Blue Monkey Wavespell ~ the heroines journey


Blue Monkey Wavespell

Day 1

Blue Magnetic Monkey

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Blue Monkey is number 11

in the Mayan 20 Signs

Using numerology

we add the numbers together

and they create


This symbolises


The Moon 

Diana the Huntress



and another way of connecting to

The Archer 

The Sagittarius fire

The Hunter and The Hunted 

As the Sacred Feminine is coming in 

through each one of us 

Time for new Myths

Time for the Goddess energy to enter the spotlight

We may play these opposite powers

of pursuer and pursued

masculine and feminine

in different aspects of our lives


When we decide to transform our past life experience

We become part of a powerful circle

We become an


This time is key for this process 

It is cosmically aligned

To leave the old ways 

requires a fall from grace 

to recapitulate literally 

the old ways and stop doing them…

otherwise how do we create new ones?

If we do not get a cosmic shift thrust upon us

Would we honestly choose it?

Would we have enough faith to dive into the void….


In our society

that is controlled and managed to the nth degree?

Where would we have learned this great courage and derring do ?

So the universe

that we are

at the perfect time

turns us into Lucifer 

The fallen angel who is simply a metaphor

Actually the light bringer 

from the dark

and the Morning Star

the planet Venus


It makes sense when we think about it 

We would not willingly choose changes

that mean

we cannot do what we have always done

as ego human beings….

when we are still in that phase

as to be awoken

requires an


a baptism of fire 


That often means financial hardship and moving

a complete change of lifestyle 

often at midlife

when we think we have got our future mapped out 


this is a time of great transition

and that happens through each one of us 

I know for myself that although I was already rerouting in 2007

to do holistic therapies

I wasn’t ready to give up my safety net of property renovating

and so many things carried on the same

In 2009 I didn’t have a choice in the financial crash 

nothing I could have done at that point

would have altered that position

it was in many respects 

out of my hands 

Flower Prayers

It taught me so many things about

the truth of the world we live in

and what I valued

I stood up for my beliefs

It was an extremely heart breaking time

when those rose tinted glasses came off 

and when I started to really look at my relationships with finance 

and how I lived

in order

to live another way


and how it didn’t matter who I was

or what I had been in the past

to the finance model because in that model

I am a statistic without any humanity or personality

or meaning

I do not matter in

the great scheme of things of those that honour this model

but they pretend that I do for a while

to get me hooked on the line of their

Grand Design

The people who made the choices about the money plan ~

don’t be fooled by lumping them into a group

without an individual name

hiding behind a corporate mask ~

wolves in sheep's clothing

they are individuals just like you and I ~

 who got to decide that I  and many others

couldn’t make our living that way any more

because of their business plan

and their choice

that they did not share with the other people

so we could change our plans too ~ in advance 😉

because if they had

what happened

wouldn’t have happened

and what was concealed

wouldn’t have been revealed

No informed consent given

in the same way

they asked us to sign up with them

at the onset of our relationship

but that opportunity

wasn’t equally shared

which matches the inconsistencies

with parents and people in authority with children in a way

different rules apply and how unfair that can feel

and partly why this is happening 

to bring light to what happens

with inconsistencies

trust issues


and also learning that life

is not a goal orientated material product

and neither are we 

We are so much more than this limited way of being

and to live that

we have to leave these old ways behind


The goalposts changed in 2007


became manifest in the UK

in 2009

with the collapse of credit


Some individuals got greedy and made their own rules

which is the nature of human beings 

and that means some other human beings have to make up the deficit 


This elite group however

for a couple of years 

got bailed out

didn’t bail me out as well

and share the wealth

like they shared the loss

yet it was tax payers money 

I started to see things differently 

and I was very angry 

and look how despite all the assurances

that this would never be allowed to happen again…

look at the financial products

they are all back

like ducks in a row 

and so we can be pretty sure

that as the same patterns are there

it will happen 

because the majority are being played by the minority as always 

and the game plan

is as mad

as Alice’s Adventures


I thought I had learned how to play the game 

how wrong I had been

and now 

I am tired of these games

I cannot win

because the cards are stacked

the only winner is the game creator

who will not tell you the rules or the truth of the game plan

and you pay the highest price 

bit like human life and mortality though isn’t it really ? 

