White Mirror Wavespell ~ Day 13


White Mirror Wavespell

Day 13 

White Cosmic Dog 

The day of movement 

Today a Cosmic shift is available

We can have moved from our position 13 days ago when we started this journey 

Certainly we will have moved in some way as the world has moved on

that is how life works ~ a constant change 


As the Moon starts to grow with light 


through the Sun of Sagi fire

We may be feeling and seeing 

new ways of travelling the inner world

the outer world

the astral planes

as we free ourselves from old conditions

and the dog days of depression

that come from our ego’s way of seeing the world

the world happens …

we as individuals put meaning from our mind

on the happening

and interpret it

make sense of the information

and often that meaning

comes from feeling 


distorts what happened in some way


When we are having a highly

emotionally charged experience 

It encodes within us in a powerful way


we are running the programme of that coding

If there is no coded experience in

no coded experience comes out 

and of course the opposite is true 

if the code is within it has to come out

and it will

over and over

in different ways

if emotion is being repressed

we will see watery events




it cannot be totally disregarded

if it is there it is cosmic law

that it has to be expressed in some way

and so something has to happen to match it

emotion creates code

creates events in the human domain

this is the code of creation



Time Sensitive codes

Young people today in most places on earth 

know computers early on

have a very different relationship to them

than anyone born in a time when they did not exist 

no memories

no early experiences

of computer code 

so all the early times in older people’s lives

had a very different day to day reality 

all of that code comes in through each generation and is built upon 

expanded and it cannot be the same

because the experiences that created it are not the same 


In the same way new generations

still have primordial code 

to allow survival

and on many levels that code still is required to keep us safe 

otherwise we start from evolutionary scratch again

which would naturally limit our day to day experience here

So some codes are inherently useful to knowing boundaries and being safe 

Physical pain tells us our limits 

Ego often ignores this information and pushes further

Emotional pain tells us something else 

and this is far more subjective

and difficult to fathom and quantify at times 

Who am I ?

How do I choose to relate now in a healthy way ?

Do I want to be a different version of me

with my different personas played out in different society roles?

Or do I want to expend less energy

simply being an integrated me

who is functioning in different capacities

all of which are authentic and integrated ?

Truly being who I want to be and letting go of people pleasing and enabling

let the plates fall where they may 


This requires self~discovery 

This requires an objective way of behaving that can be universally shared

That can be free of debating

because it is one size fits all in some respects


also allows uniqueness of the individual 

which is pretty much 

a natural balance 

If man disappears

from a garden that has been created and managed 

by man


the garden creates it’s own equilibrium

according to what is happening in it’s environment 


As all gardens are connected worldwide 







the wind

the water system

It is impossible to seperate out


we can see the none sense

of believing

that anything is separate on this planet

because in a very real practical sense

everything actually is connected literally

as we are a planet  🙂


What goes around comes around




We can choose to learn how to be respectful


gentle to other people 

and only to actually be it 

when we are it 

to ourselves which takes a lot of inner work

and understanding of oneself

at the moment most people are saying one thing

doing another…

also known as the human being conditioning of hypocricy 

feeling something else yet further


pretending to be something that is 


an ego role

and most people are actually full of 

base stuff

Anger generally



about something


yet often daren’t say it straight out


confront their feelings and beliefs

because of these deep feelings 

and fear of being 


and fear of being persecuted if they do be true to their belief

Winter Solstice 2010 Caged Lantern dreamstime_3847365

This fear of being who we really are

is holding us all back and our innate gifts and creativity free of limitations

All the social conditions

that we have made as to what life 

“should” be 

could be 

should have been

and aren’t….

are the rifts

that can be turned into the shifts 

Mind the Gap…

The Abyss that opens up

so wisdom can come through


This is where the land can move beneath our feet 

to reveal deep cracks 

of lava

Once this lava is released unfettered

new landscapes form that are so fertile


We are now halfway into the heart of the Tzok’in 



Tomorrow begins

The Blue Wavespell

in The Blue Castle 

So we are totally into the zone of the divine child 

The most powerful 13 day code of the wavespell is here

At this time it is in Overtone Moon 11

It is the 11th Sign

so 11/11 

Added together is 4 

This is all about connecting to her heart and how our inner child is feeling and doing the work

