White Mirror Wavespell ~ Day 11

Öèôðîâàÿ ðåïðîäóêöèÿ íàõîäèòñÿ â èíòåðíåò-ìóçåå Gallerix.ru

White Mirror Wavespell

Day 11

Yellow Spectral Star 

Sagittarius fire time



Are you ready to rumble?

Are you ready to set your heart on fire with your desire

and aim your arrows at

The Sun?

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wholly independent from me 

Or maybe mope about 

Woe is me 

and my destiny

has lost direction

and I am feeling the fires of Hades

licking around my feet ?

New Moon and Sun coming in at 0 degrees at just

half past Noon in the UK

Potent power of the Wayshower 

Wherever you have Sagittarius in your chart 

Getting to the heart of the matter

Illuminating all the anger issues 

where we feel thwarted

and the key area in the body is the hips and liver ~ anger organ where dreams haven’t manifest 

and the sacral and base chakras 

and taken on code of conduct 

that is now becoming obsolete

so perfect to delete 

through transformation

Everything that rose to the surface in

Scorpio Sun and Moon


in the last Wavespell of

Red Serpent

and this

Wavespell of White Mirror

is revealing what is seeking healing


and new codes come as a wonderful side product of this

Today is day 11

Lust in Thoth Tarot


The shadow revealed day

The dark side

Where the enlightenment is 

if only we will choose to look deeply

through a glass darkly

and go with what is coming

rather than fight it  

Resistance is futile

The title picture by Giovanni Baptista Cipriani ~ John the Baptist’s namesake 

again reveals 

the alchemy code in plain sight 

Chiron showing Achilles how to aim his arrows

Our Achilles Heel is where our power is leaking 

and where we must look to our heels

the past

so we can walk forward 

of course Sagi

has a tendency

to gallop fast off to the horizon at full speed

often without any heed ….

Jupiter being the planet of Sagi



Larger than life

Expansive  and the biggest planet

in our solar system so the energy is ebullient 

and with that there is the light aspects and the dark

I have learned so much about this in my Astrology class this week in Glastonbury

with Carolina Lamus

and our circle of people as always has shared ground

so it is a lovely alchemical melting pot

to bounce ideas off each other

and see things from another’s perspective

Back to Alchemy again with this symbol 


This symbol is often seen in association with the Mayan Calendar 

In the alchemy world it is the symbol of Caput Mortuum 

It is seen in this vein as a useless product that comes from an alchemical process

a literal deadhead

however when we read further

we see it is historically

a significant code for painting of

cardinal purple 

purple connecting to the crown chakra

and our conduit to the cosmos

and key to completion of our circuitry


Gardener’s know that if you deadhead plants 

remove the dead flowers

often the plane will keep on flowering as it has a need to create seed

and all dead produce can be used as compost which brings life to new growth 

The flowers are an enticement for the insect world

to pollinate the plant 


In this extreme patriarch time


many things are overlooked and not valued in this one point goal perspective 

of “growth”

and denial of what is too

that there cannot be continual expansion and growth in a balanced universe

it is not natural and is indeed an aberration of cosmic code

because it comes from ego distortion

Our undeveloped ego does not see the beauty in our shadow

and denies it’s existence because it is painful

and yet all the while this pain is projected out onto the world


and so we live it in our world right now

Again in the scriptures there are many references to this in the crucifixion

however when we take that event metaphorically

instead of literally 

we can see a process being spoken of 

just like in the paintings 

Our shadow beliefs are what hold us back 

keep us in our comfort zone 


this is key to self~development 


Most coaching focuses purely on developing the masculine with plans and forward thinking

new models 

and creating new thought patterns 


belief in the self 

This model is one sided 

If we have experienced issues around belief in ourselves so far

and who hasn’t ?

That is part of the journey of life 


if we do not work with these 

and let go of the heart hurt that goes with them

How can we move forwards?