Once awakened to the reality of this

is akin to watching a Punch and Judy show

as the awakened audience


The person operating the puppets

claims to be unable

to see the Crocodile 

no matter how hard the audience shouts

It’s behind you

because that is simply part of the show

Quetzalcoatl Plumed Serpent

Doing the soul alchemy is very different

As a human being the end of this game is always the same 

death of the body

It is a great leveller 

In the current playground

it is often a Grim fairytale starting point


and yet

one we start to face this reality

This is when the magic really happens

All fairytales 

are tales of Wisdom

hidden in plain sight

We go within

and learn amazing ways to live 


understand our personal process

Only through total acceptance of everything

that has happened so far…

Do we become The Star that we really are 

Do we become the warrior of the heart 

ready to do what it takes 


It is a very different

 format for sure 

In the Hero story

Jason and the Argonauts for example 

We see the masculine human being go on a voyage

face challenges

and grow as a result 

as his co hostess with the mostest…


Pic by Oksana Zhelisko

Hera is the figurehead

literally on the front of his ship the Argo

first he calls on her in secret

then in plain sight of the crew


this is limited

as otherwise he would not find his own way 

he is only able to consult her and her Goddess powers

at times of crisis

usually when God force is the game plan


requires a Goddess match

This is the current game unfolding for the great adventurers

who are looking to journey purely for the love of it

free of any material reward


The Golden Fleece

is a natural phenomena each person has to heal

when they stop been a Sheep 

and the Lamb becomes a Lion


Pic by Susan Seddon Boulet

This process is symbolised by Art card



Number 14 ~ 5 ~ the he ‘art of the matter 


It seems complex at first because of the language used

very simplified :

we let go of what normally drives the human ego 

and we balance ourself within 

so we are in harmony

in our masculine and feminine 

by healing our past wounds

and facing all our challenges with full integrity

Letting go of eros

and focusing on agape now

The lure of Romantic love has faded

and a deeper love and connection is revealed

direct to our source

without any need for another


We stop being a pawn and limited in our moves

and we become a Queen

with full sovereignty …

we know the moves and we are not afraid to make them

and speak up for truth that comes from a healed heart space


Pic by Susan Seddon Boulet

Courage does not mean without fear

It means feeling fear and keeping going even though we are afraid

That is a warrior of the heart 




Today we have Moon in Capricorn

in the UK 

We have Pluto conjunct Capricorn

The Underworld holds hands with the veiled feminine of our shadow 

This Moon as the opposite of Cancer Moon

The Moon’s planet

is the masculine father figure 

that can be a hard task master

so balance is essential

Echoed today as I write this

Capricorn Moon Waxing at 13 degrees

A very old wrinkled brown paper sack.
Use and misuse. Taking advantage of your own beast of burden endurance to get the most out of yourself you possibly can. Extracting productive results from all other factors and fixating upon these. Eventually you get what you put into it. And if there is a self-exploitative or a darkly-abusive side to your way of operating, it generates the karma of aging and death and blight. It becomes crucial to develop, against the grain, compassion and all the gentler feelings. Because if unchecked, the heavy-handed self-demand to make the world work better at all costs will decimate the inner self.


could be The Devil card in Tarot


Time to do 

The Great Work

The Religious propaganda was created to create fear and to distort original archetypes

so that the common person could not understand the truth:

