Day 7 Magical seed day

How are you doing with your White mirror wavespell?

Today is a magical day of number 7  Yellow Resonant Seed and it links in to the Yellow Seed wavespell starting on October 19 which is a major energetic gateway to

Samhain/ Halloween

This is a very powerful time approaching where the veil between worlds is at it’s thinnest and we can connect to our ancestors

with this connection we can learn from the steps they have taken…..

and keep the wisdom that supports us on our next individual and planetary steps….

and let go of their wounding and their teaching that wasn’t from the light or from love.

This is a profound time as we are at the crossroads

the familiar story of Demeter searching for Persephone who had been snatched by Hades and taken to hell

All these stories and myths are the metaphor for our personal soul journey.

The person we are today (Demeter) is looking for her maiden self ( Persephone)

The person we were as a youthful energy full of lust for life

that has grown old and tired and feels often in a permanent winter state

because we have lost the essence of who we are in the life experiences

and the conditioning

and our  heart seeds have grown a husk that is hard

and hides our tender juicy fruit underneath

we may have grown bitter as we have felt lost in the wilderness

our business may have failed

our relationships become battles

and all around has become a desert as our blooms have withered on the vine

We have the secret

and we always have it


when we are ready to go within and be prepared to do what it takes

let go of living the ego story

stand still and feel it all

so we can let it go.

Living the heart path

If we refuse to stand still to avoid the inevitable chickens that are coming home to roost

we go in ever decreasing circles

as death is ever at our ankles with the scythe….

that we fear the most….

and this is what sets us free 🙂

Don’t fear the reaper

Everything we need to set us free we already have

so if your back is against the wall

your face pressed against the glass

your depression heavy

you are in a really good place

to burst out of your cocoon

and live magically

in the real world of our heart space

the world of beauty

Here in Glastonbury it is an absolutely radiant day and I am so grateful to be alive

This afternoon I am off to do some tapping in the abbey

and weave some magic in that sacred place

I was afraid to face my own shadow and I know how you feel if you are afraid too of taking that next step

It feels intense and powerful as you start to strip away the layers

It is the only way to reveal the real you.

When I went into labour with my first child I remember the midwife saying that I couldn’t give birth without there being pain

and I was terrified because my body was simply doing it’s thing

and I had no control over it 🙂

It was unlike any experience I had ever had

and there was no way I could prepare myself for something that has to be experienced to be know

This is true of all initiatory gateways

we have to shed our layers to go on to the next phase

it’s the circle of life

There is nothing to fear in the death and the transformation

although it feels like a dark night of the soul

the way to the goddess is through the valley of death

It is so worth it

I have trod this path so many times and each time it gets easier as you lose more fear and trust the process.

All that comes is raw feeling as your ego is transformed

the floodgates open and everything we dam up inside comes out

then we are truly free of another cage that holds our beautiful phoenix

I use emotional freedom technique to facilitate that process.

It really works


in letting go

and when it has gone

it has truly gone for good.


Alison Sutton and I are getting together with some amazingly gifted heart opening walkers of the path

who are going to share their path and the gifts that have come from it

with you

and you, your gifts with us

It is the week before Samhain

We are aligning with these amazing galactic activation portal  days

It will be a festival of light and dark

we are not going to be focused on storytelling

We are focusing on celebrating the death of the old skins by seeing the true enlightenment process for what it truly is

Joyful soul transformation

Our own personal photo synthesis to open our solar plexus and our heaven’s gate

These workshops are practical and experiential

cooking up a storm of fun

past life regression, using magical process,

therapist expansion techniques for creating abundant connections

enlarging our energetic web to reach further out into the globe

designed to assist in our birthing process

at a very important time on our planet

this is to create empowered ways of working with our unique gifts and soul purpose

to unleash our magical creativity

We will be out on the magical landscape too

Itinerary is forming this week so please get in touch to reserve your space

and we look forward to co creating with you.

It is the time of preparing our wintering process so our seeds are being honed

being magically empowered

with the connection to our higher selves

and to raise our consciosness

our vibration

our light

in an energetic process rather than simply an intellectal one

to create change

If you cannot come in person then we can work through the magic of the web and skype,

online streaming in some way

If you know your Mayan sign and you are one of these:

Yellow Magnetic Seed
Red Lunar Serpent
White Electric World-Bridger
Blue Self-Existing Hand
Yellow Overtone Star
Red Rhythmic Moon
White Resonant Dog
Blue Galactic Monkey
Yellow Solar Human
Red Planetary Skywalker
White Spectral Wizard
Blue Crystal Eagle
Yellow Cosmic Warrior

This is your personal wavespell and wowee you can really create some powerful shifts if you get on this energetic spiral wave

If you don’t know what yours is please get in touch

It’s free 🙂

If it isn’t you will still create change in whatever way you are looking for …….

provided you are prepared to walk your talk

and do what it takes to match the universal energetic code that is always there for you

in the vortex


the universe can only bring you what you believe to be true


if you believe that someone else “makes” you happy

instead of simply being happy because that is your responsibility

then so be it

and so it is

If you believe you have to help other people by giving the fish

then you will have co-dependent relationships and a world full of victims and needy people looking for handouts rather than looking for their own answers and learning

If you believe that to create harmonious relationships you have to hide your true feelings so you don’t “hurt” the other person

and live a lie

guess who is going to be hurt and get sick?

If you hide your anger and be passive

guess who is going to be surrounded by angry people?

If you believe it is your role to fix people

guess who is goimg to have lots of walking wounded showing up on their doorstep…….

What if…..

We didn’t need anything to prove who we are?

We can arrive at any venue in a sackcloth

without a title

a job to define us

we don’t need a uniform so people know which box we belong in

we don’t care what car we drive as long as we travel lightly

we don’t care what anyone else thinks

because we are ok with us…..

and this is when the magic really happens….

So today maybe have a go at being Jack and ready to plant the seed intention of our beanstalk…..

he had the courage to face his mother’s wrath by cashing in the cow

and bet everything he had on some magical beans

that created a stairway to heaven and took him on some magical adventures in a foreign land

he faced his fear

and created magical transformation

It is the only way to pure bliss 🙂

Libra is the blessing of balance.

Feel the pull the universe is showing us

calling us in

Do we hear the call ?

The full moon today is a time to let go of the old ways, the old hurts

so we can have new beginnings

making space for those new exotic seedlings to thrive.

Love to you today starseeds

may your intentions create fabulous new models for living from love.


Day 4 Red Self existing Dragon ~ Mother day

Many people are feeling the pressure this week as emotional energy is building for a fiery Aries full moon on Sunday early hours.

Notice how you are feeling and let it come up.

All our chickens are coming home to roost as the balancing begins

and the universe will balance us in whatever energetic place we are

Ideally spend as much time as you can on yourself now and use emotional freedom technique to let go of what is seeking release so we can create new beginnings

and inner balance.

The pressure of Libra bringing us into balance is intense and around the world people are out seeking to be heard on issues of imbalance.

