’t ?

That is part of the journey of life 


if we do not work with these 

and let go of the heart hurt that goes with them

How can we move forwards?

Our self protection mechanisms will limit our expansion

because they have a positive intention to keep us safe 

which is how the emotional mind works

It isn’t logical this system 

It is designed like a computer programme 

to shut us down

if we are going into a pattern 

where we have experienced wounding before

computer says no ~ makes sense on one level

and yet what this means is…

 we are stuck literally

with our old code that came early in our life

we get triggered

our fight or flight kicks in 

and we shut down on some level

So to work with this well intended operating system

we have to wise up 

and learn how it works 


We have lots of evidence of this in our life so far

and it is where our future power and possibility lies

in our past patterns

Everything that seems to bind us

has the key to set us free 

Sagittarius ~ Gemini Axis

Every Sun Sign is linked to the opposite Sign on the wheel

We have six in the Sun half  in the Northern Hemisphere 

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo

2 Fire

2 Earth

1 Air 

1 Water

The Sun is when we go out and co create with the outer world



and the other selves

for procreation purposes

on whatever level we do that

The Moon time of the year begins in Autumn 




Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

2 Air 

2 Water

1 Fire

1 Earth 

We can see 2 different alchemical processes

revealed with the elements


The Moon time of the year reveals the impact our outer journey

has had


what we choose to change 

Where our wound is revealed 

This is the roots in our tree of life

The lower chakras hold the key 

This is why the dark time is the perfect time to go within



see the seeds 

see the source

of where these codes were created in the beginning of our life 


and start to transform them

ready for Spring 

This is what The Persephone Path is all about 

letting go of whatever we believe about ourselves 

that is no longer serving us 

and in turn planet earth

My North Node of my Moon is in Gemini ~ where I am headed in this life

My Sagittarius is in my South Node ~ where I am evolving

My Midheaven is in Sagittarius ~

my love of philosophy and healing arts, adventures and fire transformation



My Jupiter in Gemini 

love of relationship

sharing of information


and Mercury ~ messenger of the Gods

The twins of Gemini 

our human being and our God self 

Both my parents are Gemini’s 

The Father of my children and my Daughter are Sagi 

Lots of Sagi friends 

Most of my life I haven’t had this information and it hasn’t impeded me in any way

knowing it now simply helps me understand and connect on a deeper level

and work more consciously

and this is the gift it can bring for everyone 


As I spoke of before in my blog 

if you are born in the 60’s 

chances are you have Chiron in Pisces

which is key until 2019 

so this energy will be really impacting in Chiron in Sagi illuminating our wound

anything that happened last May and early June in Gemini Sun 

that was brought to light 

will be giving gifts now 

as to the way forward 

Anything that you are aiming your arrows for now

will be sprouting into light next May and June 

Chiron the Comet was discovered on October 18 1977

I put that in the Mayan decoder 

Self~Existing Star 

Self ~ Existing Moon Day 1 


Year of the Yellow Spectral Seed on planet earth ~ a Year 11 of a 13 year cycle 

all about letting go of the ego mask to reveal the true seed within

The year of Punk in the UK and lots of emotion and repression being released with

New Wave music

This is also a galactic portal day so a building block for our human evolution

One of my favourite bands then Siouxie and the Banshees ~ just checked the info ~ She is a Yellow Solar Seed and a Gemini

Breaking the spells that bound us in the flower power years 

How to be the star that we truly are 

free of co dependent code

This is the day 4 code of Red Serpent

which is the heart of the matter of our human relationships 

and allowing our kundalini to rise

free of living out of alignment

with true self

See how this all links in ?

If you were around at that time 

you could ponder what patterns you were creating then?

What music did you like?

What did you feel passionate about?

What roots started taking shape ?

What deeper level patterns started to form


maybe some of those can be re routed now ?

I never thought I would be learning to bellydance at 40 

not only that but performing it to an audience to this music 

thanks to my alternative friend Debs and lots of people who came in my circle then 

I wore a blonde Madonna wig at my birthday in fancy dress 

now my hair is blond ; – )

bonkers and fun 

dare to be different and try new things



The 13 year planetary pattern was White Wizard

It started in 1967

Self empowerment is the theme

letting the magic flow through us 

working with it 

letting it teach us what is seeking to evolve now 

because that is different to what has been

and if we do not change how we relate 

and go through the gate 

then we get stuck 

and squeezed until we fit through

which can be a very painful process indeed


We are in the transition stage of the birthing phrase 

First stages the squeeze of contractions start

our head is resisting 

our body and sacred feminine is doing it’s thing

our head has no way to control it

starts to panic

The pain is often huge 

we don’t want to feel it 

give me the drugs

birth plan can go out of the window 

fear kicks in

pain increases

interventions often get forced on us

we go with them because 

the doctor knows best right?


We know what is the healing for us and how to birth

and that process can often be hidden to begin with

other people have their talents and gifts and can help us 


we have to go through the process 


we are squeezing and breathing 


it is all getting very intense 

and suddenly everything stops and we are in

the eye of the storm 

ready for the next stage 


That is the process we are in just now and it is very intense in Balsamic Moon time on our planet 


Getting squeezed by the galaxy forces

and wondering what to do 


Be with it 



Undo the ties that bind us 

Work with the wound 


When we are ready for the next stage 

The energy is so powerful 

as we have nothing else we can do 

all of our being 

is aligned


pushing this creation out 

Relax don’t do it ….

when you want to succumb to it 

Trust the process 

trust the Great Mother

that birthed us 


Depending where you are on your life cycle 

will reflect back to you this energy and there are key stages of evolution 

This can be revealed Astrologically and using The Mayan Wavespell

and what is key to work with this powerfully 

Is that we are aware of ourselves

Whilst it is true that I do not know how to literally fix my car

or any of my technological devices I do know something and I ask and look for information

Google is a Godsend 



Flower Prayers

I am not an Astrologer 

I am not a lawyer 

I have always asked and sought information so I can empower myself 

I learned how to build a house

how to renovate it

how to grow plants and vegetables 

how to run a cellar with real ales

I learned about psychology 

and healing therapies 


I trusted intuitively that this seeking

was what I required to evolve 

When you are thinking about your CV 

do you really access all your amazing skills ?