which is that they have no need of religion indeed religion has need of them

to afford certain individuals a life paid for

and to be glorified

by the ones who are supposedly the needy ones

when in fact the reverse is true

This is one of the biggest lies ever told to mankind and perpetuated by mankind

yet on close examination of the devil card generally in tarot

we see that the people bound by the chains 

can take them off at any time

We create our own prison with our thoughts and beliefs

and when we are ready to free ourself

we can

Capricorn is the disciple ready to do the work

Energetically has the stamina and cool headedness

discipline and determination

Pluto is the planet of soul fusion

the personality has to let go of needing the power of the ego

and has to die

so the soul can be freed from personality limits 

It’s a different path

and there are many rocks to stub ones toes on


Which is why hooves come in handy 🙂 

and soothing pools thereafter to bathe them 🙂 

It is a bitter sweet symphony 

There is a map

There is a formula 

It is written in the divination codes and working with the Wavespell daily

helps us follow the yellow brick road back home


The principles of Alchemy are the same 

whether you perform it externally with substances

or do  it internally with your inner workings




The process goes through the same stages

These are illustrated in many ancient texts

and can be used

without knowledge of the texts per se

Those seeking transformation know 

and seek

and find

The Hunter they have become

ready to shape their ego

Their will

and leave their past behind

so that they become key to the world changes

because they have changed


Blue Monkey in the Mayan is Chuen

It is the most powerful transformation code

It is the blue 13 day Wavespell process in the Blue Castle 

The central column of the Tzolk’in


These 20 signs come into

5 groups of 4

The 4 groups are pillars of the overall temple

that each individual building block of the Mayan energy signature builds

These four blocks are foundation stones

They sum of their codes reveals a master code

I have created a document for this 

and it is on my

Resources Page 

We each have four Castles

13 year cycles in each colour

that take us through a process

If you decide to work with this it will blow your mind


to do this you have to

be the process

that it how it works because it is a synchroniser left to us by our ancestors

at the perfect time to create this shift back to being in alignment with natural time

free of our culture conditioning

which is a distortion of who we really are as human beings

enslaved to a system that by it’s very unnatural state

creates illness


limits our amazing potential

our gifts are capped

especially using the consumer process

which is an ego code

Virtually everything in our consumer society has the primary code

or intention

of making money 

and is grossly inflated in structure and price

because of all the chain feeding off it and

this model cannot be sustained

which is self evident If you watch what is happening now

at the ultimate consumer time of the year look at the deceptions being invoked


Having worked in service industries all my life

I know and have been very involved in these deceptions

and know that being this way

creates a by product that feels awful:

Promising things that cannot be delivered in that time frame

and blaming others instead of owning that

Buying things to ensure “happiness”

Being with people out of “duty”

swallowing anger and frustration every day

in order to try and deliver the undeliverable

that is spun by the manipulated

Santa Clause story

it is an abomination


Look what conditioned codes we are embedding in our children ~

bribery and manipulation

and unrealistic expectations

that cannot be created in reality ~

a distortion of magic to sell us all out for a short term fix

Living a totally mad way of life to arrive resplendent on the :day:

when you don’t even have a Christian Faith

for a Christian celebration

Driving yourself to exhaustion to create

the “perfect” experience for one day of the year

Getting into debt

Have I bought the “right” thing

It is the end of work so I will get”wasted”

serve people who vomit on me getting “wasted”

clean up after people who vomit everywhere and feel ill for days after ~

Is it really worth it ?

Is that what life has come to ?

Have close encounters with people we wouldn’t look at twice

if we were straight

and it were any other day of the year

Feel left out because I am not part of this madness/doing what everyone else is doing on 1 day of the year 


What on earth are people

still doing this madness for ?

Not just the C word thing either  

and yet seemingly there is no money for the sick and homeless

and we have to have charity

which actually is now a covert thriving business model

Wake up people ~ get a grip on reality

Look at what we are allowing to happen in our society 

Imagine what could happen if we didn’t ?


Banned it as an offence to sanity 

Imagine that ?

Just for a moment ~ what could come from that place of saying no to absurdity?

No presents

just people  being present

coming together to celebrate the returning of the light

free of



Will it happen in my lifetime?

Blue Monkey is the Blue Castle

in the Consciousness Awakening Code 


So if this is Your Mayan Sign

Your Wavespell

or your Blue Castle 

that is the bigger picture code of this family 

The number of all the individual codes added together is 7

7 is the top of the pyramid closest to The Heavens

What is Resonant ?

What is resonating for you that feels heart emotion of pure joy?

That is where your arrows fly

What is resonating with anything other than joy?

That is what is seeking release

It is the number of the Mystic open to the Mystical

doing the Mysteries within

Venus is the planet of Blue Monkey

and the direction is West



All the clues are in this painting

Botticelli’s Venus ~ the archetypes are there

If you decide to do this work within you

you will see a whole different view of everything


because you begin to see yourself in a different light 

that is

The Secret 

In the next 13 days if you choose

Sit with yourself today

Go within

What has been happening in the last two weeks

that has felt painful?


Created a feeling of being pressured?



This will lead directly to your childhood if you are ready to go there

Once you really start to work with this your whole life will change

Do not take this lightly 

It is the same energy that builds galaxies 

We are stars 

We have the same process 

We are literally stardust 

Once we start to revere and remember

the sacred in us 

value ourselves for the amazing beings we are

be open to possibility again

remove any barriers we have built to keep the pain out 


We become transparent

We are ready to let go 

and love deeply again if only we are willing to do the inner work

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