Whatever choice you make take it with awareness that it will be met with equal measure so if we are coming from a place of anger then the resistance will be echoed

the law of cause and effect

this is I believe the true meaning of karma

What goes around comes around

you do x you get x

and if people choose to see clearly they let go of judgement and are discerning instead

This blog isn’t about blame it’s intention is to share information so people can be aware if they choose

If you are wanting to shoot me as a messenger….

even though you don’t know me…..

tune in to what is pushing your buttons in you instead

then reveal some inner truth you can transform yourself with

Today is Red self -existing Dragon day in the White Mirror wavespell.

I have had lots of people contacting me asking me how to deal with the life events that are happening to them at the moment so here are my offerings for the process

First of all we are turning everything on it’s head right now and things are happening fast because we have very instant communication available to us now

which in our documented history we did not have before

although things may have always happened simultaneously ~

the 100 monkeys effect

we weren’t consciously communicating this and were not aware of how everyone was going through the same wave of change and now we are

so limit your exposure

and I don’t mean stick your head in the sand 🙂

Limit your intake of “news” so you can be aware

and you are not glued to the TV in panic mode feeling doomed

This is all meant to happen….it is happening

it is the process

stop focusing on the outside and focus on creating sanctuary for yourself instead

mother and nuture yourself

and if you don’t know how to do that….


there is everything available on the web

ask and it is given

I hear people saying they need to do xyz

and they have been saying it for years

If you don’t know how to access the internet

find someone who does and is willing to teach you for money or an energetic swap

this is co creating

this is co-operation

adults aren’t meant to mother healthy adults

this is co-dependent behaviour and stops the learning process

usually it is a manipulation that may be conscious or unconscious

it isn’t anyone’s “job” to do it

or to emotionally support or ” heal” someone

when we do that we are stopping someone from learning to do that by doing it for them

and when will that person ever move on?

Parents who never cut the apron strings delay their children’s maturation process

and our planet is seeking responsible co creators now

honest relating

All these man -made ego mechanisms that have formed over the decades of supremacy over nature’s innate giving mechanism

are revealed as a farce

our planet doesn’t need our chemical solutions

our bodies have their own knowing

it is really simple

stopping trying to fit the step- sister’s foot into Cinderella’s slipper…..

it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t belong

there is too much to try and do…

it is impossible to live this mad hamster wheel life

it is killing everything…..

so simple –


Practical Strategies that have been around for a few thousand years of sacred living:

create a physical sanctuary in your home

a comfortable safe space where you can be quiet and ground yourself

play some soothing music, maybe the sound of the sea, zen, whatever creates calm and brings you within

whatever is your thing

let go of the right thing

have a bath in salt and essential oils to ground you and bring you into your body and out of your mind –

benzoin, spikenard, sandlewood, vetivert oils are deeply grounding and if you haven’t used them before handle carefully with awareness

they are very potent

add some lovely flower tones like lavender and rose

essential oils have a vibration that connects with our energy and tunes it


with healing modalities that are without mind so simply be

what they are

as nature intended

have a body treatment on a regular basis

as human beings we need touch it is well documented

organise small parties where you can be with people who are positive, grounded and loving and hug 🙂

Hug and connect to animals with their consent 🙂

Our body responds to being stroked and loved and we instantly go into a process of creating endorphins to create even more of that

for some people touch is not welcome because they have experienced it in an abusive way ~

that can absolutely change if you are ready to let go of the past

Create a point of focus in your sanctuary where you can have some things that are sacred to you

light a candle

burn some oils

if you haven’t created a dream for yourself, now is the optimum time to do so

this will keep your horizon focused so you know where you are headed in stormy seas

So we are going into balance as we have been out of line

for a very long time

and now we are swinging back in

as always it has to get to a really bad place for us to take action because we have been conditioned to believe in a way of life

that is reactive rather than proactive

busy busy busy

with our eye on the ego prize

and the key thing to change now is to prioritise yourself


yes you

no one else

If you do not make time now to do your inner work

then nothing will change

no one else can do this for us

this is the soul journey

this is what the Aquarian Age is all about.

I can help you with seeing the bigger picture

Mayan Signs

Starcode – the natal chart which shows the planets as they were when we landed here on our birthday

I can show you how to tap

I can help you see your patterns and what is pushing your buttons

ultimately we all have to then take the next step and commit to doing it ourselves

and this is often about creating a massive paradigm shift for ourselves

and learning something completely new

Alot of my friends and facebook friends are therapists/spiritual people/interested in new ways of health

Many people I personally know agree with the teaching of Louise Hay, Barbara Brennan, Donna Eden, Gary Craig, Bruce Lipton, Caroline Myss, Christian Fleche

and many more wonderful pioneers who have become loud and proud about their beliefs and how we create our own dis-ease because we are living out of alignment with our authentic selves

these people are there often at risk of ridicule


many people who are sharing healing modalities

 aren’t walking the talk themselves

they are still focusing on others rather than themselves first

doing their inner work every day

and by that I mean creating energetic change by looking at what is pushing their buttons today and then letting go of that emotion by feeling it

Where is the integrity in that?

Where is the model of being the change?

Where is the evidence of raising awareness of cancer as being created as a healing stage

because the individual is not living in accordance with their truth?

I live in the UK and it is 2012

yet I still see women who are posting a game about breast cancer on facebook which involves hiding it from men?

Breast Cancer isn’t a game….

I really am at a loss to understand the meaning behind this strategy

How does that help or support a change?

Ironically it fits the pattern of having a dishonest relationship with someone

Of being an elite group that hides it’s true expression

speaking in codes

All this time spent in a game

that has no honest expression around something that is created

in the same way

where are the empowered women who are standing in their truth by being it?

maybe instead we could have some honesty about what therapies people practise and what they believe in

and bringing it out of the closet

how is this change ever going to happen if women cannot tell their partners the truth about what they want and what they believe?

If in their own house they cannot say who they are and be loved and respected for it?

How has our generation moved on from past generations?

Becoming men in the feminist changes and now what?

How on earth is breast cancer going to change if no one is talking about how it is created except behind closed doors?

What are we as women really afraid of?

Speaking our truth to our partners and the relationship coming to an end?

This is the challenge for each of us and if we do not go there on the outside with our actions

and hide our truth in our heart

then the process is completed within.

There is no “cure” for cancer except self love and being authentic.

Our body being ph balanced

instead of  acidic

because we are full of hidden vitriol 😦

People pleasing is a killer

A wolf hidden in sheep’s clothing

Silence of the lambs

It can be irradiated by matching the anger with an equal force – radiation

If the lifestyle, choices and beliefs aren’t changed then it is going to return

that is pure common sense

and yet most people are not prepared to do what it takes

and would literally rather die

because they are afraid of their own shadow.

I have worked with lots of people with cancer and every single one has known what the emotional cause was

what was eating away at them

often for years

I had one client who had both breasts removed and had breast cancer three times

and when she came to see me still wasn’t prepared to make a change in how she lived her life

she was surrounded by people she really didn’t want to be with and was doing it out of “duty”

yet somehow believed a magical cure could be found

and her lifestyle to continue

which in ego language translates as fear

It is never ever ever about the other person when ego fear is the motivator

it is always about us

The breasts are in the heart chakra

This is all about love

The lungs underneath are all about breathing in life and letting go of anything no longer needed

The heart takes in and gives out

most people are giving out of contol and cannot receive out of contol

and are blocking the circle of life

out of balance

The solar plexus is the veil and heaven’s gate and here the personal power centre that radiates from love or anger

The throat is the higher chakra of speaking the truth and the Goddess gateway of transformation, letting go of resistance to change and is twinned with the solar plexus.