Notice what you leave out and how it matches what our conditioned society does not value

If you want to be true to you this is key

not to be a match for a sick society

who only values what has monetary worth and feeds the ego


If we do not learn 

then we are dependent on others 

nothing “wrong” with that 

It is what it is 

If we are not aware of our God and Goddess code of consciousness

then what often goes with that is 

feeling at the mercy of the Gods 

a very different perspective 

Our society is imbalanced and co dependent 

for a reason 

and that reason creates suffering 

so time to let go of suffering 


look for the light ways


are sourced in the dark 

In this transition time 

If you choose 

look for what is restricting you 

feeling tense



In 2019

White Wizard 13 year Cycle returns to planet earth 

Whatever we are transforming now 

We will be refining then

just like Gandalf the Grey 

evolved in the metaphor revealed in

Lord of The Rings 

that is our personal potentiality






So this time of Red Solar Moon Year

is key 

to change history by changing our his story to a new myth

Here is an article about The Hero’s Journey of Sagi

and another one about journeying within

Once we start to work with this awareness of pattern and code 

we can see how people are in our circle

and appear magically 

at the perfect time 

for our evolution process

by triggering our code 

to reveal our shadow 


be at a choice point of owning it

healing it 

and letting go of playing duality alter ego game plans 

If you would like to know more about how to do this with me please get in touch 

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world

All of this format works on Skype 


The next Persephone Path Workshop on December 13 

has an ebook that will contain the Mayan and Astrological information 

and you can access that on the day 

Each workshop has exercises you can do 

on whatever level you choose

and then schedule a skype session with me which is included in the price

at a mutually convenient time 

which is always magically perfect


we will work together energetically 

using energy coaching and EFT 

to focus on where you are now 

and where you want to be 

This one is really magical as it is

The Alchemy one 

We are working with the energy of Red Rhythmic Moon 

hkuyutrjpg copy

Getting into the rhythm of the sacred feminine 

being the beacon of light 

unleashing our creativity 


Pic by Tino Roderiguez 

There is also an in person workshop at Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire UK 

More about that here 

Please get in touch soon as I will need to do your charts 

It is perfect to connect to the other powerful Sagi energy on it’s way on Christmas Day 

I leave you with Jim Morrison today 

a Sagi fire man

and some wise words 

and another famous one which can happen another way 

lighting the fire of the goddess within us

by healing our wounds around women

and the repression of this part of ourself 




jim m




Blessings to you Jim wherever you are 

my life has been so inspired by your music and lyrics 

even though I wasn’t ready to hear the sublime at first as it was so different

to what my ears had been trained to hear

little did I know that The Doors would be so key to my journey




All of this Cosmic Consciousness code

is at our disposal now 

to use practically 


 with love 

to birth the new dawn 

What a revelation 




star that you are

White Mirror Wavespell ~ Day 10


White Mirror Wavespell

Day 10


Blue Planetary Hand 


Day 10 is the day of Manifestation of any Wavespell

If it’s your birthday today you are in a Gateway year of transformation

and the potentiality to shape your destiny consciously 

As a Blue Hand I have been looking over my laptop today

with the intention of locating something 

An ebook about EFT and Eyesight by Carol Look


After I had been on my Cookie Trail


seeing all my manifestations


a myriad of workshops

a collection of photos

an array of charts

I remembered it was a Kindle application 

I find that often happens when I set off on a Quest

do you ?

I discover lots of things along my journey that I didn’t expect


how often do we see ourselves in a positive light?

Sometimes it takes proof of what we have done

laid out in front of our nose before we believe it


Taking time to reflect on where we have been

and where we are today


be very fruitful indeed

I have been a very busy bee getting my heart show on the road

since 2010 coming to Glastonbury on a gut feeling

and my 

13 Year Cycle of Blue Hand

that commenced in 2009



It hasn’t been easy

there has been a lot of joy

and a lot of tears



and that still continues

and I am getting more comfortable with the uncomfortable

which is why I am here

Learning Astrology has been key to the understanding of energetic blueprints

and how the universe is scripted

and in particular how we are scripted

We have choice within parameters


Today is Dark Moon in Scorpio

and I am feeling tired 

The more I am going with the flow of the universe

and the more I am waxing and waning 

I have been on a Cookie Trail sparked by Darkstar Astrology 

which often happens 

Here is her article on Asteroid Hekate which is featuring at the moment

It tied in directly to yesterday’s White Worldbridger energy

and as soon as I started to read it really resonated for me

as I love Greek Myth and Greece

and Jason and the Argonauts was one of my favourite films as a child


so I added a few asteroids to my ever increasing chart

and hey presto 

I have Hekate in my chart in Scorpio in the 8th house at 4 degrees

alongside Circe in Libra at 24 degrees

Love the synchros 

Jo in Glastonbury

If you read my blog

regularly you will have seen this woman below before

and this article includes her and other women who play witches

If you want to check out your witchy vibes do your chart

and blaze a trail of your sourceressness ~

Darkstar Article shows you how 


Don’t know what this all means in any depth yet

but I intend to dive in and explore

as this has always been my destiny

I was putting on plays I had

written about Witches

when I was at Junior School 🙂 


I have been watching American Horror Story

The Coven

Deeply dark

and synched in to my blogs too 

Getting used to that now 

and it is still unnerving at times simply because it is unfamiliar 

Scorpio in 19 degrees in the UK as I write this 

A rope going up into the sky.
Cosmic connections left dangling until personal dramas have spent themselves, which takes a very long time. But the cosmic overtones accompany every phase of the journey. They give a peculiar quality to the auric field, as though everything already knew its origin and destination and that knowingness had turned all the colors up a notch. This puts the little self sharply on the spot, for everything is heightened, especially including the dramatic power of distortions and negations. These are amplified to an almost unbearable extent. An internal battleground between a surpassingly cosmic nature and a grossly fallen and distorted personal-emotional syndrome. And it is the way of things that the spotlighted karmic cycle of catching yourself in the act of being false must be consumed before the waiting realizations and reunions become fulfilled. A very sharp edge to events, with so much riding on seeing through your own folly, and freeing up the life-force to respond to the greater worlds with a tug and a sign that there is somebody home after all. The greater cycles can now begin.

It is darkest before dawn

and what you have been seeing this week

can be the way forward to the light

as all is manifest today

New Moon in Sag arrives tomorrow and I will be speaking more about that then

I will be feeling the ripples in my house

with lots of Sag energy here with my family

and my Midheaven is in Sagittarius so get ready to gallop

into your Quest 




what we do in life echoes in eternity

and the road less travelled is not an easy path to walk ~

easy to read about in front of the fire with a beverage

For all my fellow travellers doing the walk every day 

Keep the faith

first and foremost in yourself


keep the torch burning in your heart

remember your Angelic self knows

and is there to guide

if you will do what is required

to access that wisdom on one level

this is simply an amazing game of life 




An elderly woman I was trying to navigate around  

with my trolley in Morrison’s car  park yesterday 

gave me a profound message when she took my hand and said:

Whichever way I go I will be wrong so I may as well stand still

Is that familiar ?

