Blue Electric Monkey

  Blue Electric Monkey    The picture I have used for this article is of Hanuman ~ the Hindu God  More info about him here : Wikipedia  The key about this info that I am focusing on is : He played a key part in an epic war against a demon God He was the […]

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Catalyst Coming Wavespell

  White World Bridger Wavespell Cimi Day 4 The Structure Day of every 13 day Wavespell   Todays energy signature is  Red Self Existing Moon   Please click on the links to expand on the information which leads to other web sites all about awakening today to firstly our own structure   secondly as a […]

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Heaven on Earth ~ 10

  Red Skywalker Wavespell Day 10 White Planetary Wind The day of manifestation of our heart’s desire Please click on the links for more info to follow the cosmic cookie trail 🙂 They expand on the information Beautiful artwork today from Andrew Gonzales So what has shown up today that is your bliss ? What […]

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Heaven on earth ~ 8

  Red Skywalker Wavespell Yellow Galactic Sun The language of light in the tone of integration Galactic Tone 8 As above so below What is within is also without Please click on the links to follow a light trail to other information on other sites Every single person on this planet that has ever been […]

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Heaven on Earth ~ 5

  Red Skywalker Wavespell Day 5 Red Overtone Earth Please click on the links for more information A great website for information about these Mayan energetics is Caban is the Mayan term for Red Earth Mastery day Five We chose to be here Whenever we are not here and now ego is present Presence […]

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Heaven on Earth Wavespell 3

Red Skywalker Wavespell Day 3 ~ the sizzle day 🙂 Blue Electric Eagle Seeing the bigger picture of our path from a higher perspective Click on the links to go further 🙂 Day 3 is the co creation day This is the alchemy day Day one ~ Red Skywalker and creating heaven on earth is […]

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Yellow Star Wavespell

  Yellow Star Wavespell   Please hover your mouse over the text and see the links to other websites to expand on this information 🙂 A powerful day today with the last wavespell of this current Tzolk’in 260 day cycle . It’s a full moon and a lunar eclipse and the ephemeris pictured shows you […]

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