When the throat and solar plexus have emotional issues that are unresolved then the heart cannot open from love and the energy blocks

When we have issues around speaking the truth it is from childhood events and how we feel about that experience

When we let go of that we feel safe again around speaking our truth

we cannot be our authentic selves if we are holding back

we cannot live a life of love and flow if we are living a lie

and the sooner we go there

the sooner we create a change

everyone in our circle is fully aware of the dishonesty always

and it’s a game we play

If we have issues around personal power it’s the same story….

back to childhood.

Clear that

clear the present

Change the inside and the outside changes

Many adults today are power tripping

especially therapists

and I feel passionately about that

they are feeling powerful by putting themselves forward as teachers

yet what inner work are they doing?

What emotional evolution work are they doing every day to let go of their shadow?

Maybe they don’t have this awareness?

Most people don’t

It’s all out there and it isn’t rocket science

Most people avoid it by intellectualising, going on courses and being talking books

you cannot create emotional energetic change in your head

it doesn’t live there

It is all about feelings

If you are avoiding a feeling process then you are avoiding the ego

Drama, acting out, knowing the path

isn’t experientially doing it

When we give truly from the heart

when we nourish ourselves

when we are in balance with our masculine and feminine within

when we let go of living vicariously through other people/drugs/food/shopping/therapies/workshops

whatever is our junkie fix

then we are truly in balance

we know when we feel out of  joy

we know when we are doing something that isn’t good for us

so why do we carry on doing it?

It is time to be disciplined and have integrity through integration

If you really believe in something are you ready to shout it from the rooftops?

Or are you whispering behind curtains…….

What is your body telling you about your dishonesty?

The structure of number four is all about the foundation stone.

This is the base of the pyramid.

If we have feet of clay….

If we have a house of cards

This is a very important place on our path.

Fly straight

Walk tall

and very very simply

do our inner work

the enlightenment process is

bringing the shadow to light

The picture today is Lakshmi and as you can see she has more than one pair of hands….

we don’t

so see people-pleasing for what it truly is

an ego defence mechanism

let go of creating avoidance activities

and look in the mirror instead

all we seek lies within us

we have everything we need to be all we can be

the only thing that’s stopping us

is us.

How many more people have to get sick out of simple ignorance?

Out of fear?

Out of living a lie and denying their shadow self.

To be loving takes many forms and sometimes it is tough love

truth telling

saying what others won’t say

the uncomfortable stuff…

Energy pattern matches grow and so this isn’t going away

and the only way to stop it the expansion is to let go of them

so if you aren’t dealing with all that stuff in Pandora’s box

remember it is dealing with you…

that isn’t a fear statement

it is simply a fact.

It is how our body shows us our true state of play.

It is our philosopher’s stone 🙂

It gives us the opportunity to make a course correction.

Mind, body and spirit.

Let’s lose the lip service and love ourselves.

Does anyone seriously want to step into the shoes of anyone on Dragon’s Den?

Seriously ?

Stuff doesn’t give you anything

The best things in life are free

let go of needing to acquire safety and kudos

and live it instead

Love to you today Primeordial  Dragon’s

Here is the how to do EFT video as requested

White Mirror Day 2 Relationships

Day two of the wavespell and Blue Lunar Storm.

Day two is all about the challenge.

This energy is really about addictive behaviour which is often highlighted in the relationship fix.

Getting our energy vampire style through another.

Today’s energy ~ how are we seeing ourselves reflected back through others

Instead of being two halves making a whole

we can bring our shadow to light and be integrated

I have created a document today you can use in a practical way every day:

Daily Button Pushing Questionnaire

If you want to know more about how you can work with this wavespell in a powerful way to create transformation please get in touch.

Love to you and your catalytic storm breaking

White Mirror wavespell

New White Mirror wavespell begins to take us deeper into the inner realms.

What is running on our inner slideshow

Our soul software

Who is running it?

Are we broadcasting a nightmare or a dream onto the outside….

Change of strategy for me in the next thirteen days as I have manifested an abundant treasure chest of creativity

thank you for all of you with your assistance on this

you are co-creating with me with your feedback

So as we have moved into Libra today the focus is on balance

getting a reality check with white magnetic mirror

can we go with the flow

or are we living in chaos and having too much to do

Balance in the masculine and feminine creates harmony and flow

Practicals come into this in a big way

Everything is equally important…..

no use having money coming in if you have no food in the cupboard or clean underwear…

all work and no play makes for a sad soul


My new strategy over the next thirteen days is to do a few bigger blogs intermingled with some micro dots

and the essential aspect of this


practical application of working with the flow of the wave

theory is simply that 🙂

Let’s get experiential

In it’s simplest form the key to getting the most from our universal lifecoaching tool is to be present each morning with what the day is about in it’s essence

then in the evening reflect back on what has ocurred for you

If you know how to tap

tap 🙂

on whatever has come along to ruffle our feathers

because this is how we do the tango with our inner slides

we see who shows up curtesy of our law of attraction

anyone in our circle of radius is energetically matched in some way

they are another us.

It doesn’t mean that we have to figure out what exactly they are here for or tie ourselves in knots trying to figure out how we have some inherent darkness we are projecting

all of that is ego posturing and avoidance….

crafty little devil the ego

What we can do to really create a shift is to notice how we feel about that interaction

notice how we are communicating

anything that is uncomfortable…

maybe we are telling fibs to avoid any unpleasant exchange…

maybe we are hiding our true feelings….

going along with something when we would really like to say no

and fooling ourselves that it is to save someone else from getting upset

when it is always our ego that seeks to protect itself.

The next thirteen days we can truly see who we are

what we are not

what mask we are wearing

and what happens when we feel the fear and risk everything by saying what we really want to

then see what happens

will we be struck down by lightening

will we be turned into a pillar of salt

or will we peel off another layer of false protection pretending to be our saving grace

When we let go of our past emotional entanglement around fear

we can grow

when our body is intent on self-preservation from fear

we cannot nourish ourselves

fight/flight/freeze channels our energy away from our central core

when we become a clear diamond once more

back to our factory setting

everything flows easier

Take the time each day to listen to ourselves and let go:

diect energy flow instead of around and around avoidance circles

things can happen now rather than very much later

because we are cutting to the chase

Sagittarius style

no messing about

hiding and worrying

feeling bogged down with energy in our heart space

we have got it off our chest

when we reflect the world back in pure light

the beauty is bare

the intimacy is there

we are vulnerable and open

and we know that any issue anyone has about us

is  really about their inner slides

as Virginia Satir illustrated

ask to see the other person’s tummy button and see we all come from the same source

the primordial mother

we are all absolutely equal

we are invariably not the person that caused the original wound

to the other

simply the mirror image

so let’s relate from the heart instead

and create honesty and love.