It is to me and I know I have chosen that position many times


now I know that at the crossroads


there is no “wrong” 

simply a path that will take us to a destination 

and that our intention

and our choices 

will reveal a route 

to our freer heart 


a road to hell paved with good intentions 


and maybe a blend of both 


A serpent path

a spiral 

of our own making 

with the sacred threads

that we were given

to weave 


Love to you and your deepest dreams brought to light 

The world is a lighter place

with people who dare to do

what it takes to birth

their deepest desires





White Mirror Wavespell ~ day 9


White Mirror Wavespell

Day 9

White Solar Worldbridger

Please click on the links to take you to other websites that are wholly independent of me

Day 9 in any Wavespell is completion day

If you chose to work with awareness look back on the past 9 days to see what your world is revealing to you

about your core 

Your inner world being shown in the 3d right in front of your eyes

If this is your birthday 

it is your 9th year of a 13 year cycle

Wishing you joy and love on your solar return



Gateway time means you will be seeing lots of gateways for you to step through 

potentiality to evolve 

if you choose

or stay the same in essence

although the nature of the universe cannot stay the same 

and this is a crucial understanding

the human being inner code expands through co creating with the cosmic code

we are all expanding all the time 

it is how it is 

how we choose to expand is the only choice we have 

do we go gracefully

do we go resisting

very different ways to live 

resisting what is 

is painful

and stems from core wounding issues

around feeling powerless 

railing at the God and Goddess energy that the ego focus as the authority 

outside of itself

that is unjust

that stems from childhood relationships 

it really is that simple on one level

childhood is the cauldron of our prima materia

and is also the chalice

the grail

and the place of our creation and creativity 

this is an age old rant at authority

and when this ranting is happening 

the power leaks out 

of the individual along with all the unresolved power issues

like a volcano

and a nuclear reactor

the individual loses control of their self 

ergo lack of self control code 

this is often labelled as 

victim mode 

when we are in victim mode we literally have no power

because we believe we have no power

so we will be behaving in a way that echoes this belief 

The Heart is our power source


It is our true core and sourcerer 

our place of fusion with universal source 



The Heart is the bridge between the human being body

and the soul and the source

The body being the

Philosopher’s Stone 

and if you are a Yellow Human in the Mayan this is key for you 

If Yellow Human is one of your 13 year cycles

One of your Castles

as it is mine 

then this is key for you 

Our body does not lie 

Our body reveals our energetic process 

Our body shows where our energy flows

and where it is stuck 

having a power issue 

Lots of books out there to learn about this

so we can understand what is happening

in our human being avatar


I am listing some on my Resources page 

If you choose do your own cookie trail

and google what you need

often we make things complicated

when in truth it is very simple

You can go deeper and know all the chakras

how the chakras connect to planets

The Tree of Life Qabbalah 


and a myriad of systems that have evolved over millennia 

and there is another way

without needing to know all of that in order to start the process

Deep down 

whatever you are feeling anything but joy and love about 

is the heart key 

to unlock your personal mystery

and inner world


Our feelings reveal the issue

how we are feeling out of alignment 

out of touch



resistant to what is 

So if you have inflammation it is anger related ~ in yang process ~ masculine out of balance

If you have too much mucus it is a healing reaction to too much yang coming in ~ masculine

Eye issues ~ something you do not want to see so your emotional body protects itself

Hearing issues ~ something your emotional body does not want to hear as above

Lower body ~ relationship issues, belonging issues, moving forwards issues , feeling supported issues

Upper body ~ the heart area ~ fear about being unloveable and what the future holds and unable to get it off one’s chest

Head ~ too much focus on thinking 

Throat ~ the bridge between the body and the head ~ where we put things in and speak things out ~ issues around that

These of course are very simplified as I said 

and always good to see a medical professional and cover all bases

as well as doing one’s own journey

If we look to a future world 

we can see 

how the steps we are making today

on our own journey

of understanding 

how our body works


guides us to create new ways of being 

that are healthy ways

where we live from the heart



in balance with nature


then the first steps now are listening to our body

observing it’s message 

and doing something to change the circumstances that gave rise to it’s current condition

otherwise it will continue

and if we override it

it will come back

I have worked with people who have had life threatening conditions several times

and were not willing to address their bigger picture

and somehow thought they could override this with EFT on it’s own

or being mindful with meditation



I was very honest with them

I said I cannot help you

because you will not help yourself  

and I will not be in relationship with that process

because there is a path there that leads to the same place

and it is a place of denial

refusing to see the truth of causality


The feet reveal the energy and emotional state 

Bunions in particular distort the feet

and reveal repressed emotion

The feet are a microcosm of the whole body 

and so simply paying attention to the feet 

and what is revealed there 

is key 

Reflexology works with this energy and allows it to move

on all levels 

and is a wonderful healing therapy 

one of my favourites 

and one that I trained in 

loved that training as it was experiential 



This is a wonderful healing treatment

and if we also look to what created the energy blocks 

we are on a golden path of learning

Standing on our feet all day on concrete floors is out of balance 

so if we are doing that 

time to look at changing it 


Holding our emotion in will distort our feet

any misshapen digits come into being through causality 

they do not happen out of the blue simply through age 


All the clues are there in the code of causality 

are you ready to be 

a master detective ?

This information has been around in the East for thousands of years 

Emotional Freedom Technique is a combination of meridian therapies and talking therapies

a modern alchemist’s tool to 

let go of old world






heart and mind

feel good from the inside out


On my cookie trail yesterday I discovered

an alchemy thread  

and I am always excited by these

Sublimation is an alchemical process

that allows access to the divine when done within


As part of my training in body work

I learned about Aromatherapy 

and I love it

lotions and potions 

I use oils in my everyday life

and I use herbs and plants in teas and food

In my last workshop in the North I did a tea ceremony with leaves of Tilia 

also known in the UK


Lime Tree 

picked in our moon gardening group in the summer

and you can see the Tor in the background


A tea with passion flower is deeply cosmic 

as it has an amazing sacred geometry

and when we imbibe with it

bridging it’s world and ours in cosmic union

then our world’s collide and intermingle 

Of course care can be taken and knowing one’s plants is essential 

as with any intermingling

boundaries are key

to encountering ecstasy 

garden first summer 030

The Moon today

Scorpio in the UK 

Dark Moon

in Scorpio sun

so a cosmic gateway of double death of the old

as I write this it is 4 degrees

A loud roar as a tornado approaches.
The storms of the world come right through where and when they are needed. They must wipe out ordinary consciousness and bring into play every kind of released spirit and force. When we live in the thick of storms and with always another threatened or impending, we are impelled into depth emotions, tumultuously drawn to activate the undersoul, personally and collectively. You sense the violent urgency, for everybody round about, of whatever you are going through. And so you are plunged into storms to seek cleansing and release, to bring up what is under there and let it play itself out freely. You do this with temptations toward every obsessive or addictive state imaginable and with a tremendous guiding force leading you through any and every extreme, to make all of existence come alive from deep inside–elementally, primally, and regeneratively.

Sirius 2

now I love this that is coming up in the 10th degree

and great to work with if you choose as the midnight hour beckons

and we go into day 10 of the wavespell ~ we go into the 10th degree of Scorpio ~ see how this all aligns?

Magic 🙂 

Day 10 tomorrow is the heart’s desire space of Blue Planetary Hand  :

On a human nose a wart that turns into a diamond.
Destructive patterns come around to regenerative places when they are persisted in tenaciously, yet with an eye toward the destructive patterns destroying themselves. Immense wells of misery have accompanied you through the miasmas of being viciously against yourself. And when the misery and the hatred have spent their wastage and their fury, the inner-core self arises unscathed, and incorporates the darkness and the anguish into the ability to raise the dead, to generate miracles, to face everybody with the unfaceable. The veteran of severe internal battles turns around and acknowledges that there is something burning at the center of your being, an essence spark which is immortal and can survive and flourish in the thick of the worst, your own veiled yet potent inner light guiding the journey and never flickering.