Our self protection mechanisms will limit our expansion

because they have a positive intention to keep us safe 

which is how the emotional mind works

It isn’t logical this system 

It is designed like a computer programme 

to shut us down

if we are going into a pattern 

where we have experienced wounding before

computer says no ~ makes sense on one level

and yet what this means is…

 we are stuck literally

with our old code that came early in our life

we get triggered

our fight or flight kicks in 

and we shut down on some level

So to work with this well intended operating system

we have to wise up 

and learn how it works 


We have lots of evidence of this in our life so far

and it is where our future power and possibility lies

in our past patterns

Everything that seems to bind us

has the key to set us free 

Sagittarius ~ Gemini Axis

Every Sun Sign is linked to the opposite Sign on the wheel

We have six in the Sun half  in the Northern Hemisphere 

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo

2 Fire

2 Earth

1 Air 

1 Water

The Sun is when we go out and co create with the outer world



and the other selves

for procreation purposes

on whatever level we do that

The Moon time of the year begins in Autumn 




Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

2 Air 

2 Water

1 Fire

1 Earth 

We can see 2 different alchemical processes

revealed with the elements


The Moon time of the year reveals the impact our outer journey

has had


what we choose to change 

Where our wound is revealed 

This is the roots in our tree of life

The lower chakras hold the key 

This is why the dark time is the perfect time to go within



see the seeds 

see the source

of where these codes were created in the beginning of our life 


and start to transform them

ready for Spring 

This is what The Persephone Path is all about 

letting go of whatever we believe about ourselves 

that is no longer serving us 

and in turn planet earth

My North Node of my Moon is in Gemini ~ where I am headed in this life

My Sagittarius is in my South Node ~ where I am evolving

My Midheaven is in Sagittarius ~

my love of philosophy and healing arts, adventures and fire transformation



My Jupiter in Gemini 

love of relationship

sharing of information


and Mercury ~ messenger of the Gods

The twins of Gemini 

our human being and our God self 

Both my parents are Gemini’s 

The Father of my children and my Daughter are Sagi 

Lots of Sagi friends 

Most of my life I haven’t had this information and it hasn’t impeded me in any way

knowing it now simply helps me understand and connect on a deeper level

and work more consciously

and this is the gift it can bring for everyone 


As I spoke of before in my blog 

if you are born in the 60’s 

chances are you have Chiron in Pisces

which is key until 2019 

so this energy will be really impacting in Chiron in Sagi illuminating our wound

anything that happened last May and early June in Gemini Sun 

that was brought to light 

will be giving gifts now 

as to the way forward 

Anything that you are aiming your arrows for now

will be sprouting into light next May and June 

Chiron the Comet was discovered on October 18 1977

I put that in the Mayan decoder 

Self~Existing Star 

Self ~ Existing Moon Day 1 


Year of the Yellow Spectral Seed on planet earth ~ a Year 11 of a 13 year cycle 

all about letting go of the ego mask to reveal the true seed within

The year of Punk in the UK and lots of emotion and repression being released with

New Wave music

This is also a galactic portal day so a building block for our human evolution

One of my favourite bands then Siouxie and the Banshees ~ just checked the info ~ She is a Yellow Solar Seed and a Gemini

Breaking the spells that bound us in the flower power years 

How to be the star that we truly are 

free of co dependent code

This is the day 4 code of Red Serpent

which is the heart of the matter of our human relationships 

and allowing our kundalini to rise

free of living out of alignment

with true self

See how this all links in ?

If you were around at that time 

you could ponder what patterns you were creating then?

What music did you like?

What did you feel passionate about?

What roots started taking shape ?

What deeper level patterns started to form


maybe some of those can be re routed now ?

I never thought I would be learning to bellydance at 40 

not only that but performing it to an audience to this music 

thanks to my alternative friend Debs and lots of people who came in my circle then 

I wore a blonde Madonna wig at my birthday in fancy dress 

now my hair is blond ; – )

bonkers and fun 

dare to be different and try new things



The 13 year planetary pattern was White Wizard

It started in 1967

Self empowerment is the theme

letting the magic flow through us 

working with it 

letting it teach us what is seeking to evolve now 

because that is different to what has been

and if we do not change how we relate 

and go through the gate 

then we get stuck 

and squeezed until we fit through

which can be a very painful process indeed


We are in the transition stage of the birthing phrase 

First stages the squeeze of contractions start

our head is resisting 

our body and sacred feminine is doing it’s thing

our head has no way to control it

starts to panic

The pain is often huge 

we don’t want to feel it 

give me the drugs

birth plan can go out of the window 

fear kicks in

pain increases

interventions often get forced on us

we go with them because 

the doctor knows best right?