We move into Capricorn Moon tomorrow in the UK 

Today as I write in the UK it is Sagi Waxing Moon at 29 degrees

in the last soft light of New Moon energy 

The ritual slaughtering of a lamb.
It is so hard to give up your fondest notions. It is so testing and trying to be asked by universal spirit to surrender your privileges, to renounce your claim upon your own life. And it is even an extreme act of self-transcendence to come to terms with the position you find yourself in as it really is. Ego-busting comes as a rude shock, even when the time is at hand to leap beyond your own shadow. The very idea draws out to the surface every resistance imaginable. The mind goes crazy with this edge. If only you could control it, manipulate it, relativize it. But excruciating self-awareness accompanies this edge–in particular no sentimentality towards your own excuses and reasons. For you are at that point where there is no place to hide and nothing to do except surrender gracefully, when you have exhausted every other option and found them to be null and void.

The challenge Day is Yellow Lunar Human on Wednesday 

so seeing what is revealed in our Human Being Chalice is key

What is our body speaking to us of ?


I won’t be blogging every day in the same way in this one 

I will be working with the transformation potential 


doing lots of tapping on myself with what has come up in the last 13 days 

It has been big for me 

I cannot share all my journey because of confidentiality

of other people 

and that is the only reason I will not go in depth in some areas

out of respect for them

I love to share my personal break downs and break throughs

as I know hearing about other people has really helped me 

and people who know me well

know I wear my heart openly 


admit my stuff readily  about how my perceptions


who my mind thinks I am

have evolved

and I am constantly working in process and learning

often this had been seemingly the opposite of society conditioning



and is therefore ridiculed and scapegoated

by mainstream perspectives and individuals

rather than admit they simply do not understand it

and that sometimes as a result of that place

they are afraid of it 

New understanding of how our universe

and society works



with a different perspective

and theory that exists

until a new one overwrites it

has often been a challenge historically 

as the alchemist’s of all ages have experienced

When we are ready for it as a collective

then the paradigm has been changed

by all those who were ridiculed and persecuted…

lets hope that in itself can change soon 



So I will share what I can as I can

Heartfelt message from me today

to any of you

who are seemingly

going into a black hole that feels so dark

Know yourself more

and it will assist you

to find your bearings

Allow whatever is coming up emotionally to be processed as soon as you can

as safely as you can

for you and everyone else involved

The emotions are coming to light your pathway

to leave your past behind and you cannot do that on all levels when you are denying part of yourself 

people need to see the real you now so you can

Let these emotions guide you to your next steps

You will be going through this Gateway many times at the moment

It is all part of the new codes coming in

so we can let go of these old ways of being

Old painful relationship codes

were encoded with lots of emotional intensity 

so it is natural that as these codes are triggered

this is part of the package 

It often feels very intense

rebirth is painful 

it is the butterfly process

Screen shot 2012-05-01 at 8.15.23 PM

If it feels intense it is often because it was very intense when it went in 😉


often when you had this experience initially

you didn’t have the systems to cope with it 

so it’s in your database ready to download now 

when you hit the button

You meaning universal you 🙂

I cannot help you

no one can

you have to face it all 

and you can 


people can help you

help yourself 

That is the key code 




with the interface you have created 

The universe is showing you 


This You on one level is an eternal voyager 

totally free 

This other you is evolving humanity with your own human being process 

This other you sometimes feels like the only you involved 

and it is totally supported

always on track 

always loved and held 

often this You doesn’t feel

that because of early human being experiences 

several human being experiences encoded in your dna

that’s ok notice that and work with that belief system

until it does 😉

The more you start to work with all of this 

The many You’s 

You that is the spaceman driving your human spaceship 

starts to integrate itself and understand

all the reasons for your life here

are extremely valuable 


and you 

chose to come her at this time

especially for this

amazing turning point in human evolution

on planet earth

The light is returning 

you are the light 


Seek your light from transforming your dark times

and bring the new dawn 

Go Goddess Energy

coming into balance once more 

believe in yourself

Love to you 

Sirius Star 

Sirius 2

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