Blue Lunar Hand was the challenge day of the White Worldbridger 13 day process so September 22nd was key 

World bridger is governed by the planet Mars 


It is a refining energy and the last wavespell was on September 21 2014 

So we are harking back to what was revealed in Libra Sun time just as we were entering

the realm of the underworld


The Persephone Path

going within to work with the harvest

of our yearly co creation outside in Summer

and the Autumn Equinox Gate

red overtone moon

We began our fall process

fall from grace

what we feel is dis~graceful

flat on our face 

all of that stuff that creates us feeling flat 

which is the key to depression

All those feelings and self~judgements keeping us repressed 

and well past their sell~by date 

Are you ready to liberate yourself




What is looking to complete for you now

so you can be something else ?

Here is my White Worldbridger blog from a few weeks ago

White Mirror Wavespell ~ Day 8


White Mirror Wavespell

Day 8

Red Galactic Serpent

Today is the day of integration

which is also key to The Scorpio Gateway we are in

~ it is all interlinked

Please click on the links to take you to other websites that are wholly independent of me

This day ties in directly to the last



Red Serpent 

which began on October 30 2014 ~ The day of the challenge of that was day 2 ~ Halloween ~

see how this framework really helps you get specific ?

Day 2 ~ White Lunar Worldbridger

This is where EFT works at it’s absolute best for understanding, clearing and release and if you haven’t tried it yet ~ go for it ~ get googling ~ get tapping and liberate yourself 😉

Be the process

Do the process

Manifest the process of self empowerment

Live it and see how everything changes

because you have changed 



This is how this amazing integration process works 

The Tzolk’in of 260 days of code of human being evolution



if you consciously choose to work with it 

with the awareness of your own patterns 


you can see the divinity in you

and how you are reflecting back to yourself

all that lies within every day

and when you are ready to come into this code process

you will

and not a nano second before 😉

because all is in divine order

and once we start to work with this

the knowledge of this becomes self~evident as we see

The Matrix in action

 if you think about it the principle is simple

and it makes sense even to the limited human mind

( in comparison with the universal mind):

There is a cause and effect

Reason based system operating our universe  

again not in the same way of labelling and distortion as our distorted raw ego sees things

and makes meaning of things that are often purely subjective 

This universal co creation relation system

which comes partly from our individual belief systems

and partly from collective belief systems and combines

The individual ones are created through our individual life experiences 

and these are holographic systems 

that attract the code of our belief 

also known as 

The Law of Attraction 

Once we start to understand how and when we created patterns 

we can actually map out 

using The Mayan Wavespell code 

when things happened on a cyclical basis 

and when they will happen again

and start to understand what beliefs we have within us

that are creating our day to day interactions

and most importantly 

how to learn and evolve 

to create new ways of relating

and guess what this is always happening on purpose

All of history can be mapped in this way

and understanding of how over thousands of years 

our human evolution and consciousness code

has had to go to a process too

as each one of us comes to awakening on cue 

to fit in with the

Cosmic Code


So if people are not engaging with you in the way you wish there are multi reasons for this

Some you can change from within as it is your purpose to do this


all are time sensitive because there is a cyclical system

in place

that governs all

and some are key for our learning

so are parts of the web that have to be there 

so we all integrate and relate

It is complex

and yet the way to work with it is quite simple 

Focus on oneself 


by keep bringing our day to day experience back to ourself

and noticing how we feel 

we get to understand our personal wheel

 and how we interface with the universe

until we understand that 

we are very limited as to what we can actually do 

that is truly powerful

apart from exercising our will and ego 

and doing smoke and mirrors tricks

when we go deeper within

that is when we really get to the powerpoint  

and Stars are born literally

as it is the same process working on our inner galaxy


I am constantly sharing this information with people

as to timing



most importantly for the individual who wants to evolve

the process of inner alchemy

being the key and bringing the heart into balance is the essence of the sacred feminine returning



the key process


transformation and healing

and I 

often get shot as the messenger which helps me learn and evolve too of course 


I am mirroring their ego denial code 


everyone that has said no in their history


however they have perceived wounding relationship


they are mirroring everyone for me in my history in a similar vein

who has told me

not to tell the truth

or denied their true state of being and lied to do that

now the thing about this is 

once we start doing this inner work and clearing

and becoming free of distortions

what goes with that process


becoming a clear conduit and channel 

so that 


The Seer within

sees everything 


and for anyone in denial

that is truly an awfully inconvenient truth

and their ego is exposed

there is nowhere left to hide

which can feel very uncomfortable indeed

This is what is being revealed more and more

on the world stage now for our

collective unveiling

The Scapegoating continues of course

and the time to be recovering from this emotional and energetic attack

becomes less as triggers are revealed and released

and we get softer and more in our sacred feminine

which is a very strong position

anyone who has birthed a child knows where I am coming from here 😉


I see people 

especially in the

“Spiritual” circles 


holistic therapies

and in abundance in Glastonbury 

who are acting from a pattern match place of my old “teachers”

believing that they have evolved

and have a hierarchical mastery place because of this


have seen the light

can heal people 


the way they are doing that behaviour 

is not coming from any light place that I know of 

I do not have an issue with that per se as a learning curve 

it is an illusionary stage show

which is perfect for people’s learning and is a match for people in that way

about that very thing

about the code of

lacking integrity

that comes from

a lack of integration of the shadow 

What I have an issue with is the power tripping

that often goes with it and the denial of that

and the one sided relationship that goes with it

that is manipulation and bullying code and process

that is dishonest relationship

pure bullsh*t 

and often abusively used with vulnerable people 

and is a match for their next step of learning

and moving to being more empowered potentially 

This is the deep distorted code of patriarchy

we are now evolving through

and I choose to speak up about it

as it is the anti thesis of loving respectful relationship


Card 8 in the fool’s journey is Strength

this is Adjustment in the Thoth deck 

which is perfect for waning Libra Moon today in the UK

A gypsy cart with a campfire nearby.
Magical ways of life are just about gone and are returning from a completely different side. The instinctual attunement to nature and to God is being trampled under. But the reclaimed, more advanced instincts, after individuality had gone as far as it could go, are becoming the conscience pulse of the planet in a more futuristic way. Wandering from pre-individual states through the maze of individuality into post-individual states–in midstream it is trying to pass as a fully individuated creature. But it is profoundly unstirred by the separative ego fireworks and just waiting for the next evolutionary move to sweep all of it away. Timelessly, inwardly witnessing the passing of worlds. And waiting expectantly for the time when people move out beyond themselves, and discover Cosmos and Earth as one and live in that place as though it never had been lost and the world had never turned against itself.

 A circuit that is incomplete code ….

Which we all are as human beings 

a work in process 

The Scapegoat code is a great teacher in relationship 

 people who are in denial of their shadow 

and do not want to take responsibility for it lash out at the person

who has integrity to avoid integrating

 Cannot receive code is key as this is

blocking the personal

Ouraboros Circuit

because the role and mask has become so ingrained 

like the film 

The Mask 

The key to this point is 

Unless we change the inside 

The outside cannot change 

People who Scapegoat 


not doing the inner process 

Have done lots of training 

have a certificate 

and yet not aware of their own stuff 

and certainly

are not working with it consciously 

which is fine 

and transformation process it ain’t 



that is key to alchemy 

of the shadow 

and what this Wavespell is all about 

If we haven’t done deep work on our own healing 



how on earth can we offer that to others with any integrity ?

