White Mirror Wavespell ~ Day 12


White Mirror Wavespell

Day 12 

Red Crystal Moon


Today is the crystal complexity code

where we can start to get really clear about what our emotions are distorting 

based on our past 

The Moon’s planet is Cancer

The current 260 day circuit

began back on the 18th of July 

back in

Cancer Sun time 

which has an opposite axis in Capricorn 

Capricorn is a Masculine energy 

that can appear cool and un emotional and tends to focuses on the physical climb to the top


is also the sign of the Disciple on the quest for soul learning

A goat with a fishes tail


Capricorn is the UK’s Sign

Cancer the USA’s sign 

What has been birthed as a bigger picture land 

based on where we have been

and a

melting pot of many seekers

going across the sea

seeking a new life


Aries Waning Moon

11 degrees at the Heart time ~ 11 to 1 in the UK 


So this bigger picture is all about

Moon Codes coming to light

Red Solar Moon year 

and this 

Cancer ~ Capricorn axis of child and parent codes 

More about this on this article on the link above

This is also key

to the

Solar wheel


Summer and Winter Solstice

the light lessening

and light returning

which paradoxically can seem rather strange

at the time

More about this axis on this blog here:


These cycles all have the same code in many ways

and show the process of waxing and waning

in different time cycles

The complex sacred geometry structure that is inherent in all natural beings

So we are working with our

Sacred Feminine

to bring that balance


We are working with birthing the new codes 

through transforming our emotional learning




to birth balance of heart and mind

and it can feel like a Mexican standoff at times 

shouting across the abyss

seeing what echo comes back in

to remind us of where we can make some personal inner changes


Remember that even though we are in Sagi fire

We are in the darkest before dawn time at this time of year and working with our fire trine energies of

Aries initiation in Spring

Leo getting to the heart of the matter in Summer



completing in the underworld of healing of Sagittarius

before the light literally starts returning on Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere 

One of the symbols of Red Moon is the lotus

which begins in the mud and rises up to the surface seeking light

travelling through the emotional body on the way up 

the same in many ways as

the human and soul journey

If you have your

Chiron in Pisces 

like me 

Born in the 60’s apart from the tail end which goes into Aries

check your chart info to see

today is really resonating 

as Chiron goes direct in Pisces at 13 degrees 

Please click on the links to find out more on the articles in the text ~

hover your mouse and they will pop up 

They are independent of me unless leading to my sites

Here is a fab one by Darkstar Astrology which is in a similar vein to the one I did yesterday ; -)

with a lot more Astrology knowledge


In the last 12 days

you may have seen

lots of old patterns 

you may have felt rough

you may have felt jaded and been ill and there is valuable info there

chances are if you are reading my blogs

you will have had some similar life threads to me 

and been playing a role for a while 

that you are wholeheartedly fed up of 

you may constantly find yourself being blamed 


taking on other people’s stuff 

that isn’t actually yours at all 

and realising that you are enabling others in an unhealthy way 


echoes back to times past

often this can feel like


Groundhog day 

Ye olde Scape goat time 

and the good thing is about getting full to the brim

is the realisation that it is….

Time to empty our cup 



and be freer 

to do our next steps 


liberate ourselves so we can complete

and step through the gate 


Starting to bring this divide together 

from the outside in

together with the creation code and going with the flow 

Get ready for the shift tomorrow 

The more we clear each day emotionally and energetically 

The clearer we become


the more we shine from free of distortion code 

hkuyutrjpg copy

It can be difficult to speak of different truths

to the general collective code 

We get used to it 

and what doesn’t kill us 

makes us stronger 

I have just downloaded Yosemite for my Mac 

and a new Kindle App

and this is such a metaphor for me and my journey right now

Have to learn new things or else I cannot access the latest download 


Feel the fear 

Tap on it 

Let go of the fear

Do it from a clearer space

We have to be prepared to lose everything to gain everything 

that is the path

what we hold onto 

has to go 


Learning more about The Moon Codes now and the 13 day codes that go with them too

so adding them to my documents

Things are streaming very quickly now

Thank you to everyone in my circle

for assisting me on my journey 

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