Love to you today and the reflections that we are all seeing

are we seeing our true selves

or mere ego illusions?

Where will we be on day thirteen at the space of unconditional cosmic love – White Cosmic Dog?

Only we can create that possibility through taking responsibility

Day thirteen Red Cosmic Earth

Wishing you a wonderful autumn equinox .

It’s a beautiful and chilly day here in Somerset.

Still no heating on and windows open but there is definitely an edge of coolness coming in.

It is Red Cosmic Earth day and a wonderful time to get out into the landscape and plant our feet on the ground

to align with mother earth and connect and give thanks for all we have created this year

as we are born from the earth so we return

all living things are here for a short time in the bigger picture of being in a form

when we are present to that reality we tend to make different choices about how we relate and how we choose to co create

So today it is a very powerful time in the history of magic to create a ritual

of how we choose to leave our sun worshiping days of yang energy

and go into yin energy

feminine time of going inwards

and letting go of anything we have taken on that isn’t in alignment with us loving the skin we are in ~

the larger cycle of balance.

This is the cumination of the Red Serpent 13 day energetic spiral which bridges the Lunar Moon and the  Electric Moon.

These are the first two moons of thirteen in the Mayan year.

The first three moons signify a deep connection with hearing our higher self and our guides as to our direction for laying the foundation stones of our year.

We hear the whispers of our soul if we are open to receiving and we have worked with our ego to transform it’s will into the disciplined walking talk of higher service.

This involves going through the Saturn gateway and learning the lessons of love.

All the patterns of this energy have the same formula and are creating an energetic spiral in different levels of size.

The micro and the macro.

The thirteen energetic steps for co-creation.

We are now , as of September 20, in the Electric Moon and tomorrow we go into a new wavespell and Libra sun sign.

It is the time of being in the presence of our sacred feminine Goddess energy

so that what we came into knowing was this year’s life purpose ~

revealed back in July and August in Magnetic Moon

and what we have been experiencing as our challenge and our resistance in the Lunar Moon August and September

Now is the time to move into another space of co-creating with these dualities ~

closing the gap between where we were and where we want to be

this is the creative journey process.

Our dream and what we choose to create this year and what we can learn and let go of to bring it into fruition

If we see the basic metaphor the seed that is being formed is simply the authentic true self that we are

that is often hidden under layers of false ego learning

It doesn’t matter what we choose to birth….

only that it sets our heart on fire

and gives us the energy to rise above the mundane and set sail on our voyage of self-discovery

allowing ourselves to truly love ourself

We spend half of the year going outward and co creating to sow our seeds and harvest their offspring

then to replenish ourselves and our land we prepare for the following season by removing the weeds and storing our seeds ,

browsing through our land to see what has served us and removing that which we didn’t enjoy so much

we can do this for all our earthly relationships too.

The opposite is true in the Southern Hemisphere

and this is what creates balance on the planet.

Noticing where we are today compared to where we were thirteen moons ago

what a difference a day makes…..

Tomorrow we can build on this awareness and work consciously with the white mirror wavespell

to see what is reflected back to us in our sacred circle

what do we love

what hurts us

all of this is us

the universe can only bring us what we believe to be true

as soon as we really get to grips with this understanding we can really move our space

Time travel back to this time last year ans see where you where

what were your relationships

how where you enjoying life

what was bringing you joy

what was bringing you pain

How has that been repeating throughout your life

What can shift in you so you can move into a different relationship with yourself

and therefore everyone else

I am sharing this video again today as it is so powerful and so wonderful in seeing the bigger picture

everything that has ever hurt us we chose

it is our life learning

now we can choose to let it go

all we need do is face our shadow

it really is that simple

it is the enlightenment process

being still


every moment

letting our feelings be our guide

letting go of figuring and feeling

When we feel we can tap and let go

and create a clear space

then we are free to love again

The most important thing we can all do for our planet….

put ourselves first every day

take time to listen to our inner child

It whispers the secrets of our liberation by speaking about it’s past wounding and how it is still feeling anxious today…

our life manifests that belief system with people showing up to push our buttons….

we can then tap and let go so we let go of needing to please anyone, fix anyone, do anything we really do not want to….

and then the magic happens ….

because we are free we are present

we can give even more to our planet

our life flows abundantly

we have no drama

we have no need to create drama

we are back to our fun factory setting.

Letting go of others….

the paradox – the more time we spend on tapping to let go the more we benefit ourselves and the planet

because we change our inner slides and so we become the peace we seek

if everyone tapped every day and let go of their stuff the world would be a very different place

when people have an emotional reaction it is always their stuff and yet they want to blame someone else rather than bring it back to themselves…

it’s a paradigm shift

this is how we learned to feel loved as children ~ from children in adult bodies

and now it is time for us to really grow up on the inside as well as the outside

Love to you today and your earthly pleasures.

If you tap along with this video without any additional words… simply follow the format

let yourself feel

you will get a huge shift.

Enjoy 🙂

Huge gratitude to all co creators on my blog who have created such amazing resources and without which my sharing would not be possible. In particular I would like to thank Tracey Gendron whose Mayan wavespell and general info on her site has changed my life.

Thank you Tracey you are a star 🙂

Day 12 of the wave~ Yellow Crystal Warrior

We have completed a cycle and now we are building new relationships with our own conscious way of relating

if we are aware of  being conscious of course

and the majority of people aren’t.

Yellow crystal warrior day

How are you spending your day?

Are you kung fu fighting or building bridges of the heart.

Today I have been very busy in having a huge clear out in alignment with the new moon and the autumn equinox tomorrow.

Magical gateway and one of the most powerful of the year as the wheel in the UK turns into the dark time.

Are you aware that you are a part of the infinite web of crystalline energy and that everything you emit is a signal that spins out?

What ripples in the pond are we creating

Gladiator quote:

What we do in life echoes in eternity

We are all part of cosmic creation yet most people do not take any responsibility for how their actions are shaping the planetary reality

The majority of people do not want to take responsibility for their own lives….

then complain when they do not like how other people create their lives for them…

or blame them.

This is the popular way of being on our planet….

totally unaware that there is no one “doing this to us”…

we are doing it to ourselves

and that may be a truly shocking statement for some people

and very hard to swallow.

When we are ready to see it….

voila there it is shown distinct and this is the key thing……

when we are ready.

I am  highlighting a video today that I do not entirely share the viewpoint of…..

because there is a strong element of fear rather than love


please be aware that there is disturbing footage throughout and especially towards the end

which I wish hadn’t been in the film because it’s got some fab information without the disturbing stuff.

Ego likes disturbing stuff….

It has some excellent sharing too

It gave some new insights for me about  things and some I find feel they fit for my way of seeing the world.

Alot of what is in the content is in my posts about the planets and archetypes, so that was a synchronisation for me too…..

sharing awareness that all our demons are inner ones and if we don’t change the inside then the outside doesn’t change.

Even in all the seemingly imperfection perspective of how mankind is playing out their drama at the moment

as the guy says it simply is what it is

and it is where we are

Kymatica Movie

the majority of people would rather resist and fight others than look at themselves and until that changes……

the resistance will continue

I do not feel there is any conspiracy…..simply repeating patterns

and now a change is starting.