It is just another business model that is all fur coat and no…



Northern saying 🙂

Our inner code is key to receiving 

No matter how well intentioned other people are 

If we haven’t worked on opening our hearts

and allowing ourself to receive 

allowing our heart to heal from within

any healing loving energy sent will have little effect

because the issue that is energetically and emotionally creating the illness

is actually a healing response

and that holds the key information

and code and process

to what the person having that experience can integrate and bring balance to


people need to become very aware and know themselves and their code

so that self empowerment can come 

and responsibility 

and change about how the collective perceives ill health

This is key to the kundalini rising and falling and doing a circuit which is the essence of Red Serpent and when we feel called to do that then…it actually is the perfect time and the trick is knowing when to do and when to let go and accept

this is the mastery process

and it comes as part of working within

and learning to accept the cosmic code takes the lead

and we are here to do the Great Work like all this that came before us 


If we have issues around our nurturing as a child

no matter how much nutrition comes our way

our code cannot allow long lasting nurturing 

because the wounds of when we weren’t loved and nurtured 

have developed code 

and the code creates defence mechanisms 

and this blocks the receiving

and guilt is a key code

that unravels our power

and creates extreme dis~ease

and a key code programmed in with religion designed

to keep the individual as a paying customer

literally in fear of their very soul

Anything we do to bring conscious awareness to how we relate

is a step in the wellbeing direction

and it is still the

outside coming in process

when the key process is the core one within 

This is the creation machine that we are

that creates everything in our personal experience


this is part of the denial present in our medical model 

and is revealed with the clear evidence of the side effects of drugs


to change this on a deep and lasting level

has to start inside out 

Our power point of the ego ~ where the veil lies ~ is the solar plexus and where our power issues present



This is key to the magical meaning of the


If you choose follow the cookie trail on that page to the links about magic 

I drew a Thoth tarot card today 

8 of swords


love this 

8 of swords

perfect for the day’s energy and my

Jupiter In Gemini 

When we let our mind lead us unchecked and untransformed we are chasing our own tail

when we let our mind speak to us about our past

and our true state of being in terms of our worries

then we have the prima materia to work with for personal alchemy

we are listening to our inner child 

instead of trying to drown in out with affirmations …

which are what we may like to feel at some point but actually do not right now

Just read an email about

Carlos Casteneda tour in Mexico

and this has been key to my journey of learning

about the way of the nagual which is the same

as being an Alchemist of the ego

or in plain language 

opening the door 

to ourselves and our perception

so we can go deeper

an know we have the power to change everything

once we start to change ourself from within

green eye


the Mexican link today

and the

Plumed Serpent



right on queue 

Quetzalcoatl Plumed Serpent

If you haven’t read any Carlos Casteneda

all the works and associated people’s works

 are an amazing read

that takes you on a journey

into self ~ lots on the internet as to pdfs and videos

I found a series of videos on youtube of 

The Wheel of Time 

being read aloud

Any person can do this if you have what it takes

and what it takes is the ability to look at yourself 

that is all in principle

and then take the small steps to creating with yourself 

accepting where you are now 

and where you want to be

No age limit 

Not gender specific 

Open to all that dare to be brave enough to

not know 

Today’s insight was about the Moon aspect of the Mayan

now this may already be out there somewhere but so far it hasn’t appeared on my cookie trail

My friend mentioned it to me a few weeks ago and I hadn’t accessed that at that point

a seed was planted


As we have a Mayan Sign 

in general terms a masculine energetic pattern

in this returning feminine 

we also have a Mayan Moon 

and I touched on this earlier in this Wavespell 

Our Mayan Sign is one of 13 in a process ~ The Wavespell 

This is our life mission and we do that mission on whatever level we choose


Equally we have a Sacred Feminine Mission and this is key too especially with the 13 year Red Moon cycle we are in

and the essence of the Red Moon teaching

is the gateway to be the beacon of light and as the number 9 code

and we are in a number 9 year this is super moon magic 


When I first started doing pdf’s I didn’t put this information

Now I do 

and now that is growing too 


The Moon we have is also part of a 13 day process 

A cosmic code of evolution

and now this has come to my awareness I am focusing on this 

as clearly the time is right

This 260 day process we are currently in began in the sign of the Moon

Cancer on the 18th of July 2014 

so this is why the bigger picture of this birthing process we are nearing the centre of 

is all about the nurturing feminine

and how we create new models of that

that are free of co dependency 

The only mother I am is to my children and they are teenagers nearing maturity in many ways

I am not here to be anyone else’s mother

and am learning to mother and nurture myself

in the way that feels good for me now

and in accordance with the code coming in free of ego distortion

My Moon Code is Red Magnetic Moon

so the Wavespell is Red Moon Wavespell

The first Moon of intention

initiation of the beacon of the planetary feminine

and this is at the time of the Mayan New Year every year on July 26 for 28 days 

In the 260 day Wavespell

it is fluctuating according to where that cycle is date wise

Red Moon Wavespell is always in the Green Castle ~ the fifth wheel of evolution at the end of the process

It is the Awakening Wavespell of the heart and being authentic

To be truly open and intimate 

is a result of being laid bare 

totally free of any ego mask 

It is the 17th code process = 8 and it comes right at the last wheel when all others have gone before 

Red Moon’s planet is Mercury ~ also connected to Gemini and Hermes and Thoth 

It’s challenge is White Lunar Dog 

letting go of conditioning and conditions

around experiencing the love of the universe and finding our tribe

blue wolf

If you know your Moon and want to know your code ~ the Wavespell

check out this wonderful website here and find the name and follow it up to the top to find the Wavespell

I know many people have a big issue around seeing their wounds as a gift


are often very hostile about that being spoken

which is understandable

as it is a radical truth

that flies in the face of what the conditioned society mind has been brought up to believe

and that we intentionally chose to experience that process

because to the ego that would be insane


when you see this simply as the process to evolution and transformation

and start to understand how that process works

the code has to be in us to know it

this is what empathy is on one level

we cannot truly understand another’s situation

if we have not experienced it 

so it is 

The soul journey


and when we lose our fear of it 

through losing fear of how we perceive ourselves

we change our vision of the world 

and so the world changes

these are tricky concepts to understand at first 

and the further we go into our process 

the clearer it becomes 

which is why it has to be done 

So if you choose focus back on Halloween and see what your ancestor’s revealed to you


what triggered you

what “truth” popped out

that you had been sat on

guarding this cosmic egg

afraid of what it would hatch

if you gave it air

protecting yourself 

being afraid to speak out 

holding the house together

going quietly ga ga 

contemplating the rest of your life 

in some sort of personal pain

and wishing that a fairy with a magic wand

would wish it all away

no answers

no solutions

and a tidal wave of his story backing up the drains


The Fairies are worn out with all these wishes and are off …

with the fairies 

so it’s time to do it ourselves 😉

Ready to let it go ?

Ready to integrate it ?

