Day 9 Completion point of this wave ~ magical portal of spirit Red Solar Skywalker

Wow what a day for magical happenings as we see the completion of this wave.

Red Solar Skywalker

There are thirteen days in all .

The ones that come after today are focused on seeing what has manifested as a result of our energetic efforts, what we now choose to let go of based on our learning and how we move forward in the next one.

Today is yet another gateway portal where we can connect to all that has ever been and all that ever will be in that magic place of no time.

Takes some getting your head around doesn’t it ?

The key is to let go of your head and to channel with your heart.

It is my belief that most of our lives are channeled from our higher selves directing us to what we need to be aware of and where we need to go at a key time for our soul development.

We are a conduit for cosmic consciousness.

The more relaxed we become and the more we let go of trying to control and make things happen….

and the more magical and wonderful our life becomes.

We are now in the end of days chapters for allowing our true nature to be known

New ways of being are being scripted

and for those of you who are very familiar with these processes

of the strange and woo hoo variety πŸ™‚

the more excited you will be.

Many people on the planet love the ghost stories, angelic tales and the friends who read their tea leaves and “know” things about them before they do.

Most people love to have angel card readings and go to spirit contacting events.

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to give a talk about Emotional Freedom Technique at a nearby Theosophical Society

where the unusual is readily explored.

What is happening now is that more people are awakening to their gifts

becoming initiates and seekers

coming out of the closet with their oracle cards πŸ™‚

We are celebrating that we are intuitive psychic beings.

Some people have extraordinary gifts and everyone can connect with this side of themselves

in many respects it is learning a skill like any other

to see beyond the veil

and the first step…..

we have to see beyond our own veil and allow our guides, angels , spirit ….

however we understand the intuitive messages we receive

everyone is unique.

There are some general methodologies that we can all use and one of the key ones is simply being still and silent

and letting our mind chatter away

until a space appears where we receive “something else”

When this happened to me as a child many other people in my family were uncomfortable with it and for a long time I learned to hide it

I am very empathic and most people who have a presence with spirit are

generally this is for very practical reasons too because we learned from a very young age how to read people emotionally…

and knew that what was coming out of their mouths was very different to what they were really feeling.

Many people first switch on their intuitive gift as a defence mechanism so they can predict the behaviour of people in their family circle….

and keep themselves safe.

Without even having conscious awareness of that mechanism.

When I learned emotional freedom technique in 2007 I learned another approach to this.

Everything is about energetic patterns and we pick them up on a very subtle level of consciousness….

our radar

we do have energetic eyes in the back of our head…..

when I started working with people with spider phobias other events often emerged

It wasn’t necessarily true that they had had a very emotionally traumatic event with an eight legged beastie

what emerged when we began to tap on the fear was the behaviour of the spider and of course each person was unique

the spider was fast, unpredictable, they couldn’t stop it, they couldn’t catch it and they didn’t want to touch it….

With some people that matched an erratic adult in their childhood who had been an angry alcoholic parent

I started to see how this energetic web weaves itself and the fabulous aspect of EFT and working in this way

it doesn’t matter which piece of the thread you start to unravel because it all unravels in the way it needs to

When we are working in groups with tapping, we all benefit even though we all have very different lives and experiences

we all have some shared commonality

as is true of our energetic world wide web

so when we all do our own energetic unravelling of emotional hurt

we each feel more joy

and the world energy bubble feels more joy

this is what it means to be the change

When I work intuitively with EFT I get names and pictures before I meet with the person ~

I ask and it is given.

Spooked me at first and I was reluctanct to mention what I said because many of my clients come to me for emotional assistance rather than voices from spirit.

I accepted that this was my next step and overode my fear (always our ego) and trusted that I was meant to pass it on.

Often it is simply someone’s name …

I never know what it means….

but the person does and it often causes a giggle too.

Sometimes it is quite abstract and I google it.

Earlier this year that led me on what I call

following the cosmic cookie trail…..

I see what comes up on google from my message and then pick a meaning and see where it leads.

This has been an amazing way to work with my higher self and it has contributed so much to my sharing in blogs, facebook and the workshops I do.

In other ways people believe we have an energetic field and this is what forms the collective unconscious that Carl Jung talked about.

