Day 10 Mayan bodywave ~ hey presto day


What are you seeing today as a result of the previous nine days in the Red Serpent Wavespell?

This is White Planetary Wizard Day and the day that all we have desired and conspired to create is there to see

in reality….

What vision of wonder has arrived in your sacred circle?

How are you feeling?

Are you loving the skin you are in?

If not no need to worry.

If you are not experiencing your heart’s desire all you need to do is change your love soup recipe

and take out some old ingredients and replace them with some new ones.

Then stir…..

Had an amazing day yesterday …

even though I didn’t get the outcome I intended , which was to create a live link webinar to my EFT Circle.

I took lots of action and noticed how I felt…


and when that reminded me of in the past.

The truth is I was simply doing something

and that is a process

any emotion I felt about it…….. is my past emotional history

ready to be released  if I so choose, which is why we do the repeat , so we can….

learn and release and be free of the past

 I noticed where I was repeating old patterns,

how I wanted something new to be easy and part of me believed it would be….

then came the reality check and a reminder of what yesterday’s energy was all about….

letting go and letting god and goddess self show you the way

which sometimes means that we do not know why we cannot create what we want….

and there may be a cosmic reason…

that we may never get to know.

This isn’t a karmic cop out for avoiding going into the unknown…

absolutely, we journey into the land beyond our known kingdom.

This is about accepting that when you have done everything you can

to the best of your ability

and the reality check of your capability and where you can learn some more…..

you accept that it isn’t meant to reach it’s conclusion at that time

it has a date in the destiny diary that is later

than your idea of it’s designated arrival time

wow that was a mouthful…

perfect for accentuating where my mind gets involved…

and it is simply all about our process and the journey of comittment to carrying on with that

and letting go of being focused on the destination.

It often becomes clear later and in the meantime you have had exactly the trip you were meant to make that matched your energetic passport 🙂

We don’t know what we don’t know

and the key is to do it

feel the fear and do it

keep moving….

I had fun making a video outside

and you can watch that if you wish.

The quality is a bit shaky on the background although it still gets the message across .

EFT Circle Workshop Video Being all that I can be

Let me know if you decide to watch it.

If you want to download the document it is here:

EFT Circle PDF

The day has passed energetically so it will have a different resonance to yesterday.

Last night the “in person” workshop was a very high vibe and I had so much fun sharing the space with people.

Some travelled quite a distance and there was an old friend I haven’t seen for a while.

A young seeker following the cosmic cookie trail.

I love the way people are turning up and following their gut feelings….

experiencing magic and wonder in our sacred landscape

and meeting like minded souls to share tales of adventure with.

I much prefer the company of people who love to focus on creating the lives that they want

rather than those that dwell on the nature of the pain body story.

If you haven’t heard Eckhart Tolle’s little ditty about this I highly recommend you check him out

He speaks soul language.

For me pain body stories are great in therapy sessions with the caveat –  “with the intention of letting go”

When people weave them into every day offloading they often not realise that they are recreating that vibration and  turning up the vibration volume for all of us.

If we have a matching tone within then we will be sending out that vibe too like a singing bowl

this is why people who are on the receiving end of woe in whatever way tend to get very sick

unless they have a way of  energetically releasing it each and every day.

Yes we can “protect” ourselves from this effect however we often avoid seeing how we are resonating with that and then we do not let it go…

It hides beneath our consciousness.

So today is all about how we are creating our lives as cosmic wizard’s and witchypoos.

Thoughts create things

We are believing our world into existance and all of that urban magical process

This energy is all about allowing the magic to pass through us without snagging it’s sequin suit on our jaggedy edges

and coming out like one of Ron Weasley’s distorted spells in Harry Potter.

Be mindful of this whenever you are asking for someone else to interpret/read/intuit for you because unless they are a very clear channel

their life filters will

influence the message from the God’s.

The tricky bit about this is that we are always energetically matched in some way so it can be the old smoke and mirrors number….

If we learn how to ask directly ourselves then we cut out the middle man who joined the dance in Medieval times…

accessing divinity through a priest

and paying through the nose for it….

very apt little saying that.

As we are moving further into the Aquarian Age this is all about becoming self-empowered and today’s Mayan sign is this message incarnate.

When we are looking within then we are letting go of looking without for validation or ego polishing.

When we are in love with all of ourselves in a wholesome and discerning way

rather than actually in love with our ego narcissistic way

we are really letting that energy flow through us and lighting up all our circuits like a Christmas Tree

sparkly self sustaining energy

our own solar panel

off grid 🙂

I am gifting you a wonderful video today….

should you choose to accept it…

if it feels appropriate for you.

When I watched it I tapped along on my EFT points and let go of any emotion the images and words brought up for me.

You could try that too if you wish and you get an even deeper energy shift.

I am passing it on from someone who is in one of my facebook groups with gratitude.

Love connecting to people in this way.

Love to you and your magical process today 🙂

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