Remember it is simply something you are believing about yourself

and giving power to through that belief

This great oak took seed when you were a tiny babe in arms

and as you have sown it 

so can you fell it 

and feed it to the transformational fire

Sag is coming in a big way 

so get ready to work with this energy now 

and heal thyself 


It actually becomes fun and the creation that comes as a natural by product 

is sublime

Go for it Alice ~ step through that looking glass


Wow this takes me back 

and here is another key code for me 

Stevie Nicks 

Who is a White Crystal Mirror

And who I was on the Greek Island of Ios when I was 18 listening to this 

Wow it was so magical on the Island of the Young 

and part of me is still there deep in my heart  and loving my life 

What adventures beckon?

What is the next chapter ?

Who will I be this time next year ?

Who will you be ?

White Mirror Wavespell ~ Day 7


White Mirror Wavespell

Day 7 

Top of the pyramid 

Yellow Resonant Seed

Please click on links to take you to other websites

This is my 200th blog which is so magical

and what an amazing day I have had

in the Sagittarius part of the  Glastonbury Zodiac 

totally out of the blue 

with the sun shining through after several rainy grey days

Today I am reminded how everything can change 

and the universe reminds us that new surprises are always coming

from things that have been seeded many moons ago


This is the second time this year I have been here 

this time was with new friends and a different area of it 

Following the cosmic cookie trail today 

and being spontaneous 

Today is a real mini blog as I am tired

and just been watching a sort of Sagi film

which is very emotional 

filmed in Mexico 

Man on Fire 

amazed that this is ten years old 

I do not like the violence

and there is a lot of brutality

I cry all the way through at the relationship 

between the lead characters

with a soundtrack that shares similarities with Gladiator

it tugs at my heart strings around the terrible tragedies going on in our world 

because of the great imbalance in society 

and how that plays out 

and how we can see this playing out over centuries 

and yet 


beneath those ego masks 

there is still love possible in the most unlikely places

and often unexpectedly blooming 

between human beings despite the most adverse of circumstances

this is the absolute glory of what it is to live a life open to potentiality

and seeing the soul

the star seed that is always there

under that husk of protection


and sometimes that prevails against all the odds once the crack of light gets in

Today we are still in Sun in Scorpio 

Moon in Libra is coming in 

currently at 12 degrees waning in the UK

The burning of a bough of sage.
Wishful thinking. Hoping for the best. Looking toward a new start. Naive and gullible, you are suspended, quiet, receptive, and lacking in discernment. Desiring with authentic feeling to bring a resonant impulse to bear, yet hobbled by blind fervor and tunnel vision. Prone to easy ways out and ideological positions. You are oddly poised between sheer reflective inwardness and exaggerated attempts to come out with ways to get on with the shared reality. A bit confused and at a loss. But charming, endearing, appealing, well-intentioned, and idealistic in ways half delusional and half genuinely restorative.

In Glastonbury the veil is so thin 


It is the Heart Chakra

Everything seems possible

so many here are in touch with their heart and intending to open to love

It is possible to be like a child again 

open to possibility 

free of old worn out paradigms 


believing in all those things that you may have loved

when you were young and let your imagination lead 

Sometimes it can be easy to drift and go out of balance

free float 

like a dandelion seed 

so balance is key to remain well and functional


On the seventh day we are in the realm of the mystic

This is the number of the mystic gateway of

Blue Hand 


Mayan Sign


So you may have been tuning in to what is seeking release

that star seed within you that is yearning to break free

unleash creativity 

be soft 




We have been in this Mirror energy for a week now

and tomorrow is a big day 

Red Galactic Serpent 

where we can focus on integrating our relationship issues


intimacy  and taking all those layers off



Today you may have had something that has broken through 

and it is worth remembering that we are here

to lighten up 

Set our heart on fire



The more we work on those root chakra heavy vibes


because it is the time of the dark half of the year

in the Northern Hemisphere 


The more energy we can free up in the Spring time



To fly high we first go deep 

look within for the treasure you seek


Our life is a reflection of our inner world

Love to you and your mystical ways

White Mirror Wavespell ~ Day 6


White Mirror Wavespell

Day 6

Blue Rhythmic Night 

If you are a Blue Night

this is your 13 day strand of your essence

of being in balance

this is your

White Castle of the Mirror

Enquiry could be :

How do I feel about what is coming back to me ?

What am I receiving right now for the universe that I am ?

Do I feel I belong on planet earth ?

Do I feel that I can be powerful ?

Do I recognise that I am the conscious dreamer creating my reality ?

Deep questions today as we are in the realm of the deep Scorpio Searching for Soul energy ~

dark moon is beckoning and here lie the secrets of the New Moon in Sagi fire that arrives in the UK on the 22nd.

This ties in with a historic date that I was made aware of this morning when a song started playing in my head Sunny 

Here is Stevie’s version

If you read the info about the song  in the link above

you will see how this links to President John Kennedy’s death in 1963

In the Mayan this was on the initiation of 

The Yellow Star Wavespell

This event has allowed so much truth to surface about society 

Neptune is now going direct and so there may be some clarity appearing

as to what is no longer feeling useful in practical Virgo waning Moon

Archetype 6 in tarot is 

The Lovers 

When we are playing the old myth story of 

Romeo and Juliet 

We can get lost in being typecast 

and this can get tiresome and heavy energy 

Fine for young “fools” on their 

first cut is the deepest role 

bearing our soul to another

with romantic beliefs 

that are straight out of a poetry book 

and full of star crossed lovers 

The Fault in our stars

is a very different experience 

If we are needing to be rescued then what type of person are we going to attract ? 

If we are needing to rescue is the rescued person going to be capable of being an adult ?

Interesting deeper questions that take us on an opening

to what is potential


Hollywood roles generally historically have been

Simple code and a performance 

Including some actors who turned politician’s ~ same thing ?

No blurry bits 

Traditional and easy to play in principle

and…. real life is not like that now

as we go into the ever increasingly

complex circles of the Aquarian Age

people are not so simple

and there is rarely a lasting happy ending  

people are not like that 

True Romance 

what is that ?

Do I want to be a damsel in distress?

Do I want to be a hero being superman?

Do I see myself as the Mother of the World ?

Am I the sexy siren or the whore who wants more ?

Am I the father figure ?

This is key to understanding

what lies beneath these stereotypes 

What has given rise to us playing them ?

Choosing what we believe is the “right” role

and who is damned and “wrong”

This constant news reel of rising to fame and falling from grace 

of the “chosen ones” in our society

What is our heart’s desire free from the ego spin story 

and are we willing to become a role model to create a new world ?

When we have been on the world stage for a while 

we can actually see our patterns of relationship if we choose


in today’s society of multiple marriages

random relationships

booty calls 

one night whatevers 

and extremely controlled polarities in certain parts of the world 

the whole enchilada and spectrum is visible

How many people are living their dream?

How many are going through the motions?

How many feel totally alone and unloved and do not have a clue what to do ?

Beliefs and expectations blown apart….

with a broken heart 

and believing deep down that they aren’t worthy 

Maybe everyone some times ?


