White Mirror Wavespell ~ Day 10


White Mirror Wavespell

Day 10


Blue Planetary Hand 


Day 10 is the day of Manifestation of any Wavespell

If it’s your birthday today you are in a Gateway year of transformation

and the potentiality to shape your destiny consciously 

As a Blue Hand I have been looking over my laptop today

with the intention of locating something 

An ebook about EFT and Eyesight by Carol Look


After I had been on my Cookie Trail


seeing all my manifestations


a myriad of workshops

a collection of photos

an array of charts

I remembered it was a Kindle application 

I find that often happens when I set off on a Quest

do you ?

I discover lots of things along my journey that I didn’t expect


how often do we see ourselves in a positive light?

Sometimes it takes proof of what we have done

laid out in front of our nose before we believe it


Taking time to reflect on where we have been

and where we are today


be very fruitful indeed

I have been a very busy bee getting my heart show on the road

since 2010 coming to Glastonbury on a gut feeling

and my 

13 Year Cycle of Blue Hand

that commenced in 2009



It hasn’t been easy

there has been a lot of joy

and a lot of tears



and that still continues

and I am getting more comfortable with the uncomfortable

which is why I am here

Learning Astrology has been key to the understanding of energetic blueprints

and how the universe is scripted

and in particular how we are scripted

We have choice within parameters


Today is Dark Moon in Scorpio

and I am feeling tired 

The more I am going with the flow of the universe

and the more I am waxing and waning 

I have been on a Cookie Trail sparked by Darkstar Astrology 

which often happens 

Here is her article on Asteroid Hekate which is featuring at the moment

It tied in directly to yesterday’s White Worldbridger energy

and as soon as I started to read it really resonated for me

as I love Greek Myth and Greece

and Jason and the Argonauts was one of my favourite films as a child


so I added a few asteroids to my ever increasing chart

and hey presto 

I have Hekate in my chart in Scorpio in the 8th house at 4 degrees

alongside Circe in Libra at 24 degrees

Love the synchros 

Jo in Glastonbury

If you read my blog

regularly you will have seen this woman below before

and this article includes her and other women who play witches

If you want to check out your witchy vibes do your chart

and blaze a trail of your sourceressness ~

Darkstar Article shows you how 


Don’t know what this all means in any depth yet

but I intend to dive in and explore

as this has always been my destiny

I was putting on plays I had

written about Witches

when I was at Junior School 🙂 


I have been watching American Horror Story

The Coven

Deeply dark

and synched in to my blogs too 

Getting used to that now 

and it is still unnerving at times simply because it is unfamiliar 

Scorpio in 19 degrees in the UK as I write this 

A rope going up into the sky.
Cosmic connections left dangling until personal dramas have spent themselves, which takes a very long time. But the cosmic overtones accompany every phase of the journey. They give a peculiar quality to the auric field, as though everything already knew its origin and destination and that knowingness had turned all the colors up a notch. This puts the little self sharply on the spot, for everything is heightened, especially including the dramatic power of distortions and negations. These are amplified to an almost unbearable extent. An internal battleground between a surpassingly cosmic nature and a grossly fallen and distorted personal-emotional syndrome. And it is the way of things that the spotlighted karmic cycle of catching yourself in the act of being false must be consumed before the waiting realizations and reunions become fulfilled. A very sharp edge to events, with so much riding on seeing through your own folly, and freeing up the life-force to respond to the greater worlds with a tug and a sign that there is somebody home after all. The greater cycles can now begin.

It is darkest before dawn

and what you have been seeing this week

can be the way forward to the light

as all is manifest today

New Moon in Sag arrives tomorrow and I will be speaking more about that then

I will be feeling the ripples in my house

with lots of Sag energy here with my family

and my Midheaven is in Sagittarius so get ready to gallop

into your Quest 




what we do in life echoes in eternity

and the road less travelled is not an easy path to walk ~

easy to read about in front of the fire with a beverage

For all my fellow travellers doing the walk every day 

Keep the faith

first and foremost in yourself


keep the torch burning in your heart

remember your Angelic self knows

and is there to guide

if you will do what is required

to access that wisdom on one level

this is simply an amazing game of life 




An elderly woman I was trying to navigate around  

with my trolley in Morrison’s car  park yesterday 

gave me a profound message when she took my hand and said:

Whichever way I go I will be wrong so I may as well stand still

Is that familiar ?

It is to me and I know I have chosen that position many times


now I know that at the crossroads


there is no “wrong” 

simply a path that will take us to a destination 

and that our intention

and our choices 

will reveal a route 

to our freer heart 


a road to hell paved with good intentions 


and maybe a blend of both 


A serpent path

a spiral 

of our own making 

with the sacred threads

that we were given

to weave 


Love to you and your deepest dreams brought to light 

The world is a lighter place

with people who dare to do

what it takes to birth

their deepest desires





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