People are waking up to being co-dependent

We are always creating a healing response for ourselves

this is the whole dynamic of the emotional mind….

only what the emotional mind chooses to do is so very often insane 🙂

It will go to great lengths to keep us “safe”

Each dis-ease is the next step on the healing process.

When we cut ourselves our body creates a scab to heal and it’s the same on the inside.

When we are out of balance as our planet is now….

off on a patriarchal child rant of fear and paranoia

the ego needing bigger and bigger energy fixes

we are very much in our masculine acidic energy and this means our internal ph is way down around the 4’s

this is cancer

what is eating away at us, that we cannot stomach, that we cannot cure or fix because it is outside of us and we are getting more and more stressed…..

so the body internally goes into acidity and starts to eat itself…..

the immune system then seeks to fight the enemy within and sends an army to deal with it

the cells start to multiply and are out of control and a tumour is formed

and ultimately this tumour is there to heal the wound

do you see ?

We create it unconsciously

and the great thing is…

we created it

we uncreate it

by letting go and being in the flow

Some people I have shared this with are very resistant

and somehow think I am being offensive in saying it

because they haven’t let go of their fear and their ego does not want to take responsibility

I am not saying anyone is a bad person or judging them

and it is my intention to share this amazing empowering perspective with people

so they can learn and empower and let go of limiting beliefs

how can that be offensive?

Somehow they mistakenly believe that I am saying that it is the ill person’s fault which is untrue

It’s no one’s fault

It is simply what happens

and here is the tricky thing about this conversation

If people haven’t done their inner work and let go of when they have been hurt by being judged then their ego will judge others

everything we have ever experienced we are

until we let go and change how we feel about our past

When people say they understand universal law

and they haven’t created ego transformation through feelings

then all that they know is what they think

and that is simply being a talking book

they are not changed through experientially letting go of their ego wounding

we are all on a cycle of this and the more resistant we are to the world and other people the less inner emotional transformation we have done

we all have access to the christ consciousness and the buddha wisdom because they are us

everything in the universe that has ever been or will be

is us

the only difference between us and others is life experience and how much inner alchemical enlightenment of our shadow we have done…..

and this isn’t an elite school of learning

everyone can do it….

and yet most people would rather die – literally…

we have to do what most people fear the most and that is….

look at ourselves

and anything we do not like

learn to love

and when we all do that…..

we will be sending out that vibe of love, appreciation and respect


of ourself

and our ego is then a gentle guiding friend that lives in the now

because all the past pattern matching files of red alert have gone

At Tai Chi yesterday my teacher gave me a great insight when we were practising standing in the first pose

He said

“To think we have to access memories”

so we go back into the old files and then we project them onto the future

Standing in an ancient pose of magical practise to balance the masculine and feminine and let the energy flow

the intention is to let the mind quieten by being in the body

and the stance of the body is key to balancing the three bowls of energy

this is also the triple heater meridian which is the warlord of our flight, fight or freeze mechanism

and takes energy flow from all areas ready to attack when triggered….

and remember these triggers aren’t logical and Dr Spock wouldn’t be impressed with their reasoning 🙂

The more you have wiped the memories of any emotional intensity and defragged your hard drive

integrated the parts that have gone way out into cyberspace and brought them into the inner sanctum once more

and the more we can open up to inspiration because we are in the love zone ready to receive from the collective unconscious

we are free from the ego mind running it’s fear script from when we were 5 or 6 which is when many of our major beliefs and patterns were formed.

We live in an energy universe and we are always balanced by ourselves

we are the universe

when we balance ourselves within

and let go of our shadow

become comfortable in the skin we are in

and work with our ego

recognise that if we are full of fear

it’s ours

it isn’t anyone else’s

and no one else can take that fear away

instead of building walls

let’s tear them down on the inside

rip off the shields and protection and open wide

what do we need to protect ourselves from…..?

Only ourselves of course.

Love to you today with your warrior of the heart manoevres 🙂

If you are ready to work consciously with your ego then Sunday is a good day to start with the new wavespell

White Magnetic Mirror

Mirror Mirror on the wall……

If any of these are your Mayan sign then this wavespell has your name on it…..

It’s your special energy spiral to work with.

White Magnetic Mirror
Blue Lunar Storm
Yellow Electric Sun
Red Self-Existing Dragon
White Overtone Wind
Blue Rhythmic Night
Yellow Resonant Seed
Red Galactic Serpent
White Solar World-Bridger
Blue Planetary Hand
Yellow Spectral Star
Red Crystal Moon
White Cosmic Dog

If you wish to see how EFT can help you with this energetic wave then please message me and we can skype

over the next thirteen days on a particular cosmic co -creative day

Day 11 Letting go in order to flow and fly like an Eagle

Blue Spectral Eagle

A very different feeling today as the energy wave we have created over the last nine days and seen it’s energetic result yesterday

starts to dissolve and be released

so we can keep the ways of creating that serve us and let go of those that haven’t manifested heart expansion

How are we sharing our visions with others and evolving our planetary consciousness?

I had a very unexpected emotional release last night watching a film about a plane crash ~ sudden sobbing.

Films are such fabulous ways of connecting to hidden unconscious emotional lairs

as is listening to music.

If you tap as you watch and listen you let go…..

I have had several unexpected sobbing outbursts so be warned if you invite me to the cinema 🙂

The Lovely Bones was one of the most deeply heart wrenching…..especially when Song of the Siren comes on

wow that song so pulls at my heart strings

I was invited to see Mamma Mia by a friend and we went to a really old fashioned cinema with tables and chairs and a bar.

Within five minites I was in the loos hyperventilating as I sobbed in the stalls.

I had no idea what the film was about and was plunged into my past……

It reminded me of when I went to live in Greece in so many ways

When Dancing queen came on I had let go of trying to stop the torrent of tears and people around me had got used to it

they were dancing and smiling.

These films patterned matched something from my past and triggered me

and having done a fair bit of work on feeling comfortable around letting my emotion flow in public

still a work in progress….

I eventually simply let it be….

Letting go is the key to living a balanced life and moving forward.

Today’s video feature is by Abba – The Eagle.

Wow how uncoll that would have been for me to admit liking Abba songs as a teenager 🙂

Chocolate is another great film and book for illustrating the point of living lightly and being able to move along when the time is right so that we go where we need to go and get out and about to make those synchronistic connections

No one else can do that for us

Often when we feel we are helping people by fixing things or doing things for them

we may be adding more resistance to their process and delaying it

the motivating intention is the key

When we are flying high we can see the bigger picture and in shamanic journeying the eagle is the guide that takes us into the higher realms

we see how where we are will pass both on an individual sense and a planetary sense

and that there is no need to fear this step

for it leads somewhere else

without this step we cannot move into another place.

If you watched the video on yesterday’s blog you will be feeling that vibe today

I had an amazing array of dreams last night all about past segments of my life and my children’s lives

how often I wasn’t present even though I was physically there

It is very challenging being a parent and  can bring great understanding about your own experiences as a child

and seeing a different perspective looking on to that now as an adult.