When we get to mid life and things haven’t turned out as we planned as a young adult 

there can be a huge sense of loss 

often this comes from people who were supposed to behave in a certain way 

and they didn’t 

and we didn’t 

So today is about how we can do this inside of us instead 

by getting to know ourselves 

and what we have taken on as beliefs about the world 

and maybe cutting 


the universe


some slack 

especially ourselves 



These over inflated expectations are creating a deficit on mother earth’s resources and if we are ready we can look to our own feelings of lack to reverse this trend and let go of the so called American Dream

which is simply a nightmare

Time to create an inner support instead

and let go of seeking

imbalanced unhealthy support from others



power tripping 

If we have a dream to be all that we can be truly from the heart

free of attachment

free of needing praise

free of seeking adulation and validation

then we know we are on the

:right track:


At the moment ego dreams lead

and are forced like winter rhubarb 


boosted with money and adverts 

propped up with so much energy 

in the same way we have been propping up false flags

and by middle age that way of living takes its toll and we scan feel burnt out

When we are in balance in our feminine 

we know to tune in and feel our way

and then

take action 

a totally different way 

to work with what is flowing through us 

In the Flow

Today I have been out with the Moon Garden group 

checking out the reclamation yards locally 

and feeling inspired about doing some fairs and markets next year 

with what we have up cycled and grown

Connecting with people in this way

is what floats my boat 

I do not want the world to be like me …

how boring would that be ?

I simply want to be me 

and be allowed to do that 

even though I may not be 

“the norm”

whatever that is 



My belief is we all want that 

to be loved and respected for who we are

and when we do that for ourselves



when each one is in balance 

Then the dream is here 





Until then

we are all in this process 

and the more conscious each one becomes of their own process

that their stuff

is something that only they can do something about 

the more joy we will have on earth

and the less we have projections of shadow 

and we see

that the power of love 

is within us 


Here is to the light returning


Once we start to get clear about codes 

we can see how others have different dreams

and how each person is valuable

in our dream making

manifest process

because they reveal our beliefs by how they relate to us 

and whether we choose to receive in that way

which is why human relationship

is so key to this whole bigger picture

and is very self evident once we see the pattern

in our family ancestry

and how we are repeating it

in a very similar vein

because that is how the codes work

green heart

Here is my cat Arnold 

who is 

very content 

simply being in my drier 

when it is warm 

he does not understand how it works 

but he knows how he feels 


He is looking to get his comforts met

and he doesn’t care how that happens

In the Reclamation Yard today 

I was reminded of a scene from Narnia 

The Snow Queen 

who froze her subjects in her garden 

See what you think





I am finishing this link today with a message from one of the boards

that felt so true for me ~ maybe it will for you as you ponder it’s message 



White Mirror Wavespell ~ Day 5


White Mirror Wavespell

Day 5

White Overtone Wind 

Today we are in the heart of the Tzolk’in and moving down the central column

This actually started yesterday with

Red Dragon

Please click on the links to take you to other websites wholly independent of me 

and some of mine

So we are moving down the spine of the Matrix


White Wind is one of my Castles 

I had a 13 year cycle in this energy

I am now working with this in transformation

in my 13 year Blue Castle of Blue Hand 

So things are repeating 

Things are being revealed 

Things are up for re~shaping



White Wind is the second Mayan Sign 

In Mayan it is called Ik

It is the challenge and growth area 

for human beings 

to bring ourselves into balance 

to rise up from our fall from grace 

Forgetting who we really are 

God and Goddess energy 

in a human being avatar 

Having a human and spiritual evolutionary experience

and yet 

for a long time human beings have felt and lived separate from this truth

and most still are in that place and do not believe this

and ridicule those that do for whatever reason because there is no scientific proof

and not realising that science in itself is simply a belief too

and it’s an ages old opposition of  duality

when there is room for all beliefs

to come together in peace and respect

which is another balancing act of the heart and the mind

honouring the differences

and letting go of “wrong” and “right”

old beliefs that highlight separation and feeling lost and less than


believing heaven is somewhere we go when we die

and we have to be good or we go to hell instead

when often hell is what we are living daily

that there are higher powers that are punishing entities

and that human beings have to live in fear of these powerful beings 

and so that is our current state of play 

in carnate on earth 

These are very child like beliefs that match co dependency

and needing to be parented

by others who know better because of fear of taking responsibility

and admission of fear and not knowing

when in truth this is simply old news

that goes with imbalance and actually when we admit that often we feel like a child in an adult’s body

there is such a release and relief 

and freedom


now with this honesty code

we are coming back in

with the sacred feminine

Today we have the perfect heavenly happening of course 

Venus has gone into Sagittarius 


Pic Botticelli ~ Primavera

Hidden message in the picture ~ the process of Spring that we can be doing now to free up our heart 

In this picture there is so much wisdom especially with regards to the flowers

and the healing that their code brings

especially when co creating with them in food

in perfume

in creating healing gardens

in essential oils lovingly applied to the body 

Myrtle is a key Goddess oil


Time for some light in the love learning

Time for some fire 


burning off the dross

the excess

the wounds being laid bare 

Here is a great blog about this from Bill Attride

Once we start to examine the information we have

encoded in old information

we can see a different translation is possible with a different perspective

and fresh eyes


When we stop fooling ourselves

false bravery


lies essentially


and admit how we really feel about ourselves and our life 

Standing in front of a mirror naked is a great exercise

listening to the inner thoughts 

listening to our ego when we say 

I love and accept myself exactly as I am

My life is perfect 

I am perfect

Notice how that feels 

Does it feel true ?

What does our body do ?

Are we enough ?

Or is there lots of churning going on and denial? 

Here is where the prima materia of the alchemist is found 

This is the key to our personal freedom


If you choose start to work with that

information and tap with it 



Even though I do not feel perfect I am choosing to start and love and accept myself exactly as I am if I can

Even though maybe part of me feels I have failed in areas and I could have done better 

the truth is I have done what I have done 

I am who I am 

and I am choosing to love and accept all that I am

and let go of feeling bad about myself in any way 

Is that possible ?

What if I could ?

What if I could learn to live in a way that I feel free ?

Free to be the real me ?

Free from “shoulds” 

Free to live my life in a way that may be different to the majority 

Free from old rules 

Free from my self imposed limitations 

Free from relationships outside of me determining my inner joy 

Another exercise you can try if you choose

is to say this statement to yourself in the mirror 

with full eye contact 


Be still and know that I am God 

with the full intention that this is you saying this to you as a creation force of the universe 

Notice what conditions and emotions arise 

especially if you have been conditioned with religion

Is there a fear you will be struck by lightening ?

Is there a fear you will be reduced to salt by some omnipotent being full of rage ?


if you want to free yourself by transforming this code and emotion

record this information and start to tap on it being gentle with yourself

and going at your own pace

You are revealing deep core programming so please take full responsibility

for your emotional well being if you do this

as it is powerful work

and will bring things up to be processed

with any emotional work we can experience a healing reaction of the body as just like a massage the stuff we are releasing goes into our body systems

to be cleansed by our lymph and released  good tips are to keep ourself hydrated

with gentle water intake and allow plenty of rest and recuperation afterwards

so maybe not partying

or going in very stimulated experiences where full attention and lots of energy required 

Even though I have a fear of my own power 

Maybe because people in power have abused me 

and I do not want to become anything like them

I truly and deeply love and accept myself 

Even though whenever I have tried to speak my truth in the past

other people have rejected me 

told me I was wrong 

told me I couldn’t be me in some way 

I am choosing to feel that now and let go of these emotions safely 

Even though I often felt like I was an alien in my family 

and all I wanted was to be heard



I am letting this out now so I can feel it and heal it 

It is ok to be me 

It is ok to be different 

Even though I am not the same as my family 

I am equally able to be valued and speak my truth in society 

I matter 

I may have felt I was not loved 

Is this even true ?