We know what is the healing for us and how to birth

and that process can often be hidden to begin with

other people have their talents and gifts and can help us 


we have to go through the process 


we are squeezing and breathing 


it is all getting very intense 

and suddenly everything stops and we are in

the eye of the storm 

ready for the next stage 


That is the process we are in just now and it is very intense in Balsamic Moon time on our planet 


Getting squeezed by the galaxy forces

and wondering what to do 


Be with it 



Undo the ties that bind us 

Work with the wound 


When we are ready for the next stage 

The energy is so powerful 

as we have nothing else we can do 

all of our being 

is aligned


pushing this creation out 

Relax don’t do it ….

when you want to succumb to it 

Trust the process 

trust the Great Mother

that birthed us 


Depending where you are on your life cycle 

will reflect back to you this energy and there are key stages of evolution 

This can be revealed Astrologically and using The Mayan Wavespell

and what is key to work with this powerfully 

Is that we are aware of ourselves

Whilst it is true that I do not know how to literally fix my car

or any of my technological devices I do know something and I ask and look for information

Google is a Godsend 



Flower Prayers

I am not an Astrologer 

I am not a lawyer 

I have always asked and sought information so I can empower myself 

I learned how to build a house

how to renovate it

how to grow plants and vegetables 

how to run a cellar with real ales

I learned about psychology 

and healing therapies 


I trusted intuitively that this seeking

was what I required to evolve 

When you are thinking about your CV 

do you really access all your amazing skills ?

Notice what you leave out and how it matches what our conditioned society does not value

If you want to be true to you this is key

not to be a match for a sick society

who only values what has monetary worth and feeds the ego


If we do not learn 

then we are dependent on others 

nothing “wrong” with that 

It is what it is 

If we are not aware of our God and Goddess code of consciousness

then what often goes with that is 

feeling at the mercy of the Gods 

a very different perspective 

Our society is imbalanced and co dependent 

for a reason 

and that reason creates suffering 

so time to let go of suffering 


look for the light ways


are sourced in the dark 

In this transition time 

If you choose 

look for what is restricting you 

feeling tense



In 2019

White Wizard 13 year Cycle returns to planet earth 

Whatever we are transforming now 

We will be refining then

just like Gandalf the Grey 

evolved in the metaphor revealed in

Lord of The Rings 

that is our personal potentiality






So this time of Red Solar Moon Year

is key 

to change history by changing our his story to a new myth

Here is an article about The Hero’s Journey of Sagi

and another one about journeying within

Once we start to work with this awareness of pattern and code 

we can see how people are in our circle

and appear magically 

at the perfect time 

for our evolution process

by triggering our code 

to reveal our shadow 


be at a choice point of owning it

healing it 

and letting go of playing duality alter ego game plans 

If you would like to know more about how to do this with me please get in touch 

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world

All of this format works on Skype 


The next Persephone Path Workshop on December 13 

has an ebook that will contain the Mayan and Astrological information 

and you can access that on the day 

Each workshop has exercises you can do 

on whatever level you choose

and then schedule a skype session with me which is included in the price

at a mutually convenient time 

which is always magically perfect


we will work together energetically 

using energy coaching and EFT 

to focus on where you are now 

and where you want to be 

This one is really magical as it is

The Alchemy one 

We are working with the energy of Red Rhythmic Moon 

hkuyutrjpg copy

Getting into the rhythm of the sacred feminine 

being the beacon of light 

unleashing our creativity 


Pic by Tino Roderiguez 

There is also an in person workshop at Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire UK 

More about that here 

Please get in touch soon as I will need to do your charts 

It is perfect to connect to the other powerful Sagi energy on it’s way on Christmas Day 

I leave you with Jim Morrison today 

a Sagi fire man

and some wise words 

and another famous one which can happen another way 

lighting the fire of the goddess within us

by healing our wounds around women

and the repression of this part of ourself 




jim m




Blessings to you Jim wherever you are 

my life has been so inspired by your music and lyrics 

even though I wasn’t ready to hear the sublime at first as it was so different

to what my ears had been trained to hear

little did I know that The Doors would be so key to my journey




All of this Cosmic Consciousness code

is at our disposal now 

to use practically 


 with love 

to birth the new dawn 

What a revelation 




star that you are

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