It can be quite tricky finding that balance of the practical, physical aspects of our day to day living

and fulfilling our spiritual soul quest

putting ourselves first and relating to others

in a way that is co creative and co operative

rather than co – dependent

Each decade brings a different requirement in it’s cycle and skill set

What we do as a parent for a very young child changes when they become a teenager

although many people do not make that adjustment and will not let their children be independent and cut those energetic ties along with the apron strings

Just like the Eagle who nudges it’s young off the cliff face

there is a time to fly free

and if that process isn’t allowed to happen

then it often takes many moons to bring that next step in….

everything happens for a reason at the season the divine architect intended and….

the universal mechanism is so artfully designed that things can change in an instant

free will.

What I am letting go in this wavespell is creating this blog in this way every day

and so I will be creating one spontaneously as and when I am moved to do so.

I have a couple of big projects ready to take their next steps and now is the time to focus on them.

This Red Serpent wavespell as really helped me to see where I can let go even more and tune into receiving

and letting go of fears of survival

as I create new beliefs and strategies by following my heart

I am creating a wavespell transition with my Heart Centre partner, Alison Sutton at the gateway of Samhain

This was a video I did last year and now less than twelve months on it’s great to look back and notice the difference that time has made and what has come into fruition and what has changed into a different perception.

Having a video to look back on is great information:

This  Yellow Seed Wavespell    this October has lots of portals just like this one we are experiencing now, so we are cooking up some powerful workshops over a whole week  to co create with that energy

These will also involve being in specific Scorpio locations on the Glastonbury Zodiac which includes the amazing Hornblotton Church.

We will be featuring The Heart Centre too and intending to co create with other heart centred transformational therapists who share the space with us.

The Heart Centre is starting to blossom now and our intention is to expand over the next year to include new locations to bring heart opening opportunities to seekers on their path.

Using the wavespell has really helped me to focus on creating my shift and I now work with individuals using the dreamspell and Emotional Freedom Technique in a

life coaching format.

EFT helps people to get to the heart of what is holding them back and allows independent self-empowerment

 I am launching some workshops especially for therapists this month too to assist in expanding shining our light.

It’s a new way of creating a dream business and seeing how everything we do is totally about us…

we may have the all singing and dancing website

the business office extraordinaire

if we are lacking energetic connection on the inside

and buying our stairway to heaven

in these transition times

we are going to struggle to get off the ground

now is the time for the dragonfly energy of unique flexibility to change on the breath and keep our core

those that flow with the universal wave will flourish

So if I can be of service to you at this time of enlightening the shadow

wherever you are in the world

I am only a moment away.

Love to you today and your letting go process

so we can love the skin

we are in

Day 10 Mayan bodywave ~ hey presto day


What are you seeing today as a result of the previous nine days in the Red Serpent Wavespell?

This is White Planetary Wizard Day and the day that all we have desired and conspired to create is there to see

in reality….

What vision of wonder has arrived in your sacred circle?

How are you feeling?

Are you loving the skin you are in?

If not no need to worry.

If you are not experiencing your heart’s desire all you need to do is change your love soup recipe

and take out some old ingredients and replace them with some new ones.

Then stir…..

Had an amazing day yesterday …

even though I didn’t get the outcome I intended , which was to create a live link webinar to my EFT Circle.

I took lots of action and noticed how I felt…


and when that reminded me of in the past.

The truth is I was simply doing something

and that is a process

any emotion I felt about it…….. is my past emotional history

ready to be released  if I so choose, which is why we do the repeat , so we can….

learn and release and be free of the past

 I noticed where I was repeating old patterns,

how I wanted something new to be easy and part of me believed it would be….

then came the reality check and a reminder of what yesterday’s energy was all about….

letting go and letting god and goddess self show you the way

which sometimes means that we do not know why we cannot create what we want….

and there may be a cosmic reason…

that we may never get to know.

This isn’t a karmic cop out for avoiding going into the unknown…

absolutely, we journey into the land beyond our known kingdom.

This is about accepting that when you have done everything you can

to the best of your ability

and the reality check of your capability and where you can learn some more…..

you accept that it isn’t meant to reach it’s conclusion at that time

it has a date in the destiny diary that is later

than your idea of it’s designated arrival time

wow that was a mouthful…

perfect for accentuating where my mind gets involved…

and it is simply all about our process and the journey of comittment to carrying on with that

and letting go of being focused on the destination.

It often becomes clear later and in the meantime you have had exactly the trip you were meant to make that matched your energetic passport 🙂

We don’t know what we don’t know

and the key is to do it

feel the fear and do it

keep moving….

I had fun making a video outside

and you can watch that if you wish.

The quality is a bit shaky on the background although it still gets the message across .

EFT Circle Workshop Video Being all that I can be

Let me know if you decide to watch it.

If you want to download the document it is here:

EFT Circle PDF

The day has passed energetically so it will have a different resonance to yesterday.

Last night the “in person” workshop was a very high vibe and I had so much fun sharing the space with people.

Some travelled quite a distance and there was an old friend I haven’t seen for a while.

A young seeker following the cosmic cookie trail.

I love the way people are turning up and following their gut feelings….

experiencing magic and wonder in our sacred landscape

and meeting like minded souls to share tales of adventure with.

I much prefer the company of people who love to focus on creating the lives that they want

rather than those that dwell on the nature of the pain body story.

If you haven’t heard Eckhart Tolle’s little ditty about this I highly recommend you check him out

He speaks soul language.

For me pain body stories are great in therapy sessions with the caveat –  “with the intention of letting go”

When people weave them into every day offloading they often not realise that they are recreating that vibration and  turning up the vibration volume for all of us.

If we have a matching tone within then we will be sending out that vibe too like a singing bowl

this is why people who are on the receiving end of woe in whatever way tend to get very sick

unless they have a way of  energetically releasing it each and every day.

Yes we can “protect” ourselves from this effect however we often avoid seeing how we are resonating with that and then we do not let it go…

It hides beneath our consciousness.

So today is all about how we are creating our lives as cosmic wizard’s and witchypoos.

Thoughts create things

We are believing our world into existance and all of that urban magical process

This energy is all about allowing the magic to pass through us without snagging it’s sequin suit on our jaggedy edges

and coming out like one of Ron Weasley’s distorted spells in Harry Potter.

Be mindful of this whenever you are asking for someone else to interpret/read/intuit for you because unless they are a very clear channel

their life filters will

influence the message from the God’s.

The tricky bit about this is that we are always energetically matched in some way so it can be the old smoke and mirrors number….

If we learn how to ask directly ourselves then we cut out the middle man who joined the dance in Medieval times…

accessing divinity through a priest

and paying through the nose for it….

very apt little saying that.

As we are moving further into the Aquarian Age this is all about becoming self-empowered and today’s Mayan sign is this message incarnate.

When we are looking within then we are letting go of looking without for validation or ego polishing.

When we are in love with all of ourselves in a wholesome and discerning way

rather than actually in love with our ego narcissistic way

we are really letting that energy flow through us and lighting up all our circuits like a Christmas Tree

sparkly self sustaining energy

our own solar panel

off grid 🙂

I am gifting you a wonderful video today….

should you choose to accept it…

if it feels appropriate for you.