Can I be free of this belief that I am not loved 

and learn to love myself 

find new ways to create relationship now 

in a healthy balanced way for me that serve me and others are respectful honest


coming from a place of truth and integrity 


This is key to today’s energy and understanding 


We all have conditioning and code 

and we all have the perfect life mission

all is equal

all is valid

each one doing their thing is essential for our evolution

No thing can make a human being change 

no person can inflict their will

through the complete being of another

all religious history reveals this

no matter what is done to that person on the outside 

the spirit remains and yet people are still trying to do this

ignoring the evidence because it is so ingrained

and a deep pattern in our collective psyche and when you have a belief

that someone has all the answers and you have to obey then

it is true because that is how it works and… we all have a part that says no to that

and we all have a part that says What if ?

Thing is …. do we choose to turn the volume up on that

and start to listen to that whispering wind of spirit calling us ?

so when it is the perfect time 

each one of us makes a choice 

hears the calling to go within

there is no dark night of the soul

it is a misnomer

Winter Solstice 2010 Caged Lantern dreamstime_3847365

it is the dark night of the ego 


Pic Medusa by Caravaggio

Over coming deep programming is not easy because it is our comfort zone

it is familiar 

it is known

If we have been getting our emotional needs met

a certain way for forty years then that is ingrained


it doesn’t matter how much or logic tells us to not do that thing

our emotional mind says 

do it 

F*ck it

it works and of course it does in the short term

and we get to feel good for a while

and there is always a price to pay for that later

that gets bigger as we age and avoid doing the thing

that is getting louder

It is a magic ritual for bliss

short term and our planet ultimately

pays the price for the shiny new fix

that is a sticking plaster

for a deep deep collective wounding


The Cosmic Code is changing now 

and this is going to become much stronger 

and the results seen very quickly manifest 

We are here to witness that and be consciously aware of it

What creates what 

All the ancient myths reveal this and at this time we are here to actually live it

so we can birth the new dawn


We cannot really lie to ourself anymore

because all the evidence is there 

on the world stage

of the ego living it’s lie 

and believing it is more powerful than death 


the universal cycles 

Big messages to get our attention


The truth is 

If we do not change from the inside 

on all levels 

through transforming our shadow 

then nothing on the outside can change 

That is the teaching of this Wavespell 

and on this day we are in the mastery zone 

of turning the square of opposing forces

into a circle 

over and over and over 

If you are an Overtone Mayan Sign

or an Overtone Moon

this is key for you 

Revealing the soul mirror 



To see

The diamond that has been there all along 

and paradoxically created on our our alchemical soul journey 

Unravelling to remake 



All that we seek is within us 

When we work in a different way with the outside to change our inside

Everyone and everything is a gift to assist us on our alchemical journey 

Lucifer is Venus 

The Devil Card in tarot 


Our personal illumination journey

to free ourselves from our mind prison and truly get out of the ego box

out of the labyrinth 

be Chiron 

Tarot card number 5 on The Fool’s Journey


The Hierophant

which of course blends in so well to today’s energy


Perfect time with the planetary alignment and Moon in waning Virgo today

at 13 degrees in the UK

 as I write this 

A man with hair on his back.
Peppery, fiery, contentious, and spoiling for a fight. Born ready, shot from a cannon, one of a kind–volatile in the far extreme. Convinced of things. Taking sides, even inventing them, you are impelled by the polarized consciousness to be so fiercely partisan that the destructive overwhelms the constructive. Incited to riot by what is wrong with the world–not reconciled, not accepting, not at peace. Self-righteous and headstrong. In perfect moments, ebullient and magnificent and the most charming a being can be, much of the time you are feuding and bickering and blindly consumed by the lower mind. Keenly good at self-deception, the world’s best at blind self-fidelity. The perfect promoter of the unpopular cause. But you feel tormented by the way in which all of this perpetuates itself and cannot find freedom. You search for a way through, hungry for self-overcoming, and needing so badly to emerge from the thicket of the mind, to be affirmative of existence with no doubts making the world intolerable to sit in one more moment.

This is my degree of my Moon side of my

Uranus in Virgo at 13 degrees so key for me

and many people in my peer group as Uranus influences the collective

Mindfire explains here

Uranus opposition is key for the soul journey 

Uranus is in the opposite polar  place of where it was when we were born so activates our kundalini 

dark night of the ego 

if we are not living our soul mission this is brought to light 

this happens around the age of 42 

added together is 6 

balance time

For me this was in 2007 

when I started formal training in being a

Blue Hand Gateway 🙂 

So the opposite of Virgo

in the astrological wheel 

is Pisces 

Pisces is the place of dreams 

Christ consciousness 

deep feelings 

being highlighted as I have spoken of before with Chiron in Pisces transit at the moment 

the shadow side of this is addictions and boundary issues 

so key for me 

to learn to be discerning and believe in myself

Uranus was in Pisces in 2003 ~ 2011 

See this article 

this again ties into my calling to Glastonbury

and what I had to face about myself

and how I relate

The Empress card in Tarot is key to this


Here is another bigger picture chapter of learning for me 

and for many I know this is not appealing at all

as I often get told 

and that’s ok 

Some people do not want all this info 

Some people do not want detail 

Some people do not want intense and deep 

and this is key 

We are all different 

I am a soul seeker 

and I choose to be relating on a deep level 

and I love that learning is infinite and endless 

and I am a human being who has ego like everyone else 

I mess up 

and I do not have the answers to all 

I am learning as I go 

through revealing and transforming my shadow 

and I love to be 

with fellow soul seekers who see me 


Great books on this are

Liquid light of sex by Barbara Hand Clow 

gifted to me by a fellow Blue Hand ~ thank you Penny 

at the perfect moment 

although I did not have a clue at first as to what was in that book 

but I was open to learning 

Here is a great article about this Virgo ~ Pisces axis that I have stumbled across today 

In the Mayan in 2007 on my birthday

this was my 12th year of my 13 year cycle of White Wind 

It started in 1996 

It is a portal 13 year cycle 

Red Crystal Earth was the year 

Which is my Red Castle and my awakening to myself 

Crystal is number 12 

The crystal clear structure revealed 

the true nature of our soul self 

This was also a galactic portal year and so a building block of my personal evolution

and in turn planetary evolution 

It is the crystal day of

White World Bridger Wavespell

which is the code of leaving old worlds on all levels

so we can create new ones

being clear of old code on the inside 

This often feels painful and we have to leave old ways and relationships behind

to allow this

which in turn brings up lots of fear initially for all involved

and the more we do this process the more we lose our fear

and keep moving into truth 

Being our balanced human being and soul self in love and acceptance of all of ourselves

so we therefore love and accept all of our other selves in the world

Without that acceptance of self

shadow self is manifest 

Living without love is painful