When I work with someone using tapping, my gift is to follow their cookie trail and so as we tap I intuitively know where to go to follow the threads that are holding the emotional energy space that they want to let go of.

Originally I was training to be a forensic psychologist and this is all about following the cookie trail of patterns.

I loved whodunnit’s and detective series, dark stories of serial killers and murder hunts and now I realise that was all part of my pattern training .

In the end I chose not to go down this route because it is so dark and the people I would be spending time with where either dead or very disturbed….

plus I would be very constrained in my work by the boundaries of a job description and what was expected of me.

I am a free radical so that would have been an issue.

When I started to learn about energy medicine it set my heart on fire as I knew that although my rational mind often struggled with the concept

my heart accepted it all

and it felt right….

If you are an empath you will know what I mean πŸ™‚

Energy medicine is the way forward and lots of people are exploring it now

often because they have tried everything else and they are still seeking a solution

and it is an avenue they haven’t been down

the road less travelled….

When I first started talking to people about mental health I found it was very taboo, although it wasn’t in my family

My family were open in discussing how my mother had had hypnotherapy at 9 years old as a last resort to help her recover

from finding her grandmother who had committed suicide ….it was very unusual to use hypnotherapy at that time .

Her alternative was electric shock therapy or very strong drugs. Her Father looked for something else outside the norm.

I had grown up with this approach so was surprised when other people didn’t share my family view.

I have always spoken to people about my emotional life and as a result people approached me with their stories of theirs.

Mental health is still a huge taboo in the UK as is belief about being outside the norm….

What is this “norm” thing?

As a therapist who hears lots of this arena of normality and so called abnormality

please believe me when I say….

everyone on this planet has emotional stuff going on…

The more we get our taboo stuff out in the open and the more the “secrets” and fears lose their power and Pandora’s box becomes a magical place of exploration

This is the emotional evolution

we are at a point in time where the more courage we have to speak of….

that which “shouldn’t” be spoken of

and the more we create positive change in our lives.

Each person who admits to their woo woo experiences will often find the sharing returned

because the other person follows their bravery

and the ripples go out in the pond.

It is one of the reasons I moved to Glastonbury….

in parts of the community you can talk about absolutely anything and no one bats an eye.

In the cafe’s you can overhear people talking about their soul journey and their conscious relationships

what their “stuff is and how others are projecting this and that…

Whereas in Northern England you can only have those conversations behind closed doors with selected personages

or risk a straight jacket escort to the room with no windows…..

only joking….

When I first visited the town for an EFT conference I felt at home

there were more people outside the norm

It’s a place where I love to be

So today is all about allowing ourselves to align with the planetary happenings and co create

If you know your astrological chart you can explore where these planets are allowing you to personally experience evolution and then watch for the cosmic signs

Pluto is all about death of our personality and ego self so we allow our soul purpose to become evident if it isn’t already…

It is the deathstar, Hades incarnate…..going into the underworld so we can lose our personal ego demons and allow ourselves to be a clear channel

instead of living in the lower realms of addictive behaviour and drama to avoid living less of a life

it’s time to follow our dreams and face our personal challenges

and stand up for all we believe in

If you are a very intuitive person and you are surrounded by people who you hide your true nature from….

or keep giving up sharing your readings because of negative people showing up expecting more more more…..

then it’s time to do some inner clearing

because this is an old pattern showing up

If you have a romantic partner that you are hiding this aspect of yourself from for fear that they will ridicule you, reject you….

until you face this and allow yourself to be honest about who you really are….

this will keep blocking your path

If you are selling pamper packages when you really yearn to whisper witchy words of wisdom…..

go for the real deal and be true to yourself

Wherever we are hiding our light prepare for the universal auntie to whip off that disguise

rip off the camoflage

and reveal who we really authentically are

because it is time to get our spiritual show on the road

and the universe cannot do that if all it’s key performers are hiding in the wings

How can we create change if everyone is waiting for everyone else πŸ™‚

What are you waiting for?

Get on the world stage


pump up the volume

soul sisters and star brothers

We don’t need any props or ego trimming

we have some amazing gifts to share

miracles in fact


we are miracles

Fly high and shine you lovelight today πŸ™‚

Be your true self

We are enough

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