When I watched it I tapped along on my EFT points and let go of any emotion the images and words brought up for me.

You could try that too if you wish and you get an even deeper energy shift.

I am passing it on from someone who is in one of my facebook groups with gratitude.

Love connecting to people in this way.

Love to you and your magical process today 🙂

Day 9 Completion point of this wave ~ magical portal of spirit Red Solar Skywalker

Wow what a day for magical happenings as we see the completion of this wave.

Red Solar Skywalker

There are thirteen days in all .

The ones that come after today are focused on seeing what has manifested as a result of our energetic efforts, what we now choose to let go of based on our learning and how we move forward in the next one.

Today is yet another gateway portal where we can connect to all that has ever been and all that ever will be in that magic place of no time.

Takes some getting your head around doesn’t it ?

The key is to let go of your head and to channel with your heart.

It is my belief that most of our lives are channeled from our higher selves directing us to what we need to be aware of and where we need to go at a key time for our soul development.

We are a conduit for cosmic consciousness.

The more relaxed we become and the more we let go of trying to control and make things happen….

and the more magical and wonderful our life becomes.

We are now in the end of days chapters for allowing our true nature to be known

New ways of being are being scripted

and for those of you who are very familiar with these processes

of the strange and woo hoo variety 🙂

the more excited you will be.

Many people on the planet love the ghost stories, angelic tales and the friends who read their tea leaves and “know” things about them before they do.

Most people love to have angel card readings and go to spirit contacting events.

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to give a talk about Emotional Freedom Technique at a nearby Theosophical Society

where the unusual is readily explored.

What is happening now is that more people are awakening to their gifts

becoming initiates and seekers

coming out of the closet with their oracle cards 🙂

We are celebrating that we are intuitive psychic beings.

Some people have extraordinary gifts and everyone can connect with this side of themselves

in many respects it is learning a skill like any other

to see beyond the veil

and the first step…..

we have to see beyond our own veil and allow our guides, angels , spirit ….

however we understand the intuitive messages we receive

everyone is unique.

There are some general methodologies that we can all use and one of the key ones is simply being still and silent

and letting our mind chatter away

until a space appears where we receive “something else”

When this happened to me as a child many other people in my family were uncomfortable with it and for a long time I learned to hide it

I am very empathic and most people who have a presence with spirit are

generally this is for very practical reasons too because we learned from a very young age how to read people emotionally…

and knew that what was coming out of their mouths was very different to what they were really feeling.

Many people first switch on their intuitive gift as a defence mechanism so they can predict the behaviour of people in their family circle….

and keep themselves safe.

Without even having conscious awareness of that mechanism.

When I learned emotional freedom technique in 2007 I learned another approach to this.

Everything is about energetic patterns and we pick them up on a very subtle level of consciousness….

our radar

we do have energetic eyes in the back of our head…..

when I started working with people with spider phobias other events often emerged

It wasn’t necessarily true that they had had a very emotionally traumatic event with an eight legged beastie

what emerged when we began to tap on the fear was the behaviour of the spider and of course each person was unique

the spider was fast, unpredictable, they couldn’t stop it, they couldn’t catch it and they didn’t want to touch it….

With some people that matched an erratic adult in their childhood who had been an angry alcoholic parent

I started to see how this energetic web weaves itself and the fabulous aspect of EFT and working in this way

it doesn’t matter which piece of the thread you start to unravel because it all unravels in the way it needs to

When we are working in groups with tapping, we all benefit even though we all have very different lives and experiences

we all have some shared commonality

as is true of our energetic world wide web

so when we all do our own energetic unravelling of emotional hurt

we each feel more joy

and the world energy bubble feels more joy

this is what it means to be the change

When I work intuitively with EFT I get names and pictures before I meet with the person ~

I ask and it is given.

Spooked me at first and I was reluctanct to mention what I said because many of my clients come to me for emotional assistance rather than voices from spirit.

I accepted that this was my next step and overode my fear (always our ego) and trusted that I was meant to pass it on.

Often it is simply someone’s name …

I never know what it means….

but the person does and it often causes a giggle too.

Sometimes it is quite abstract and I google it.

Earlier this year that led me on what I call

following the cosmic cookie trail…..

I see what comes up on google from my message and then pick a meaning and see where it leads.

This has been an amazing way to work with my higher self and it has contributed so much to my sharing in blogs, facebook and the workshops I do.

In other ways people believe we have an energetic field and this is what forms the collective unconscious that Carl Jung talked about.

When I work with someone using tapping, my gift is to follow their cookie trail and so as we tap I intuitively know where to go to follow the threads that are holding the emotional energy space that they want to let go of.

Originally I was training to be a forensic psychologist and this is all about following the cookie trail of patterns.

I loved whodunnit’s and detective series, dark stories of serial killers and murder hunts and now I realise that was all part of my pattern training .

In the end I chose not to go down this route because it is so dark and the people I would be spending time with where either dead or very disturbed….

plus I would be very constrained in my work by the boundaries of a job description and what was expected of me.

I am a free radical so that would have been an issue.

When I started to learn about energy medicine it set my heart on fire as I knew that although my rational mind often struggled with the concept

my heart accepted it all

and it felt right….

If you are an empath you will know what I mean 🙂

Energy medicine is the way forward and lots of people are exploring it now

often because they have tried everything else and they are still seeking a solution

and it is an avenue they haven’t been down

the road less travelled….

When I first started talking to people about mental health I found it was very taboo, although it wasn’t in my family

My family were open in discussing how my mother had had hypnotherapy at 9 years old as a last resort to help her recover

from finding her grandmother who had committed suicide ….it was very unusual to use hypnotherapy at that time .

Her alternative was electric shock therapy or very strong drugs. Her Father looked for something else outside the norm.

I had grown up with this approach so was surprised when other people didn’t share my family view.

I have always spoken to people about my emotional life and as a result people approached me with their stories of theirs.

Mental health is still a huge taboo in the UK as is belief about being outside the norm….

What is this “norm” thing?

As a therapist who hears lots of this arena of normality and so called abnormality

please believe me when I say….

everyone on this planet has emotional stuff going on…

The more we get our taboo stuff out in the open and the more the “secrets” and fears lose their power and Pandora’s box becomes a magical place of exploration

This is the emotional evolution

we are at a point in time where the more courage we have to speak of….

that which “shouldn’t” be spoken of

and the more we create positive change in our lives.

Each person who admits to their woo woo experiences will often find the sharing returned

because the other person follows their bravery

and the ripples go out in the pond.

It is one of the reasons I moved to Glastonbury….

in parts of the community you can talk about absolutely anything and no one bats an eye.

In the cafe’s you can overhear people talking about their soul journey and their conscious relationships

what their “stuff is and how others are projecting this and that…

Whereas in Northern England you can only have those conversations behind closed doors with selected personages

or risk a straight jacket escort to the room with no windows…..

only joking….

When I first visited the town for an EFT conference I felt at home

there were more people outside the norm

It’s a place where I love to be

So today is all about allowing ourselves to align with the planetary happenings and co create

If you know your astrological chart you can explore where these planets are allowing you to personally experience evolution and then watch for the cosmic signs

Pluto is all about death of our personality and ego self so we allow our soul purpose to become evident if it isn’t already…

It is the deathstar, Hades incarnate…..going into the underworld so we can lose our personal ego demons and allow ourselves to be a clear channel

instead of living in the lower realms of addictive behaviour and drama to avoid living less of a life

it’s time to follow our dreams and face our personal challenges

and stand up for all we believe in

If you are a very intuitive person and you are surrounded by people who you hide your true nature from….

or keep giving up sharing your readings because of negative people showing up expecting more more more…..

then it’s time to do some inner clearing

because this is an old pattern showing up

If you have a romantic partner that you are hiding this aspect of yourself from for fear that they will ridicule you, reject you….

until you face this and allow yourself to be honest about who you really are….

this will keep blocking your path

If you are selling pamper packages when you really yearn to whisper witchy words of wisdom…..

go for the real deal and be true to yourself

Wherever we are hiding our light prepare for the universal auntie to whip off that disguise

rip off the camoflage

and reveal who we really authentically are

because it is time to get our spiritual show on the road

and the universe cannot do that if all it’s key performers are hiding in the wings

How can we create change if everyone is waiting for everyone else 🙂

What are you waiting for?

Get on the world stage


pump up the volume

soul sisters and star brothers

We don’t need any props or ego trimming

we have some amazing gifts to share

miracles in fact


we are miracles

Fly high and shine you lovelight today 🙂

Be your true self

We are enough

Day Eight of the wave and the golden fleece beckons us



We are are starting an intense heavenly creative week as the planets start to come together to square off and contain our energy ready for applying the pressure to mold us.

This place may seem challenging…..

and that is what we are here for….

remember we signed up for the trip so it’s no use getting cold feet now 🙂

In this Mayan spiral wave we have reached day eight and this is Yellow Galactic Human

in the Red Serpent wavespell.

Tomorrow this cycle completes the first eight steps of this mini journey and we will be able to look back and see what we have created through our choices and the actions we have taken.

This is the wonder of the Mayan calendar.

It is an amazing awareness tool of revelation.

If only we choose to use it and see ourselves.

One of my favourite films of all time is Jason and the Argonauts.

When I left school part way through my A levels I was ready to drift

much to my parent’s consternation

I had enough of being treated as a child and told what to do at every step by my teacher’s and the dream of sixth form being different soon proved to be more of the same as school… only in a different building

even then I had started to see through the illusion that my teacher’s had my interests at heart…

most of them, I felt, were simply interested in what results I could yield for the school and I felt had no integrity as they had no passion for their subjects and their lessons were lacklustre.

I took History of Art expecting finery and wonder

and all that arrived were boring printed handouts of sleep inducing “facts”

I wanted theatre

I wanted to be wooed by the tour of Michelangelo’s Mastery.

It was only a couple of years ago when I visited the Uffizi in Florence

much to the boredom of my children  🙂

that my old lessons became alive and I saw so many paintings in the flesh

redolent of colour

especially the glorious Giotto religious paintings with their pure gold halo’s and rich indigo blues

and I felt their energetic beauty and it touched my heart and soul

to see a Caravaggio Medusa’s head in it’s originality

as the artist had painted it

was truly breathtaking

my children couldn’t bear to see another Madonna or Christ child and were close to rebellion….

We were surrounded by wall to wall ancient art and culture and overwhelmed by it’s abundance

Too much to see in such a small window of time.

So in the 80’s I traded school books for travel brochures as it was the only thing I could think of at the time that I was truly passionate about….

jetting around the world filled me with excitement…

During the dark winter month’s I would sit in a tiny office and transport myself to another world.

I had always loved Greek mythology and as luck would have it there was a fabulous travel company on the scene called Sun Med and their brochure was called Go Greek.

I would pour over their pages soaking up every ray of sunlight that oozed from the glossy pictures and pages telling wonderful tales of these amazing Greek islands and their personal adventures there.

They were passionate about their product and it showed.

I travelled to several Greek islands and felt I had returned home

I was expecting Neptune to rise from the sea at any moment and Pegasus to land on the beach…

It was a magical place full of mystery

and philosophical conversations under the milky way

that I may have had at University and now I was having in a different land and culture

At the same time I was exploring the local library with books about synchronicity.

My friends were more interested in Cosmopolitan…..

The local council clock had an epitaph

Tempus Fugit

and I knew even at 18 I had alot to pack into this life time.

Some of my friends travelled to Greece every year to work in the greenhouses and I decided to go for it…

There had to be more to life than two weeks holiday a year.

1986 saw me creating my own personal legend in a Crete village called Paleochora

and that was the start of my spiritual journey in a very big way.

When I was there amongst the Cretan mountains…

my heart opened and I was touched by something I had never felt in that way before.

A belonging and a deep inner peace.

What is your personal journey and quest?

Have you encountered it yet?

This year will see many people really getting into their groove of discovery.

This wavespell is honing us to become very aware of where we are looking to go…..

We are approaching a gateway now where we have to choose who we really are…

Are we the god and goodess energy having an earthly quest in human form just like Jason and thousands of others setting sail on stormy seas to seek the golden fleece?

Or are we choosing to hide out in the popular mainstream dependency drama?

It is time for us to tune in and listen to our hearts and begin in earnest to be all that we can be



being it of course 🙂

We all have amazing unique gifts to bring to the world and to truly unwrap those presents takes skill and discipline

When we are ready to do whatever it takes to create our dream

and do what we love

with passion

Is when our God and Goddess selves come to assist us.

There are many roads to Rome.

We may choose to be taught or to be self-taught

We may hear spirit or see it….

maybe both

Whatever our individual ability or choice for following our path

all we need do is ask and it is given

and let our feelings be our guide.

Each time we step outside of our comfort zone is where we meet our angels.

My latest challenge is expanding into webinars.

If you would like to join me to experience some energy therapy and tap along for yourself at this event please do:

EFT Circle – Being all that I can be

Message me and I will send you the information so wherever you are in the world you can be connected to our group and create powerful transformation for yourself and in doing so…..

change the world.

That is all each of us need to do to create world change

be it.

Woo Hoo

how exciting.

Whenever we tap you are always in charge of course of your own journey

if you want to take small steps that’s cool

On the webinar you will simply see me and can follow the format in whatever way you choose.

It is experiential and I will be tapping with the people in the room.

You will have a document to use .

It is very focused in a life coaching format.

Tomorrow in the planets this is happening:

Pluto turns direct on September 18th, with the Moon and Mars in Scorpio.

On top of that, this is the day that Uranus and Pluto square off exactly

so it’s time for a big big shift.

In the Mayan we are working with Red solar skywalker

and what this means in a nutshell

is it’s time for those who are here to be wayshowers and walk the soul path

to really allow those psychic gifts to be turned up so we can hear more easily

and be guided to where we need to go to synchronise with others

and have so much love and fun doing it

that all the time in the wilderness years will be truly worth it.

Love to you and your integrity today.

Loop that infinity wheel of energy and create balance within

so that our humanity and our higher selves

come into equal space.

Here’s a video I made last year which gives you a flavour of Glastonbury: